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Reader Comments on 'Proposed Panglao International Airport makes no Sense'

For many years, the possibility of an International Airport on Panglao has been in under discussion, and it now seems closer to reality than ever before. However, we believe that there is no justification for a new international airport in Bohol.

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Roger wrote:
Saturday, 12 March 2016 16:07:53 PHT
What can Panglao offer? No clean beaches basura everywhere. The only thing Panglao can offer is diving.
layf toda full wrote:
Wednesday, 22 July 2015 20:28:50 PHT
for those who are against the airport, too bad..the construction has already begun..hehehehe
IanR wrote:
Friday, 17 April 2015 10:38:18 PHT
Tagbilaran needs a replacement airport. No argument. The alternative in the north is inconvenient, whilst the Panglao site is a disused airfield on an ideal site and sparsely populated location. I believe that the proposed airport is being financed by offshore investment, so why look a gift horse in the mouth? The financiers can see tourism potential, and that would also enhance the lives and future of the local population, so they should be unanimous in their support of the project. Look at the examples above and learn from their mistakes, avoid them, but don't deny progress out of fear alone. The project will be of benefit to Bohol, and to the Philippines! B-)

Financing is never a gift: contrary, if you use borrowed money you easily pay four times the original amount in interest over the years. The financing parties take very little risk, so they really don't mind, because they make sure various governments will provide guaranties, such that their money will come back, interest and all, no matter how the project ends.--Jeroen.

John wrote:
Tuesday, 15 July 2014 14:45:07 PHT
Further thoughts:It would make a lot more sense to buy up the land and houses around the current Tagb airport, and extend it. (I.e. most of Cogon district.) Undoubtedly less than the 5 billion the proposed new one will cost. Any new airport should be sited in the NE, near Ubay - if you're going to do a proper job, make the seaport and airport a combined transport hub, with bus station. (Same could be done for Tagb.)
John wrote:
Tuesday, 15 July 2014 00:40:50 PHT
I entirely agree. This is major lunacy. Not only will the airport never pay for itself, but it is effectively killing the goose that lays the golden eggs. Has the need for an international airport actually been identified? I doubt it. By comparison, China has fewer than 10 international airports for the whole country, all 10 million sq km of it. It's totally pointless to establish a second international airport so close to Cebu-Mactan. It would make more sense to me, and save billions of pesos, to improve Cebu-Mactan to offer better waiting areas for passengers and meeters-and-greeters, as well as some sort of direct ferry service(s). So, jay, the new airport will bring the opportunity to destroy the tranquility of Panglao, with a manufacturing zone. Who would want to come? Who would want to build a manufacturing plant in such an inhospitable climate? Next step - flattening the Chocolate Hills, to build a tourist superhighway to visit the sites quickly. Tagbilaran airport currently (July 2014) handles just three flights a day, which are to / from Manila. Time was when CPA offered a short hop to Cebu, but no longer. All three 'cheap' carriers operate the same short-sighted schedules. I don't understand why/how Air Asia offers the service from Manila, but doesn't extend to CDO or Davao (second city of Philippines if you don't know).
Roman wrote:
Wednesday, 2 July 2014 15:00:51 PHT
Your two (2) links, under the subtitle Sources of Information, directing readers to the following articles: "...interesting article about financial aspects of airports" and "... 2004 annual report of Gander International Airport in Newfoundland, Canada" are no longer available for viewing.
Dave Datoy wrote:
Friday, 2 May 2014 20:01:14 PHT
I can see the potential in the panglao airport, I do. However it's sheer proximity of it to the resorts that currently are operating there will deminish it's secluded feel and ambiance. I am for this airport for the sake of job creation. I still feel that an international airport in Ubay Bohol or at anda Bohol where the new progress is emerging is the better option. Having an airport there will open the western bohol's travel corridor, anda is also a world class destination and already poised to compete with panglao, Ubay Bohol has a larger population than Tagbilaran with a much larger area, cpg island or lapinin island is ripe for development and Ubay has a pier traveling to other provinces like Leyte. Doing an airport there maybe far fetched for most opinions but in the long run will be better for the entire province because it will truly diversify the boholana travel experiences. I've lived in Bohol for 14 years and still come home from USA yearly to conduct business, I travel from tubigon, to panglao to anda to Ubay and I detect the potential of the island province if resources are done to be forward thinking.
Heinz wrote:
Wednesday, 23 April 2014 02:22:34 PHT
hello Dave Datoy, no no, almost nicest Beach is the part from Dumaloan Beach to BBC, wide open flat White sands and most of all no rocks where you can harm your smooth feet, in Anda had a Yelly-Fish attack and was so painfull for many hours,i do never go there for a swimm! btw,id lived for 8 Years in Panglao. greetings Heinz, Switzerland
Alex wrote:
Friday, 7 March 2014 10:24:02 PHT
I will not write a long text: Suffice to say : 1/ the present airport in Tagbilaran is totally obsolete, too small, cannot be enlarged, badly located in the center of town, no parking...its so small that Tagbilaran is isolated because the only flights in and out of Tagbilaran are to Manila....only... 2/ We need a larger airport to link Bohol with Cebu, Cagayan de Oro, etc The airport in Panglao will do that. 3/ Being a resident in Panglao I support 200% the project.. It will bring prosperity (well needed) not just to Panglao, but to the whole of Tagbilaran area. And everybody will benefit from that, from the big resorts to the small farmers.
  1. Agreed, however, that doesn't counter the arguments in my article.
  2. Cebu-Tagbilaran by fast-craft is actually faster than by air, if you count in check-in times and safety checks. International charter flights would provide a better argument.
  3. Remember the story of the Goose with the Golden Eggs? Its a great parable for what short-sighted tourism development does. Examples are too many to count.


jay wrote:
Saturday, 25 January 2014 13:52:32 PHT
Penang Island, part of Penang state in Malaysia, has the highest GDP in Malaysia (google it). It is a tourist destination among british nationals and people of Europe. It has, well, beaches, and Georgetown (its capital) is considered as UNESCO World Heritage Site. I believe that Penang was a lot like Panglao Island of today. And i would guess the major contributing factor of its growth is its international airport. Clearly, the author only see tourism as the main source of income, and has not considered that maybe opening a Technology Hub/Industrial Zones can compensate all these. Penang is home of manufacturing plants of the world's advance technology giants like Intel, AMD, Dell, Motorola, Agilent, Seagate, to name a few. These big companies rely on the international airport for LOGISTICS to shipping parts to/fro, which, actually is just a few minute drive away from their office. Try accessing google maps, and you'll see that the airport lie next to Penang's industrial zone. Take Mactan Island as another example to this kind of set-up. And opening an industrial zone means JOBS to thousands of Boholanos. You have to build an accommodating door/airport first before investments come in. If an airport cant even accommodate atleast an Airbus A330 or even a Boeing 747 that will carry out all logistical operations, Bohol will never fully utilize its potential. They're calling Panglao Int'l airport an eco-friendly airport for a reason.
Corazon Cook wrote:
Saturday, 16 November 2013 10:00:11 PHT
If Bohol's new airport is constructed in a low laying area, near the sea, it might be damaged like what happened to the airport in Tacloban City which was ruined by Yolanda super typhoon in 11/2013. Google the location of Tacloban airport before and after the typhoon. It was built near the ocean. The proposed construction of Bohol's new airport is also near the ocean. With typhoon, storm surge and earthquake, an airport should be constructed far away from the risky zone. Please forward/share my concern to the media and authorities who are planning to build it.
Ang pobreng tagabukid wrote:
Friday, 30 August 2013 18:59:36 PHT
Lets stop this discussion already. The Boholanos need a decent airport and Panglao is big enough an island for an airport. Panglao is a lot bigger than Mactan. An airport close to the resorts makes a lot of economic sense. Contrary to what others are imagining it will not spoil the beaches. Observe Denpasar airport in Bali for example. But in Panglao the airport would be a lot farther from the beach resorts than in Bali. You would probably not even here the plain landing from Alona Beach. I know many of those who are already comfortable with their businesses and life in Panglao would resist this airport because it would open up the area to developers and there will be a lot of competitions and the small leisurely run establishments would not be able to compete. Naturally they would be against any large facility that would attract more investments. There are also some well off people who would not want Panglao and Bohol to develop into a modern bustling economy. They want Panglao and Bohol to remain as it is, a cheap vacation or retirement spot where the impoverish locals serve them like slaves. They are afraid that if Bohol develops they would lose their little island. Nevermind if majority of the locals are impoverished because of the lack of jobs due to lack of investments. Finally there are many pretentious intellectuals who would like to show the world that they are enlightened environmentalists or climate change experts, and just parrot what they hear from environmental activists. They would have you believe the airport will destroy the forest, the corals, raise the temperature, destroy biodiversity, kill the birds, or wildlife, etc. Never mind that there are no forest in Panglao and no corals can be found on the land except fossilized corals. Never mind if air travel is more efficient in terms of fuel spent per passenger-km than sea or land travel.

Hi poor mountain-dweller, I think it certainly makes sense to have this discussion, and won't stop it, nor will I be distracted by your straw-man arguments, which I've never made, or the plain denial of a few easy to establish facts. I've never claimed the airport would destroy forests or coral reefs. Most forests in Bohol where already long gone when the first tourists arrived in Alona, and impoverished fishermen with dynamite and poison have done far more damage to the coral reefs than even a horde of uneducated tourists can do. In Denpasar, planes do not approach the landing-strip across the beach (as it is build into the sea), and yes, it is close to the resorts, just as Mactan Airport is close to the Shangri-la. There has been no lack of investments in resorts in Bohol the last few years, on contrary, at times it seems they've been spreading like wild-fire, but at the same time maintenance has been so poor, several resorts build and opened after I first published this article are already in an bad state of disrepair--a sheer waste of resources, which should have been prevented by a responsible development of the island, and that is exactly what I am promoting with my article. The most disingenuous argument is about wanting the people to remain poor. Absolute rubbish. I would love Bohol to prosper, and the Boholano's to have a decent standard of living, and exactly that is not possible if scarce funds are wasted on projects that never earn back what they cost. Just look at the numerous Spanish ghost-airports. The whole theme of this discussion is: don't kill the goose with the golden eggs.--Jeroen.

Dave Datoy wrote:
Tuesday, 25 June 2013 05:55:57 PHT
the best location for a Bohol International airport is Ubay, Bohol (UBL). Large flat swaths of land are available, the topography is relatively mountainless. Water is Present and abundant, Lapinin Island is awesome and Anda Bohol's beaches is so so so so so much better and whiter than of Panglao Island. Bohol, to be an economic player in Visayas must have a 2nd or 3rd anchor city in the province and that is naturally the north shore city of Ubay.
Kevin Callaway wrote:
Wednesday, 27 February 2013 10:33:13 PHT
If anything defines the idiocy of govt in the Philippines its this airport. I love Panglao and Bohol but in no way can it ever match Boracay because its beaches arent that large. Not even close. I dont even care for Boracay because its all just one big nasty tourist trap. You cant even walk 15 feet without someone hassling you for jet ski, snorkeling, dolphin. The proposed flight path will go right over tiny Alona beach, really cool hunh?. Alona will be crowded with so many boats it will look like a ship graveyard. The reefs will be destroyed just like they destroyed the reefs and large bat habitats in Boracay. Tiny Virgin island which used to be deserted will now have up to 300 people on it at a time. If the P.I. had the environmental standards of any western country this airport would never be built much less proposed. I doubt it will even ever pay for itself. Goodbye paradise. Hello nightmare.
Heinz Bopp wrote:
Friday, 16 November 2012 04:50:13 PHT
good Day, iam confused to read always about the new planned Panglao Airport. why not first make the sidewalks in Tagbilaran downtown . its a shame for a City wants to be a Tourist Destination who has sidewalks with holes,cracks,high steps especially disable unfriendly. i know Tagbilaran since 1986 and CPG Avenue as Gallares street still not developed for pedestrians,shoppers,schoolkids and the elderly. Why the city Leaders dont care? the other thing is , too many Tricycle block Traffic . (Airpollution , also many Truck driving with black smoke , smoketest ? )nice for children becoming Asthmatic ! Salamat & God bless
Amitaf wrote:
Tuesday, 10 July 2012 23:29:15 PHT
What if they gona proposed an airport with hotel,? could it be a help for the accomodation needs?thanks,^_^
Roger B Hermanson wrote:
Tuesday, 24 April 2012 07:31:38 PHT
One step forward two step backwards. Why not build an new island outside Bohol.
abcede surveys wrote:
Saturday, 24 September 2011 01:15:37 PHT
Let's be realistic spending 4 to 7 billion pesos thats a lot of money. Bohol has only 60 or more hotels with more than 3000 rooms, its totally ridiculous, the spending is astronomical and the returns doesn't equate to the spendings. why don't they build airports like in KALIBO, PUERTO PRINCESA, LAOAG, GEN.SANTOS or the KABANKALAN CITY AIRPORT known as the sariling sikap airport. Bohol airport doesn't need aerobridges or tubes.The OCHO RIOS AIRPORT in Jamaica has more international flights than Cebu but its less complex its neat no aerobridges and of international standards.Bohol cannot compete with Phuket Is. which is alittle bit bigger than siquijor is. because Phuket has almost 600hotels with 60000rooms and that is why they needed a large airport bigger than mactan. Bohol doesn't need to spend alot it needs people who understands the value of money.
Ray Lamdagan wrote:
Tuesday, 30 August 2011 02:29:05 PHT
As of today 29 aug 2011, there is no definite decision yet if the Bohol Airport will be constructed in Panglao. In fact, there is an ongoing study whether improving the Tagbilaran airport is more feasible than building a new airport in Panglao or somewhere else in Bohol. If the study is favorable to improving the Tagbilaran airport, then goodbye to the airport in Panglao.

We hear congressmen, governors, mayors and politician all in favor of the new airport in Panglao and they cited all kinds of reasons in doing so. But President Pnoy and Sec Mar Roxas is not impressed by them and their arguments. That's why a study on the existing airport was ordered. Let's hope the study will come out very soon.

I grew up very near the Tagbilaran Airport. In fact the tip of our property line is about 25 meters from the airport. When I was a young boy in the late 60s, I saw how the runway was constructed by an American managed construction firm. There was heavy machinery used. It was built to world standard and this was proven when until today, the runway is still in excellent condition.

Do we need a new airport? my personal opinion is NO. Its a fact that the old airport lacks facilities. First and foremost is the old airport has not enough parking space for planes. Only 2 planes can park at a time. Next is, it has no night navigation facilities. Third, the terminal building is congested.

Would you build a new airport costing 7 billion just to solve these 3 basic problems. I don't think so. Unless you have an agenda. Addressing those 3 basic problems would not cost more than a billion probably.

I have interviewed pilots, both retired and active, regarding the Maribojoc mountain constraint and the length of the runway and surprisingly all of them said that its not a problem. Airlines would not allow their planes to operate if this 2 constraints would affect safety.

By the way, just for the information of everybody who may be expecting a huge international airport in Panglao, the Panglao airport design has 2 aero bridges only.

Also, I heard that the geologic condition at Panglao is so unstable that they need a special kind of soil not found in Bohol for back-fill to stabilize the foundation. This means this soil will be imported somewhere else. This jack up the cost to almost 8 billion.

Lastly, will a new airport in Panglao benefit the local residents? In my case it will not. In fact it will be a burden on me. I have to travel to Panglao at least for 30 minutes, then the terminal fee would be I supposed at least 200 pesos compared to only 20 pesos in Tagbilaran.

Thanks Ray, for your contribution!--Jeroen.

Jeff wrote:
Sunday, 21 August 2011 05:23:28 PHT
As U.S resident, I chose Bohol to raise my family because of the peace and serenity of this island. From what I have seen so far, the city of Tagbilaran could use new busineses and money to clean up the city. Tourist want clean cities and things to do. This island is beautiful. Now only if it had something to offer to tourists besides the beaches and overcrowded city. This is a PERFECT vacation destination...only if the money is spent the right way would bring tourist 6 fold to BOHOL. God Bless!
Jeff wrote:
Sunday, 21 August 2011 05:15:12 PHT
As a foreigner, I will oppose to building another airport. With the cost and the debt this airport is going to create, it will only decrease the tourism due to pollution and the noise this airport will create. Why would you want to ruin a beautiful area like Panglao and be in debt. Bohol is known for it's beautiful beaches and quite serenity....this will be all gone. Nobody wants to here airplanes landing and taking off on their vacation.....What are you thinking????
Rigo c. Mjos, sr. wrote:
Wednesday, 17 August 2011 00:56:02 PHT
It's final. New Bohol Airport will rise in Panglao Island. Not even Pres Pnoy was convinced on the anti-Panglao airport complaints and arguments. Most of the national officials that went to Bohol including the President is aware of the dangers posed by the existing airport in Tagbilaran City. Now you guys that are against the building of Panglao Airport, tell the national officials where to build the airport? In the mountains of Maribojoc? In Ubay, Bohol? or anywhere you think is an ideal place for an airport. Or would you like to build the airport in Alburquerque instead of a landfill? We'll listen to you guys. God bless!
Lucille wrote:
Monday, 15 August 2011 18:08:54 PHT
I had a look at the feasibility study for the airport in Panglao, and unfortunately, section 6-- the economic analysis section which I am interested in-- is not shown. I am interested to know what environmental costs (e.g. loss of habitat if some reclamation of the sea needs to occur, increase in carbon dioxide in the area) have been taken into consideration in this study. I don't know if they have looked at this issue, but I think (note: I say that I think but I haven't looked at all the evidence surrounding this airport yet) that if they did a full environmental impact assessment for the airport, the result will tip the decision towards a "no" for the airport to be located in Panglao Island.
Franklin wrote:
Thursday, 28 July 2011 13:30:04 PHT
If General Santos City has it's international airport without international flights, why can't Bohol have the same and try? For sure Bohol has more valid reasons to have an international airport compared to other places na nasayang lang ang investments.
Franklin wrote:
Thursday, 28 July 2011 13:24:18 PHT
the fact is that Bohol is very popular abroad and having our own international airport will affect Cebu's economy for sure.
Franklin wrote:
Thursday, 28 July 2011 13:12:37 PHT
I am one of those who are excited about this project and I thought this has already started. For me, It is good for Bohol to have an international airport but to have it in Panglao Island is not a good idea. I just imagined more job opportunities for Boholanos like me, and in stead of going to other places, how nice it is to work in your own place. Having an international airport will open opportunities for Investors. The airport should be situated in a place miles from the island, where a Bohol Processing Zone can be placed also. BPZ - that's what I look forward to because with our own international airport, it is possible to have a processing zone which will give thousands of works to Boholanos in different fields. In stead of going to MEPZ Cebu, we can have our own place for employment. Not to mention other Business establishments that will be rising if the airport is realized.
Mel wrote:
Monday, 11 July 2011 03:04:30 PHT
In every aspect infrastructure is involved distraction of nature is always at risk.In return, it will create more jobs and help entire region to progress.
Craig Rodmell wrote:
Sunday, 10 July 2011 10:03:25 PHT
I stayed at Alona Beach in June 2009, and heard about the proposed airport on arrival. If it goes ahead, I certainly won't be coming back. I can hear aircraft whining overhead well enough at home without having to put up with it in even noisier and more frequent quantities at what is supposed to be a holiday spot.
Rodelyn G. wrote:
Friday, 24 June 2011 15:42:05 PHT

Are you satisfied because foreign tourists bring in some dollars?

