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Bared... Tagbi beauties through the years

Tagbilaran, Saturday, 24 April 2010

Wake uppers:

  • The members of the National Union of Journalists in Philippines (NUJP)-Bohol chapter won't forget the Nov. 23, 2009 massacre. They've joined the widespread protests from various media organizations and various sectors concerning the DOJ resolution dropping murder charges against Zaldy and Akmad Ampatuan and the statement of the National Prosecution Service opposing DOJ Secretary Alberto Agra's order. On the other hand, Ms. Rebecca Thompson, deputy press attaché and spokesperson of the US Embassy in Manila shares: We have condemned the massacre in Maguindanao in the strongest possible terms, and continue to follow closely the developments in this case. We will continue to urge that the Philippine government aggressively and thoroughly pursue and bring to justice those responsible for the killings.
  • Asia's song goddess Regine Velasquez celebrated her 40th birthday (April 22) in an exclusive resort in Panglao. She was joined by some members of her family and boyfriend Ogie Alcasid. For her 40th birthday, Regine was given an expensive designer's bag by Ogie. Regine has one wish for her birthday and that is to have a baby girl who will look like of Heart Evangelista, Andi Eigenmann or Kim Chiu!
  • Veteran showbiz columnist and TV host Ricky Lo arrived in Bohol last week. He's taking a three-day vacation from writing and taping and went to Bohol with bosom buddy Raoul Tidalgo, a New York City based Boholano writer. I'd spent time with Sirs Ricky and Raoul talking all and sundry at the posh Bohol Tropics where he was billeted. A tour to Bohol beauty spots commenced his visit. Sir Ricky is very instrumental in promoting Bohol to the world in his widely read column in Star.

    Veteran entertainment writer Ricky Lo and Leo Udtohan.

  • Could it be true that a politician got mad, really mad during the convention of the Orange Party? According to a Very Reliable Source (VRS), he was not properly "treated" by the Orange staff from Manila who manned the event. The politician cried: "I was treated as a second class citizen!" The head of the Orange party in Bohol came to the rescue to calm down the politician whose complaint was loud enough to be heard by other politicians who were at the venue. Then, there's a politician who irked the media people with his irritating antics and comments. The mediamen just controlled their temper since the politician was obviously under the influence of liquor! In short, hubog!

A new Tagbilaran beauty will be chosen on Friday, April 30, at a grand coronation to be held at the Bohol Cultural Center.

Daisy Jean Quilicot will relinquish her crown to the new Tagbi
beauty on April 30.

The second prestigious beauty pageant in the province, its inception in 1986 (with different names like Miss Tagbilaran from 1986 to 1987, Miss Teen Tagbilaran in 1988, Mutya sa Tagbilaran from 1989 to 2004, Tagbilaran's Five Prettiest, Miss Young Tagbilaran in 2005, and back to Miss Tagbilaran starting in 2006) has registered hundreds of contestants. Other contestants were forgotten in the passing of time while there are those beauties whose "shine" remains through like a "mutya" or gem.

Beauty pageant-obsessed Tagbilaranons insisted that there are only three Tagbilaran beauties who won the Miss Bohol Sandugo title: they were Vanessa Joyce Matuod Evardone, Socorro d'Marie Tallo Inting and Daisy Jean Quilicot. And there is a daughter who duplicated the feat of her mother who won the crown 20 years ago.

Only in 1995 that the city failed to stage the pageant, one of the major activities leading to the fiesta celebration.

Without much ado, here is a list of interesting trivia and anecdote about Miss Tagbilaran:

  • Zosita Caliao Clarin was the first Miss Tagbilaran in April 1986. Twenty years after, her daughter Margo became Miss Tagbilaran.
  • Three months after the April 1986 pageant, the City Government of Tagbilaran organized the 1986 Tagbilaran's Five Prettiest. Winners were Elisa Pusta Laway, Gemma Marina Reyes Manding, Ma. Josefina Mabilog Manigque, Helena Monton and Leah Vita Castaño.
  • Fiel Angeli Espejo Araoarao reigned as Miss Tagbilaran 1987.
  • Geraldee Vallejo Campbell (now Mrs. Balbona) was crowned Miss Teen Tagbilaran in 1988.
  • Mutya sa Tagbilaran 1989 was Winnie Moreno Lim.
  • In 1990, a Penshoppe model, Ma. Victoria Gaviola Labado, became Mutya sa Tagbilaran.
  • Mutya sa Tagbilaran 1991 was Joanna Cheryl Matuod Evardone. 
  • Suzy Agoncillo Tabuno was Mutya sa Tagbilaran 1992 and was the city's official representative to the Miss Bohol Sandugo 1992.
  • Mutya sa Tagbilaran 1993 was Sophia Lorraine Maniwang Alvarez.
  • Vanessa Joyce Matuod Evardone was crowned Mutya sa Tagbilaran 1994, the second Mutya title for the Evardone Family after older sister Chewee (Joanna Cheryl), continued to triumph as Miss Bohol Sandugo 1994 pageant.
  • Mutya sa Tagbilaran 1996 was Mary Fragelle Felisilda Tejano.
  • Socorro D' Marie Tallo Inting was crowned Mutya sa Tagbilaran 1997 and Miss Bohol Sandugo 1997. She is a lawyer.
  • Jesyl Bongosia del Rosario, Mutya sa Tagbilaran 1998.
  • Mutya 1999 was Marimi Caballo Marapao.
  • Mutya Amor Telmo Zamora, Mutya 2000.

    Miss Tagbilaran 2007 Mary Lovely Ligones
    exudes beauty and sophistication of a modern
  • Jacklyn Joy Pilayre Yam, was crowned Mutya 2001. She was best remembered for the "fall" which caused her a few stitches on the face before the pageant and coronation night. Her first runner-up, Maria Gina Palen of Booy district had received all the awards making her the only candidate in the pageant history who gathered all the awards.
  • Mutya 2002 was Costie Jephilin Bojo Besas.
  • Rhoda Lee Logroño Ligan was crowned Mutya 2003.
  • Mutya 2004 was Lorraine Marie Mapute Evasco.
  • In 2005, Miss Young Tagbilaran beauties were Richell "Rich Asuncion" Pacaldo Angalot (who is now a popular actress), Anna Karenina Fuentes Cimagala, April Lynn C. Recio, Katherine Margaret M. Tejano and Barbie Ann B. Vanta.
  • Margo Adelaiz Clarin Manigque, daughter of Miss Tagbilaran 1986 Suzette Clarin was Miss Tagbilaran 2006.
  • Mary Lovely Ligones was crowned Miss Tagbilaran 2007.
  • Ruby Crisannie Mijos was Miss Tagbilaran 2008. There was a residency issue about her.
  • Daisy Jean Quilicot won Miss Tagbilaran in 2009. She became Miss Bohol Sandugo 2009.

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