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Bohol offers plenty of nice souvenirs to bring back home. The Antequera market of course offers basket-ware in all sizes.

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Maridel of hawai USA wrote:
Friday, 18 May 2012 08:05:54 PHT
The driver bring me at apronianagiftshop its very cool place they call it the mother of souvenir in bohol. its all in there your looking for....
Cecile wrote:
Tuesday, 24 January 2012 19:53:34 PHT
Just had an excellent balikan tour at bohol and bought cute pasalubong from nicole's shop sa may chocolate hills
Jeffy M. Sumilhig wrote:
Monday, 25 October 2010 12:18:10 PHT
When I was in Bohol last weekend, I bought many souvenirs and whatsoever! I really enjoy my trip in Bohol very much through adventure and sightseeing to different tourists' sites, it made me replenished! Souvenirs are very good! Thank you very much!
Mikey wrote:
Sunday, 4 July 2010 11:43:33 PHT
Super nice sales associates specially Mary Rose at Aproniana Gift Shop Hope to be back there soon
Mikey wrote:
Sunday, 4 July 2010 11:18:01 PHT
Super nice sales associates specially Mary Rose at Aproniana Gift Shop
Teresa wrote:
Friday, 18 June 2010 19:19:29 PHT
hi! I'm looking for a mini stuffed toy tarsier as a souvenir.Please help me where I can find one? Please contact me.My e-mail add
Wednesday, 24 February 2010 22:34:41 PHT
BOHOL GRAPHICS TEAM would like to announce the new arrival of a new souvenier items. check them out! Daghang Salamat Kaayo. ATO NI!
Josephine Asistio wrote:
Monday, 7 December 2009 10:11:55 PHT
Your souvenir are so beautiful ..i love it esp. wooden fish..i love fish ..but i just wanna ask if u have some accessories like earrings ..bracelet and necklaces...where could i find these... in your place..thnx...
cecille wrote:
Thursday, 9 July 2009 12:06:12 PHT
Hi. Where do you find souvenirs made of raffia or anything "indigenous" to Bohol? Thanks
raymund wrote:
Monday, 2 February 2009 15:46:59 PHT
the best talaga ang BOHOl! i am very proud that my family is from Bohol! godnless!
miyabi wrote:
Friday, 30 January 2009 10:45:29 PHT
to all bohol travellers, we have our own shellcraft products. if you wish to buy some, please text this number 09099901900 or call (038) 502 3044. our souvenier products are very cheap, cool and affordable. our bohol souvenir items cost only 18pesos per item. you can see this products in thanks
Renet wrote:
Thursday, 29 January 2009 21:32:29 PHT
I've been there, nice place! I really enjoy the tour!
red wrote:
Wednesday, 31 December 2008 17:04:26 PHT
I want to visit bohol, maybe someday i can when i have a lot of time on my hand. Im working in a call center in makati city. I wish that I can visit there someday. Hey i want to meet some boholana so email me. here is my email thanks
mayeen wrote:
Saturday, 27 December 2008 18:07:45 PHT
hi there....its true bohol has change a lot.My parents are both from bohol. And now we are living in davao. And im here in Qatar but still i like to go back in bohol because of the nice place fresh air. And my relatives is there. Maybe next year im going back to bohol for such a long time.
jozsef juhasz wrote:
Friday, 10 October 2008 16:20:29 PHT
We want to see more of your products! Thanks, Jozsef
Gingging wrote:
Tuesday, 10 April 2007 17:24:21 PHT
Annette is living in Bohol and seems have not travelled on other parts of the country... I'm a Boholano also, I lived my early years in Bohol and now permanently living outside this province for more than half of my lifetime now. I still love Bohol, the province where I was born. It's true Bohol has improved and there's still a lot to improve, just like any other place in this world. Some place maybe are developed already, but they need to improve morality, of which I'm proud to say that most of the people in Bohol are moraly upright... to the BOHOLANOS keep it up !.. yes we have lots to improve but we need not forget the VALUES that our forefathers had instilled in us. Being religious doesn't necessarily mean old fashioned. This is one thing that I'm proud of Bohol, despite of the developments, you still have not forget that we are all tourists in this life.. that we all have to face the FATHER in due time, that is why we need to nurture our spirituality. I agree that there are beggars and shoplifters, criminals in here but it's true also that they are found everywhere not only in Bohol. Tourists coming in here are not for the nightlife as they have plenty of it in the their own place, but they're here I suppose because of the beautiful beaches. Boholanos are very nice, friendly and hospitable, and you Annette as you are already living in Bohol, I hope you will learn to be like them. I still believe that Bohol is a safe place to travel until this very moment. -Ging
Cheski wrote:
Monday, 5 February 2007 15:51:59 PHT
I'm so excited! I'm gonna hav a chance to xperiece all of Bohol's got to offer on the 18th.. Hope to meet new friends.. : ) if u have any suggestions I would really appreciate it! Thanks!
Elsa Keller wrote:
Tuesday, 13 June 2006 19:55:45 PHT
Hello Rodelyn, Here is one of your paisana in Bohol but I am living now in Switzerland. As I read your comments I am very proud of telling you this that you are so gigantic and very brilliant. All what you write their is really, you know not all people know what is right and eventhough I am staying her in Europe for a longer years but it is true there were plenty of changes now a days in Bohol. Have a nice day to you Elsa.
Rodelyn wrote:
Tuesday, 13 June 2006 04:13:37 PHT