What do you mean of satisfied, you mean satisfied of the income Panglao receives from the tourists? Income will come and go, you'll earn and you'll spend from it. Yes, do we need income to spend for our development. Don't be hypocrite to say, we do not needs dollars. We need dollars to import products from other countries, in fact the Philippines is earning dollars mostly from the remittance of our O.F.W. and Filipinos living abroad. Anyway, it seems that you are irritated to that foreign tourists? I thought you are pro Panglao International Airport? International means from other country, therefore international flights will land at Panglao International Airport (P.I.A). Might be more than the half of passengers are foreigners. Please take note that foreigners are not allowed to own their own land in the Philippines therefore there should be a Filipino counterpart of their businesses. Actually, I am a bit confused of what is really your reason to have this Panglao International Airport? Is that just to give the Boholanos a job opportunity here in Bohol so that they will not risk their life to go abroad? If that so, can you guaranty that working in the P.I. A. can give an equal amount of income of the kababayan abroad? Like for instance, if I am a janitor, can I get an equivalent amount of income of my income abroad? If I am a domestic helper in a foreign country, what function should I apply in order to get a decent income on this airport? If you notice, kababayan who are vulnerable to abuses and cruelty are working a very low paid jobs in the Philippines like domestic helper, a housemaid(katulong o katabang) in Philippines. I noticed that once a Filipino went abroad, they keep coming back to go abroad, unless they have had a tragic experience abroad or they are financially settled already. This projects would give jobs for some Boholanos in Bohol and I believe that.

By the way, I noticed that you are complaining (which is you have the right to do so) about the discrimination of locals in Panglao and the nightlife in Panglao as you said, it is worst than Vegas, what do you think of if that P.I.A will be realized, it would be double than what you have seen nowadays.

Rodelyn G. wrote:
Friday, 24 June 2011 15:38:18 PHT

To Mr. Rigo Mijos: I think I misspelled your name but not mispronounced it, and I am sorry for that. I don't think that misspelling or mispronouncing somebody's name is the way to detect somebody's origin. Your name sounds Spanish and Spaniards pronounces it quite different from what we do in the Philippines.

I am Boholana and indeed, I am a tourist in Panglao as well. There are quite a lot of annoying and irritating habits and situations in the Philippines but I am trying my best just to look at the positive side of it. When I visited Panglao, we stayed one of the resorts located at the back part of Alona beach. When we wanted to go to the beach, we passed through the pathway on one of the resorts in the front side of the beach, suddenly a resorts worker approached us and told us that we are no longer allowed to pass on their resort since we are not their costumer. Maybe they have the right to say that, because that is their property but it is very strange for a resort to behave like that. After the warning, we finally reached on the beach and when the sun became very hot, we seek for a shadow under the coconut three. The security guard approaches us and told us not to stay there because it belongs to the resort. He approached me in a soft way, he told me that he had to warn us because that is what their boss (the owner of the resort) have told them to do whenever they will see a non clients sitting on at their beaches. It pissed me really off because the coconut tree was already close to the water and beach up to 30 meters from the water is from the government . He told me that the resort had planted those coconut tree therefore they belong to the resort. Although we are just sitting there enjoying the landscape and suddenly those resorts rules just ruined our day. It is quite irritating. The next day we walked kilometers away just to reach the beach. Upon reaching Alona beach, we saw groups of locals in a bus. With them they brought foods and drinks. They looked so happy and really enjoying the beach. Sadly, they left all the garbage on the beach in which that irritates the resort owners, the tourists and the local Boholanos like me who are enjoying the beach. Why they cannot just bring their garbage with them or throw it in the garbage bin?

Rodelyn G. wrote:
Friday, 24 June 2011 15:27:49 PHT


I think one of the projects that help many of the Paisano is the One town one product (OTOP) and P.R.O.C.E.S.S Bohol. In the long terms, these projects will help more Boholanos in their livelihood than the airport. These projects will helps locals and tourists to admire the nature of Bohol and its natural and native products.

You just do a lot of talking and I know you based your opinion as a visitor of our town. If you only experienced what our fellow Panglaoanon had undergone, then I'm sure you'll appreciate my writings.

I share my thoughts and idea's about this project and this is based of what I notice, see and experienced being Boholano and a Filipino. I know how it feels to be a stranger in our own place. I feel bad for the Panglaoanon. But I hope that the Panglaoanons before they have decided to sell their own land that they had come to realize that selling their land may have risk of becoming a stranger of your own place. I think there some reasons of doing such action like due to poverty or offering a high price of the land that can be very tempting to sell their land and more other reasons. If the previous land owner are forced to sell their land due to the law, that makes a different story.

What I'm trying to say is if the Panglao Airport goes through as planned, then opportunities for some of our kababayans is possible than working abroad where they are vulnerable to abuses by the foreign employers. How many of our kababayans received inhuman treatments or worst getting killed because of their cruel employers?

You are right Mr. Mijos on this subject. I feel awful about what happen to our kababayan abroad, they are sacrificing themselves just to give a better life to their family back in the Philippines. But as I mentioned before, Filipinos are still willing to work abroad even just for a few dollars difference than what they earned here in the Philippines. Even though they are aware of the risk of being physically, mentally and emotional abuse (in the worse case being killed) by their employers. Speaking of abuse and inhuman treatments, we should also look at our own country. Remember the Maguindanao massacre and Philippines being the world’s most dangerous place for journalists. This is even worse, it is kababayan against kababayan.

Lastly, hopefully if the government will start this project that they will finish this project within a period of time, that it would not be one of that “waiting for the budget project” and it will takes many years, even decades, before it will be finally be finish. Good maintenance is badly needed on every government project. Rodelyn

Kelvin wrote:
Friday, 24 June 2011 12:21:47 PHT
I believe a smaller domestic airport is most certainly viable. This is to replace the crowded out of date airport that now services Bohol. A number of Island along the Queensland coast have small airports. These work to bring direct flights in from Melbourne and Sydney. This is will be the same for Panglao and Bohol. However infrastructure for the Island has to be improved. Water is number one problem. You can not expect tourists to gladly tolerate the awful brine we call water. If everyone is serious about making Bohol and Panglao one of the great S.E Asian tourist destinations, then everyones act is going to have to be cleaned up. So what is needed. 1. Panglao does need a modern airport with good parking and modern facilities. 2. Must have water piped in from the main island, with good pressure all day, not the dribble we get now. 3. Clean up the roadway (lane) that leads down to Alona beach. It's a bloody disgrace. Needs landscaping and cleaning up. Also the main road also needs work, a foot path next to the road so people don't have to walk on the road. And for goodness sake, clean up everyone's frontages. landscape, put some palms in. 4. Recycling/rubbish control. Panglao needs a proper waste handling system. Its a must. Tourism is worth billions of dollars globally, 70% comes from coastal tourism. If we all get our act together and try and provide a wonderful experience for visitors, then Bohol can benefit from a share of that wealth.
Rigo C. Mijos, Sr. wrote:
Thursday, 23 June 2011 21:59:13 PHT
Mr. Jeroen, thanks for your response. Based on what you said your main reason why you are against the building of Panglao Airport, is too shallow. I mean the reason you have is too personal. Of course prices of real properties will go up once a place is developed. How can a place be developed if that's the only reasons you have in opposing development? No, I don't believe tourists will no longer choose Bohol as their destination just because of the noise that the airport will be creating. This airport is not like LAX in Los Angeles or in most cities here in the U.S. where huge jumbo jets come and go all day long. And besides, these foreign tourists are used to deal with that. Look at the night life at Alona Beach, I'm sure you have been there before. It's worst than Vegas. It's more like New Orleans when they celebrate Mardi Gras. What tranquility are you talking about? Sleeping and resting are not the purpose of this foreign and local tourists in coming to our place. This airport Mr Jeroen is very important not only to Panglaoanons but to Boholanos as well. People were longing for this development for so long. So why not give the Panglao development a chance?

Please don't use a straw man on me. I've listed a long list of arguments against the airport project, and my main argument is that it is not a responsible investment, given the expected return on investment and ecological and social consequences, not that land prices might increase. Look at Mactan, and notice how overcrowded and polluted that island has become. True, there are some huge resorts (with some white sandy beaches, actually stolen from Bohol), but then look at some of the types of businesses that surround those hotels. Some of the clubs are certainly not just karaoke bars...

Indeed I will be unhappy about an increasing noisy-party-atmosphere on Alona Beach. As I write in my article, the right place for noisy celebrations and discos is Tagbilaran (and even there, indoors), and a great project would be the construction of a real sea-facing boulevard, similar to what they have in Dumaguete. Furthermore, I do come to stay at a resort to rest and be lazy...

Of course an airport in Panglao won't be another LAX, JFK or LHR, and in the current plans it won't even be "international" before somewhere in 2020. Still, with 12 flights a day, and the take-off and landing strip ending just before Alona beach, there will be a take-off roar every half hour.--Jeroen.

Iyotizer wrote:
Thursday, 23 June 2011 05:50:55 PHT
Pinoys are short sighted. If there's a buck to be made selling land our ancestors our buried in, we'd probably do it. Don't be surprised if an airport is proposed, and approved, on the island of Boracay itself. Come to think of it, expect all 7107 islands to have airports.

You could have a look at the super-elite resort island Amanpulo, with its own air-strip, or if you are looking what to do when the island isn't big enough for an airstrip, as is Pag-Asa Island (one of the Spratlys), you just let it stick out... Jeroen

Rigo C. Mijos, Sr. wrote:
Wednesday, 22 June 2011 22:42:16 PHT
Rodelyn G: Are you really from Bohol? The reason I asked this question is because you can't even pronounce right my name. Well, I don't think you got my point. I'm not saying that Filipinos will stop looking for greener pastures outside the country because of the Panglao Airport. What I'm trying to say is if the Panglao Airport goes through as planned, then opportunities for some of our kababayans is possible than working abroad where they are vulnerable to abuses by the foreign employers. How many of our kababayans received inhuman treatments or worst getting killed because of their cruel employers? You're reading the news everyday and you know that.

Why not give the development of Panglao a chance? Not only the island of Panglao will benefit on said development but the entire region. Have you heard that many establishments in the beaches of Panglao island discriminates some of the legitimate Panglaoanons? Have you noticed that they're installing buoys on the frontage of their businesses? You know that buoys I'm talking about is a sign that nobody can bath or swim on that place except their customers, or worst they're hiring private Security guards instructing them not allow anybody to cross the frontage of their businesses because according to them they will disturb their customers. We're like squatters in our own backyard. What about our basic human rights being violated? Are you satisfied because foreign tourists bring in some dollars? You just do a lot of talking and I know you based your opinion as a visitor of our town. If you only experienced what our fellow Panglaoanon had undergone, then I'm sure you'll appreciate my writings.

Next time on your next visit in our place, please observe on what's going on so you will know if I'm lying or telling the truth. Please write me back on what you will notice while you're there GOD bless.

You touch a sensitive point with that access to beaches paragraph, which I have some first-hand experience with (regarding my then two years old son, who was playing on the beach-front of a resort, and a security guard trying to send him and my mother-in-law away) Normally beaches belong to the government, and cannot be alienated. Under some circumstances, the government can give out a lease, which does happen for some of the more secluded beaches, but more often resort owners just claim the beach, and instruct security guards to send people away. This is against the law. One of the worst offenders in this respect is a Filipino resort-owner I will not name, but I also know foreign resort-owners who do this. Now if you feel this is a bad practice, how much more will this happen when the influx of tourism increases (the main reason given for building an Airport!), and this is one of the reasons I oppose this project: to give a more gradual and responsible development of tourism a chance.

One of the nasty things surrounding this airport project is the speculation with real estate it brings about. Prices of land in the area have gone up 10-fold or more, making it out-of-reach for local residents. Again, I re-iterate, my objections against the airport are because I think it is not in the interest of the common Boholanos and Panglaoanons.

I will certainly be on the lookout for closed beaches and buoys when I am in Panglao again next month. Thanks for the hint!--Jeroen.

Rodelyn G. wrote:
Wednesday, 22 June 2011 06:14:40 PHT
Hi Mr. Mijos. I respect your vision on the Panglao airport, that is your own vision, opinion and idea. As a democratic country, we are free to share our thoughts, ideas and opinion to others. And I want to share my ideas and opinion to this matter.

I myself am a Boholana and I know how it feels to strive and sacrifice in order to live. I come from an average Filipino family, which is happy to able to eat three times a day and like most Filipinos went school with a very tight budget but that is not the hindrance to success. The land where we can plant our foods and are able to harvest for income is the most important for us and not that luxury airport that only middle and upper class and foreigners can afford to pay. If we really have to help Boholanos to obtain a better life, I think the government should first help them to improve their knowledge, skills and ability on their specialty on tourism, technology and on agricultural firms (for which I believe most Boholanos depend on and lives from). I do like the eco-tourism in Bohol nowadays in which maybe hundreds of Boholanos are able to have job. I think most of these jobs does not require an higher level of education, which unfortunately not all Boholanos have. If you have talents and skills to a certain function then you are hired, talents such as singing, dancing, playing musical instruments and acting like in the Loboc floating restaurants. Unlike working in an airport, were most jobs require a well educated person, skills, fluency in English and so on. So, I don't think that the average Boholanos are at all welcome to work here.

Can this Panglao airport stop Boholanos from going abroad? I don't think so. Its sounds promising but the reality is, if the Philippine economic will not improve like the economy of Japan, China, Europe and the U.S., Filipinos are still willing to go abroad even just for a hundred dollars more than they can earn in the Philippines, a few hundreds still makes the difference.

I think the reasons why Filipinos are willing to go abroad is because they will earn more than working here in the Philippines, like for instance, an housemaid here earns 3,000 pesos a month while working abroad they will earn 200 dollars (around 8,000 pesos) a month for instance, for them it is still a big difference and they can support their entire family on this income. Working abroad makes Filipinos having a chance to explore and to develop their skills, knowledge and ability. In some cases you might be wondering why a doctor who has a well paid job in the Philippines studied nursing and quit his job here as a doctor and left the country to work abroad as a nurse. Why does he do so? Because he has his reasons and not everybody can understand that idea. Please take note that quite a lot of middle class Filipinos who live abroad and choose Philippines as their vacation destination and their second home. In some cases, they are willing to give up their luxury life here in the Philippines (with their own driver and housemaids to work for them) and work abroad as a domestic helper or a dishwasher in an restaurant and they have to do everything by themselves. Is that a problem? I don't think so because that is their choice. Mr. Rigo please realize that realizing this airport is not a solution to stop Boholanos from working abroad, it might be helping a small number of Boholanos and I believe that only few can benefit from of this project. Remember, you need more huge income for this airport to be able to regain the investment and to maintain the airport and to pay the workers. But how to earn that money if tourist arrivals decrease due to that noisy airport. Panglao island is famous for its peaceful and relaxing beautiful white beaches and tourist are admiring this and they keep going Panglao for that reason.

If I will only think of my own convenience, I would really love to have this airport especially when I am traveling from far away countries like in Europe and U.S. to Bohol and stops several countries to get my connecting flight, I would rather have to land in Bohol than via Cebu or Manila and stay extra night there and still not yet home. But for the long term, we should really think what is the best for Panglao, an airport or the tourism where Bohol is earning from. Actually I would rather see an asphalted or concrete roads all over Bohol so that for both locals and tourists can easily travel all over Bohol, not only on the most visited tourist spot in Bohol.

There are several International Airports in the Philippines already, namely in Luzon: Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila, Loag International Airport; Diosdado Macapagal International Airport; Subic Bay International Airport. In the Visayas: Mactan International Airport in Mactan island, Cebu island (next to Bohol island) and in Mindanao: Davao International Airport in Davao city, Zamboanga International Airport; General Santos International Airport: Planned International Airport projects namely:Panglao International Airport; Legaspi City International Airport; Laguindingan International Airport, do we need more airports? I would rather see a few neat, modern,luxury and well organized airport like in Singapore and Hong Kong than much of them with a poor condition. The NAIA 1 is rated among world’s 10 worst airports of the world and the worst in Asia in 2010, I think it is wiser to improve and maintain NAIA and other existing airports first before starting a new airport project.--Rodelyn

Rigo C. Mijos, Sr. wrote:
Tuesday, 21 June 2011 03:18:32 PHT
This is my vision if the construction of Panglao Airport will be realized. People will no longer seek employment in the ME or HK for a measly $200 a month and they're vurnerable to abuses of their cruel employers. If the airport is there, businesses not only in our place but the entire region will be profitable. Adding to the existing beaches people's lives surely will be uplifted. Our situation was similar to Mactan Island 2 decades ago but they were proven wrong. Look at how Mactan brought the entire Cebu after the Intl Airport was built. Then you're saying that what I am talking about employment abroad is irrelevant? Be real Mr Jeroen. I appreciate your concerns about the effect of the airport to be built in Panglao but I'm sorry to inform you that nobody except a few is with you in your campaign against the Airport in Panglao. Most of the people that were with your side a year ago left and move to the other side of the fence. They realized that with the Panglao Airport, not only Panglao will savor the progress but the entire region. Please give Panglao to develop a chance.
Rigo C. Mijos, Sr. wrote:
Thursday, 16 June 2011 23:54:44 PHT
Mr. Jeroen, please don't feel that you're attacked personally because of my writing. That's only my opinion. First of all, you're maligning the intent of our leaders with your saying that they're only interested on the allocation of funds. well can't stop you if that's what you think. But please weigh the pro and cons on having an Airport in Panglao. Tagbilaran airport is too congested and you know that, right? Do you know who's the real owner of the beaches in Panglao? Do you think that majority of our people are happy because of the beaches? I agree, maybe there are few but most of our kababayans sacrificed a lot working in other countries, risking their lives only to be abused by their foreign employers, attacking those huge waves just to uplift the lives or their love ones left behind. That's the truth Mr Jeroen and please open your eyes. God bless!!!!

Given the constitutional ban on foreigners buying land, and added to that the fact that beaches up to 30 meters from the high-high-waterline are government property by law, the owner of all beaches is the Philippine government. Nevertheless, some of the better run resorts are under foreign management, but what does that matter, when such foreign investments bring jobs to the people and tax-income to the government?

I'm fully aware of the problems of the current Tagbilaran airport, and have addressed that in my article. I think alternative locations other than Panglao are very well possible, but have not yet been sufficiently researched.

Filipino's abroad are sometimes abused by their employers, but I completely fail to see the relevance of that for this discussion, except that it expresses a strong emotion and maybe also sadness about the condition of many Filipinos, and if that is the case, you are not alone.--Jeroen

Rigo C. Mijos, Sr. wrote:
Thursday, 16 June 2011 22:32:52 PHT
This is an old issue. To Tom Eden saying his wife's tears was flowing when she knew that an airport will be built in Panglao, you are over acting. You are exaggerating the issue. To you Jeroen, you were not born in Bohol in the first place. Your knowledge about the life of the legitimate people living in our place is limited. I don't think you know better than the expert in our government that planned, research and did the feasibility study in putting up an Airport in Panglao. Well, you said that tourism will be affected by the building of Panglao Airport, "maybe" I will agree with you. But on my own opinion, I think that there are more advantages like job opportunities that the people in Bohol had long been waiting once this Airport will be operational. I think we don't have to worry about foreigners that will be affected. I would rather be happy watching our kababayan happy and can have their meals 3X a day. Please be real guys!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your ad hominem argument does not invalidate in any way the conclusions of my article. The place a person was born does not change the truth or untruth of his words.

Also I cannot agree with your appeal to the authority of government experts. They might be experts, but experts often have very different opinions on their subject of expertise, so we really need to listen to their arguments and counter arguments. An healthy exchange of arguments is exactly how new opinions are formed, and better decisions made.

