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Reader Comments on 'Movie review: Muro-Ami'

Every year, the ruthless fisherman Fredo recrutes about 200 children for his fishing ship, the "Aurora." ...

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Bordz wrote:
Monday, 21 February 2011 11:17:15 PHT
...nakakita ko ani nga movie sa among film viewing kay sir Cahilog peru wala ko kasungod,,hehehe nakatulog man gud ko, pandamay!!!
elsa wrote:
Saturday, 16 May 2009 12:16:58 PHT
Your Comment I didn't see the movie yet but I am interested to see it. Still looking where I can buy the movie. Do you have idea?
donna benitez wrote:
Saturday, 28 February 2009 17:20:48 PHT
My classmates and i watch it for our environmental science subject Muro ami is such a wonderful movie... The cast of the movie did a great job for it! the movie seems so real.. all those little divers... they are all awesome....! keep up the good work..-donna angelie
Gwyn wrote:
Wednesday, 28 November 2007 09:56:47 PHT
I let my 1st year students watch the movie for our lesson about Fish Culture.They had lots of realizations not only for the preservation of marine life but also their sympathy to the young boys. It made them realize the value of studying.
Boy Realista wrote:
Thursday, 4 October 2007 12:32:49 PHT
Nakakita ko sa Muro-ami sa Gaisano Mall diri sa Cagayan de Oro ug nakadayeg ko sa kaanindot sa estorya.
Elaisha wrote:
Sunday, 23 September 2007 11:56:27 PHT
It is an effective eye-opener to those who donít know what is happening to other members of the society in reality. Even the government should see the film so that they will realize how bad our country gets and also for them to do corresponding actions regarding the illegal activities done. Generally, the film, Muro Ami, is a very clear reflection of the true social image of the people in the Philippines.
Chino wrote:
Tuesday, 11 September 2007 21:37:23 PHT
Tabangi ko beh... pahimuon meh ug summarization daun wla man meh nakahuman sa disc 2 then dli na meh patan-awon sa amo maestro:D... pls.(summarization lng:D)
Areeysa wrote:
Sunday, 9 September 2007 19:22:28 PHT
The movie was great...
saRLine wrote:
Sunday, 15 July 2007 09:20:10 PHT
waz pku nakahuman ug watch sa disc2 ani na movie.. pahimo-on rba mi reaction paper ani sa socio T_T.. amazing keo ang mga bata dri sa movie noh?? sik-sik au sila mag dive.. weeehh.. (=';'=)
Jasper wrote:
Sunday, 8 July 2007 12:07:07 PHT
Muro-ami is one of a kind movie. It shows what reality has to bring. The movie is not merely for show but also an eyeopener to the people and to the government. I was greatly touched by the movie, and I hope this harsh kind of treating children should be compelled as soon as possible.
Raine wrote:
Monday, 19 February 2007 17:21:46 PHT
Such an eye-opener. Government officials should try to watch this so that they can do something not only of the destruction brought about by this method but also of the forced labor and the abuse done to children of very young age. Good movie though albeit it kind of ruined some coral reefs but still, sometimes, sacrifices have to made for the betterment of, well, something. :)
Reyson Ramos wrote:
Wednesday, 6 December 2006 22:52:40 PHT
Such a wonderful movie!
Tom wrote:
Thursday, 5 January 2006 15:47:00 PHT
Does anyone know where I can get a copy of this with English subtitles? Thanks a ton!

I got my copy (with English subtitles) on DVD from SM City in Cebu, but it is probably out of stock by now. You may be able to get it from some department stores in the Philippines.--Jeroen

