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Bared... Who is Willy's Soulmate?

Tagbilaran, Tuesday, 19 January 2010


  • Filipino Archbishop Bernardino Auza, the Papal nuncio to Haiti, is alive and well and the people working with him although there was great destruction in the country and there were many people who died. This piece of good news is from the Catholic Bishop Conference of the Philippines. Auza said thousands of people died following a huge quake in Haiti and among them are those of Catholic clergy and missionaries. More than happy is Mrs. Magdalena Auza, Archbishop's mother who is in Talibon town.
  • Here are the results in an online poll conducted by as of Jan. 15, 5pm: Edgar Chatto is gaining significant points in the gubernatorial race with 46%, 98 votes, Tomas Abapo (42%, 80 votes), Rene Relampagos (51%, 92 votes), Erico Aumentado (51%, 93 votes), Jose Antonio Veloso (55%, 106 votes) and Nuevas Tirol - Montes (52%, 89 votes).
  • Could it be true that a politician from the eastern part of Bohol (who is running for a higher position this 2010) is charged with estafa? According to Bared's Very Reliable Source (VRS), the estafa charges were filed last week by the politician's friend at the Provincial Fiscal Office. Clue: Let us this pambata folk song!
  • Vice-Presidentiable Loren Legarda cancelled her flight to Bohol last Friday due to bad weather. "Humihingi ako ng paumanhin sa lahat nang naghintay sa akin saTagbilaran." Legarda said in an interview by BJ Alba, her local coordinator. Legarda was supposedly the guest speaker on Climate Change at the Bohol Cultural Center with the students and teachers of Bohol Island State University.

It's bound to happen, sooner than later. And finally, after all the maybe's and if's, Emmanuel "Willy" Ramasola met Dr. Vanessa Joyce "Bambi" Matuod Evardone for the first time in the US.

Picture 1

As a backgrounder, our male searchee is the super bachelor Willy (he won second place in the prestigious Makati Sports Club 2009 Tennis Championships on October 23, 2009) who serves as the executive vice president of QNX Solutions, Inc. (QSI), a leading provider of enterprise business solutions especially in the area of web-integrated enterprise resource planning, human capital management, financial management and materials management.

On the other hand, our female searchee is Bambi who has a highly-impressive scholastic background. She is a beauty queen (Binibining Agham - Bohol, Region VII Binibining Agham '92, Miss Alturas Campus Personality '92, Mutya sa Tagbilaran '94, Miss Bohol Sandugo '94, Miss Medical Technology and Miss Southwestern University "96, SWU Golden Jubilee Queen and San Miguel Corporation Mandaue Muse '97), quiz bee winner, leadership awardee and a doctor.

Picture 2

Last Nov. 2009, Willy had a successful trip to Los Angeles, USA just to meet his new found friends whom he met through or However, Bared's globetrotter Very Reliable Source (VRS) confessed that "Willy's 10-day trip here in US was to meet Bambi in person...secondary lang ang ubang friends sa!" Intriguing! Intriguing!

"You can hear Willy's heartbeat Lub-dub, Lub-dub, Lub-dub the moment he met Bambi... I know there was love and it was sparkling!" VRS added.

The thread about Willy and Bambi as "couple" draws reactions from readers; everyone's buzzing about them.

After the "whirlwind" visit, many are asking what's next. Are they or aren't they?

Let's find out if Willy has found his soulmate through reading the pictures courtesy of Bared is a body language expert, a talent he practiced when he was in high school. Remember that sometimes, action speaks louder than words.


Picture 3

COMPATIBILITY: These two appeared well-suited in intellect, tastes and interests (see picture 1). The way his body curls inward and his head move towards Bambi (pictures 1 and 2) means that Willy admires Bambi even for the first time he met her. But their emotional compatibility looks weaker and there's an underlying awkwardness yet. 6/10

PASSION: Willy has not yet expressed to Bambi that she's secured with him since his left arm/hand is far (pictures 1 and 2). Bambi wants to say "I am yours Willy!" as her hands wanted to touch Willy's arm (see picture 2).  By the way, Willy's hand has a bottle of beer (see picture 1) and this suggests his mind is elsewhere (or he is thinking of other things). And Bambi's bag is a passion-barrier (see picture 3), which indicates she may be keeping her distance until emotional issues are sorted. 5/10

TRUST: Trust looks high. Their facial expressions are easy and pleasant that you'd expect from a relaxed empathetic couple. 8/10

VERDICT: There is a big chance for the two. They are two right people meeting at the right time in a conducive, romantic December setting. They just need to express their true feelings. The pictures hints that Bambi looks to him for protection. Bared says: I find these days that romance can be so cliched... but it's true that some elements of romance will never go out of fashion. Score: 19/30


Leo P. Udtohan

What readers think...

Jay wrote:
Sunday, 8 January 2012 11:37:54 PHT
Bigaun manang bayhana maoy mag una+una ug laki basta executive. Pilian kaayo gusto niya pareha ug level niya. Basta igo kaayo sa iyahang checklist open sesami street dayon. Sige sila ug jr.
Galaz wrote:
Friday, 25 February 2011 15:22:18 PHT
@Jeje: Sino naman po ang gf ni kuya willy?
Willy wrote:
Friday, 4 February 2011 14:27:45 PHT
burikat manang baye gamiton rana ni willy usa sa mga biktima napod pailad dai. ang laki baho naman na sa bohol unay2x ug away mga pamilya.
Jeje wrote:
Tuesday, 9 November 2010 13:06:46 PHT
Hehe.....ASA LANG GYOD ng bajeha...LOL may uyab si willy oi....and friend ko pa,...sila pa hangtud karon...
J wrote:
Tuesday, 21 September 2010 18:07:23 PHT
Hahaha! Lol!!!!

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