Furthermore, it is very well possible certain experts or their principals have a interests in the allocation of funds that differs from that of the public they are supposed to represent - that is, the people of Bohol. Unfortunately, it is often impossible to obtain hard evidence for such things (and claiming such things without hard evidence may expose you to libel suits and similar inconveniences). Fortunately, such evidence is not needed if you can show the irrationality of the economic premisses that are behind the plans. That is exactly what I try to do. (And there might be no malice at work at all: let us suppose everybody is doing things with the best intentions, it makes live much easier)

Finally, the very reason I have written this article is that I too want to see the Boholanos live happy and prosper, so please don't try to attack me on my motives.

If you earn a substantial part of your income from tourism (foreign and domestic), not worrying about their experience in Bohol is not advisable. The very reason this airport is proposed is actually tourism. It will never be the airport itself that pays for salaries, it will be the people that use the airport and pay for it, but they will only do so if they have a reason to come here.

Having said all this, I invite you, and others to point at the mistakes in my reasoning, or facts that I have gotten wrong. If you can convince me, I will be more than happy to change my opinion.--Jeroen.

Elpalum commoner citizen of Bohol wrote:
Thursday, 2 June 2011 17:32:58 PHT
This article is anti-progress, anti social kind. Sorry to the sir Jeroen but this is my analysis on your article. Please, please, please give chance to Bohol to progress. Bohol was shy of developments for a long periods of time. I know that you have knowledge of how this developments helps a lot for Boholanos, but for the unknown reason for you to prevent this developments, maybe a political, power rivalry, jealousy, public attention or whatever it is, please don't let my province a cavemans place. Majority of us Boholanos wants progress... This is my opinion... Have a nice day to you...

Thank you for your comment. I am not opposed to progress, in fact, I am glad that Bohol is now progressing from income generated by tourism, even though places that where once peaceful and quiet, today attract loads of tourists every day. I remember dropping off the regular bus from Tagbilaran to Carmen, strolling up the winding road to the Chocolate Hills Complex, without a car passing us all the way, and being the only tourist gazing at the landscape -- now go there today. If I'd wanted it to stay the way it was, I wouldn't have made this website in the first place.

What I do oppose, however, is killing the goose with the golden eggs. Bohol attracts so many tourists because it is an attractive place. It has a nice mixture of beaches, nature, historical monuments and culture that is fairly unique to the Philippines. You should preserve that. Now if you put up a noisy airport straight behind Alona Beach (on the location that used to be a small air-strip in the seventies), you'll disturb much of the tranquility there, just as I argue in my article, and thus take away the very reason people would like to come here.

Furthermore, you can only spend your money once. Betting it all on an airport makes no economical sense, again for reasons outlined in my article; where I also give alternatives that would probably help Bohol progress faster.

Finally, there will certainly be a day that Bohol requires a new airport. Now, everywhere there will be concerns, and everywhere people will say "not in my backyard", but I think better locations can easily be found a little to the North of Tagbilaran (Direction of Cortes), with less destruction to the things tourists come looking for.--Jeroen.

Paul wrote:
Tuesday, 3 May 2011 10:54:39 PHT
If they want more skilled employees in the hotels, how about paying them more than minimum wage?

Before people can become skilled, they need to be educated. This requires a considerable prior investment.--Jeroen.

Tom Eden wrote:
Wednesday, 30 March 2011 15:32:19 PHT
I was googling and read your article an amazing infrastructure analysis and must be congratulated and be taken seriously... your intelligent, courage and resourcefulness gives you credit...i am so glad that you have awaken some learned and informed minded people... when my wife found out that they were building Panglao a new airport - tears was running down her eyes and stated they are going to destroy the beauty of Panglao island & the undesirable impact of every living things are going to be destroyed...nothing left for the next generation of the natural resources and scenery of the island...my late mother-in-law was born and bred in Baclayon, Bohol and my wife's close relatives runs from Loay, Albur, Baclayon, Dauis, Tagbilaran and Panglao comes from large family and we've married for 30yrs - I have been back and forth in Bohol numerous times.. I have observed the changes thru the years: one thing I have noticed with Boholanos their "cracking good belly laughs and gorgeous smiles" always lifts up your human spirits..their generous and hospitable souls belief still intact with pride, hope and dignity in-spite of their different livelihood standing....they are surely going to lose this unique quality of human spirits - it would be all dollar signs like most of the western world how to enriched the bountiful and destroy the surroundings of impoverished population - my wife childhood stories when visiting the grand old folks in Bohol were fascinating and enchanting - how her grandma knew most the native medical remedies and also to respect the spirits people that keep the island safe for many years - that tactile family relationships will be gone forever - to preserved this lifestyle one must observed what is happening just around the corner like Bali - a paradise run by big hotelier companies and prominent families in the island... the natives livelihood did not improve much... drugs and prostitution rampant selling and the people against the changes basing their religious belief and lifestyle - Bali tourists paid high price their own lives in the bombing incident... I am 100% in favour of your feasibility studies and observation - much more we hope you will pursue or appeal this valuable opinions to the highest minister country now the president have changed - hoping he's not polluted by self-interest - only few people run Bohol businesses over and over again - you will hear their names mention frequently and they are holding prominent governmental positions in Bohol and they have goons to protect them...they have to waken up their only asset is BOHOL island itself...the serene,unpolluted air and the people gorgeous beautiful smiles..prevention is better than curing of the devastating outcome...too late if nothing is done just like Tagbilaran they destroying the place so rapidly with pollution and congested traffic not helping corrupt with police force making money out of the tourists as well as the commoners - Bohol badly needed to have a good stable infrastructure the Boholanos must be consulted openly and official must be transparent to the population... we hope we can still call "WOW BOHOL" in our next visit... they should just have extra super ferries that travels straight to Panglao coming from Tagbilaran or Cebu, big yachts can moore - like Monte Carlo - a new Panglao port will be better than new airport not destroying all of the surroundings and its inhabitants...we wish you well on your well meaning venture...keep me updated...my wife owned several lands in Bohol - we are planning to build a retirement home one day but we are contemplating selling it now - as Bohol we love will never be the same place peaceful place again. GOD BLESS YOU!!

Thanks for your long comment and compliments. It seems the Airport project has turned a bit more to the background with the change of Presidents and Governors after the last elections, but we need to remain vigilant. Unfortunately, another megalomanic project has been added to my list of concerns: the idea to create artificial islets in the bay south-west of Panglao. I still have to prepare a full assessment of this project, but my gut-feeling is that it will be highly destructive of the sensitive but highly valuable eco-system around Panglao, destroying exactly that that attracts the bulk of western tourists: the fantastic under-water landscape. Well, this will be worth a separate article.

I believe Bohol has all the potential to become the Philippines' answer to Bali. With it's unique combination of cultural heritage and natural wonders, combined with it's friendly, independent-minded and hard-working people, the island has a great potential. I hope this potential will be tapped in a socially and ecologically responsible way, so the profits will be shared with the people, and not disappear in the pockets of a few. Much of this depends on education. Education of the poor, so they can take up the job opportunities the influx of tourists create, and education of the rich, in that they understand that only with a reasonable distribution of wealth a sustainable and stable society can develop, to the benefit of all. In this respect, Bohol already has a lead on many other provinces in the Philippines, with relatively few large land-owners, and many people owning small businesses or owning their own house and lot; but still, also in Bohol, you often hear the same names in business and politics...--Jeroen.

Dave Richey wrote:
Monday, 7 February 2011 06:36:24 PHT
Jeroen, would you kindly update (or provide) the .pdf link from your Jan 2011 update above? It is titled Medium Term Development Plan 2004-2009? I would appreciate reading that article ... your thoughtful and very intellectual approach to this topic are very much appreciated as you state the case with passion (but also) with logic and sound arguments ... that is a credit to you!! keep up the good work and please keep on top of this!
AlexB wrote:
Monday, 31 January 2011 23:01:03 PHT
Hello Jeroen,

I work within the industry and have been battling this in other forums. There's no economic justification for the people of Bohol nor for the visitors. I could have written this article myself, but glad you have all the goods here.

For a country that perpetually says it is "poor" they seem to have their priorities, their planning all screwed up.


Thanks! It seems the airport is now a little lower on the priority list, with a case of megalomania to replace it: the idea to create a number of artificial Islands south-west of Panglao, without due regard to the unique environmental issues. I hope to have an article on this project ready soon, for now see the Boholinteractive blog.--Jeroen.

Kelvin Ham wrote:
Sunday, 27 June 2010 14:58:53 PHT
While I agree that an international airport seems over the top for Panglao, an upgraded domestic airport isn't. Just look at Hamilton Island in Australia. It's a simple modern airport on a tiny island that gets direct flights from Melbourne and Sydney. Hamilton Island is much smaller than Panglao. Thing is, keep it a small modern simple airport that can serve the region with flights from Manila. I agree that water is also a big issue. I have a house on Panglao, I have to use a combination of rainwater and filtered Panglao water. This can be solved, pipeline across the new bridge (which may already be in progress). What is needed is good planning, tourism promotion, diversified tourism choices. Backpackers market is important and largely untapped. Agree with the comment regarding prostitution, its critical its kept out. I see Bohol having a wonderful opportunity to develop as one of Asia's (and the worlds) top tourist destination. Lets all take some time to plan this properly for the benefit of all.
Heinz Bopp wrote:
Tuesday, 1 June 2010 19:30:43 PHT
Hello again, WHY not extending and modernize the existing Tagbilaran Airport so biger Plane can arrive and depart even Shops and builtin Restaurant for Passengers and Visitors and biger Carpark would become more realistic. Dont destroy the beauty of Panglao Island with noisy takeoff and landings of big planes.Panglao can be reached from Tagbilaran to all of its Town and beautifull Beaches by public sely,so it makes no sense to destroy the Quiet and Beauty of Panglao Island with an Int.Airport , Heinz Bopp Switzerland
Heinz Bopp wrote:
Sunday, 30 May 2010 05:15:56 PHT
Hello, Panglao International Airport Dream ? i can laugh hahahahaha , even your Leaders can not solve the Waterproblem which they block in due of Local Politics. how many more years we have to wait in Panglao for a daily running Water which we all need ? H.Bopp,Panglao and Switzerland
Roger B Hermanson wrote:
Saturday, 27 February 2010 16:41:26 PHT
An airport in Panglao will make me find another place to enjoy my vacation. I want silence and quiet not noice and exhausted fumes.
Lexie Orapa wrote:
Wednesday, 26 August 2009 18:40:18 PHT
Hello Jeroen, Your arguments are sound. I used to be excited about the "building of this international airport" before but really, you need a good feasibility study to see all the economic, social and environmental impacts on such a project. So far, the government or any independent body has not shown the straight facts and figures. I am from Pilar, Bohol and I am lucky to be from Bohol. I love its natural beauty. And I wish for the economic upliftment of its people. I have been searching the net about the proposed airport for a possible business opportunity alongwith this project. I was not aware about any of these issues before and so I appreciate your concerns and the alternative solutions you presented. One additional suggestion would be encouraging entrepreneurship in the locals to build their businesses that can cater to a wide-range of tourists, increase online marketing to increase tourism, and create a unique, environment-friendly island - use of bicycles and "green hotels" and be a model in the eco-friendly trend these days.
Posh wrote:
Monday, 8 June 2009 11:51:55 PHT
yeah i totally agree! that "the proposed panglao international airport makes no sense"..it may offer advantages as it can seem but it has a lot of drawbacks!!.. better invest on some other lucrative projects to uplift the lives of the BOHOLANO's coz i for one is a Boholano..and one more thing construction of the airport would likely reduce panglao's exceptional beauty that it offers to the foreign and local visitors due to noise pollution and all..so let us all think twice!!
Rumar Buscagan wrote:
Thursday, 16 April 2009 20:44:46 PHT
to all an idiots who really opposed in establishing the international airport in Panglao well its make you totally wrong. Let me ask you some questions? thus opposing the projects it would help you to realize and achieve the economic status in island? Will you help to bring jobs of unfortunate jobless people? would you bring market profitability in whole island? can you make any alternative plans in order peoples lives will cope up their daily demands? you don't know what you are talking and thinking, please keep your mouth shut up. investments is key where we can achieve and realize our dreams. don't you think hundred of times that it could help to boost the economy in Bohol. I am a Boholano native specifically from Candijay, 22 years old,young but here working and traveling in a foreign land searching for a better future. right now im in a Korean based construction and engineering company in Dubai as an help desk associate and document controller. sharing my knowledge and skills here in overseas in which i could help and share it to our fellow countrymen. do you think if Bohol offer lot of employment opportunities, would i travel in a foreign land to search for the better life in sustain of my family and personal needs? Thus, If Panglao international airport would be real, then I would be happy coz it could turn Bohol more realistic and conquer its ambitions to be one of economic hub both local and foreign investors.. Do you think all your negative views would make a positive image of our island? That is definitely a big mistake. We have to be more optimistic and embrace the gifts of others not for the betterment of few but all as well.

Calling people who's opinions you oppose idiots isn't helping to keep the debate open and friendly. Please refrain from doing so. I am not a Boholano, but I love the island, and I love the people, and I would love the island to develop such that it can offer all its people a prosperous and happy future, so I believe we have a common goal: the development of Bohol. In this article, I spend quite some words demonstrating, by rational arguments, that an airport in Panglao will not contribute to Bohol's development, but, on contrary, will only cost money, as it can never be run economically and will chase away potential tourists. Furthermore, it will divert funds for more lucrative investments. So to answer your questions bluntly, wasting money on an unnecessary airport will only increase the poverty of the island, and will only serve the happy few who rake in those Government contracts to build it.--Jeroen.

Gieor El Galaxy: "El Nino" wrote:
Sunday, 5 April 2009 13:16:58 PHT
Dreaming of doing a project like building and constructing Panglao International Airport? In Bohol? Hahaha! Shame. I heard all that same old thing story before since… 11 years ago, already. Too late! The reminiscence of WWIII by disruptions of September 11, 2001 ruled by King of Terror, also the various awakening of deadly Natural Disasters to slowly wiping out Earth surface, Mayan Prophecy, and the crazy Bible prophecy. You know what, life in the World now is about to be ending. And the plan of making project like building and constructing Panglao International Airport in Bohol, is still the word not came to materialized and I never heard of, or not even seen any of its piece of concrete. Just tell me directly that all this hocus-focus plans are all lie. And be honest with me that this bunch of crap things and taxes from workers as funding collected by government were divided by corrupts. Because next days Philippines will be strikes more hardly by Deadly Disasters if they’re not change. It is time now to that Land to wake up! Death is coming up and ready to whack off the livings again. Take my advice because the Death that I saw in my dream is now can be no forgiveness to mankind. I am sorry my brother. I am not going to say apologize anymore. I hope you awake and see the truth. The Philippines was a beautiful Archipelago Islands. Then, messed up by corrupts, suffered the poor. : Tell this to your highest officials. :
Perry Ayos wrote:
Friday, 30 January 2009 02:12:13 PHT
Hope that by the time of this writing, all oppositions to the Panglao International Airport project has already been laid to rest. The "Governor's Message" to Dr. Pernia was so vivid and clear for everybody to understand. Let the boat of progress cruise swiftly to its destiny.

I haven't seen that Governor's Message, nor any other argument that addresses the concerns voiced in my article, so my opposition will continue.--Jeroen.

Josephine E. abay-abay wrote:
Saturday, 27 September 2008 10:24:49 PHT
I am not in favor of the proposed Panglao-Bohol International Airport project due to the reason that I am really concern of our environment. What would happen to the beautiful nature of PANGLAO if that project would be built? We exist in this world in order to protect and take good care of our environment particularly not to destroy it.
Skeptic wrote:
Wednesday, 17 September 2008 12:06:09 PHT
Gloria allegedly has interest in a resort in Panglao. No wonder they are rushing it. And wait, it's P4 billion at least, hmmm in RP politicians got at least 10 per cent (that's P400M from projects). No wonder they are rushing it. Sayang ang at least P400M.
Tonzi wrote:
Monday, 1 September 2008 19:01:17 PHT
In my own opinion, building an international airport in Panglao is not a problem given the development it would give to the island of Bohol. But the problem that i have in mind is that the proximity of that airport to Cebu which caters to international flights is not viable. Perhaps, the domestic airport in Tagbilaran is viable because major flights to Bohol are mostly tourists that come from either Manila, Cebu or from Mindanao who want to visit Bohol. But citing the airports that are near to Bohol, I think the frequency of international flights to Cebu will only make it Panglao airport as a domestic one rather an international as most would prefer Cebu for outgoing flights for other countries. In short, the money spent for an international airport will only be put to waste as its capacity to hold international flights is not utilized given the situations above. Moreover, it will only become a competition of both airports on whose to be an international or not.
Calista wrote:
Friday, 25 July 2008 21:06:05 PHT
I live in Dauis and I do not support the Panglao project at all.

I've read an article in the Phil gov't site that Panglao Island is geologically unsafe for airport. What happened to that report? Has it been given some consideration?

As you can understand from the way this project is pushed forward, in no way at all.--Jeroen.

Frederico B. Ticong wrote:
Thursday, 24 July 2008 18:23:57 PHT
I am not so educated yet as regards the pros and cons of the Panglao Airport. I am even asking if this is just a domestic airport or an international airport. What I learned from my graduate studies is that every government project should go through some sort of economic analysis considering the scarce resources that we have. I just hope that this proposed Panglao airport really went though enough scrutiny and study especially on its impact to the residents and to the environment. I am requesting people around to please send to belfredgwyne@yahoo.com.ph any significant material about the infrastructure projects in Bohol. I want to know data about roads and bridges. pier, airports in the province. Thank you.
Frederico B. Ticong wrote:
Friday, 18 July 2008 14:06:59 PHT
This is not a comment. I just want to ask the people around if they have any statistical information presented in the forms of GRAPHS regarding the flights of planes to and from Bohol, as well as the number of passengers (tourists) coming to and leaving Bohol through airports and seaports on a yearly basis, particularly years 2005, 2006, 2007? Thanks....
Concern Citizen wrote:
Tuesday, 15 July 2008 07:01:13 PHT
I really disagree on the Panglao international airport project...why build another airport??? why not just improve the one in Tagbilaran???? why build another one that is not necessary needed???? For me,,,if they will build that PIA,,it will just gonna destroy the beauty of the island,,,tourists go in Panglao or Bohol to relax, to enjoy the beach and the nature itself....i`m frm Bohol but now i live in Sweden...i really miss bohol!!!! i really dont like that PIA project,,I'm so against with it,period!!
Rigo C. Mijos, sr. wrote:
Saturday, 5 July 2008 07:00:49 PHT
I'm amazed to know that some individuals are environmentally concerned about the conception of Panglao Airport. But at the same time I'm puzzled too as to the sincerity of this people. Firstly, there are problems hounding the small barangay of Bingag, Dauis since the contruction of Panglao Island Nature Resort. They built a small articial islet in fornt of the property without ECC. Then, management are not satisfied, they enclosed the shoreline with bouys and stationed some security guards so nobody can > cross the shoreline. I know shorelines can't be privately owned but why the owner was allowed to do whatever they wanted? Fishermen in this little village are not alowed to fish in the sea fronting the property. The same poblems happened too in Dumaluan's beach resort in Libaong, Panglao. The DENR was able to padlock Dumaluan's place but why are they not able to do this in Mr. Ong's place? Is Mr. Ong more powerful than Dumaluan? During the 2007 barangay election, I heard that Mr. Ong put his own candidate for barangay captain. There was rampant vote buying evident that the parish priest of Dauis stop saying mass for more than 2 months, protesting of what happened on that election. To add insult to injury, local officials including Gov. Aumentado tolerated and patronized PINR PGMA just held a cabinet meeting not long time ago at PINR. Secondly, the Hinagdanan Cave. Look what happened to the cave. A lot of souviner shops are built around the mouth of the cave. When you get inside, you can smell the stinks. Because of the situation, the Dept of Tourism delisted the place as a tourist destination. I know one of the enviromentalist kuno came from Dauis and why did he did not protest on what the PINR management is doing and of the sitatuion with the Hinagdanan cave. As to the Panglao airport, let's talk on this subject later.

