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Bared... Vote wisely; and new Miss Tagbi crowned

Tagbilaran, Saturday, 8 May 2010


  • Happy Mother's Day to all mothers out there! There is a Jewish proverb which says, "God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers." Let us thank our mothers, the hands that rock the cradle!
  • Please vote for Claudee Lynn Jamila at Claudee hails from Guindulman town.

  • Astig Fest featuring the local bands in Bohol and
    Greyhoundz at the Tagbilaran Port.
    A horde of fans trooped to Tagbilaran Port for the Astig Fest on April 30. Sponsored by Touch Mobile and manned by Ads In Motion (AIM), the event featured Greyhoundz, a Filipino heavy metal/experimental rock band formed in the late 90's who gained international recognition and is currently based in Manila. Local bands Bilwaboys and the Rabadab Connection, Soiree and Brownbudz knocked down the house. DJ Vinzkie, DJ Grace and Hannah Pilayre hosted the event. What a successful Astig event!

What will be your role in the May 10, 2010 elections (if, that is a big if, there would be elections!)?

Another history will unfold, and a new leader will rise, let us all join hands in prayer and in our own little ways in exercising our right to vote, and be part of the changes.

Before you vote, take time to read this reminder from the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines on the characteristics of a candidate that should be elected for public office.

  1. MAN OR WOMAN OF GOD: who is above all committed to God's will; who lives the Gospel values, if Christian; who is not materialistic and sexually promiscuous; does not have vices as shown by shady deals, extravagant spending, riotous living, gambling, womanizing, excessive drinking; and, who is of strong moral character and inspires others to be so.
  2. PRO-DEMOCRACY, PRO-COUNTRY: upholds and is willing to defend the Philippine Constitution and democratic institutions at all cost; awakens in the citizenry that sense of nationhood and national pride which go beyond personal, family and regional bonds; and instills in others love for country, inspiring them to work together for its development.
  3. PRO-PEOPLE OR PRO-POOR: practices preferential love for the poor and underprivileged; uses his possessions and means primarily for the common good and not just for personal gain; animates others through words and works; witnesses towards a commitment - to share with the poor, to serve the poor, to live simply so that the poor may simply live, and to be with, work with and learn from the poor.
  4. A PERSON OF INTEGRITY AND TRANSPARENCY: who is honest in all his ways – a person of integrity in thought, word, and deed – thereby earning the respect and trust of others; whose honesty and integrity characterize his family and professional life, his private and public transaction; and whose transparency allows and encourages close scrutiny of all his acts and decisions.
  5. A COMPETENT PERSON AND A MAN OF ACTION: who qualifies for the specific position he is seeking through his academic or work experiences, and, by way of a good mind which can easily grasp and analyze the essential point of a situation and come up with practical workable plans to address the situation; who can communicate effectively; who has a sense of urgency in getting things done, but tempers this with acting on the basis of fact and analysis of data; and whose leadership unfolds an aptitude for team effort and a strong sense of community. As a man or woman of vision integrates all three desired qualifications: Makatao (pro-people), Makabayan (pro-country) and Maka-Diyos (a man or woman of God) and translates these into a concrete plan of action; as a candidate for President, Governor, or Mayor, he or she is guided by a vision on which is based an action or program of government encompassing all issues. This concrete plan of action or program of government is articulated in clear goals with necessary support projects and having realistic and efficient timetable for results. It must work for the empowerment of the people. The candidate must have the ability to select competent staff which can work as a team and shares his or her vision and program of government.
  6. A MAN WHO DOES NOT DISCRIMINATE AGAINST OTHER RELIGIONS: Considering all as God's children under the love of the same Father, and generally maintains good relations with the Catholic Church, even if non-Catholic.
  7. PRO-ENVIRONMENT: considers the protection of the country's natural resources and promotes sustainable development within one's platform of government.
  8. PRO-HUMAN RIGHTS: defends and upholds human rights at all times.

Track record:

  1. A TESTED LEADER: who is guided by all the qualifications herein mentioned and whose performance in his or her public and private involvements attest to his or her ability as a leader.
  2. DISPLAYS GOOD JUDGMENT: who is capable of good judgment in sensitive positions; who is sincere, open-minded, has respect for others; and whose work experiences include difficult dilemmas wherein he or she exercised good judgment.
  3. LIFE IS A TESTIMONY OR HIS OR HER BELIEFS: whose life, career, and lifestyle give testimony to what he or she is and what he or she stands for. The "Yes" professed by the candidate is a stand and a commitment for the common good – never for vested interests or self-protection.

Mike Montañez, Carleen Angelica Yap, Gwenaelle Ruais (2010 Miss Philippines-Fire), Ej Relampagos, Kris Psyche Resus (2010 Miss Philippines-Earth), and Raul Phillip Gatal. Photo by Benedict Ong

Fer Mary Baliquig after being crowned the 2010 Miss Tagbilaran
pageant held in Tagbilaran City. Photo by Benedict Ong

Fer Mary Baliquig, 18, a native of Tagbilaran, was chosen 2010 Miss Tagbilaran, outshining 16 other hopefuls at a glittering ceremony with a distinctly modern Boholano flavor. A nursing student at the Holy Name University, Fer at 5'8" was the tallest among the contestants.

Fer's dusky morena skin, delicate and well-chiseled features plus her statuesque height makes her the heavy favorite among the candidates vying for the Miss Tagbi crown. She was also adjudged best in gown, best in interview and top five in swimsuit.

She received the crowd's admiration in the casual interview. The pageant's host Raul Gatal asked her to describe the ideal Miss Tagbilaran 2010. "Raul, you are looking at her right now!" was her striking answer.

Fer will represent the city in the Miss Bohol Sandugo beauty pageant which is set every July in time for the Sandugo festival.

Mylene Pedroso, Miss Tagbilaran 1st runner-up
Photo by Benedict Ong

Mylene Pedroso was declared first runner-up and was also named Miss Talent. Ma. Amy Fiel Fermo Booc was declared second runner-up and was also named Miss Photogenic, Miss Globe Telecom and Miss Coke Zero.

Fer considered her height as a big advantage over the others but "I have more to offer than just my height. I have the charm, the confidence and the personality."

According to, Fer is a "deserving winner. She's very spontaneous and she has unrehearsed answers. Aside from her height and morena beauty, her wit is her biggest advantage."

Without naming names and without mentioning slogans, Fer was asked to describe her ideal president and she answered blatantly: "Honest. My ideal president should be honest because honesty is the answer to solving the problems of graft and corruption and most importantly, it will be the key to our country's progress and development. Thank you!"

Among the judges were 2010 Miss Philippines-Fire Gwenaelle Ruais and 2010 Miss Philippines-Earth Kris Psyche Resus.

Credit for the pageant's successful staging should go to Mar Uy, Michelle Porticos, the pageant chairperson and designer EJ Relampagos who was the event organizer. Raul Phillip Gatal hosted the event with Mike Montañez and Carleen Angelica Yap.

Started in 1986, the Miss Tagbilaran beauty pageant is one of the province's most prestigious and the highlight of the city fiesta celebration in honor of St. Joseph the Worker.

Leo P. Udtohan

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brew wrote:
Saturday, 8 May 2010 20:50:01 PHT
Your Comment Claudee Lynn Jamila who is competing for the right to represent canada in the 2010 miss world pageant is a boholana and a cousin of ej relampagos. ej is creating claudee's filipiniana gown for the2010 miss canada- world pageant
Jeroen wrote:
Saturday, 8 May 2010 17:40:17 PHT
More photos at Mikey Gatal's site.

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