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Bared... Win some, lose some

Tagbilaran, Saturday, 15 May 2010


  • From Bon Ryan Bongato of Holy Name University: Hope is always available to us. When we feel defeated, we need only take a deep breath and say, "Yes," and hope will reappear. - Monroe Forester. True, true!
  • Correction, please! Mylene Pedroso should be 1st runner-up and not 2nd runner-up of Miss Tagbilaran 2010 in a photo caption reported by Bared last week. The correction came from Joseph Jay King Plaza (who was Mr. Albur in Mr and Miss Teen Bohol 2009). By the way, the 2010 edition of Mr and Miss Teen Bohol is on May 27 at the Bohol Cultural Center. Please call 411-5914 for more info).
  • I got a call from a socialite Very Reliable Source (VRS) informing me of a "movie." VRS, who was with her friends, said that the "movie" happened inside the newly-constructed high-end resto. "We are all shock! Even the family of re-elected female councilor could not believe a real teleserye! A doctor came to the rescue who rushed and helped to stop the catfight. It involved the son of a former principal of one of the high schools in Tagbilaran. Morag shooting og movie. Bukingan, sigawan, sapakan, sampalan, and sabunutan blues during Mother's Day between the wife and the other woman in the presence of the confused husband. We are surprised when the wife pulled out dirty linens in public, especially in the presence of children and young people who were supposed not to witness that scene. The woman was trying to sound sweet and calm down. She was telling the wife nga estoryaan nalang in private." The moral story? People should not wash their family's dirty linens in public, especially if there are kids and minors around.

The provincial board of canvassers (PBOC) headed by Atty. Eliseo
Labaria don't get enough sleep 24/7 during election time.

In Bohol, the elections are over and the winners were already proclaimed in the country's first automated elections. And the best thing, the provincial board of canvassers (PBOC) headed by lawyer Eliseo Labaria, provincial fiscal Macario Delusa, Dr. Lorna Rances, Amy Cortidor, Lourdes Balbin, Juvenal Beniga, Priming Ontong, Tacks Socorin, Nieva Uy, Prima Soliva, Lilet Tindoy, Edward Inting and Malou Cempron (who were getting five hours of sleep during election time) can have a good night sleep. I've heard that my good friends Maam Priming and Ms. Malou will have (beauty) rest and rejuvenation this week as they have now the luxury of time.

Newly-elected Governor Edgar Chatto hugs his wife Pureza while
their daughter Trisha looks on smiling at the proclamation.

My media colleague Edward Guyano and I could give a sigh of relief as we spent our time covering the elections. We even woke up early to report the arrival of the precinct count optical scan (PCOS) machines and accompanied the Argo forwarder and the Philippine Army officers for the distribution of PCOS to Bohol towns. We also took part on testing the credibility of the PCOS machines in mock elections.

With the speedy release of election results due to automation, the first town to transmit their election results was Corella, while Mabini was the last town to transmit the results on Wednesday at 10:30 p.m. though we stayed until 2:30am to transmit and print the final results.

Concepcion Lim is the first woman vice-governor of Bohol.

The first candidate proclaimed by Atty. Labaria was erstwhile Rene Relampagos who won as representative in the first district of Bohol. ABC president Concepcion Lim was the last candidate proclaimed by Atty. Labaria as the new vice governor of Bohol. Lim makes history as the first woman vice governor of Bohol.

Rep. Edgar Chatto obtained the highest number of votes against Cesar Montano and Vice Governor Julius Caesar Herrera.

After the election mudslinging, is it all's well that ends well? In an interview, Chatto assured, "When it comes to development of Bohol, the bottom line is always a common dream to have a sustainable development in this province. We can work very well together."

Newly-elected provincial board member (3rd district of Bohol)
Bridigo Imboy with wife Loay Mayor Rosemarie Imboy with son
and daughter SK municipal federated president Rochelle Brigitte
"RB" Imboy.

Chatto further said, "I am looking forward to working with the elected officials. Now, the whole electoral process is over regardless of political color all of us must make sure that we are able to harmonize ourselves and find the common objective and common target for the province of Bohol."