Thanks Rigo for your input. Yes, Hinagdanan cave was nice, ten years ago (although the smell was already not that good). Now I don't bother go there anymore.

I have also complained a few times about resorts encroaching on the public domain (i.e., beaches that are government property and free for all to enter, especially if coming by boat.) Some use armed guards to enforce self-invented privileges. It would be best if groups of people would team up, and fight this, but then, the legal system in the Philippines is extremely slow, costly, and without a lot of influence, even if you get a positive result, hard to enforce, if your life isn't made impossible long before by some old fashioned bullying tactics. All I can do here is ignore the worst offenders in my listings, or let them be their and hope bad reviews from guests will eventually hurt them enough to change their ways. No tourist wants to life in a resort that looks more like Guantanamo Bay. (Maybe we could introduce the Guantanamo Bay award for the resort that has the most intrusive "security" measures.)

My own concerns about the airport are sincere. I have no resort on Panglao (or anywhere else), and although I promote Bohol, I do this because I want it to preserve it's rich natural and cultural heritage, and to have an economic uplift, for its people's sake. And, however big the needs of many Boholano's are, they are not served if their resources are plundered, stolen, and wasted. I was born an live far away, but one day want to settle in this lovely province.--Jeroen.

Denny Freed wrote:
Saturday, 5 July 2008 04:12:25 PHT
If you are after tourism, you need the complete package. No package is complete without a decent golf course, not Nicholas quality but at least a golf course even if it starts out as a nine hole. Golf is a magnet to a huge tourist market. If they don't see golf within the list of amenities on Bohol somewhere, they lose interest and seek out other locations. Every resort should partner with government to establish a PUBLIC course. Do it now and see the tourist dollars come in, resorts prosper and MOST IMPORTANTLY many jobs created.

You just need to have a short look at the golf course on Boracay Island to raise some questions about this assertion. Golf takes a relatively large area of land for a small group of (admittedly wealthier) tourists. It will be tremendously difficult to maintain a golf course on Panglao, with its Karst soil and many caves and holes in the ground, and lack of fresh water. Both soil and water needs to be brought in. For some other location in Bohol, it maybe a good suggestion. Maybe on the hills above Baclayon: great sights, and a nice brand new resort to match.--Jeroen.

Felix wrote:
Thursday, 26 June 2008 02:09:44 PHT
The problem with this article is that its too negatively perceive and too short sighted. For me providing Bohol an international airport will open a vast global opportunity for the province to grow. Airport is a basic economic provisions like roads, terminals and ports, its benefits is not merely measured by figured. Anyway, i doubts the figured above presented. Like what will it differ for a domestic and an international airport? the difference is too little thus why should build a domestic when we could have the international at almost the same amount. In fact other domestic airport cost more than the 2.87B Panglao International Airport such as the Bacolod airport cost P6B, Puerto Princesa cost P3.1B. The amount of cost and maintenance of operation on this airport will depend on the actual operational base like why spend $5M when there only 2 airplane using the airport. $5M capital cost per year?

It is easy to call your opponents negative and short sighted, but such judgments need to be reached at with strong arguments. I haven't been convinced by the arguments brought forward here. That there are other even more costly airport projects is no excuse for wasting money here in Bohol, where a well equipped international airport is at an pleasant one-and-half hour distance.--Jeroen.

Well, too much to argue. Let me end this by saying this: Airport is beyond tourism matter. Its a gateway to economic development like roads build from farm to market, seaports or bridges from Mandaue city to Lapu Lapu City, we do not earn money directly from it but its benefits is beyond figure. The Philippines needs to upgrade its facilities to attract investors to do business in the country both local and foreign. The matter of keeping our beautiful natural resources is another thing to work on.

Currently, industry and services are very much underdeveloped in Bohol by any standard. Bohol is still mainly agricultural, and it needs to make a shift to other economic activities to be able to provide employment to its over a million inhabitants. I don't deny that. However, an airport in Panglao would do very little to improve that, compared with the current small airport in Tagbilaran, which will be sufficient for business needs for the coming years, although not for increased streams of tourists (which I argue Panglao cannot handle anyway).--Jeroen

Now is Panglao the right place for an international airport? The answer is why not?

I've outlined the reasons why not in the article: the landing strip will force airplanes to fly low over Alona beach, the most popular destination, so you spoil the rest and peace of the place. As an alternative for Tagbilaran airport, you add about half an hour of traffic time to the city. Better alternatives can probably thought of, such as building a replacement airport near Cortes, and turning the current airport location into a residential or business area.--Jeroen

By the way, for angkoldoy, it seems that your not politically updated to what is now currently on the battlefield in the congress. All those things you mention is already currently on debate. As long as the senate keep on delaying those laws that will create the realization of those in your list, then perhaps what we can do for now is to push them or to wait.

You'll see, the government is now very aggressive and productive. Both tangible and intangible solutions for our economic failures has been work out double time. This government clearly sees whats wrong with our economy, and they know airport is a major step for economic up. And we're privileged enough to chosen to have one. Now I'm proud that many of our fellow Boholanos are open minded to accept such a privilege.

Venn Labaya Cardinales wrote:
Sunday, 22 June 2008 15:07:21 PHT
I really appreciate to those people who had care in Bohol especially in Panglao. For me, I do full agree with JEROEN article above, It is better to have a "Technical and Statistical Plan" and apparently to the public. 100% to all my fellow citizens, friends, and relatives who's living there in Panglao especially in Tawala don't understand very well. It is nice to hear that one step of development in a place without thinking disadvantages is a very agreeable. Even me I was there a couple of months ago, I was really surprise that the news I heard regarding this issues. But now I read this article above, I fell desperate until now big “WHY/Ngano” Philippine government always doing unsystematic ideas and sights. Pretending that knows everything it comes helpless. Wake-up.
San Francisco Bay Area Dude wrote:
Friday, 13 June 2008 09:02:09 PHT
I was in panglao 3 weeks ago and enjoyed it very much. the white sand beachfronts are clean and not crowded, which makes your stay very relaxing. it's a perfect get-away from the busy life in the city. Now, don't start overcrowding Panglao by building an international airport on its soil. Low flying passenger jets does not belong in the clear skies of Panglao. Let the Cebu International Airport handle the air traffic. Don't let Panglao be another Mactan island - crowded, noisy, and too commercialized.
Rodelyn wrote:
Friday, 30 May 2008 03:51:49 PHT

I agree with you Felix. No matter how beautiful and perfect our place is, it can be ruined by human beings and the beauty of our nature will be gone forever. We people need to have discipline. As we may see lots of garbage everywhere while there are hardy any garbage cans to be found. Both the citizens and the government should have discipline. People should not throw their garbage everywhere, and the government should provide more garbage cans and take care of proper waste disposal. We already know that throwing our garbage everywhere is not good to look at and it could harm our health as well, but still, people keep doing that.

It is just like starting bigger projects without finishing them even after a decade. They are also one of the infrastructure waste of our country. How many “huge” projects are still unfinished all over the Philippines? The Agora public market, is it now finished? One of those huge and impressive projects for the development of our province that ends into disaster......Loboc bridge! The NAIA terminal 3 is still not finished, and how many decades should we wait before this projects finally be completed. The 2 Billion dollar Bataan Nuclear reactor never generated a single watt in 32 years.

Actually Filipinos who are living in the Philippines needed to have more (good and well maintained with modern facilities) piers and domestic airports rather than yet another international airport. Most ordinary Filipinos normally travel by boat rather than with a plane, especially in the Visayas. Because a boat is a little bit cheaper than plane. International flights are mostly used by tourists, OFW's and Balikbayans.

Angkoldoy wrote:
Wednesday, 28 May 2008 10:53:42 PHT
80 million to 200 million dollars. Such an amount could go a long ways in creating a few systems in the Philippine's developing economy which are lacking:

1) Credit Reporting Agencies. Many in developing countries do not have an idea how basic this system is to their developing economies. Borrowing money and repaying the money is crucial. Lenders need to know whether the borrower is capable to pay back the money and perhaps more importantly whether the borrower has a history of not paying back borrowed monies. Unpaid debts hampers growth.

2) Title Insurance. Yet another very important facet of a developing economy. Developers, whether small time or the huge corporations, must not be concerned about risk in purchasing lands.

3) Minimum wage laws and collective bargaining. A thriving middle class with purchasing power is the backbone to any economy. They purchase homes. These homes are built by skilled well paid workers. The homes are furnished with items built by skilled well paid workers. Financial institutions loan money in the form of mortgages to the middle class. These middle class workers, given the ability to bargain with no restrictions for wages and benefits put them on an even keel to compete in the capital market place with the bankers, corporations and the government.

4) Building codes and like type codes and the disciplined, fair and uncorrupted enforcement of them is also a key element. In many developing countries, those who enforce these codes are prone to pay offs. The primary reasons for this vary depending on the country. One can point the finger to the fact that these inspectors are not compensated well enough to afford to live and seek corruption as a means to afford to live. Too often in developing countries, small business owners are not monitored by inspectors until the business becomes successful and then the inspectors seek pay offs. This process can be detrimental to the growth of number of entrepreneurs in an economy.

One can bet that there are, at least, several dozen other projects like Panglao's airport in the country. These projects, though touted as boons to the economy, may be only short term "feel good" fixes. Use the funds from these projects and direct them to building a vital long term economy which promotes and benefits a middles class.

Your points are not directly related to the issue of an airport, but I will respond to them. 1) Borrowing money is always more expensive than saving it. So, when you are using it to increase consumerism, it is better not to encourage borrowing. For investments, it can be perfectly alright to borrow money. The practice in the Philippines is that money is very tight. If you can borrow money in the formal banking system, you probably don't need it (given the large collaterals and securities typically asked), and if you can't, your only alternatives are money sharks with their 5-6 system. They have means to make you pay. I myself favor the micro-finance system, or the traditional way 30 families each put 100 pesos in a pool, and have a lottery to decide who can have the pool for a big purchase, until everybody has won pool once. 2) Given the general mistrust in insurance companies in developing countries, I would say, better control of the insurance and banking business first. 3) The Philippines has minimum wages, unions, social security systems, and all these things. However, a very large part of the population falls outside these facilities. Here you have a small, but extremely rich upper class, a relatively small middle class, and a huge lower class, ranging from subsistence farmers to squatters in ever growing slums. Please don't count them out. 4) Building codes and other laws in the Philippines are reasonable most of the time. It is mainly in the field of enforcement that the problems arise. Corruption is a growing problem. My personal top three: 1) Transparency and equal application of the law. 2) Education 3) No need of a no 3.--Jeroen.

Felix Evangelista wrote:
Tuesday, 27 May 2008 00:25:39 PHT
For me, the problem of keeping the natural beauty of Panglao or of any places in the country is not a matter of having the infrastructure like an international airport in the locality. Its still the peoples discipline that counts. Having an international airport right at the footstep of our beloved land is a development, by any means it will help our land, why don't we accept it? Its a fact that we need it, however, together with the development, a strong will of the people and our leaders for discipline is also needed. development and discipline must go together otherwise if one is absent, the people will suffer.

I strongly disagree that it is a fact that we need the airport, for the reasons outlined in the article above.--Jeroen.

Merta wrote:
Sunday, 25 May 2008 16:59:12 PHT
I grew up in Tagbilaran City in the 70's and early 80's and it was a wondderful place then. Now, Tagbilaran City is dirty, congested, unplanned urban area. Panglao is still a paradise compared to Tagbilaran City. I hope the government will cancel this absurd airport project. I own lands in Panglao and I shudder at the thought of pollution and waste disposal problems.
Bol_anon wrote:
Saturday, 24 May 2008 10:02:41 PHT
Issues are objective concerns and should not be confused with relativities or subjective feelings. If I feel I am underprivileged than others, I immediately remember the Desiderata - do not compare yourself with others, for always there will be greater or lesser persons than yourself. Calling others selfish is subjective. Feeling underprivileged is also relative. The issue is that the natural resources of Panglao needs to be protected. Well, frankly speaking, if I were entitled to a little subjectivity myself - I was shining shoes in Tagbilaran and even doing much lowly things. This does not mean I lost my drive to look for better opportunities - ultimately, it is the Almighty who appropriates it all. Likewise, the Almighty has given us our land and the responsibility to keep it peaceful, orderly and habitable for all.
Rodelyn wrote:
Saturday, 24 May 2008 05:40:33 PHT

I think both Rigo and Bol-anon have a good point of view on this project. But which idea will really help the Boholano people in the long term? I myself am strongly opposed to this project, not only to protect our natural resources against pollution and whatsoever but most of all for the Boholanos themselves, to protect their future in the long term.

Having this so called international airport build in Panglao is actually quite handy for me to travel from abroad. I don't need to stay a night in Cebu anymore to come home to Bohol. But when I think of the destruction as a result of this airport, I rather travel more and stay an extra night in Cebu waiting for my flight the next day. Honestly, having this airport is quite handy for travelers going in and out of Bohol from abroad. It is just like spoon feeding a child, the child doesn't need much effort and energy in order the food to come into his mouth.

Job opportunities for Boholanos: Are we sure that most of the workers are Boholano? Can the Boholano government assure and guaranty that the Boholano people have the priority to work in our proud to be called Panglao International Airport (PIA)?

Economical development in Panglao: Mr. Rigo said “My point is once this airport will be realized, Panglaoanons will not go somewhere else, looking for jobs or even venturing on the high seas”.

Do you think that Boholano people will stop fleeing if they could have the PIA? I don't think so. Boholanos are travelers, and you know that, Mr. Rigo. In fact, you will not stay in Bohol and look for a job at the PIA if you are a sailor. Instead you could take a steward course rather than become a sailor, right? I think, we should look at our neighboring island Cebu, they have the Mactan International Airport (MIA). Is Cebu now getting richer because of the International airport alone? I remember that Mactan international airport existed long time ago but Cebu is not that rich as of now. But I don't think that Cebu has less numbers of unemployment because of their International airport. And I don't think that MIA is that busy that the National Government is forced to build another International on the next island, like Bohol. Actually, I prefer to have just two or three international airports in the whole Philippines but similar to the ones Singapore and Hong Kong have (big, neat, well maintained, entertaining and modern.....it's attractive for the airline company to fly there), rather than having ten small international airports with limited modern facilities.

Mr Rigo said: “But what about us, the under privileged, are you happy watching us hanging on in our native Panglao and die one by one?”

I find it very dreadful if the Panglaoanon will die one by one if they could not have this PIA. They are now having much more better economy than before due to tourism. As you can see now in Panglao, the beach is now full of resorts and hotels. The Panglaoanon are now having more opportunities to find a job in Panglao. But still, once they have a chance to work abroad, they will rather work and leave the Philippines than to stay and suffer from having a low income. Perhaps that is the reason why you are now still in the U.S.

When I came back to Panglao last year, I was amazed how fast the changes are in Panglao. It is good to see that Panglao has finally got the promised asphalted road they were longing for a long time. I saw more and bigger houses standing close to the roadside and near at the beach, but mostly owned by mixed couples (and not particularly Boholanos), O.F.W 's and balikbayans. But the ordinary Panglaoanons who had built their Payag (small native house) before are gone. Where are they now? I don't know...... some might have fallen for the offer on their land and sold their lots for a higher price (based on their standard of living) hoping that they could have a better living with that money. However, without realizing that in a short time, the money will be consumed and gone forever. When the money is gone, where they can earn their income? They can no longer plant their own vegetables to consume themselves because they have sold their lots already. I'm sure they will not come to the remote area of Bohol to find a job. So, they will have to stay either in Tagbilaran or in Panglao to find a job for a living. Where can they build their houses? I don't think that the buyer of their lot will allow them to build their payag next to their luxury house. They will be squatters on their former land.

I like to be at home because it is quite relaxing, fun, peaceful and still rich in nature. Especially if you are living in a busy and hectic life in well developed countries in Europe, Australia or North America. It is nice to see green fields with fresh air, no traffic jams and no high buildings around....it is breathtaking and relaxing. But if Panglao will be so hectic, messy and noisy, I rather spend my vacation to Anda or other places in the Philippines. What makes Caribbean and Thailand so famous? Is that because of the International airport that attracts tourist from all over the world? Or because of their promotion and effort to beautify their country as one of the world class tourist destinations especially for beach visitors.

RIGO C. MIJOS, SR. wrote:
Friday, 23 May 2008 22:03:41 PHT
I admire you Mr. Bol-non that you hang on and I know you have your reasons. You have the capability of doing so. Let me tell you this - do you think after graduating HS, that I will sacrifice of going to Manila without money in my pocket, stowawayed on a William Lines boat, living homeless in Manila for couple of weeks if Panglao was already developed during those times? I don't write my earlier comments just because I'm here in the US sitting on my dollars as what you think. I sacrificed a lot too. Leaving your loved ones behind and not seeing them for even a single day was tough. My point is once this airport will be realized, Panglaoanons will not go somewhere else, looking for jobs or even venturing on the high seas. With this development (should be supervised and planned carefully), lots of jobs will be created. I think, if I'm only like you who can afford to hang on, I would love to do that. But what about us, the under privileged, are you happy watching us hanging on in our native Panglao and die one by one? Think about it.
Bol_anon wrote:
Friday, 23 May 2008 08:05:51 PHT
I find people who hastily label other people to be have their own fingers pointing at them. This I have seen many times. For I myself come from nearby Dauis and have seen much more than what Mr. Mijos is saying. Yes, he is lucky to have traveled to the US. And he left Panglao, because it was so impoverished. But we hang on, keeping it (and Dauis and Tagbilaran) clean in our own special but small ways. It is hard to really say who is greedy. Or who jumped shipped to leave it for others to settle the bill. Who is greedy? Now that people are seeing what we did - virtually, it is like saying - WE KEPT THE FAITH - WHILE THE OTHERS FADED AWAY - people come in hordes to bathe in our waters, to buy "CHEAP" land for them to build their dollar earned houses - to the expense of the lowly Boholano who stayed on and can't even barely buy rice for the next meal - yes, we hang on and you now come back to build your houses and your airports. SHAME ON YOU.
RIGO C. MIJOS, SR. wrote:
Friday, 23 May 2008 01:14:36 PHT
I was born and raised in Panglao. My grandparents used to live in Hawaii until they retired, they live in Tawala. During my younger days, until I graduated HS, life in Panglao was so miserable. That's why when I graduated HS at SAgA, I decided to moved to Manila hoping that I can find a nice job and continue my studies. Luck was not with me until I decided to marry my childhood sweetheart, Fidela. We bored 9 children 6 boys and 3 girls. We lived in Metro Manila for almost 25 years until I migrated here in the U.S. in 1992. (Atlanta, GA) Almost every year, I come home on vacation and I see how Panglao have transformed as it is right now. Panglaoanons especially the younger ones are not anymore miserable as compared during our younger days. Evedent, is that you can see a lot of nice houses around and every house, you'll noticed that cars or motorcycles are parked in their front yard. They can afford everything they wanted. They're so lucky. With the development of Panglao as it is today, I can't figured out why there are some individuals that are against it, pretending to be concerned of the environment, tourism and any other obvious reasons that they don't want the Panglao International Airport built right in our town. I call them greedy, why? They don't want to share what this developments will benefit the poor people in Panglao. This people don't even grew there and don't even know how the people of Panglao survived during those dark days when we have no electric, running water, asphalted roads and so forth. They are thinking of their self interest. I hate to hear this people talking about the effects of the airport. My only wish about any developments in our town, is it should be supervised and planned thoroughly so our future generations can savor the fruits of what we planted today. I hope this people open their eyes and appreciate what the national government did to our town and hopefully, investors will pour their investments as soon as the Panglao airport will be realized.