To Annette. I am Boholano as well and Iím proud of my island where I grew up. Bohol is now one of the better known tourist destination in the Philippines. Some years ago, Bohol was not even listed on the top ten tourist destinations of the Philippines.

I know that mostly Boholanos are still in poverty but at least they have their own land for farming and somehow earn from it for their needs. In my own observation, the life of the people here is now getting better than centuries ago. At First, almost every household has electricity with at least two electrical appliances. Second, the literacy rate is getting higher. Most of the parents realize that education is important, unlike before, when they thought education is not important at all especially for women. Nowadays many childrenís have at least High School level education, unlike in previous centuries when very few were well educated. The province is no longer listed in the Top 10 poorest provinces in the Philippines. Annette, as you look around the Philippines, do you think that Bohol is the poorest among the other Provinces in the entire Philippines? There are quite alot of improvements in Bohol nowadays, like the Port (which is now bigger and well organize than before), Shopping malls (for those who like shopping), Bigger bus terminal, and some roads are now cemented after a years of waiting. And for tourism; Dolphin and Whale watching, organized tours to Chocolate Hills, Waterfalls, river cruises, and visiting the Tarsier Reservation, and many more. These were not available before.

The night time entertainment is not so fun.. The malls close at nine every night in my opinion way to early.

Why do you think tourist are visiting Bohol? Is it because they want to enjoy the nightlife here? Is that so important for tourists? Absolutely not, I think the reason tourists are flocking to Bohol is because they want to enjoy the peace and nature that Bohol can offer and not the nightlife. Bohol has some discotheques, but if you want to have more than that, I advise you to stay in Manila or in Cebu or the other bigger cities in where nightlife is one of the attractions.

This is a religious island so the people here are somewhat old fashioned. The religion is Catholic

Old fashioned.... you mean traditional? In some aspects I can say yes, but in others we are not. Yes it is truly Catholicism like the fiesta (For Boholanos, this is one of their very important events. Boholanos from all over Philippines and whole world are going back to Bohol just to attend the fiesta and not only that, they are friendly and hospitable as well. If you visit Bohol during fiesta time, especially in the month of May, and visit a house then, even if you are uninvited, they are welcoming you to eat and drink for free!) That is still traditional. On the other hand, you can see Boholanos wearing short skirts and tight blouses, for short, they are modernized on the outside but still traditional inside.

The malls close at nine every night in my opinion way to early. The streets are full of plenty of bald dirty children begging for money and the mayor has no control over it whatsoever, my first day here one of those kids begging held sharp scissors to my stomach!