Regardless they came from different political spectrum since the political season is over, it is important to extend hands of friendship to everyone… and back to work as soon as they are installed in their respective offices.

And many breathed a sigh of relief. We are expecting our newly-elected officials to usher in a season of change... and hope for better days.

Let's do a recap and see how those who ran are faring:

  • Former provincial board member Dionisio Balite is the senior provincial board member for garnering the highest number of votes.
  • Mayor Jose Jono Jumamoy, the youngest mayor in the Philippines in 2007 election, was re-elected mayor of Inabanga. His mother Roygie Jumamoy was reelected as provincial board member in the second district of Bohol.
  • Former Albur Mayor Efren Tungol reclaimed his old seat, beating Vice Mayor Rene Buates.
  • Mayor Rosemarie Imboy got re-elected in Loay town, while her hubby Councilor Brigido Imboy won as board member in the third district of Bohol.
  • The candidacy of mothers and daughters have indeed dazzled the first ever automated polls, but for the more unfortunate mothers and daughters, their future in politics seems bleak as seen in the initial results of the counting of votes. Mayor Myrna Schreurs didn't win for vice mayor in Garcia Hernandez and also her daughter Chandrina Schreurs for councilor. Provincial board member Amalia Reyes-Tirol lost her mayoral bid in Ubay, while her daughter Dr. Mutya Kismet Tirol-Macuno failed to win as provincial board member for Bohol's second district.
  • Rep. Roberto "Ondoy" Cajes won as mayor in Trinidad, while his wife Mayor Judith del Rosario-Cajes lost to Gov. Erico Aumentado for representative in the second district of Bohol.
  • Losers are Tita Gallentes (Garcia Hernandez), Nila Montero (Panglao), Pedro Fuertes (Panglao), Amalia Reyes-Tirol (Ubay), Toto Veloso (Tagbilaran City), Jose Veloso (Maribojoc), Ma. Fe Lejos (Getafe), Elsa Tirol (Buenavista) and Nilo Sarigumba (Loboc) who failed to secure the mayoral position. Winners are mayors Jasmine Balistoy (Cortes), Niño Rey Boniel (Bien Unido), Leon Calipusan (Loboc), Dan Lim (Tagbilaran City), Lloyd Peter Lopez (Loon) Leoncio Evasco (Maribojoc) and Louis Thomas Gonzaga (Danao). Doris Dinorog-Obena and Nemi Monton are also unlikely to clinch provincial board member post for the first district of Bohol.
  • We say "better luck next time" to our media colleagues: Andy Manatad (for 2nd district representative, losing), Dandan Bantugan (for 1st district board member, losing), Gerry Pabe (Tagbilaran City councilor, losing), Danny Reyes (Panglao councilor, losing) and Dodong Libatona (Balilihan councilor, losing).

Asked to give a one-word description of the country's firs automated elections, the Comelec personnel smiled.

Malou: "Successful!"

Amy: "Fast!"

Atty. Labaria: "Consistent results!"

The teachers and policemen who took part in the elections can be happy as their honoraria are on the way to their bank accounts. Nang Besing Rulona, administrative aide of the office of the vice governor has the widest smile since she's a great help. She was the San Pedro at the SP Session Hall. She got a thumbs up from everyone present. Make it double thumbs up for the effort. Hehehehehe!

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What readers think...

Dennis wrote:
Friday, 28 May 2010 05:39:22 PHT
I watched with interest the Bohol elections here in Canada. Congratulations to the winners of the May local elections in Bohol. Hopefully, this new mandate will allow you to serve the Boholanos with honesty, integrity and accountability. Congratulations as well to COMELEC for your untiring effort to make the automated elections a success. Most of all congratulations to the people of Bohol for your active participation and exercise of your democratic rights. One good advice: Keep an eye on your elected officials' performance and remember - you the people are their boss not the other way around.
Edwin Deloso wrote:
Saturday, 15 May 2010 07:22:48 PHT
God bless all new elected officials. May you always look for the benefits of everyone and not for yourself alone. We love our God little paradise province BOHOL. Let us broadcast to the world that we boholanos are pro-GOd, pro-enviroment, pro-peope, pro-nature. My best wishes to our BOHOL leaders 2010.

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