Maybe I should also ask my wife to answer this, as she also grew up in a remote, and little developed part of Bohol, and she is, like me, opposed to the Panglao Airport. It is good to see development and improvements, and we don't deny they have happened. Since the first time I came to Panglao, now 10 years ago, a lot has been constructed, and honestly, we sometimes believe things are going to fast. Hotels and resorts being constructed haphazardly, without consideration for the environment, and doomed to fail within a few years due to the lack of sensible planning and maintenance. Similarly, we feel the airport project is much like killing the geese with the golden eggs, by trying to bring many more tourists to the island than it can accommodate.

We have seen too much of the Philippines to believe that the so-called 'benefits' of this airport will trickle down to the poor. As already addressed in the article, the poor have to face highly increased land and commodity prices, and are pushed away from their ancestral lands. At best they end up in low-end menial jobs without perspective, while the better paying jobs, such as receptionists or diving instructor are given to outsiders, or local people already higher on the social ladder. Things can improve, but that will require carefully planned socially responsible development, not squandering big money on a project that will never be profitable.--Jeroen.

Bol_anon wrote:
Monday, 19 November 2007 12:13:14 PHT
I have spoken to Cong. Eddie Chatto about this. I don't seem to get his concurrence, without prejudice to what his true sentiments about this project is really, as I talked to him about other things that are going on in Panglao. Anyway, Jeroen's suggestions of airing this public needs a few (or more) or concerned Boholanos. Sorry, but what I can do for now is try to send emails to the Bohol Chronicle and other national entities to get this thing a proper hearing.

There are even speculations now that SM is thinking of buying lots in Dauis (not Panglao). It seems that Panglao island will never run out of "progress" ideas (speculation or true) as it really has a lot of commercial potential. But I hope the common Boholano will stand to his feet, like Dagohoy did, to come and resist all these forms of excessive forms of development. If ever more projects are to be done in Panglao, I would suggest to the government to look at it from a holistic and long-term viability viewpoint, considering foremost to preserve the tranquility of the life of the common Boholano. Once is this gone, it will be gone forever and we will only see it in Museums and wish it would come back. Prevention is much better. Cure is not an option.

Bol_anon wrote:
Thursday, 18 October 2007 20:35:17 PHT
When this article first came, only a few agreed with the points raised here. Its nice to see that many are now in the agreement that this airport is ill-advised. However, at this time, I believe money has been released to buy lots and even Gov. Aumentado is at the other side. I am not where Cong. Eddie Chatto stands but I have expressed my opinion against this airport. I think there are many fence sitters up there as well. I don't know how this project can be reversed. Any ideas?

I can think of a number of things. First, try to get these arguments published in local media and discussed on local radio stations to increase awareness of the arguments. We should not have another poll with 99% answering "yes, we want an airport" without knowing the consequences, such as not having that money to improve roads, schools, and hospitals. Second, make a small round along the current hotel owners at Alona beach (which will be directly under the air-route, and hence suffer from considerable noise pollution). Most of those I've spoken are pretty much against the project. Convince them to raise their concerns with the Governor and other parties involved (in private, as they may not feel like raising them in public). Finally somebody could try and track what happens with the money, but this will require considerable investigation at the land registrar office and other places. I have heard rumors that in the affected area, a lot of speculation with land has been taking place, with lots changing hands for ever increasing prices, establishing a track record for a "fair market price" that is far beyond equivalent lots in places where no airport is planned. It will be interesting to document who is behind this kind of price manipulation, who is to gain from it, and how they are related to key decision makers. The net result will be that budgets released to buy lots will end in the hands of a few speculators. It may very well happen after the lands have been purchased for an inflated price, the airport part of the project will be called of, leaving the government in the possession of rather expensive agricultural lots.

Note that I oppose the airport project based on economical and environmental grounds, which too me clearly indicate it is not a good plan. This I see separate from issues of private interests, which may or may not be steering some decisions in the wrong direction, and may explain why a plan is pushed through in spite of clear indicators against it. However, it is far more difficult to prove corruption, than it is to point at economical or environmental problems in this project.--Jeroen.

Echir wrote:
Monday, 24 September 2007 08:57:53 PHT
Why don't they build a large international airport near the southern end of Cebu to service Dumaguete, Cebu and Bohol, and improve the ferry services between southern Cebu, Dumaguete and Bohol. This makes the best economic sense, right?
Maria Cabiad wrote:
Thursday, 20 September 2007 11:52:07 PHT
Before reading this article, I was one of those who wants to have an international airport in Panglao but after reading this article everything makes sense to me. We need to keep Panglao the way it is. All suggested improvements should be done throughout to better the entire island.
Ferdie wrote:
Sunday, 19 August 2007 04:56:36 PHT
I strongly agree that the proposed Panglao International Airport surely makes no sense. We've been to Bohol recently on our summer vacation and infrastructure development is really needed for the province to be at par with cebu, davao , iloilo and so on. The international airport is the least needed for these infrastructures since cebu can best served the tourist arrival for Bohol by building a jetty for fast ferries along the coast of mactan facing Bohol island. Besides, learning from economics, even Davao's international airport is not making money to think that it is the major gateway in the whole of Mindanao area how much more with Bohol when Cebu can readily handle it all. Bohol's tourism can grow by tapping Cebu's current and developing infrastructure and let that budget allocation for Panglao's Intl. airport invested to seaport, road, hospitality and environmental training and water and sewer facility around the island. Learn from Boracay's current experience before it is too late. Gov.Aumentado, a long term plan for your province is more monumental and beneficial than a short sighted view of progress and financial returns that may just bring havoc and decadence in the long run.
Mikael Luna wrote:
Tuesday, 15 May 2007 19:01:54 PHT
I must agree totally with this article. I do really hope that there will be no airport on Panglao. It is one of the most stupid ideas I ever heard of. Tourists want the peace and quiet on this island and therefore politicians want an airport to get more tourists!?? I hope the population block the bridge from stupid "developers". There is many stupid things done in this world like in USA (they have stopped the Colorado river with a dam to get fresh water to Las Vegas and Los Angeles and instead the farmers and fishermen in northern Mexico had to close all farms or are starving) or in Russia ( they changed the direction of the river so the worlds biggest lake almost disappear. Now the boats are on dry land and there is no farming in that part of the country. Don´t sell the skin of the Bear before you shoot it
Heinz Juergen Heisel wrote:
Thursday, 10 May 2007 02:43:40 PHT
Sorry but you write only the comments what you need. sure is no any foreigner is interested on this project, dream again.

I let all comments stand, except those that are insulting (that is, using words such as 'rotten' or worse as attribute for people), contain non-substantiated accusations that may make me liable for slander or libel, or are completely irrelevant to the subject. My guess is that most people in favor of this project just are not able to rebut the arguments, and those behind it, sadly but true, know they don't have to answer to push this project through, and simply ignore this article.--Jeroen.

P.S. We've checked the unverified comments, and noticed your earlier comments, and enabled them. We normally send out an email with a 'verify' link, which you will have to follow, before showing comments on this site. This helps us to keep spam away (we get hundreds of attempts to insert advertisements for miracle cures, etc., per day).--Jeroen.

Chamie wrote:
Monday, 7 May 2007 20:13:37 PHT
Panglao is the most enchanting mystic island. There is no single that is justifiable and even conclusive enough to destroy the beauty of nature. Panglao is where my late grandfather Judge Gaudencio Cloribel and my late grandmother Lourdes build a wonderful home with seven wonderful healthy children. Its just a tiny island...why does the government plan to ruin and molest the silent breeze of it?
Heinz Juergen Heisel wrote:
Saturday, 5 May 2007 20:00:33 PHT
I´m from Germany. Many times I have seen the Philippines and I think for the people in Panglao it is the best when you haven`t a airport. For what for the rich people or the criminals or the dirt in your lovely island.
Heinzjürgen Heisel wrote:
Saturday, 5 May 2007 00:26:09 PHT
A nice place with a lot of problems, before you count the money solve all your problems. Europeans need clean hotels and restaurants, good health service not only first aid. We have airports bigger than Panglao you will have endless noise, restless places but no money for all the normal people. For 100 USD you have a very nice hotel in Europe not on a place without infrastructure. You need time many time and after think on a tourist destination. Dreams are not reality. All the best for you all, best wishes from Europe Hj. Heisel

Yes, for 100 dollars a night, you have a decent (not luxury) hotel in Paris, and beach resorts at the Mediterranean also offer decent facilities at a similar rate, without the tremendous long flights, and dealing with transfers in overcrowded cities like Manila. For most European tourists, just the beach or city-life will never be a compelling reason to go to Bohol... The story is somewhat different for Asian tourists, such as those from Japan, China and Korea, at about 3-4 hours flying time, or domestic tourists, mostly from Manila, just an hour's flight away. The idea apparently is to turn Bohol for them into what Majorca (an island about the size of Bohol south of Spain) is for Europeans, and I do not like that.--Jeroen.

Bolanon wrote:
Monday, 30 April 2007 20:12:18 PHT
Thanks to Jeroen's diligent research on this subject. I believe that with the recent turn of events as mentioned in his March 2007 update, I believe every wise Boholano would now agree that building this airport is not good for the Boholano and the common tao in the short and long runs.

In Jeroen's March 2007 update, every effort and ambition to place Bohol in the international spotlight is at its best myopic. This is attitude of "Boholano pride", which expressed through support of this Airport project, is very detrimental to the peace-loving and "progress" resistant Boholano. This project has opened up a Pandora's box of "investors" from other wealthy nations. Just how much is Panglao worth? I'll tell you, its just a few millions worth to the gobbler but priceless to me and the rest. I will never sell Bohol, neither will I contend for this senseless Airport project.

Zak_titus wrote:
Saturday, 28 April 2007 12:17:47 PHT
There's no sense of making another international airport in Panglao. Since most of the beaches here are unspoiled better leave it as it is. We do have Mactan Intl Airport in Cebu which is just an hour away from Panglao without any hassle of going to Bohol via Tubigon or Tagbilaran ports with an hour interval of ferry boats, fast crafts of which makes the tour to Panglao more exciting. It it just for personal interest of those politicians! Leave Panglao as it is!
Bolanon wrote:
Friday, 27 April 2007 11:26:59 PHT
Panglao is not for departure and arrival taxi queues, X-ray machines and 747s, neither for metal detectors and security men and Canine patrols, but for reading books in a cosy chair, windsurfing in the brisk peaks in its pristine waters, sleeping under a coconut tree to the chirping of the jays, the Karaoke turned to volume 0 (better still dumped in the middle of CPG Ave., Tagbilaran City) and a cool dip in a hot summer sun. That is Panglao.

Let the airport be somewhere else, maybe in Cebu? They already have one. Put this new one just beside it and the people of Cebu would love it. The airlines would not hardships in adding another route very near to Cebu, which is just a few minutes away.

Let travelers take the wonderful 1.5 hour cruise to Bohol, giving Ocean Jet, Weesam and the van-for-hires good business opportunities for drivers and guides, bringing in more food to hungry mouths waiting at home.

I bet travelers will never regret the double fun - the cruise and the beach? Everybody wins, Cebu smiles with its expanded airport, while I can continue napping under my favorite coconut tree. Now, let me go back to my book :-)

Thanks, enjoy your reading... Jeroen.

Tolits Doria wrote:
Friday, 20 April 2007 10:02:59 PHT
Can we not just expropriate a portion of the area to extend the regular airport? I guess with that huge allocation the existing airport may be upgraded and can accommodate larger airplanes.
Apolinar B. Fudalan wrote:
Thursday, 19 April 2007 13:18:13 PHT
The proposed International Airport at present time should not be prioritized. The government could make some aspects on how to develop Panglao or Bohol as whole as the prime tourist destination. That International Airport could not be possibly be place in a tourists area since it could only destruct their time of relaxation. In the first place, they are here to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature, everybody love it that way on what it is now. I would rather proposed, that this International Airport still be placed here in Bohol 30 kilometers radius out from our place in Panglao. I live here in Panglao eversince my childhood. And I enjoy the place.
Anne wrote:
Thursday, 19 April 2007 01:51:11 PHT
Having an airport in Panglao will mean congestion, noise and pollution. That's not the ideal vacation place one is looking for. Keep the airport in Tagbilaran and leave the natural beauty of Panglao as it is. The money intended for the international airport, improve the Tagbilaran airport and the sea port. The visitors will thank you, so will I.
Zel wrote:
Tuesday, 17 April 2007 04:58:24 PHT
I love progress, but i think if ever Bohol needs an international airport, it should not be in Panglao Island. Panglao island should be preserved as natural and should stay that way because that is the main reason why many people visit Panglao in the first place. If Bohol desperately needs an international airport, it should be around Tagbilaran area or neighboring towns, not Panglao Island.
Ruffy Ipong wrote:
Sunday, 8 April 2007 10:50:57 PHT
Your argument really makes a lot of sense. I'm a pure blooded Boholano. Panglao is truly a paradise and paradise needs to be quite and free from pollutants. I'm pretty sure there are some government officials have already read your article and I hope and pray that they will be enlightened. It's amazing that 99% agreed the said proposal. I'll try my best to educate this people based on your argument. On behalf of the few who opposes the said International Airport proposal, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Great job.

The figure of 99% agreeing with this proposal is a dead give-away that the poll was flawed. It amazes me most that some people actually have the guts to publish such statistics: if I wanted to manipulate a poll, I would fabricate a large majority with a serious number of people saying "I don't know". It would be much harder for people to debunk that without holding an alternative poll. Looking at the facts, the HNU simply seemed to have asked 200 passers-by something like "Do we need a brand new fantastic airport and have a lot of benefit from it?", without giving them any chance to think about the subject, and given the non-existing opposition in the local press, without sufficient background information on the draw-backs.--Jeroen.

Larry wrote:
Tuesday, 3 April 2007 17:59:58 PHT
Reading in this article looks great opportunities of the Boholanos to would be an International airport in Panglao. Looking on this proposed plan, as you know Panglao Island is not as big compared to Mactan Island. Secondly most of the luxury beaches were located in the Panglao Island. My point of view If the International airport will be built in Panglao it is very convenient to all tourist coming from other countries. And even Boholanos overseas workers can ply directly of our native land not passing Cebu or Manila. This is very interesting proposal plan. The Bohol provincial officials need to be accurate feasibility study to insure that this project will be realized. This 21st century we need also our province of Bohol move forward in term of economic growth & progress city of Tagbilaran.

Almost glad to see somebody posting here in favor of the project, as it will be good for the discussion. However, you seem to miss the main point of my article, that such an airport is not progress in any sense, as it destroys exactly those salient features of Panglao that tourists visit it for in the first place: its peace and attractive nature, and that no way, the returns will justify the huge investments required. I am all in favor of economic growth and progress, but not just for progress' sake. Progress needs to serve the well-being and prosperity of the people, and should not be treated as some kind of high-altar, on which we can squander public funds without asking serious questions.--Jeroen.

Wolfgang Schmid, Germany wrote:
Monday, 2 April 2007 20:10:27 PHT
Hallo, your article is very interesting. I am married to a Boholana and we visit Panglao every two years. We like Panglao very much, specially the natural resources, peace and relaxation in Panglao. Also no problem to go to Bohol from CEBU international airport to Bohol. So we really hope, this international Airport in Panglao will never come, because this will be the end of the natural Panglao island. Noise, dirt and many tourists, infrastructure for the tourists, this will destroy this beautiful place. We hope, Panglao will stay as it is now!
Christopher Navaja wrote:
Wednesday, 28 March 2007 00:15:09 PHT
Bohol is such a marvel. With it's simplicity, it have attracted a lot of tourist either local or foreign. I'm currently living in Panglao, but I'm against this international airport. Our municipality is just a small one, with an international airport built upon its soil, it's safe for me to say that every single sound of every airplane in the airport will be heard from all corners of Panglao. Eventually, tourist who will be staying in Panglao will obviously be distracted. Also, criminality will arise which is for sure hard to prevent due to influx of people and establishments in the area once the airport will be built.
Vicki A wrote:
Friday, 23 March 2007 21:38:57 PHT
How interesting that I came across your article this evening... As I am preparing to go to Bohol and do a workshop for Ayala foundation regarding the formulation of a business plan on tourism projects for Dauis and Baclayon. This is spearheaded by the Parish priests in coordination with the Ayala Foundation. Are you based in the Philippines? If so, where can we reach you?

You can reach me via e-mail or the contact form on this site.--Jeroen.

Douglas K. wrote:
Friday, 23 March 2007 09:21:36 PHT
At first, I admit I was excited by the prospect of an International airport. The thought of being able to fly directly to our family in Bohol, without fighting through Cebu or Manila, is tempting. But 'International' requires facilities and space above and beyond simple landing strips for commuter turboprops or small jets (which is all Bohol really needs). I think back at the conditions surrounding all international airports, from Cebu to Cleveland to Paris, and I shudder to think of that kind of environmental devastation in little Bohol. Yes, Bohol needs jobs and it needs infrastructure. And, yes, it has many beaches. But remember, Bohol is essentially an agricultural island. Destroying the breadbasket of the Philippines for tourists is insane. There's enough hunger now.
Steve wrote:
Friday, 23 March 2007 07:49:56 PHT
Hi, I think the scary part of this story is the foreign ownership aspect especially the part about a Saudi opening a resort here, that just means exploitation of the locals throughout Bohol not just Panglao.

It is not the foreign investment part itself that is a matter of concern, and it certainly isn't an automatism that such things will lead to exploration and neither is the opposite true. It all depends on the way these things are developed. In fact, several of the better resorts in Panglao have been developed by foreigners, and have been successful in both maintaining a high quality of service, and good employment practices.--Jeroen.

