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Bared... All set for Ogie-Regine concert

Tagbilaran, Monday, 25 January 2010


  • The Junior Chamber International (JCI) Bohol Sandugo will hold its 51st Induction and Turn-Over ceremonies on January 23, 7p.m. at the MetroCenter Hotel, Tagbilaran City. Congratulations to president LJ Lumayag and incoming president Greggy Gatal.
  • We have a belief that brides shouldn't try on their wedding dress before the wedding day or the wedding will not push through. That is not the case always. Even though his bride-to-be is not trying to fit in the bridal gown, there is a "rumor" that the wedding of this handsome customer service expert will not push through this month. According to Bared's unimpeachable Very Reliable Source (VRS), the "cancellation" is due to the girl's family problems. As of now, the groom is working ways to iron things out. Sayang, they have wedding rings to prove their eternal love. VRS added that if the wedding will push through, it is private and family affair; there are no friends invited. Tsupe, tsupe, tsupe!
  • A pious man and a young man were spotted being so lovey-dovey in a coffee shop. Habitues of the shop insist there seems to be something going on between them. Or are they just pals who happen to be extra-sweet? Mmmm... uso naman na!

In a blink of an eye, tomorrow is Valentine's Day! Yes, count 'em, 21 days to go.

February is the month of love, and sweethearts are busy checking out romantic possibilities for Valentine's Day. Whether you're celebrating with a date, going out with friends or spending it with family, there are many things to do that will get you into the V-Day spirit. Celebrities are busy, too, and some of them instead of spending time for romantic dinners or expensive escapades choose to entertain the music lovers on this important day.

Case in point: Ogie Alcasid and Regine Velasquez.

Yes, it's confirmed: sweethearts Ogie Alcasid and Regine Velasquez are coming for a pre-Valentine concert on Feb. 12, 8 p.m., at the Verdant Pavilion of Panglao Island Nature Resort & Spa in Bingag, Dauis town. Titled "Pre-Valentine Concert with the Song Writer and the Songbird," the concert is presented by the Bohol Quality Corporation with Concepcion Carrier Air Conditioning, Creamsilk Conditioners, Sunsilk, Green Cross and Spheron Premium Paint.

The concert is the first in Bohol for 2010. It can be remembered that the BQ Management brought Concert King Martin Nievera in a pre-Valentine concert on Feb 8, 2009.

I'm sure, Ogie and Regine fanatics are counting the days till their back-to-back concert. Even Bared's friends can hardly wait for it.

Seeing Ogie and Regine together on stage will make us fall in love and bring back wonderful memories.

Regine Velasquez (born Regina Encarnacion Ansong Velasquez on April 22, 1970) is one of the finest singer and actress in Asia who rose to fame worldwide by having a magnificent vocal prowess.

After of all the success in her career for more than 20 years in the business, Regine is the only artist who is still active in all the aspects of the business such as in album/concert scene, drama/television shows and also her movies are always successful even if she is already on her late 30's.

Identified as the Ultimate Songwriter, Ogie Alcasid (born Herminio Alcasid Jr. on August 27, 1967), undeniably, has proven a lot ever since he started his career during his younger years. When it comes to singing and creating romantic love songs, many of the listeners were touched and inspired thus making him as one of the singing icons in the country.  However, not only his singing prowess made the audience admire him but furthermore, his comic acting truly impressed the people who in fact want to follow his footsteps as well.

A backgrounder on Ogie and Regine relationship is culled from the website:

Remember when Ogie Alcasid and Regine Velasquez finally admitted their long-time relationship?

Rumors about Ogie and Regine being an item started to get loud in showbiz several months before Ogie Alcasid revealed it in YES! magazine last June 2007.

In fact, during the press conference for the Regine and Robin Padilla movie Till I Met You in the last quarter of 2006, she told the entertainment press, "May boyfriend ako of four years." A non-showbiz guy, according to her.

But the press people, as usual, didn't buy that. They still strongly believed that Asia's Songbird was concealing her rumored boyfriend.

February of the following year, Ogie gave a small hint to the public when he announced that he would have a big revelation in June 2007. No one had an exact idea about it. He just said that it was going to be "big and personal."

The public and the entertainment press waited patiently, but most already sensed that the revelation would be about his relationship with Regine. After all, the rumors had been rife for the last four years, after Ogie's wife, Michelle Van Eimeren, 1994 Miss Australia, went back to Australia.

For four months, showbiz reporters continuously asked Ogie about his special revelation, but instead of giving it away, he chose to keep quiet. When Regine was asked about it, her answer was, "Let's just wait for Ogie's announcement in June."

In the last quarter of May, even before the supposed schedule of the singer-songwriter's confession, YES!'s June 2007 issue already hit the newsstands and bookstores with its headline: "Ogie's June Announcement on Regine: 'I love her, I'm crazy about her.'"

"Sabi ko na!" exclaimed the Ogie-Regine watchers.

And the rest is history.

(Note: Tickets to Ogie-Regine concert are available at BQ Mall Management Office or at Sales & Marketing Department of MetroCentre Hotel & Convention Center, priced at P2,000 (VIP), P1,500 (VIP) and P800 (General Admission). Call (038)-412-3964 and 411-2599 for inquiries.)

How to Hire the Right Publicist

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If you can afford to hire a publicist, read this courtesy of M. Loring Communications:

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Leo P. Udtohan

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