In many countries in Europe shops normally close at 18:00 hour. They are only open for half a day or even closed on Monday and almost all shops are closed on Sunday. Even in Cebu, the malls close at 21:00. Beggars are all over the world. Even in well developed countries you can see adults beggars begging. By the way, most beggars in Bohol are not Boholanos themselves but Badjao or people coming from other provinces. That is also true for the criminality that happens in Bohol. They are not all Boholanos but come from other provinces. Still, the Government should limit beggars on streets and catch criminals.

The city needs a lot of work to look nice if they want to succeed as a tourist destination.

I fully agree with you on that matters. But take note: Tourist here are not only foreigners but also Filipinos! Probably more than three quarters of the visitors to Bohol are domestic tourists.

To lessen the poverty not only in Bohol but to the entire Philippines and world is to stop the corruption (Corruption is the main reason why poor countries become and stay poor). Then more jobs to offer for the jobless with fair salary. There would be no discrimination.... no difference between rich and poor. Everybody should be equal....Rodelyn

Annette wrote:
Sunday, 11 June 2006 04:51:13 PHT
Just a word of caution, the Philippino Charter allows freedom of speech and press to all. This website is not following the rules of the Philippine Charter. Be careful of what you say and if it's the truth so help you, and best of fun if you do decide to visit here.

The Philippine Charter does not place an obligation on publishers of websites to publish whatever visitors want to write, nor an obligation on newspapers to publish every letter to the editor received. In those cases, the owner of the medium can decide. All the Charter states is that if you want to publish something (using your own resources), the Government cannot forbid you to do so, except in cases of libel, obscenity, and a few other exceptions. We allow comments that, to our feelings, add something for visitors. Even if we do not agree with them, we will let them stand. We do correct obvious typos, and remove things that are irrelevant or obvious advertising. To prove this, I will let these remarks stand here, even though they are irrelevant to the subject of this article.--Jeroen.

Annette wrote:
Sunday, 11 June 2006 04:40:17 PHT
I am living here in Bohol province. Bohol is alright. Nothing to get over-excited about. The night time entertainment is not so fun. This is a religious island so the people here are somewhat old fashioned. The religion is Catholic. The malls close at nine every night in my opinion way to early. The streets are full of plenty of bald dirty children begging for money and the mayor has no control over it whatsoever, my first day here one of those kids begging held sharp scissors to my stomach! Filippinos from other provinces complain that there is to much tourist hype over Bohol. The city needs a lot of work to look nice if they want to succeed as a tourist destination. In my opinion the people here if your not carefull will charge you foreigner prices versus native prices, because all they see in white people are dollar bills symbols rolling in their eye's. Most tourists go to Panglao island. It only caters to tourists, as it is way to expensive for the natives to go there. With the new evat imposed on these lovely people it is so sad because some of them can not afford to put their kids in school let alone food on the table every day. More and more people are even sitting in the dark and raising their families in the dark as they can not afford simple every day way of living. Some here are very sweet for what they truely have to endure. Their are a lot of scenic area's that should not be taken for granted. If you're a night life person do not make this your stop as this town does close down early at night and if you do go out there are only about a hand full of people to see at any dance establishment. Follow the rules and always be vigilant because Bohol has changed a lot in the past four years as I have been here. A lot of murders, gangs, and robberies. Really no different from most place's around the world nowadays.

Well, it is easy to be negative. We try to give a positive impression of the province, without denying the realities of everyday life for most people, such as for example in our safety guidelines. It is true that for a lot of people, everything is expensive, and life isn't easy. This includes my own family-in-law.

This website promotes tourism for several reasons. First, to show that Bohol is a nice place to the Boholanos: it is not all misery and sorrow; you have a lot of heritage and places of beauty that you should preserve and put to good use. Second to show it to potential visitors, as it is a nice place to visit and explore, and to bring in some much needed cash to improve the condition of the province. Now, what have you done?--Jeroen.