Robrob wrote:
Sunday, 16 October 2005 10:31:01 PHT
Ay Naku!!! gusto ko nga pala batiin ung mga nagpapaproject ng muro ami sa ccm...smile naman akyo dya,..batiin ko lang mga klasmeyt ko.. sila Germel, Lionel, Lhoud, Tolits, Negro na si Ronnel...lahat ng mt 22... Robert
Robrob wrote:
Sunday, 16 October 2005 10:27:32 PHT
Ang galing talaga ng mga taga channel 7 i love you Jonalyn Viray..sana makatuluyan kita...
Lorelie Caranyagan wrote:
Wednesday, 31 August 2005 18:07:17 PHT
Muro-ami is a fantastic movie because it talks about the importance of our environment under the sea,and also the abusing of some children who is forced to go under the sea just for seeing,destroying some species under it.We must also take care of the species not just in the sea but the species in the land.The children also must be loved not to be maltreated...
Liezel wrote:
Wednesday, 24 August 2005 18:21:34 PHT
Number one talaga sa puso namin ang gma da best tlga ang gma fils dapat laging mapa2nood at wala kayong mamimis!!!!!!!!!!
Irish Fontilla wrote:
Wednesday, 3 August 2005 20:23:54 PHT
The movie's great! The story touched my heart so much!
Kaye wrote:
Monday, 1 August 2005 12:29:37 PHT
I've have seen the movie many times and It captured my heart.. coz on how they abuse the nature, the movie is great and the children are good actors too..
Catherine Orense wrote:
Tuesday, 5 July 2005 18:23:44 PHT
Muro-ami is one of the greatest movie that I have seen... It is indeed a movie that will open our eyes to reality that our nature must be given respect and it should be cared enough. One of the things that strucked me most in the movie is the abuse of the children. If you happen to watch the movie, you can really see how the children was being maltreated... For one thing, children must also be given enough attention.
kyupayb wrote:
Wednesday, 29 June 2005 15:08:46 PHT
two thumbs up for gma films..!! ang ganda.. #1 talaga kapuso, mapatelevision mapabig screen..
Pai Edles wrote:
Tuesday, 5 April 2005 08:52:42 PHT
My prof from CSB told me that I should write a comment about this movie...and now i'm doing it for a "quatro" isn't that awesome. This is worth a "quatro", so that's it. Nice movie by the way.
Stelly wrote:
Wednesday, 9 March 2005 13:43:52 PHT
I'd like very much that movie coz it give a knowledge to the people specially who destroyed the nature of the world so its give a meningful film id like it. Stelly from iloilo
Reianne wrote:
Wednesday, 9 March 2005 01:33:46 PHT
Muro-ami is a very wonderful film which is an eye-opener for a lot of people today... You could see the harshness of reality not only to the adults but also to the young children being abused within the movie... It gives a lot of moral lessons that should be valued today... Fredo's greed for money caused him his life which is also true today in our society... We cannot deny that everybody is in great need of money but we shouldn't become obsessed of owning great wealth... It might lead to your very own destruction...
Nhariza wrote:
Sunday, 6 March 2005 20:46:03 PHT
I like this movie very much!!! yung mga hindi pa nakanuod... pls watch this film... marami kayong malalaman dto!! ang galing nga eh!! nyahahaha...
Bryan wrote:
Sunday, 6 March 2005 19:58:07 PHT
sineryoso niya! hahahahaha!!! bee sineryoso mo talaga! sige, para di ma-op, muro ami is a good movie. galing ni cesar montano, his role and the way he carried it.
Francelle wrote:
Sunday, 6 March 2005 19:56:02 PHT
gosh i feel so dorky writing a review, pero we watched muro ami sa school. we were asked to make a book report about it bago natapos ang school year, and i'm going to make the report pa tonight. ang dami nga namang problema ng philippines, and the movie was successful in showing some of them. the script of the movie was great, too. haha, wala lang. just passing by.
Mae wrote:
Tuesday, 1 February 2005 16:30:02 PHT
Muro ami is a beautifull film..my clasm8's nd i like it very much..it gives many moral lessons specially to the fishermans out there..
Jed wrote:
Monday, 31 January 2005 21:57:44 PHT
Jeroen do you have any tagalog movie review?!?!pls post nmn oh..,cge na poh.., if u dnt have kahit ung tagalog translation nlng ng muro ami.., cge poh,, tnx!!
shop23 wrote:
Thursday, 27 January 2005 16:55:54 PHT
Hey is it ok to get this copy of the review but i'll change some words? all I can say about Muro ami is that Cesar Montano is so handsome. That's all...mwah!
Armyl wrote:
Tuesday, 18 January 2005 18:49:11 PHT
Ang ganda ng muro ami 3 araw ko sya pinanood ang ganda ng pagkaka arrange ng mga scenes and c rebecca ang galing grabeh
Jace reas wrote:
Monday, 10 January 2005 11:58:56 PHT
My comment in muro-ami is that the effect are not to hard enough to understand stand and not so very well prepared!!!!!!! thankx
Kara wrote:
Saturday, 8 January 2005 19:14:50 PHT
Please post a Tagalog summary of this movie Muro-Ami...please!