Anthony wrote:
Tuesday, 20 March 2007 11:51:22 PHT
Yes, your article was indeed very interesting and an eye opening to all the Boholanos.....I am not from Bohol myself but i am married to a beautiful Boholana....The first time i came to Bohol, I feel in love with the beautiful beaches,amazing sceneries,historic attractions and of course nice and friendly Boholanos.... My wife and I are both working abroad but almost every year we would like to go back home and spend a great holiday with the family.....Yes its true, the downside is a long and tiring travel which sometimes we spend a night in Manila to wait for next domestic flight to Bohol. Traveling from Cebu is also time consuming, most of the time the ferries are behind schedule, although the staffs tried to be apologic too...... And then i heard about the plan of having international airport in Panglao, I felt better because it well be a straightforward travel for us balikbayans and for the foreign tourist too.....But after reading your article, I don't think I still feel good...I do not want to ruin Bohol for just a little convenience we will get for the proposed international airport......Your alternative plans are more realistic and environmental friendly which means not only us people will benefit from it but also our marine lives and land creatures..(imagine how many grown up trees around Panglao island they are going to cut off to have spacious and free landing of an aircrafts).....Let just hope and encourage people behind this proposals to listen to their hearts and fill their minds with humane consideration.....These big businessmen just wants only business and business only, and fill their pockets with loads of money with no consideration to people and environment....Yes, I know that having the international airport is a sign of progress economically in a certain place but you think you would risks the future generations who suppose to enjoy the great things that Panglao is currently offering.... PANGLAO IS A PARADISE.....LET IT STAY AS IT IS......
Mrs Andersson wrote:
Sunday, 18 March 2007 21:47:28 PHT
We bought also a lot in Dauis and we are very concerned about the plan of having an international airport in Panglao, We think is unnecessary for that, it just ruin the natural beauty of Panglao. Besides Panglao is not a very big island and people want to visit there to relax and appreciate the beauty of the island, with airplanes come and go with the island it is just a hazard and think about the pollution too.
Fred wrote:
Tuesday, 13 March 2007 21:50:12 PHT
I am also a foreigner worried about the airport on Panglao. My wife and I have bought some land there so that we can retire in peace amongst the wonderful people that live there and readily welcome us. Does anyone have any information on the intended flight path? Will these airplanes be flying low over places like Hagdanan Cave or will they approach from the sea. I think the whole idea is utter madness.
Ghag wrote:
Wednesday, 14 February 2007 12:56:22 PHT
Proposed Panglao International Airport as means towards progress in tourism industry and the people of Panglao also will progressive in their livings are the main arguments of the said project. now to verify their proposition, let us ask the people of Panglao on their basic needs. are the basic needs of the people of Panglao are will provided? This international airport helpful to those uneducated people in Panglao? who is behind this research about the proposed international airport? are they a profit oriented person? for my personal opinion, international airport in Panglao is not necessary answer/means to achieved a socio-economic progress in general. uneducated people in Panglao is huge how can this people cope that global kind of competitiveness? for sure these uneducated people of Panglao whom their properties were sold already to some private businessmen for the said project of international airport were sure loser. loser in the sense that they will be squatters in their own homeland. people of Panglao especially those who are uneducated and those educated once whom they have sympathized this tricky propaganda about international airport think of it. does this airport promotes sustainable development for our own countrymen or these international airport promotes the concerned of the tourist capitalist? people of Panglao this airport is not an answer to the problem of poverty. instead this airport is just a research without valuing the holistic development of the people of Panglao but only to several tyrant businessmen.
Matthew wrote:
Wednesday, 14 February 2007 11:52:49 PHT
I am an American that works around the world and lives in Subic Bay. My wife and I have decided to move our family to a more peaceful place and build a small resort for a family business. This article and the info that has followed has been a real eye opener, we almost made a dreadful mistake! While we are still considering Bohol, we have completely ruled OUT Panglao island. We are only going to spend around 35M peso, So my opinion may or may not matter to all persons but I find it ridicule to spend 1 peso on a International Airport while Guest are showering in "brackish water" or before bringing the ferry services into the 21st century, more ferries could be added if they were subsidized at a minimal cost compared to an airport. But anyway you folks of Panglao should do what you feel is best, As for my wife and I we will be building on Bohol or Palawan.
Ray Lamdagan wrote:
Monday, 4 December 2006 11:53:29 PHT
I agree 100% with your opinion. You hit it right exactly the deep issues in this project.

Based on the tone of your name, I understand you are from a foreign land. But I salute you for your deep concern on the island of Bohol. You are more than a native of Bohol. About myself, I am a native Boholano, grew up in the province, and speak the native language. But after graduation from college, I worked and resided in Manila. But since boyhood in the early 70s, I was already aware of the beauty of Panglao, its potential in tourism and, sad to say, of its eventual decay if not properly manage. Back then in the 70's, I used to come along with our neighbor's truck in hauling white sand from one of its white beaches. They just shovel it into the truck. But I understand it is now prohibited.

The Panglao international airport, in my opinion, is a classic example of a political project being initiated just to benefit the few. They don't care whether the project is feasible or not. The decision to go with the project comes before a feasibility study, before consultation with the stakeholders. Certainly, the consultant who makes the study will make a favorable opinion to whoever commission the study.

As I said, I agree 100% of your opinion. We should package Bohol as nature's paradise with personalize service for tourist to enjoy. I noticed that we are now going in that direction. The Loboc river cruise, Baclayon church visit, chocolate hills, a few music bars and cafe's in Tagbilaran for night entertainment. But there's a lot to be done by government to improve and to preserve Bohol for generations to come. The roads in Tagbilaran for example are very bad, the toilets in the airport is miserable. And let's not forget about putting a water treatment plant not only in Tagbilaran but also in Panglao. I have many ideas to discuss with you and I hope we could meet someday. Thanks.

Michael Hemming wrote:
Monday, 20 November 2006 03:08:54 PHT
It dont need a new air port Bohol is ok just needs tidying up tourist need to travel around Bohol instead of staying on the beaches why not visit Bacylon and eat and drink at roses bbq bar and say hello to Maria who has a good opeion about tourist she will look after u while u stay there.
Michael Hemming wrote:
Monday, 20 November 2006 03:05:51 PHT
My wife lives on Bohol island just out side of Bacylon , she runs a tipical local bar called roses bbq bar its bigger than most places but offers good food and ice cold beers she would love to see more trade come on to the island , it needs a vast amount of money spent on it to update the whole of the city its rought to say the least but great shops and the people are the best you wioll ever find in asia so next time ur in bohol go visit these out of town places and injoy the true compony of Maria in Bacylon , roses bbq bar shes great compony.
Russ wrote:
Monday, 13 November 2006 22:09:11 PHT
My wife and I have a home on Panglao Island. We are opposed to the planned Panglao International Airport. Panglao needs so many improvements prior to the construction of an airport.

This article mentioned the need for fresh water on Panglao. This problem should take priority over the proposed Airport. At present local water has little or no pressure on a consistent basis and is always salty. Most resorts truck water in from Tagbilaran and many residents buy bottled water for drinking. The pipeline project to bring fresh water in from the mainland has stalled with little being done to see that it gets completed.

Waste disposal for the most part is still being done the old way by burning it. Every morning and afternoon the streets and air all over this beautiful island are filled with the burning of trash and waste materials. Even the schools do this while students are there to help, filling their small lungs with smoke that is harmful to their health. A better way needs to be taught and a better way to handle waste needs to be developed. There are only two main roads on the island, which are always in disrepair. There aren't any sidewalks for the people that are still living the simple life and walk along these busy roads. Traffic has already increased on Panglao and there has been an increase in accidents some fatal due to fast driving taxis and mini vans bringing tourists to the areas close to the beach. The local and tourist traffic compete for the space on these roads making for hazardous conditions.

All the politicians supporting the proposed Airport say it will be a benefit for the people of this area. Why haven’t the problems that already exist been corrected first? If the politicians want to help the people let them stand up now and lead the way. Action always speaks loader then words. The politicians that have pushed for this airport are not looking out for the interests of the people of Bohol. It is the same as it always has been. If this project goes forward people that are hired will be contract workers working below the minimum wage. Budgeted money will disappear without a trace. When this project is finished only those with connections will benefit. Corruption like the salty water in Panglao is a difficult problem to overcome.

Roman wrote:
Wednesday, 11 October 2006 11:48:50 PHT
It is plain and simple. This project is bad for Bohol and it will spell disaster for the natural peace and beauty of Bohol. Aside from just talking it over, I would like to propose that we do something about this - like presenting this case before Gov. Erico Aumentado. The following could be in order: 1. Request for a public forum where the sentiments of the populace would be consulted, or,; 2. Signature drive to stop them from ever thinking of coming up with this idea again. Let Cebu has its International Airport which may have promoted Cebu and may have contributed to what Cebu is already known for - vice, crime, yes, maybe, progress. But vice and crime are things the Boholano does not want much more "progress". Let the Boholano live in peace.
Ambo Sikatuna wrote:
Monday, 2 October 2006 05:13:03 PHT
Mr. Jeroen Hellingman's article "Proposed Panglao International Airport Makes No Sense" makes a lot of sense. Perhaps I could say that this provincial government's majestic plan magnifies the Boholano hospitality. Let's build an international airport and invite the world to our humble home which can only accommodate so much before it bursts in its seams. A sincere government must first address issues more pertinent to social, economic and environmental matters before pursuing on with this megalomanic dream. Issues such as waterCommon sense dictates that this project is like putting the horse before the cart. Unfortunately, I guess common sense is not that common nowadays. So no amount of feasibility studies even if they prove that negative effects of this proposed project outweigh the positive, can stop a hell-bent leadership in pushing through with its dream. Nevertheless, I would like to thank Mr. Hellingman for a job well done.
Kenny wrote:
Tuesday, 5 September 2006 10:24:23 PHT
Yes, truly. An International Airport in Bohol makes no sense at all! Aside from the fact that the Mactan International Airport of Cebu is just an island away from Bohol and it already answers the need of the Visayas for such facility, many native Boholanos are going to be displaced in case building of this airport will push through. The plan also includes a five-star hotel, and a gulf course which requires a big parcels of lands to be used. In this case, many Panglaoanons will be dislocated for selling their lands to opportunistic middle men at very low prices. Even now that the airport is not yet built, many residents are already very cheaply selling their lands to foreigners who married Filipinas. And when their lands are gone, where are they going to live? They will go to other places that are strange to them. Their means of livelihood no longer fits their skills. Panglaoanons are mostly fisherfolks and farmers. It they live in the cities, they cannot anymore fish or farm, thus giving them no choice but to do other odd jobs that they are not skilled of. Their once abundant life (abundance in the sense that they can eat healthy foods like vegetables and fish anytime would no longer hold true to the city. They would have to buy these foods that they used to get freely. Their lives would then become miserable particularly if they are no longer capable of learning new trades in order to find some income for them and their families. In this case, when they become aliens to the means of living they are now into, and of course they have to eat to live, so... there is great possibility that these people become one of the snatchers, swindlers, and other law breakers. Here we can see how development pays greatly. If Panglao International Airport becomes real, then it would be one of the contributors to the delinquents in this society. I hope and pray this will not come true.
Efrain Felipe wrote:
Tuesday, 22 August 2006 13:50:26 PHT
I visited Bohol last 3-6 August 2006. It was my first visit and visited the usual main tourist attraction. I heard of the Panglao International Airport from the mayor of Dauis and in my opinion, I could not find a reason why they need an International Airport. There are 2 flights a day to Tagbilaran and I would speculate that it can handle more flights if it has a bigger and better cargo handling terminal. I cannot think of any justification of having an international airport. I have not seen a golf course and the main attraction are the beaches and diving sites. I am going back to Bohol and stay in a more remote area. I have heard of Mabini as having a nice beach and only 100 km from Tagbilaran. Panglao is on the verge of over development and unless infracture structure are improve to cope with the development to keep the beaches in pristine condition and as it is now, there is 3-story townhouses almost in completion at Dumaluan Beach which is already out-of-character for a beach resort development. I cannot find any sense on the Proposed International Airport and instead maybe use the resources in developing infrastructure i.e. clean water, waste treatment and disposal, better telecommunications and internet service, reliable electricity, emergency service, domestic airport terminal, etc. A good zoning policy must be in place to cope with over development. Maybe, the provincial government should consider marketing retirement villages to the greying population of the western world. A good health care can be provided which will benefit both the retirees and the local population also, a good sources of employment and activating the local economy. The main attraction of Bohol for me is it's relatively peaceful, free from the usual "hustle & bustle" of big cities and only 3-4 hours away 2 international airports (Manila & Cebu) and you can find a place as remote as a deserted island, away from congested roadways and clean air. I hope the people responsible will come to their senses that there is no need for an international airport and instead divert the resources to build the airport to a more sensible infrastructures in improving the local economy.
Monday, 21 August 2006 01:37:47 PHT
NO SENSE at all in building "international" airport if anything, develop existing airport TAGBILARAN. This airport is same size as COVENTRY AIRPORT UK yet they handle more flights everyday going to europe WHY IS THIS? Down to organisation and facilities. NO major airline is going to land in PANGLAO INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT when you have not got a full quoter of international airlines landing in Cebu from europe you only have Singapore airlines, Qatar airways and Malaysian airlines. Improve amount of ferry crossings from Cebu-Tagbilaran vise/versa during peak season as well as said improvements to TAGBILARAN AIRPORT and port I think this would be the best solution all round improve on what you have dont make more mistakes with unfinished projects. YOU KNOW IT MAKES SENSE.
Jagnaanon wrote:
Saturday, 19 August 2006 23:10:12 PHT
Comment to Doncarlo's post below: "ONLY THOSE WHO SEE THE INVISIBLE CAN DO THE IMPOSSIBLE. It's about time that Bohol will have the tools needed to compete in the 21'st. century. Make it happen. Bring the international airport to Bohol. BEST OF LUCK AND CHEERS TO BOHOLANOS." mr doncarlo, an international airport in panglao does not equate to "to compete in the 21'st century". i would rather want to see bohol in its old natural beauty with serenity where i can leave in peace away from busy, noisy, polluted city life competing in your concept of 21st century. i was once a proponent of the panglao IA project because of personal gains it will give me. i travel a lot to bohol every three to four weeks since my wife and kids are now in jagna enjoying the natural beauty of the place. i'm working as test engineer in an american company based in MASS USA who has a plant in cavite, where i'm based, and we do have a house in cavite where i'm staying after my 4 day visit to jagna, bohol to be with my love ones. i tell you, life in the city is very different lots of pressure unlike in my hometown of jagna. me, my wife and kids were just having vacation last May (2006) in jagna but they decided not to go back to cavite because they love the place... not because of your concept of 21st century. what are my personal gains then of the PIA project... well I'll be well flying from USA to bohol if ever there's an airline willing to setup a flight to bohol. one more thing is in business investment. But, after reading Jeroen's article it's indeed an eye opener. i would rather see bohol in its old beauty than to see it very busy engulfed with the notion of competing for the 21st century. i'm willing to compromise my personal gains in exchange of natural beauty preservation.
Trizze wrote:
Wednesday, 16 August 2006 03:42:35 PHT
Well sense or nonsense for me if we keep on thinking, worrying about minor problems I mean Bohol is a wonderful place to live a place which I called heaven to me my point is why we just let these to happen, for me Panglao is the best place for the said project, afraid of what?Just think of what happened to Dubai now. A man made island? It's just so amazing. Lets make Bohol bloom... Panglao airport is one of the key to get there.

Dubai could bring its Mega structures into reality because it is a rich country while Philippines is not; Dubai also has less corruption.---Lyn

Warc wrote:
Tuesday, 15 August 2006 10:30:31 PHT
He Patrick wht ur saying s nonsence too, what d hll u thnking putting d int'l airport n tubgon!!d issue here, int'l airport s not an option 4 Bohol..but u knw wht guys,1st thing our governmnt should do is to erase coruption COMPLETELY....
Gallardo R. Gonzaga wrote:
Wednesday, 26 July 2006 21:52:09 PHT
Yeah Panglao international airport makes no sense because Bohol is always be a second place from Vebu, building international airport in Panglao justlike making the place not for tourist but for commercial purposes, and u cannot displace cebu as the no.1 commercial destination in visayas, so much better to build it in another town in bohol.
patrick ceniza wrote:
Saturday, 15 July 2006 00:52:20 PHT
i would suggest rather that the international airport be in bohol proper somwher in the areas of tubigon since ther are flat lands ther, and a small airport in panglao for 12 seater planes that wud transfer passengers from tubigon to panglao or cebu to panglao or even mla to panglao. many people have not experienced panglao or even hav any relation to it whether inheriting or owning a property or just having relatives there and be able to live and cherish its special charm. and this is the exact reason why this shud never be distorted to be able to keep the place as special to the tourists as it is so special to me...
Josie Hals wrote:
Monday, 26 June 2006 19:07:58 PHT
I really agree with you Jeroen.

Why establishing airport in Panglao? there are other place in Bohol why not targetting in central of Bohol. There are many areas out there that can be suitable for making that project. And the water supply is not so very big problem in those areas, and the land fundament is more solid. President Gloria Arroyo didn't think about how will be Bohol on 50 years from now. Yes Panglao airport is NONSENSE. Instead of promoting Panglao for tourists they are just destroying it.

Maybe they were thinking about Mactan as a little place out of Cebu. Bolanons please dont allow them to make that Panglao airpot. Tourist will not come back Panglao. PANGLAO AIRPORT IS A BAD JOKE:

John wrote:
Wednesday, 21 June 2006 22:45:50 PHT
ei.. I would like to agree with Jeroen. His presentation of ideas is quite excellent and his ideas are noble. Indeed, putting up an international airport in Panglao would make no sense at all. Mr. Jeroen has already said above the disadvantages on it. If that plan will continue, then, Panglao Island will sooner not be as attractive as at present status because it would become crowded and polluted (noise and air pollution). There would also be a problem of waste and garbage disposal... and this is what we should think and reflect of... actually, some of us, if not all, are only looking at the "advantage" point on putting an international airport with the great hope that our province would progress economically. However, this kind of thinking somehow blinds us to look at the other side of the coin, i.e. disadvantages! We become myopic with our opinion...so let's better think twice... but I for one would not agree on the proposed plan...
Nols wrote:
Sunday, 18 June 2006 20:12:28 PHT
In my case, I am in favor of putting an International Airport in Panglao. I think, putting such a big project would be the door way to Bohol economic progress. I know that there's pros and cons of putting Airport in Panglao. But, I would like to tell to anybody that, we should be always optimistic. Bohol has the potential to become haven of tourism in the world, and that's our pride in a way.
Carlson wrote:
Sunday, 18 June 2006 11:50:26 PHT
Even if Bohol succeeds in having an international airport, the next step is to get airlines who will land there.

Who are these international airlines being targeted?

Linking bohol with Cebu/Mactan makes sense, because Bohol can have access to the many airlines that already cover Cebu.

If the purpose is to attract tourists from China, the best way is to reschedule the flights, to enable connecting flights from say SHANGHAI TO MANILA, and MANILA TO BOHOL or CEBU. At present, flights from SHANGHAI to MANILA arrive in Manila at 8pm, when the last flight from Manila to Bohol leaves before 3pm.

If PAL cannot even have a direct flight from Shanghai to Cebu, how can it have a direct flight from Shanghai to Bohol?

Ronald Farrow wrote:
Friday, 16 June 2006 16:32:01 PHT
Building an international airport in Panglao makes no real sense at all. Most tourists to the Philippines like to visit at least one major city and the finest city is Cebu. The travel time spent getting to Bohol is insignificant. A few hours well spent. To burden Boholanos with such an enormous cost would be foolish. Most tourists {of which I am one) travel to Bohol to inhale it's natural beauty, not to listen to aircraft taking off and landing.
Heronimous Bosch wrote:
Thursday, 15 June 2006 20:31:17 PHT
With the heavy influx of tourists needed to support an International Airport, Boholanos would have to provide alternative sources of entertainment, medical facilities, roads etc etc; Do Boholanos want to attract the hoards of tourists and other nere do wells that this will attract to disrupt their peace, quiet and serenity? With the increase in price of aviation fuel will people be able to or want to come to Panglao and Bohol? Can the Boholanos afford to invest in all the other infrastructure projects necessary to support such huge initial capital outlays? What ifs, What if the reverse happens and the capital investment is provided but the dream isnt fulfilled. Then what? Do the Boholanos want to burden their childrens, childrens, children with such debt. Look whats happening with the South Reclamation Project in Cebu. Wouldnt it be better to take baby steps, err on the side of caution and easy easy catch the monkey. After all whats the hurry?
Cesar wrote:
Thursday, 15 June 2006 01:56:16 PHT
I appreciate people who can really think straight, logically, and with sense. Some people talk of the seeing the invisible and dreaming the impossible. Well, they may well add add many inspiring adages like, if there's a will, there's a way.