Norman P. Orlina wrote:
Tuesday, 2 May 2006 20:10:20 PHT
The "tarsier souvenirs" that could be hang on your doors is the unique remembrance that will really distinguish that you went to Bohol. Last 2003 we bought it and now my eldest brother wanted to have one also. For me, Bohol is the cleanest and greenest place in the Philippines that I ever seen. Again and again I love to come back to this place. Sincerely yours, Ptr. Norman
Ellen Burkes wrote:
Monday, 24 April 2006 06:19:02 PHT
I like to bring back the small Catholic statues of saints and Virgin Mary and Jesus. They are in the malls in the religion/school supply areas and are very, very inexpensive and hand painted and can be but into your suitcases.The same quality and size in Italy and Spain are 100% more money. There is a huge collection in all malls. I spent $10. usa on 3 of them. Of course they would be for Christian friends or yourself. Elena
Ralyn wrote:
Saturday, 12 November 2005 11:57:26 PHT
Hi Jeroen. Thanks for your helpful ideas. I think its really good. I am definitely considering it. What do you think about the "peanut kisses" cookies instead of candys? Aren't they Boholanos famous home made cookies? I think it'll be great! I'm so excited already. Thank's again. =o)
Abigail de Guia wrote:
Monday, 7 November 2005 16:49:24 PHT
I really love to buy souvenirs in whatever place I go and for those who loves tshirt as souvenirs, you can see and buy numerous of tshirt souvenirs wherever u go..but for a budget cost souvenirs, you can find many at Hinagdanan cave in Dauis...
Ralyn wrote:
Wednesday, 2 November 2005 03:47:42 PHT
I am getting married in Bohol next year. I will be bringing with me a few of my friends, and they are my respective bridesmaids. I really would like to give them a gift of appreciation. I was thinking of purchasing one in the states but I thought it will be unique if I buy some kind of souvenier from Bohol since it will be their first time there. Or better yet something for wedding favors. Can you guys help me? I read about the Antequera Market. I find it really interesting. I will definitely check the place..someday. So, do you guys have any ideas of anything native that Bohol is famous for? Thank's in Advance.

Why not buy a whole bunch of those lovely tiny baskets they make in Antequera. You can fill them with candy, wrap them in transparant plastic foil, and add a nice ribbon. Your guest will love it--Jeroen.

