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Bared... Hula Hula Who for 2011

Tagbilaran, Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Breaking News: Baba Yap-Jane Cajes wedding on Feb. 5

It's confirmed: Bohol's most eligible bachelor and Tagbilaran City councilor Baba Yap (John Geesnell Yap II in real life) and the young controversial public figure Jane Censoria Cajes are reportedly getting married on Feb. 5, 2011, the month which Jane has been hinting on her Facebook account last year.

According to Bared's VRS (Very Reliable Source) embedded in the resort, the Bohol's "grand wedding of the year" is going to be a church wedding and not a garden wedding as circulated earlier.

"They have decided to finally make public their wedding plan" said the VRS. "Jane was told to wear ecru colored gown. The wedding will take place at St. Joseph Cathedral Church at 3 p.m. It is the same church where Baba's parents exchanged vows."

Most of the sponsors are the Chinese barkadas of the Yap family, the Lims, Uys, Yaps and Dus," shares VRS. "Would you believe that Congressman Erico Aumentado is one of the principal sponsors?" adds VRS.

The "Ba-Jane" love team became the talk of the town in 2010 as fans followed their love story on Facebook. "We are waiting for the day," says a fan. Another fan comments, "He is still our handsome councilor."

Last year, Baba posted on his Facebook, quote-unquote: "The best thing about tomorrow is it is closer to the day I see you again" and "You are the reason why I love waking up."

That's all for the meantime. Stay tune.

Hula Hula Who for 2011

Year 2010 is over; the tiger left us with wonderful memories. And 2011, the year of the rabbit, is just nine years old. How fast time flies! You blink and when you look again, it's Tagbilaran fiesta!

I must take a bow because last year's Hula Hula Who was 90% true, not bad though. Bravo! Bravo! As I told you before, there's no need to consult a mananagna, fondle a mutya or crystal ball, shuffle a deck of cards or scan the sky to "foretell" what's in store for our favorite Boholanos in the next 12 months. All you have to do, as I've just done, is to believe VRS (yes, the Very Reliable Sources, including the tsikadoras and radio de baktas), the divine intervention and other news sources.

As tradition dictates, Bared is dishing out hula hula who for the Year of the Rabbit.

Drum roll, please...

  • Mayors Jose Jono Jumamoy, Thomas Gonzaga and Niño Rey Boniel will not yet get married this year even if they have beautiful and sexy girlfriends.
  • Mayor Cary Camacho - He will meet beautiful and sexy partner and he will rush to tie the knot. But, opps... (the crystal ball becomes clearer) as another beautiful lady will come. The scene might be two lovely flowers one is red and the other's white, should I pick one to stay...
  • Atty. Lord Marapao - He will continue to inspire others as Padre Pio's ardent follower. He will receive a divine message from the miraculous Padre Pio to discern things that will change his life. A possible appointment is seen.
  • Carleen Angelica Yap and someone special - Their "special friendship" will be even stronger and might tie the knot. The crystal ball didn't tell who's this someone special.
  • Loida Lagonoy will remain loveless (but not for long).
  • Atty. Aleck "Koy Koy" Lim will reveal the identity of his girlfriend (if he has any).
  • Junibe Froilan and Dra. April Lumuthang-Froilan should expect the stork's visit. Same for Mary Ann Aparece-Verga and Dr. Jon Mark Verga, Baba Yap and Jane Censoria Cajes, Atty. Doi Magdoza and Dra. Aileen Tan-Magdoza, and Tessie Labunog-Sumampong and Levi Sumampong.
  • Glenn Mark Blasquez - He will not stay longer on Bohol. He will try to venture sailing the ships where he can find a beautiful partner. He might be testing to tie the knot.
  • Dame Rose Soy - Need to say more? The Bohol's Queen of Tourism will continue her role in the society and she will land in an international magazine. She will also have another business venture.
  • Doxson Asoy - He will meet a new girlfriend in one of his functions as a youth leader.
  • Eden Descallar will tie the knot this year because she's ready and so her boyfriend (who can't wait for another year).
  • Trisha Chatto will have a colorful lovelife this year as she will meet the "man of her dreams."
  • Gerry Lugod's love life will be as barren as ever and, as he has been happily claiming, he'll remain safely "celibate." We love you Gerry!
  • Jerome and Fiel Angeli Gabin - It's a healthy baby boy! And it is a healthy baby girl for Ryan and Reg Macalandag.
  • Lailette Geulen-Boiser - Her stars will be seen clearly this year. Jerber Mercado and Cathy Remperas should work hard for their stars to shine again.
  • Mikey Gatal - He will find another interest. He will attend a bonggang bonggang event where he will be rubbing elbows with luminaries and artists.
  • Nonito Donaire - Another win for Nonito (and a baby for him and Rachel's).
  • Rammel Cagulada, Leo Plazos and De Ers will finally (finally!!!) find their partners someone out there!
  • Inday Rufing, Inday Charity and Inday Buling will perform in an event this summer to tickle our funny bones.
  • Loboc Children's Choir and Loboc Youth Ambassador - They will (again) bring pride to Bohol.
  • Bohol will be the set location of big films. No elaboration.
  • A celebration for which will turn 10 this year!

And the blind items hula hula:

  • Expect pregnancies out of wedlock this year of the Randy Rabbit (remember the Playboy logo?). One is a young daughter of a prominent family here who might expect morning sickness. The family will have a manhunt search for the "culprit" who disappears like lightning.
  • Boholanos (the young and young once) will bring honor to the country.
  • More Boholanos will become victims of scams and identity theft. (Caution: Facebook and other social networks are not your best friends.)
  • A dean of a school (her colleagues are calling this dean as "virus of the institution") will hog the headlines as mounts of complaints are coming against the dean.
  • The news department of a radio will undergo a revamp.
  • An estranged couple might reconcile after discovering that love is sweeter the second time. Oh, sweet!
  • Separated sweethearts but "still friends" will find new partners. Both sides are against of their new relationships.
  • A fashion icon will establish new place to express the talent.
  • A business couple will break up – amicably where there are no legal battles, no charges and counter-charges.
  • It's a splitsville of young models this year. A beauty queen will cry a river when her boyfriend cum model will find another one.
  • Another politician will find himself enmeshed in a controversy due to immorality.
  • A popular couple might be headed for splitsville due to, huhuhuhu, the member is tiny bubbles!
  • An international performer (whose parents are from Bohol) will come home. This performer will visit relatives and do charities.
  • A lawmaker will make earth-shaking news that will put an end of a relationship.
  • Another radio news program will fade out.
  • A beauty queen will reveal her flesh that might be circulated in the internet.
  • The alalays and loyalitas of a politician will fight each other and share the mudslinging; one will end up very depressed because of humiliation. The negative energy will continue because there is a jinx of the group.
  • A host of a popular radio program will jump over the bakod after aches and depression.
  • A garden wedding of the person who loves the bees and arts will be held this year.
  • Two pastors and their members will become friends again.
  • A popular band will be disbanded due to the manager's unprofessionalism.
  • An already controversial leader will become even more as the people will watch every move and will get media mileage.
  • The rainbow of an icon in the field of beauty pageant, a messenger of the Word, big boss in the government, an artist, a model and host will no longer be seen...forever (knock on the wood three times!).

There you are, expect a lot of surprises this year!


Leo P. Udtohan

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