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Arlyne | Tuesday, 9 April 2002

I appreciate the effort you have exerted in creating this website. I hope there are still more things to be added on this that can challenge the viewers to research all about Bohol. God will surely bless you for doing this for the sake of Bohol. I like this so much. Maayong pagkahimo! Wala masayang ang inyong panahon nga giusikan tungod kay nasayud kong daghan ang makadayeg niini. I hope that Boholanos will surf here so that they will be able to see and know the things that foreigners have been enjoying and so that we will not become a stranger of our own place. God bless you!

Cristy Buslon Walter | Sunday, 7 April 2002

Hallo sa tanan taga Sierra Bullones, kamusta naman mo tanan diha. best regards from me here in Germany.

Kristine Tungol | Wednesday, 3 April 2002

This is perhaps the most thoroughly informative and entertaining Bohol site. I particulary love the great quality of the photographs, making the images look so vibrant and full of life. Overall, this is a fitting tribute to our beloved Bohol. More power and padayon, mga Bol-anon!

Mark Palaca / New York | Monday, 25 March 2002

Regards ko ni May And Leslie Bitancor, Ate bonit Regards sa tanang Yfc's especially ni Cecil Caina 'AlgerLAoLao, Joy Caderao Ate may Palaca, Manong Michael.

Michelle Palaca | Monday, 25 March 2002

Hi! Tanan I'm here in New York (in my classroom). I just wanna say hello to all carmenanon 'taga La Paz ug poblacion, and YFC

Alicia | Monday, 25 March 2002

Very informative and COOL website. I get a lot of information I need. Thank you so very much! Keep up the good work! Regards from Sweden! Alicia

Lyn | Saturday, 23 March 2002

Kumusta sa tanan! Visit max surban's website! Regards to my relative and friends!

jun jun | Monday, 18 March 2002

Kumusta na kamo taga bohol labi na sa taga Tagbilaran city.Kaila mo ni Friah Gretel Regis or Maureen Tolang if you please email me. I been trying to locate there whereabouts. thanx..

Evelyn B. Vianzon | Thursday, 14 March 2002

Bohol is one of the beautiful places in the Philippines. I hope i can visit your place this summber. God bless!

Larry Massey | Sunday, 10 March 2002

I was in Bohol over a year ago and I enjoyed every day. Unfortunately, because of business, I could only stay 2 days there. I was in Cebu for two years starting an office for my company and I love the Filipinos/Filipinas. Ha ha ha Someday I will return and be able to spend many carefree days in Bohol taking advantage of one of your celebrations. I live in Jacksonville, FL now. I am very impressed with your dictionary... the best on the web, I think, and I have done some searching, believe me! Larry

lorenzo uriarte | Sunday, 10 March 2002

Mr. Jeroen, I beg your pardon: new correction: I think I have a mistake: my e-mail is not . In the expresion it is better . Thank you so much.

lorenzo uriarte | Sunday, 10 March 2002

I think I have a mistake: my e-mail is not mi real e-mail is: In the expresion is better to say I wish to have information about the Barangay . In my opinion the better place to get this information may be in the municipality of CARMEN. Mr. Jeroen, you are veri kind Tis information

lorenzo uriarte | Sunday, 10 March 2002

If you know anyone from CARMEN, BOHOL e-mail me in I wish the direccion of anyone living in CARMEN, well by e-mail or by post; better if the contact is with any one in the goverment of the municipality. Thankyou so much

bebie | Friday, 8 March 2002

Very Nice! The dictionary runs so right!I just have seen it lately. This is a very different and cool site...I know you will not stop enhancing the website to be the best among all websites about Bohol... I will watch for more...really informative.

kenth | Sunday, 3 March 2002

im interested of your country i have seen soo many beutiful pics i find in different sites of internet but itīs really bothers me that soo many links on different site doesnīt work i surf around in some sites listed in bohol but thats not so many siteīs who can get right info thank for your site i got more info from your site then i find in other sites but i still have trouble to find travelhelp to get from sweden to bohol for a vacation if anywhone can get me the info iīll be pleased thanks for a nice site

lorenzo uriarte (Villarcayo, Spain) | Sunday, 3 March 2002

If you know anyone from Villarcayo,CARMEN, Bohol, e-mail me ----------

Athena Melendre Mendez | Monday, 25 February 2002

Hi you guys. Kumusta tanang Jagna-anon...

gloria borum | Wednesday, 13 February 2002

hi there kamusta na how is everybody in montesunting carmen bohol. happy valentines to all of my family and friends.taga sunting man ko dool sa sawang manga clavite og deguinon kung duna moy kaila ako nang igagaw siguro

Mily Yuzon-Leadley, MD | Monday, 4 February 2002

Hi there! So cool to see your Bohol website. I am now living in Hamilton, New Zealand but I am originally from Negros, an island 2 hours from Bohol. I have relatives in Tagbilaran and have spent many summer holidays there. Your Bohol website helps bridge the physical gap between NZ and my country of birth. Keep up the good work.

Roberto Caga-anan, M.D. | Saturday, 2 February 2002

It's just exciting to read and see some of the beautiful places that we have in Bohol. I believe there are a lot of people from far away places that want to see our place but has been prevented by the negative publicity esp. in the area of peace and order that we are getting from the media. Let's show to the world the beauty of our place and goodness of our people. SHALOM.......