If that is your assignment at school, please prepare one yourself, and place it here after getting an A mark for it.--Jeroen

Grenzo wrote:
Thursday, 14 October 2004 06:33:25 PHT
To some guests who previously posted in this magnificent and wonderful website, please, be tactful to the webmaster. You can't demand and impose what you want from this site because you want to copy some information for your school paper. And you can't impose what language you do want to be used here just to fit your wish. C'mon, Paul, what you are doing is plagiarism which is a crime punishable according to law. It's stealing of intellectual property. I should suggest to your professors to check your papers through a high-tech procedures to make it sure that students do not plagiarize. You can be kicked out from your school and it's a shame to your intellectual capacity. People who posted here seem to have no sense of prudence and respect. If you think that you are only PLAGIARIZING some thoughts or ideas from any website, do not impose what you want to the webmaster. It's rude and ungrateful. This website does not fit to your rudeness and insensibility.

Luckly, the laws of "intellectual property," do not restrict the distribution and copying of thoughts and ideas, although I admit that sometimes the distinctions are blurred. Copyrights are supposed to regulate distribution of particular "expressions," patents "inventions," and trademark law, as it says, "trademarks." All regulations allow some fair playing ground to use expressions, etc. for your own study and research, or for review (that's why I can publish the cover of the Muro-Ami DVD here, but cannot offer the entire movie for download, even though both are copyrighted). Plagiarism is letting someone else's work passing as your own, which is fraud.

Teachers can easily check for fraud if they use google to search for one or two sentences in a submitted work. If the student has copied it from somewhere on the web, google will find it.

Everybody is welcome to take information from this website, and use it as he or she sees fit, taking the care to double check the information if possible, and incorporate it in his own works. However, I don't like it if people copy entire articles or photos from here, or the pictures, and republishes them without my permission.--Jeroen.

Grenzo wrote:
Tuesday, 12 October 2004 22:33:55 PHT
To April,

There is no such Filipino language in a true sense of the word. You have to understand that Filipino (a person, referring to the Spaniards who were born in the Philippines) was and is not a language by a particular people in the Philippines now. Many language scholars and prominent professors in famous universities, specifically UP, in the Philippines do not agree with the notion of a Filipino language because for them "there is no such an inclusive language existing in the country." Tagalog, yes, but Filipino, NO. Filipino has a Tagalog origin and made official by Tagalog speaking lawmakers without nationwide consultations from the other 6 major ethnic group who speak the seven major languages in the islands. Cebuano language has the biggest number of speakers because it spreads throughout the islands of Central Visayas and most of Mindanao. If you speak Tagalog in those islands people can understand your language because it is imposed to them through the school corriculum. If you ask the common Cebuano speaking people if they like to use Tagalog language to their own people they will reply to you in a big NO. They feel awkward because it's not their own language. They, the highly educated Visayans, prefer to use English in formal transactions and even in informal ones with the non-native speakers rather than to use Tagalog. And the way the Manilans speak the Tagalog laguage is very feminine which does not entice to the ears of the Visayan speakers because it's too feminine like a sward's way of speaking it. And you have no right to impose your want in this website if the webmaster uses English language as medium of communication because this website does not cater to Tagalogs only but also to the international community which sole common language is understood by various nationalities. Tagalog is not understood internationally keep that to your brain. Visayans have no problem with the use of English in the site because they prefer to understand and read in English than Tagalog. Visayans have more worldwide sense of insights and worldwide tolerance of different kind of people. Remember that the first diplomatic attitude did happen in the Visayas, in Bohol, not in Manila. While the natives in Manila remained fierce and indifferent towards the foreigners, the Visayans had shown their attitude of "Ambassadors of Goodwill" to the foreigners in the 16th century. Go back to your history subject in high school and read the original manuscripts by the regional history writers. If you like Tagalog language website why don't create your own and remain in your international myopia? First you have to learn some basic education on website making otherwise you will just make a mess.