This is not about bringing Bohol to the rest of the world, per se, or ONLY. I would not dare to think about that, if only Bohol's beauty would be consummated by so much people and noise and the evils of the 21st century. I want my Bohol to be peaceful and be able to sustain its tourist attraction. Too much of tourism would surely kill it.

Well, I am planning to build a house near the proposed airport site, and I cannot imagine even if I stay at the farthest site, seeing or hearing a 747 would make my guts remember my hectic days and I may have to stay away from Panglao.

Let's be Boholanos the way we used to be. They said ija-ija aho-aho. Now, they don't say that anymore. They envy us, because in some sense, when we were ija ija aho aho, we were in some way, protecting our environment.

The international airport will be a bane to Bohol's peace and serenity. I believe there are many hidden motives behind this airport, I am sure not economically, as Jeroen here has studied thoroughly, and we, as native Boholanos, should be thankful for people, who have partaken in the original Boholano psyche. I have not lost my Bohol psyche. Let them call me ija ija aho aho. I will love it, because I will love my peace. I will imagine basking on a Panglao beach, reading my favorite novel, with my dog playing on the sand, the birds chirping on the trees, not A380's or 747's droning my blissful sleep.

AIRPORT FOR BOHOL - THIS IS A COMPLETE NONSENSE. And anybody who just could not accept the facts of this article and just for "logical" reasoning tries to refute the numbers is just as whimsical. If a proponent would insist in this airport in this thread, I suggest he come up with the some senseful reasoning, not some wishful blabbing in the air.

Much of the hype that is going about having an international airport in Bohol is simply based on pride. Proud to have an airport, in the guise that the current airport in Tagbilaran is unsafe. That is not true, otherwise, we would be labelling the ATO as not doing their jobs. Better still, the airport in Tagbilaran can be expanded Taloto side, thus incurring much lesser costs than building a white elephant International airport. We think so much, dream so much, but lack so much infrastructure to support our dreams. Can we cope up with the flux of prostitution that comes with too much tourism? The proponents of this airport may be, or may have dismissed this at all. This is one of my strongest convictions why I believe in tourism but not OVER-TOURSIM. Tourism must be sustainable - in a sense, must be to a point where we can bear it, and not to infringe with our privacies and peace.

Well done, Jeroen, and thank you so much for partaking in the Boholano spirit.

Don Coquilla wrote:
Wednesday, 7 June 2006 23:30:44 PHT
The Panglao Airport makes a lot of sense. I support it 100% simply because of the following reasons:

1. It is a good replacement for the Tagbilaran Airport whose runway is too short and too dangerous for large aircraft. The terminal and runway are surrounded on all four sides by a major concentration of population, a safety hazard that could eventually trigger a major accident - something that is just waiting to happen.

Do we Boholanos really need an International airport? I don’t think that is badly needed. Our neighboring island Cebu has one already and it is not yet fully loaded or busy like in Amsterdam, Heathrow, Singapore or Hong Kong that we really have to build one to help Cebu to lessen the air traffic. Maybe we just need to have an Domestic airport in where not be situated in limited crowded place like in Tagbilaran now. I fully agree with you that the present airport is dangerous to the passengers and to the residences.

2. From a tourist’s perspective, the new Panglao airport is the ideal landing place for incoming tourists because they will simply bypass Tagbilaran City, an ugly sight of dilapidated buildings, dirty shops and streets and massive build-up of old infrastructure wires hanging overhead (both electric and telephone). These wires are supported by old sagging wooden telephone poles which also contain dangerously-mounted power transformers. To add to this scenario is an ever increasing traffic jam of unregulated polluters – jeepneys, autos, huge buses, trucks, motorcycles and yes, pedicabs. Furthermore, the sight of pedestrians spitting and throwing trash on the streets will only make the scenario worse for a foreign visitor.

Why not use the money for improving the province, like finishing the unfinished Agora, removing the unfinished bridge in Loboc in which ugly and stupid to look at, cementing all national and provincial roads in the Province (remember tourist will not only stay in Panglao, the entire island of Bohol is nice to explore as well and it is accessible to everyone once all the roads are cemented or asphalted), placing garbage bins in every place (but it should be presentable), making parks like in Dumaguete, cleaning the streets, and etc.

Tourists should never be subjected on their arrival to such an unwelcome sight.

What do you think if the Panglao International airport will be made, there will be ugly buildings, squatters, heavy traffics as well. You can’t avoid such things in the Philippines.

Cancun, Mexico is one of the two top tourist destinations in the Americas. And although Mexico, like the Philippines, is another third world country, the Mexicans in Cancun are smart enough to place their airport far away from downtown Cancun, a similar-looking city to Tagbilaran, so that the incoming tourists will never see the dirt, dilapidated buildings and hanging wires.

There are several International Airports in the Philippines already, namely in Luzon: Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila, Loag International Airport; Diosdado Macapagal International Airport; Subic Bay International Airport. In the Visayas: Mactan International Airport in Mactan island, Cebu (next to Bohol island) and in Mindanao: Davao International Airport in Davao city, Zamboanga International Airport; General Santos International Airport: Planned International Airport projects namely: Panglao International Airport; Legaspi City International Airport; Laguindingan International Airport.

3. This is the greatest window of opportunity for Bohol when you have a national president who loves Bohol and a provincial governor who is attuned to her plans, wishes and dreams. Both are heavily favoring construction of the Panglao Airport. NEDA (National Economic Development Authority), an arm of the national government responsible for the country's economic development is chaired by Romy Neri, a Boholano and whose members also include our governor. Furthermore, another Boholano, Tagbilaran's ex-mayor Joe Torralba is in position as undersecretary of Tourism to add more influence for the benefit of Bohol.

It would be a serious blunder for Boholanos if they missed this favorable opportunity.

An international airport is an overkill. We don't need an international airport in Bohol because there is already one in Mactan, Cebu. International arrivals there could easily be transferred to Panglao by small aircraft or by fast seacraft. The objective of a new airport somewhere outside of Tagbilaran City is to give tourists and balikbayans easy access to the resorts. And Panglao or Dauis is the ideal spot because of the flat terrain. Anywhere else near the vicinity of Tagbilaran is difficult due to high ridges and small hills. The flat areas are already populated and congested.

This idea of placing the new airport in Panglao should be coupled with a plan to restrict population growth there. This is the key that would help preserve the pristine beaches and tranquility of the area - restricting people from moving and living there. In Cancun, there are no residential development near the beach resorts, only golf courses. By any standards, beach resorts and golf courses together are the best combination of leisure facilities for a top tourist attraction. The sight of a well manicured golf course near the beach and resorts will definitely add to the overall beauty and serenity of the place - something no tourist would not want to come back to.

And remember, the success of vacation resorts does not depend mainly on new arrivals, but on repeat arrivals as well.

Panglao is one of the tourist destinations for those who want to have a peaceful relaxation, away from busy life in the cities like noisy traffic and people. I’m sure that if this PIA projects is implemented the life of Panglao would not be the same as of now. There might some tourists will spent their holiday in Siquijor and not in Panglao anymore.--Lyn

Carlo II wrote:
Tuesday, 6 June 2006 03:56:35 PHT
An international airport may make sense, but definitely not on the island of Panglao! Do you think people will enjoy the beaches of Boracay if there is an international airport operating within a few miles of its beaches? Its rawness and tranquility make Panglao the tourist destination it is meant to be. How can you relax on its beaches if there are jets passing overhead, not to mentioned the smell of aviation fuel wafting through the breeze?!? If people want so badly to put an international airport on Bohol, there are other more unutilized places on the island that may certainly benefit from this... but definitely not Panglao!
Majuro wrote:
Sunday, 4 June 2006 16:38:03 PHT
I had to comment again on this. Hehe Frankly speaking, building an airport away from the city area is a sound idea but turning it into an international airport is just a waste of people's money. If you look at the current airport, it doesn't cater to a large volume of passengers/cargo... the seaport of Tagbilaran does so expanding that area is more ideal. If people push for an international airport, what for? Do we have 4-star or 5-star luxury resorts and tourist sites that's attracting tourists to Phuket (Thailand), Bali (Indonesia), and Hawaii? NO. Heck even Cebu Province that has better infrastructure than Bohol cannot provide such amenities. Let's be realistic here and stop being selfish by promoting an international airport that would mothball in the next few years. We'd probably lose the international airport certification in 2-3 years tops because of lack of funds to maintain such status.
DonCarlo wrote:
Saturday, 3 June 2006 11:07:30 PHT

It's about time that Bohol will have the tools needed to compete in the 21'st. century. Make it happen. Bring the international airport to Bohol.


When you've seen the invisible, it is no longer invisible, when you've done the impossible, it is no longer impossible... It is great to have a vision, but to make it reality, you'll need to spend blood, sweat and tears.--Jeroen.

DonCarlo wrote:
Saturday, 3 June 2006 03:19:14 PHT
The question here is which one comes first, the chicken or the egg for PROGRESS to happen in Bohol.

FIRST, you need an international airport to connect Bohol from the rest of the world. That is the first thing if you want progress to happen there in Bohol. Tourist, including myself would not go to Bohol, considering the hours of travel mentioned.

SECOND, if you have an international airport, BOHOL NEEDS TO HAVE A PRODUCT IT CAN OFFER TO THE WORLD THAT IS UNIQUE FOR BOHOL. You have to give us a reason why people needs to visit Bohol. NGO, investors and all local businesses alike needs to develop a business plan. Las Vegas, USA is build in the middle of the DESSERT..NO WATER..TEMP. RUN AS HIGH AS 105F. Yet the real estate there is like the gold rush of the west. It has nothing but now the Top 20 biggest hotel in the world, I think 75% of that is in Vegas to gamble. Orlando, Florida, USA, is in the middle of a swamp land, hurricane prone, but what they have is Disney World. Florida is the no. 1 if not, no. 2 the best visited state in the USA.

THIRD, YOU NEED BIG TIME INVESTORS TO COME TO BOHOL. CALL ALL THE FORBES 100 RICHES MAN IN THE WORLD TO COME TO BOHOL AND INVEST. Including, our own tycoons. Without them, you can not make this happen. Break the business monopoly in Bohol.

FOURTH, Infrastructures needs to be developed to accommodate the services. This requires proper zoning planning and environmental issues. Govt. needs to align their projects and complete them.

FIFTH, Bohol needs MARKETING extensively all over the world. Used all the Boholanos you can find in the world. WE in USA are outsourcing jobs. Why have you not capture any of those jobs in Bohol? India is first now in getting jobs outsource here in USA, like in telecommunications.

SIXTH, Govt. needs to entice them by providing incentives with PROVISIONS for jobs, building roads/infrastructures, housing, healthcare, communication facilities, schools....etc. That is concrete and tangible. The govt. needs to provide the SECURITY AND ORDER.

The pharmaceutical companies in mainland USA is mostly based in Puerto Rico for tax haven purposes. They have cruise ships docking in Puerto Rico. They have a product to market. The Govt and NGO's need to develop Bohol as an economic zone for industrial, telecommunication and tourism hub...etc.. FIND YOUR NICHE? BOHOL NEEDS TO GET THE CONNECTION OF THE RIGHT PEOPLE, INVESTORS ALIKE FOR THEM TO COME THERE. South Beach Miami, Florida, USA was once a dump drug infested place and they have turn it around to one of the most expensive real estate in Florida, not to consider the hurricane every year we get. The locals started rehabilitating the place. It is now the mecca of Latin Americas in USA. ALL OF THESE REQUIRES A BOLD COORDINATION, PLANNING and EXECUTION BY THE GOVT. AND NGO'S. AND THAT YOU REQUIRE MONEY FROM THE INVESTORS. CUT THE RED TAPE, BUREAUCRACY, CORRUPTION AND GET THE RESULTS DONE QUICKLY.

Govt. is inept in running businesses, considering the corruption itself in Philippines. In USA we privatized institution, including the jails and hospitals bec. govt. can not run them well. (Reaganomics). All projects mention by the author is valid and they go in RED because of poorly managed govt. officials and their cohorts. They are wasting resources and pocketed the peoples money.

BUILDING AN AIRPORT IS AN ONGOING USED WITH REVENUES TO COME, IF YOU DO THE OTHER THINGS MENTION ABOVE. You are not like building an OLYMPIC STADIUM THAT WILL BE USED ONCE IN A LIFETIME.. (That is another story for comparison. I heard that Montreal, Canada, just paid off their cost in building their Olympic stadium when once it was held in the 70'sh and now dilapidated.)

I have high hope for BOHOL. You have a proud history and good God loving people. YOU CAN DO THIS BETTER. I can continue naming places I have visited and see why these can not happen in Bohol. Disclaimer-These are my observations. I taught about your article and sum up all the key elements I think are important for a place to prosper.

Thanks for your long comment. I will give some short replies.

1. I respectfully disagree that an international airport is necessary to connect Bohol to the world, as already a well equipped international airport is available at just two hours travel time (that is, if the transfer from Mactan is streamlined.), and it is unlikely hence to bring in many business passengers. The only types of flights I can imagine to arrive on Mactan are tourist charter flights.

2. I hope you're not suggesting Bohol should become a gambling den--gambling is heavily regulated in most part of the world because of it is addictive, and letting it run freely is considered to be destructive of social structure and values, for similar reasons drugs and prostitution are also highly regulated if not outright banned worldwide. Make a place where such things are possible, and you can make a killing (don't ask at what cost in social terms). But lets put that aside. I think Bohol does already have some unique selling points that can be marketed. I think it should become a premium destination for eco-tourism and people seeking relaxation and an escape from the hectic. Aim at the higher margin types of tourism. Second, the Boholano's have a tradition of arts. You could use that creativity to do outsourcing in the creative field. I believe their are plenty of opportunities here.

3. Do you know how difficult it is to get in touch with potential investors? You can't just call the Forbes 100, and even hope to talk with more than a secretary. People with money are constantly bugged with plans, and typically their aides only let through the most interesting and promising ones. Getting in touch with investors requires the building of a network, convincing business plans, and so on. Just telling them that Bohol is nice wouldn't do. You'll have to demonstrate that a plan is good, and makes money. That requires time, good plans, and considerable networking.

4. Infrastructure is one place where the Government could step in for long term investments -- as private capital may be difficult to attract here, but in the case of this Airport, I think it should be abandoned if no private investors can be found to finance this project. This provides a much better guaranty against misappropriation of funds than in the public sector. Your later comment on corruption in the Philippines seems to be in support of this.

5. One of the purposes of this website is to market Bohol. It is a place with potential, and I want the world to see!

6. Let me just reiterate my stance against ad-hoc tax incentives, etc. The government should create a level playing field, where all parties can operate within a uniform set of rules. Corruption, patronage systems, favoritism, and unholy alliances between politics and business should be rotted out. This is primarily the task of the public, to take stance against such things, and to vote out of office whoever is doing a bad job. Tax should be collected from all parties, and incentives should be designed for long term viability.

To my feeling, your make some contradicting stances. On one side, you claim the government should do a number of things (build infrastructure, education, communication, housing, etc.) on the other hand you state that the government is incapable of running a business. I think a balance needs to be found in all these things: some things are better done using government resources, such as essential infrastructure, education, law and order, etc., basically things that require long term investments (talking about decades, a period not easily bridged by private funding), or involves a natural monopoly (think about the US Postal Services.) Other things can be left safely to market forces. It is interesting to note that the liberalization of the telephone market, with the introduction of competing cell phone operators has truly revolutionized communication in the Philippines. Something the PLDT would probably never have been able to do when it was still under government control.

We're moving away from the subject of the airport..., so let me close here.


Majuro wrote:
Friday, 2 June 2006 11:34:48 PHT
A comment on Levito's opinion. "Why not buy two fastcraft owned and operated by the province of Bohol and have its own port on the island."

We can't let government handle fastcrafts or other high-maintenance businesses for these reasons alone: corruption and incompetence. They can't even handle their own finances what more if they compete with private companies?

Probably the only best solution so as not to deprive our fellow Boholanos of economic prosperity is to have a DOMESTIC AIRPORT with INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT STANDARDS and a special treaty that would allow international flights connecting from Manila/Cebu's international airports to land in Bohol. but I STRONGLY disagree with an international airport because of maintenance factors and environmental issues. a Sentosa-like Panglao Island would be much better with a medium-sized airport capable of handling short-distance flight aircrafts to Manila and then outside the Philippines.

To Don Carlo: we can't compete with Cebu industrially. We can compete with them through tourism in other ways... like improving our infrastructures, not just the airport but malls, tourism-related business and international exposure. We must be like Cebu that advertises itself to the world as "the Fiesta Island in the middle of the Philippines". It doesn't include itself as a Philippine Island so tourists still come despite turmoil in Manila. In case people don't know, Cebu advertises itself as the Fiesta Island but also includes nearby islands like Bohol as part of their package so they get to keep the money so to speak. They just come here to Bohol and yet those who acquire money are the travel agencies and hotels in Cebu since they come here for a 1-day tour only. We should think and act alone with the help of the national government to separate our name from Cebu's grasp. It'll be deemed a competition but hey, it's a healthy one.

Thanks Majuro. I think, to place Bohol clearly on the tourist map, it should also cooperate with the surrounding provinces to offer viable multi-week tours that can attract western tourists. Bohol could advertise itself as "The friendly heart of the Visayas", and offer day trips or multi-day detours to places like Camiguin, Siquihor, Negros Oriental, etc. You are right the turmoil and political infighting in Manila isn't doing much good to improve the image of the Philippines--Jeroen.

DonCarlo wrote:
Friday, 2 June 2006 07:49:29 PHT
By the Way, have you known a place in the world with an international airport that went on RED or bankrupt? I think this article is outdated, old thinking, or anti progress. An international airport is a doorway, a gateway for Bohol to be connected to the whole world. Why is Bohol always behind Cebu? and what have we learned from Cebu?

It takes a very long time before a government goes bankrupt... governments make the rules and print the money, so asking for a bankrupt country is not the right question. However, I can list a large number of countries were unwise spending of money has deprived its people of a lot of basic facilities--Just to name one example: The Philippines. The Bataan Nuclear Powerplant, one of Marcos' pro-progress pet projects, which costed billions (in US dollars), without ever producing a single kWh of energy. Compared with this, this Airport is just peanuts, but given Bohol's history of failed or terribly delayed projects I have to see quite a lot of evidence before being convinced this project will be worth it. (Remember Loboc Bridge, Agora Market, The Chocolate Hills Complex, Numerous Roads in the inland, etc.)

Calling my article outdated or anti-progress also doesn't address the concerns raised here. I certainly do not consider myself anti-progress. Given the state many Boholano's are living in, progress is absolutely required, and I am trying to do what I can to promote that. For that reason, I've given a large number of alternatives that, in my opinion, provide a better return on investment than an International Airport in Panglao.--Jeroen.

DonCarlo wrote:
Friday, 2 June 2006 06:56:43 PHT
Is this data supported by facts? Please have an expert with qualified credentials to study this matter before we place our decisions. My objectives of having an airport are the following:

1) Is having an international airport economically feasible, affordable and with POSITIVE CASH FLOW/REVENUE for Bohol? Like any businessman, you would like to know if you would make money in a business ventures? Or else it does not make sense to open and start a business. If the answer is no, then. The conclusion is done. If the answer is yes, then the Bohol govt. under Gov. Aumentado needs to propose tax incentives for investors to open in Bohol. Bohol can become the hub for airlines...etc... There are many ways to increase your infrastructures.