Kevin wrote:
Saturday, 3 September 2005 15:55:32 PHT
Can anyone give me an info about those souvenirs?
Maria Joahna Monnette Oca wrote:
Wednesday, 10 August 2005 19:13:14 PHT
Kindly give some details about the basketware of Bohol,its origin,materials used in making basket and the design of the basket.
Moisel Bernales, Smahe wrote:
Monday, 1 August 2005 16:24:50 PHT
I was there in Mabini last April 29-May 10,2005. Guess what! It was a great home visit! I like the developments on road rehabilitations and municipal infrastracture. Truly it is a nice place to indulge in. Virgin forest, white beaches and the like. Not only that, homely and sweet smiling people will meet you and welcome you with great accomodations.Thank you for being there. And i love Mabini ever!!!!!
Gen wrote:
Friday, 15 July 2005 17:29:23 PHT
If you're in Bohol, you might as well check out Jagna. There are unexplored caves, beautiful falls and simple yet unique beaches (read: rock resort) out there, great experience for the adventurous people. Not to mention the yummy "calamay". And to make it even more exciting, it is near Camiguin Island. You don't have to pay more and travel far just to get there. That's definitely hitting two birds with one stone!!
M&M wrote:
Thursday, 30 June 2005 21:46:44 PHT
Hi i would like to send thanks for the nice recipe of traditional pilipino food which is boholano i would like to request if you can send some recipe of leche plan i would be a pleasure thanks again and have a nice day Best Regards, M&M
Catherine wrote:
Thursday, 16 June 2005 18:50:50 PHT
Can you please give me more kinds of souvenirs that we can get in the Philippines? And give me the list of name which can be possible speakers who can speak about the different kinds of souvenirs and why is it souvenirs is one of the reasons of the tourists in visiting the Philippines?
Morgan wrote:
Wednesday, 6 April 2005 08:37:17 PHT
What are some souviners that you can get from the Phillipene islands? This is for a report so can you give me info by thursday Thanks Morgan
Moisel Bernales, SMAHE wrote:
Wednesday, 2 March 2005 15:44:19 PHT
I am calling the attention of all researchers here in the phils. or there in abroad to seek good things in the eastern part of bohol. please, there are good beaches there and good taste of sea foods and other native delicasies. Visitors are most welcome to the town of Mabini. Mabuhay ang mga Mabininhon!!!
Alma Nalls wrote:
Sunday, 6 February 2005 13:23:58 PHT
I am flying home in mid May from the US. My cousin suggested I should visit Bohol since I love to explore exotic places. Please fill me in on where to go. Are there places where I can go hiking and run? How about hotel by the beach? Thank you.
From California, Greg wrote:
Wednesday, 29 December 2004 12:44:14 PHT
Bohol is a very nice place I was there with my girlfreind in September 2004 there are so many freindly people there I will visit again soon, are there any souvenir shop's in Danao? Salamat
Leslie wrote:
Monday, 27 December 2004 12:54:53 PHT
I don't really have any comment yet since my mom and i are planning to go to Bohol- maybe end of January next year or February next year (maybe before holy week). Are these both good months to visit? Any comment would be appreciated. Thanks!
Port Augusta - South Australia wrote:
Monday, 20 December 2004 10:54:13 PHT
Bohol is the most inspiring place. I found God here. I have brought back many souvenirs bought from the world's most beautifu people.
Jet Pahang wrote:
Tuesday, 7 December 2004 06:48:03 PHT
I can honestly say that Bohol is on the top of my list whenever i go home to the philippines. the beaches, the food and the different sites are unbelievable. lami gyud kaayo.
From Seattle, Washington wrote:
Sunday, 7 November 2004 20:11:26 PHT
Bohol is the place to visit definitly! So much history. Don't forget your camera and bring your appetite. Did you know that the island of Bohol is the only place in the Philippines to have independence during Spanish Rule? It was short but...You go Bohol! Thank you for showing all the Churches and places I've visited. This site is MARVELOUS! Salamat Po!
Blessmae Palapar wrote:
Wednesday, 13 October 2004 10:52:02 PHT
I like the souvenirs in Bohol because it's very nice.I hope I'll visit in your province to buy souvenirs and delicasies especially the bohol t-shirt and baskets.My mom will buy souvenirs for me and my family.I'll be coming home very soon.
Doris wrote:
Saturday, 4 September 2004 19:54:13 PHT
It's so nice to live in Bohol... I'm proud to be a Boholana!!!!!!!!
bohollover wrote:
Tuesday, 15 June 2004 19:04:53 PHT
You can now buy a wide range of souvenirs at the Island Mall which opens on June 26. The souvenir shop is run by the Bohol Arts and Decors. There's only one souvenir Boutique in Island Mall.
cherry wrote:
Friday, 2 April 2004 15:13:22 PHT
hey people, you should visit Loboc, its a nicest place as in... and people there is very accommodating, hospitable. and their LOBOC CHILDREN Choir are very nice voice like an can invite them :D
reuben wrote:
Wednesday, 11 February 2004 14:34:25 PHT
its nice to see the pictures of my homeland... i rely miss my place..
Len wrote:
Wednesday, 12 November 2003 03:50:45 PHT
Bohol (Antequera) is my second home! You can buy there lots of souvenirs! It's cool!
noel wrote:
Monday, 10 November 2003 18:57:25 PHT
Lots and lots of souvenirs!!!!!!!!!!
Roy wrote:
Sunday, 14 September 2003 02:10:38 PHT
Nice place there ... anyway going to get married in Duero.
jun-jun amolato wrote:
Tuesday, 8 April 2003 14:01:38 PHT
hey people, you should visit bohol, its and nicest and safest place in the earth.. people are friendly and hospitable...
Nicole wrote:
Tuesday, 25 February 2003 12:56:16 PHT
What can I say. The website is nice, so are the souvenirs! USA
Jonathan Baccus wrote:
Friday, 21 February 2003 11:59:12 PHT
As they say: Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but pictures, kill nothing but time,

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