Thanks for the reply, which basically provides similaar argument to those I gave about the "I need Tagalog" style of comments. I have nothing specific against Tagalog, but it should not, and need not be imposed on people, just as any other language, for the very reasons April gave--your are most fluent in your native language--and being forced to use another language immediately provides you with a handicap.

Grenzo, you know nothing about the web-site creation skills of April, so you final comment is uncalled for.--Jeroen.

Timothy wrote:
Saturday, 9 October 2004 16:32:07 PHT
PAhirap ka eh!!!
Paul wrote:
Wednesday, 6 October 2004 22:09:49 PHT
To the one who wrote this, I need the Tagalog version Tagalog?... because i need in my Filipino subject...it could help a lot if it is written both in Tagalog and in English...

The intention of your teacher is that you write something yourself, and not slavishly copy what is available on the internet; that would be fraud. Now if you carefully translate this article in Tagalog, you've already done half the work, but you should really watch a movie (or read a book) and form your own opinion about it, and write that down.--Jeroen.

Cheenee wrote:
Monday, 13 September 2004 23:26:15 PHT
Wala bang ibang picture ni Cesar Montano na hindi color blue? kc I really need it for our project!!...Ł anyway.... it's an excellent movie...
April wrote:
Sunday, 12 September 2004 14:52:57 PHT
With all due respect sa kung sino man ang nagsulat nito, nais ko lang sabihin na ang pagsulat sa wikang Filipino ng movie review ay sana pinagtuunan din ng pansin. Hindi tamang rason na para sa international lamang ito. Oo nga't halos lahat ng mga Pilipino ay nakakaintindi ng English pero nasan ang iyong pagkatao bilang Pilipino at respeto sa kalinangang Pilipino? Hindi ba pwedeng maging international ang mga bagay na naka-Filipino? Pano nakilala ang mga ibang bansa na hindi namn nakakaintind ng english? It's ridiculous since an individual cannot be more at home in any other language than his own. So sana next time unahin nyo muna ang Filipino sa pagsusulat bago i-english. Pwede naman kayong gumawa sa dalawang lenggwahe eh... tanong ko lang, Pinoy ka ba?

First, I am not Pinoy, so writing things in Tagalog means I will have to have them translated by my wife. Second, this website is aimed at an international public, who may be interested in this type of movie, and the only way to reach these is in English. Third, and most important in light of your comment, the story plays in a Cebuano speaking area, and most of the actors' (including the lead star) first language is not Tagalog, but the Boholano dialect of Cebuano--so, if your objection is to be taken seriously, the movie should have been shot in Cebuano. Cebuano actually has more native speakers than Tagalog, and it is to be regretted that, inspite of this, Cebuano still has no official status in the Philippines--which would be surely a good way to respect such a large group of people. You are right that it is best to handle things in your own language, but for over three quarters of the Philippine population, that language is not Tagalog (or its artificial derivative called Filipino). The Philippines is a multi-lingual country, and large groups will always have to deal with another language than their own.--Jeroen.

Claudia wrote:
Wednesday, 28 July 2004 11:26:55 PHT
To the one who wrote this, D mu p ba nararamdaman na kylangan ng mga readers ng article mo ng tagalog?... it could help a lot if it is written both in tagalog and in english...

One reason I put this article in English is that this movie has potential appeal to an international audience, not just to Filipino's. Also, I think almost everybody can understand English.--Jeroen

Ayes wrote:
Thursday, 15 July 2004 19:32:47 PHT
Hay naku! hrap muro ami! kasi dpat may tagalog nito para copy paste nalang.. 3-eliz
Rheena Pangilinan wrote:
Wednesday, 14 July 2004 04:37:01 PHT
Madaming aral ung matututuhan moh d2. We nid 2 tke care of our nature bec. god given us dis place 2 live and tke good care of our nature,so we must tke care of this. at dapat din pigilan na natin ang lahat ng masasamang ginagaw natin dito kasi mkakasama ito sa mundo. Sabi nga tayoh ang pinaka matalinong nilalang ng diyos at dapat natin ito gamitin hangang my bukas pa...
Rheena Pangilinan wrote:
Wednesday, 14 July 2004 04:36:25 PHT
Assignment nmn toh kyA dpat nmn sana my tagalog nitoh...my tagalog ngs oonti lng nmn!!

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