2) The international airport needs to be built with consideration of each environment? Remember that progress will not happen if we keep on thinking the old ways and having selfish interest for financial gains. BOHOLANOS THINK WISELY.

Thanks for your comment, Carlo. One of my basic concerns in this project is that so little factual information is available to the public. This makes a public discussion very difficult, and required me to do some research in airport construction and maintenance costs--in which I admit, I am no expert. If an independent expert can redo my study, taking into account the concerns I've raised here, and come to different conclusions, I am ready to change my opinion.

Of course, such studies should take into account not just the investment in the airport itself, but also those required in surrounding infrastructure (roads, resorts, shopping centers, and so on) required to handle the expected influx of tourists, and should also include studies that show that the expected number of tourists will indeed come, and from where. Basically, it should be a sound businessplan, in which case it shouldn't be too difficult to find private investors for the project.

I am not in favour of tax cuts or incentives. These basically are a kind of subsidy in disguise, and tend to constrain rather than support development, and distorts competetion and discriminate existing companies against newcomers. As an example I will mention the situation in Marocco, where investors where given a 10 year tax exemption when developing a resort. The result: investors would design a resort to exist for 10 years, using low grade materials, and saving everything on maintenance. After 10 years when the tax cut ends, they withdraw, leaving behind an out-lived resort, good for nothing, and start afresh a few kilometres further along the coast, with a newly build resort, and a fresh 10 year tax exemption.

Tax cuts also mean that local governments will start competing each other to attract investments. Companies will use this to negotiate the most favorable terms. Just imagine you have a 10 million dollar project. You may set it up in Camiguin or Bohol, so will start talks with both Governors to get the best deal. If smart, both Governors will coordinate their actions.

Any activity will have influence on the environment, and I admit you can't turn the entire province into a nature reservation--but you'll need to be careful to maintain an environment where people can live, and, since the primary argument for the Airport is to easy access for tourists, tourists want to come to. I don't think Panglao wants to become a second Mactan. I think it can become much better, and achieve more well-being for all if it concentrates on attracting high value eco-tourism, instead of mass tourism.--Jeroen.

Kim wrote:
Tuesday, 30 May 2006 02:53:51 PHT
Loved your article! Having an airport in Panglao ruins the tranquility of Panglao. You can't have peace and quiet with planes flying overhead. The new international airport should be somewhere in Tagbilaran city or just off city limits, where its not surrounded by high unfrastructure and people. There are plenty of places in Bohol that have endless space of land, and they are flat level. The airport should be somewhere near the water, so that in case of emergencies, there will be less people and business affected.
Lucy B. Dumalag wrote:
Saturday, 27 May 2006 08:27:40 PHT

Thank you for the article "Proposed Panglao International Airport Make No Sense". The discussion was very objective and comprehensive and made a lot more sense. The quaint unique little town of Panglao will be no more. It will be too late for the politicians to realize their mistakes. I do not believe that 99% approved of it. They are just imagining and making up this figure. I know there's a lot of people from Panglao who are opposed to this stupid idea.

Vir Abueva wrote:
Saturday, 27 May 2006 07:30:55 PHT
I prefer the Panglao airport to be a domestic airport. I think there is no problem and conflict about this. The Tagbilaran Airport runway can longer be expanded, hence, it can no longer accommodate bigger planes. Where in Tagbilaran can a new airport be built, with mountains all around? The most logical alternative location is in Panglao island. Well, if nobody wants it in Panglao, the Dauis folks welcomes the new domestic airport. Besides, the present airport is in the middle of the city population. It would be a big disaster if accident happens. Such accident could paralize business and life in the whole city. Since the people have spoken, with only 1% not in favor, their voice should be respected. Even if that 1% is 25%, the ratio of those in favor is still overwhelming.

Thanks Vir for your opinion. I agree with the issue that surround the Tagbilaran airport, being absorbed into the growing city. I think Dauis may not have enough suitable flat area for an airport, but will have to study maps first. It may well be possible that within a 15 kilometer radius of Tagbilaran, a number of other spots can be found that can accommodate a domestic airport.

Please don't confuse an opinion poll with 200 respondents with a full blown referendum on the issue, in which the public is well-informed and can weigh the benefits and costs.--Jeroen.

Topet wrote:
Saturday, 27 May 2006 02:07:51 PHT
I highly agree and support to Jeroen's comments and ideas posted on Friday, 26 May 2006 05:42:14. An International Airport in Panglao just doesn't make sense at all because we already have an international airport in Mactan, Cebu which is just 5 hours away from Bohol. The best thing to do is to develop our local airport in Tagbilaran, and by improving our transport system from Cebu to Bohol or putting-up a new Fastcraft system from Lapu-lapu to Tagbilaran.
Mig wrote:
Sunday, 21 May 2006 02:15:53 PHT
It's been 10 years since i last set foot in the idylic charm of bohol, and even then, the proposal for airport to be constructed in panglao had been a source of heated arguments. Sometimes, best intentions breeds ridiculous and self serving ideas, like an international airport and in an island who can only accomodate so much. One posting in this forum make sense, increase the fastcraft density/traffic with extended operating hours to accomodate late travellers. It has been a perennial problem of Bohol since way back, when one missed the fastcraft, you have to settle for the late night ferry or stay overnight in cebu. An overnight in Cebu means a night missed income in Bohol.I wished all the best for Bohol and its populace. cheers
Klaus wrote:
Tuesday, 16 May 2006 01:53:00 PHT
Hi Jeroen,

Thanks for your article. Very informative. I hope that many people concerned will read it. Here is my comment and personal opinion regarding "International Airport Panglao Island"

The budgeted amount to build an International Airport with all facilities required in line with international standards will definitely not be sufficient.

Most probably nobody is taking into consideration that the existing infrastructure on Panglao Island is not sufficient as well. Just to mention in particular, roads, bridges, as well as water - and electricity supply. Besides Air Traffic Control, Radar, Communication facilities, Approach Guiding Systems, Fire Station and all necessary equipment for emergency cases. An international airport requires also handling passengers by Immigration procedures.

Hardly to imagine that international airlines will choose Panglao as destination from abroad. Even Cebu / Mactan International is served by only a few international airlines.

Cocevans wrote:
Tuesday, 9 May 2006 18:16:44 PHT
IT IS NOT FINANCIALLY FEASIBLE AT THIS TIME. BOHOL IS VERY NEAR CEBU WHICH HAS ALREADY AN international airport. Why not exploit this proximity to Bohol's advantage? Just look at Gen. Santos in Mindanao. They built an international airport, even if it very near Davao, thinking that it will spur development. Now the airport is a white elephant, very underutilized. Because of the low income (very few flights), it is ill-maintained. The runways may be long and in good condition, but the terminal is a decripit, miserable building. Why should some people in Bohol want an "international" airport? Provincial pride? It is misplaced. They want to catch up with Cebu? It is not needed. Bohol has its own charm. It can stand on its own as it is now.
Mark Tucker wrote:
Wednesday, 3 May 2006 22:56:39 PHT
This proposed airport would destroy the best qualities that Bohol, and especially Panglao, has to offer; namely a sense of withdrawal from the hectic world for a calm and relaxing break. There is an international airport nearby in Cebu, and easy access to the main airport in Manila. As Tagbilaran is the "capital" of Bohol, that is where the airport should stay. The current airport is sufficient and adequate.
Ellen Burkes wrote:
Wednesday, 3 May 2006 01:44:51 PHT
The very high costs and the terrible environmental impact logically forbid an international airport on Panglao. I think that it is charming and an adventure to fly from Manila on Philippine Airlines on a realitively small jet. The Tagbilaran Airport could use a makeover and better decor. I think it is adequate otherwise. There do need to be more hotels with swimming pools all over Bohol. Personally, I don't need to be on the beach to be very happy. There are beaches that only take 30 minutes to drive to. Airconditioned Taxi's are only 200 pesos. Clean up Tagbilaran City ASAP for better Tourist appeal. It is a huge turn-off to world travelers. Also airconditioning is a necessary amenity to westerners. Elena
Levito Dumalag wrote:
Friday, 28 April 2006 05:49:55 PHT
I am from this place and surely it spell troubles when there is an airport on this island. I will put my 2 cents idea here, with the amount of money spend buying the land plus building construction the run-way plus the maintenance, Why not buy two fastcraft owned and operated by the province of Bohol and have its own port on the island.

The rest of the money can be spent buying some properties near the existing airport and expand the airport in Tagbilaran to accomodate big airplane. I am sure everybody knows what is emenent domain, and the government can do it.

In my opinion this is a basic problem and the solution right in our minds, there is nothing new to it for the following reasons,

1) Those fastcraft traveling from Cebu to Tagbilaran are making money. The province can do the same if properly manage

2) Rent a space in Mactan Airport to facilitate tourist local or international, help them their needs and to their final destination.

3)Boat maintenance and crew.. In case boat breakdown, there are multiple machine and welding shop in Tagbilaran, they surely can fix any kind of problem. Crew can be trained, just the same training of those existing fastcraft boats.

There is a lot of variables involved but this idea is more cost effective than those think tank politicians, handlers and consultants and so called expert run by government bureaucrazy.

Thank you for listening, Levito Dumalag Tangnan, Bingag, Panglao, Bohol

Thanks Levito. Sounds like a good idea, given the recent trouble with commercial fastcraft operators breaking their schedule time and again.--Jeroen.

Shakil wrote:
Friday, 28 April 2006 02:10:53 PHT
Very well argued. Makes good sense. It certainly would be worthwhile to invest some money in the general improvement of the existing airport and to try and optimize it's capacity to handle traffic [I'm sure there is some spare capacity]. But there are other higher priorities which will yield a better return-on-investment. I for one would suggest some spending in developing the communication infrastructure. Specially the Internet. The benefits? Too many and too obvious, just look around what investment in IT infrastructure and IT education has done for some countries. It's one of the need of the hour.
Peter wrote:
Saturday, 22 April 2006 12:43:49 PHT
Right when I visit the Philippines, I visit Cebu to Party and go to Bohol to relax. I bought a property in Panglao, it is a beach lot and the fishermen are concerned that I am going to blocked them from using my so called part of the seashore. I am planning to invest in Bohol but most of my clients would like to have a private resort, I think Bohol should have a place for the fishermen to park thier boats and a public right of way so they can fish, maybe on a public beach. I hope that the powers that be will at least listen to your concern. I hope too that they won't take it as an insult to thier character and judgement but a geniune care for the province that I am sure they also love. Everyone wants economic prosperity but Panglao is now famous for its serene enviroment while the party places are Cebu and Boracay, Panglao should stay as it is.
Rosamund wrote:
Monday, 10 April 2006 14:59:24 PHT
Yes for International/Domestic airport in Panglao and get rid of the airport in Tagbilaran. It is very congested in nearby houses and business buildings. I was shocked to see when our airplane about to land and I saw houses only a few feet from the bounderies of the Tagbilaran airport (just one minute walk away). Too dangerous and noise pollution. An airport in Panglao make sense because it is still empty lands miles and miles away and clear of houses. and it can be "zone" for several miles just for the domestic or international airport.

That is indeed a good argument to close the Tagbilaran airport, although the houses where probably build in violation of zoning regulations after the airport was already in operation. However, this argument doesn't address my concerns discussed above: the high cost and environmental impact of an international airport, nor shows why it should be build in Panglao.--Jeroen.

Techno wrote:
Wednesday, 29 March 2006 18:03:22 PHT
I agree having an international airport make no sense Panglao should be preserved in all of its aspect. Any airports in that area is not reasonable; it can cause noise-due to jet engines, more cars which can cause traffic and air pollution, more public access which mean more waste and other hazards of becoming an urban area. Remember tourists who visited the area originated from big cities they have lots of the urban feeling what they want is the opposite way where they can enjoy and relax. My opinion is that why not develop the area into an island park bigger than Sentosa in Singapore with wet park, dry park, beaches, hotels, wildlife, aquariums, fountains, and etc... Transportation problems can be solve in other means without damaging the island; I agree a fast ferry port in Lapu-Lapu, a domestic airport on top of a mountain near to Tagbilaran or make a bridge somewhere between Loon and Argao with 2 or 3 lane expressway linking Mactan Airport, Cebu city center and Tagbilaran. In that way not only tourist Bohol can also develop its industrial, agricultural and real estate potentials. Thanks.

The idea of turning Panglao into a natural park is a nice one, but I think a bridge between Cebu and Bohol is still far beyond the means of the Philippines, even more than this airport. The Bohol Straight it has to cross is over 200 meters deep.--Jeroen.

Kidrock wrote:
Wednesday, 29 March 2006 11:01:26 PHT
An international airport in Panglao makes no economic sense since Bohol is not yet a center of economic and industrial zone. It is really evident that we have many foreign investors that comes in manila or cebu and they will enjoy relaxing and spend their limited time in Bohol but it just stop their. It cannot dennied that Bohol is just the center of attraction because of archaic mementos and world top-class resorts but it cannot be a tough main reason that it is really needed to have inter-national airport in Panglao. Basta mas maau wala na diha airport kay dugang lang na sa gasto og mas naa pay mas maau buhaton diha sa panglao para mo grow...:)
Ruel wrote:
Saturday, 25 March 2006 12:57:35 PHT
In my opinion it feasible that Panglao International Airport will push through, sa akin lang naman additional income narin, Be optimistic tingnan ninyo kung ano ikabubuti sa atin probinsya, eventhough I am no longer here in Bohol but economic wise, correct if I mistaken but the great magkaroon ng airport dito. More tourist means more jobs, di tulad namin nandito sa malayo wala trabaho dito sa atin. Kaya pls........... Boholano people try to think?

I would very much like the province to develop economically, but believe an Airport will not help to do so. It would soak up money that can much better be spend otherwise. That is what I try to argue here. If you want to see an example of how large projects can destroy wealth, study the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant, one of Ferdinand Marcos' mega projects, and today the single largest foreign debt obligation of the country, without ever having produced a single kWh of energy.--Jeroen.

Majuro wrote:
Thursday, 16 March 2006 10:31:04 PHT
It would be better if they downgrade it into a domestic airport because two international airports in such a small region as Central Visayas is not feasible. Mactan International Airport can't even reach full passenger capacity all year-round even though it serves Visayas and Mindanao and a first-class province like Cebu. then why would we build an international airport for a small province like ours(Bohol)?

I hope they're just building a domestic-sized airport with international airport-class facilities and a classification as an international airport to cater to domestic and international arrivals (i.e. chartered flights). but before they actually do that, we should be focusing more on developing first our tourism-related facilities which is the main reason why tourists come to Bohol in the first place. One classic example is Boracay. It doesnt have a decent airport to begin with. tourists still have to pass via Manila or Cebu then to Iloilo-Caticlan, Aklan then by pumpboat. Then why is Boracay a tourist attraction? Because it has world class facilities. The demand for an airport is not high in Boracay yet tourists are flooding to get there. Part of the charm is getting there by passing all of the Philippine's regular transport systems which also exposes them (tourists) to Filipino culture. Obviously it also isn't badly needed in Bohol. We do have a tourist port we still have to develop since most arrivals come from there. Airport arrivals are actually low compared to fastcrafts because time and again, the CHARM of Bohol is because of the "adventure" in getting to the would-be-tourist's Shangri-La, which is of course, Bohol by passing through crowded Manila or Metro Cebu.

Robert wrote:
Tuesday, 14 March 2006 12:37:58 PHT
It really make sense not to have the airport in Panglao. There are more important places where this borrowed money can be spent. Besides the country has no real money for that purpose. More likely these talks and promises are just grandstanding for some political gains.
Steve Sohus wrote:
Tuesday, 14 March 2006 03:14:54 PHT
Very well thought out and written - - now can you tell us why it probably will go forward anyway? You can be sure someone there will benfit, maybe not the tourists, probably not the people of Bohol, but some official somewhere.

I rather not speculate on inproper transactions or hidden agendas when I have no evidence of them, but judge the proposal on its own merits. This way, I can't be accused of mudslinging, and hope to add to the transparency of what is going on. It is ultimately up to the politicians to decide, and when they fail to serve the public interest, we can only hope for democracy to work, and replace them with people who do. Maybe my hope is vain or naive, because in Bohol we already have enough monuments of political incompetence, such as the Loboc bridge and the Agora market, to name just a few. I fear this one will dwarf them all.--Jeroen.

Bill Logan wrote:
Saturday, 11 March 2006 04:03:13 PHT
Great article. You covered most all the problems. I travel to Bohol every year and find it a great trip.We love Panglao just the way it is. Where would one airline find a plane full of people all heading to Panglao from another country? New York to Panglao? I don't see that happening... Sounds like the Govenor wants to build a monument to himself.

The idea is that these will come from other Asian countries, like Japan, Korea, and China. Plenty of people there, and the flying distance is something between 3 and 5 hours.--Jeroen.

V-West wrote:
Wednesday, 8 March 2006 18:40:59 PHT
The very reason of a getaway is to get away. If there is an international airport in an island, how much can you really get away from? The island needs to stay as pure as it can get, and not be filled with planes, buildings, and other stuff that you would not want to see on a vacation. I, for one, would not pay to sit under the sun, sip my drink, and watch the spectacular sunset...and oh flight number 23 is leaving. Yes, this would make the travel easier to the resorts, but part of the whole trip is the travel!
Jonas wrote:
Wednesday, 8 March 2006 13:56:55 PHT
International airport? I think that what they are developing is just a respectable domestic airport for Bohol. The airport in Tagbilaran City is too small has no more space for expansion. We should not think this is a grand International Airport of the size of Manila's NAIA, or even of Mactan or Davao. We must understand that the locals here have a penchant for exaggerating things and would like to affix "International" to our airports or "super" to our highways or "mega" to our malls. Observe Laoag International Airport for example. So don't be alarmed.

Thanks for your comment, Jonas. The calculations in my article are based on the cost figures publicly quoted, and still stand. I fully realize that "International" here probabibly just means adding an immigration and customs office, making the runways large enough for the larger long-distance jets, and maybe getting some more required certifications, leaving other facilities similar to a typical provincial airport, as for example in Kalibo, Aklan. These three things do add cost. I don't know Laoag "International" airport, but a little search on the web revealed it handled about 2000 flights in 2001, of which less than 600 where international, mainly going to Taiwan.--Jeroen.

Gwargz wrote:
Tuesday, 7 March 2006 18:37:10 PHT
Now, this makes sense! And not a true-blood Bol-anon! Where are our bright politicians and economists? THEY MUST READ THIS!!! Jeroen, I, as a true-blood Bol-anon, a Kalahi of Dagohoy and Sikatuna, I am now confirming your "application" to become a Bol-anon. You will bear the name Datu Kugi. God Bless you, my friend.

Thank you! Thank you!--Jeroen.

Stefan Bauer wrote:
Tuesday, 7 March 2006 05:15:34 PHT
... just do not forget, that a lot of tourists want to escape the stress from home... ... the noise, the traffic... . How to relax with an airport next door ? I had never problems travelling to Bohol! Stefan
Tessie Wilms wrote:
Saturday, 4 March 2006 05:49:50 PHT
Dear Jeroen, This is amazing that you have made an extensive analysis how an International Airport in Panglao makes no sense. You were able to propose some solutions to the present existing problems of Bohol especially in the sector of Tourism. Hopefully the governing officials give credits to all your efforts in improving the province. Wishing you the best. May your tribe increase. Tessie

Thank you.--Jeroen

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