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Bohol on the Web

Bohol Network
A news and directory website for Boholanos worldwide.
Bohol und Cabilao Philippinen Info
Information on Bohol in German.
General information on Bohol. Webmaster: Leah Tirol-Magno.
Harrys Diaschau - Topshot 4 You - Bohol
Harry Boer's nice website, with loads of pictures of the Philippines, also has a page dedicated to Bohol.
Phlip-side / eState-side
Collection of links to pages related to Bohol, collected by Joey Tabaco.
Process Bohol Inc.
The Participatory, Research, Organization of Communities and Education towards Struggle for Self-Reliance (PROCESS)-Bohol, Inc. is a non-stock, non-profit organization, established in October 2, 1982 with the aim of creatively animating the formation of strong, autonomous people’s organizations and building up their capabilities for participatory and self-reliant development.
Webline Bohol
Website with lots of information, but appears not to have been updated since May 1999.
Website from the town of Talibon, with a link to a Cebuano Bible, telephone directories, and more...
Hotels & Resorts
Alona Palm Beach Resort
The homepage of Alona Palm Beach Resort & Restaurant. This resort is the latest addition to several Beach resorts already existing on the island, particularly to cater to the demanding traveler, who is looking for the best in infrastructure, amenities and service.
Ananyana Beach Resort
Ananyana Beach Resort is located at Doljo Beach, Panglao.
Bohol Beach Club
Bohol Divers Lodge
Your webmaster has stayed here twice. Nicely located near the end of Alona beach.
Bohol Tropics
Bohol Tropics Hotel, located in Tagbilaran City.
Flower-Beach Resort
A resort on Anda Beach in Eastern Bohol.
Panglao Island Nature Resort
Sun Apartelle Corporation
Diving resort on Panglao. This site has a nice collection of photos of Bohol. Their section of marvelous underwater photos is certainly worth a visit. (The site is in German)
Snorkelling & Scuba Diving
Bohol Scuba Diving Directory
Lists resorts
Dive Temple
Dive Temple includes a diveshop, resort and bistro. The rooms are just upstairs over the diveshop.
Philippine Islands Divers
PADI 5 Star Dive Center, straight on Alona Beach.
Polaris Dive Center - Philippines
Nicely produced website of the dive center.
Sierra Madre Resort
The website of this Finnish run diving resort.
Angels' Wings Tours & Travel
A tour operator offering tours of Bohol.
Asian Spirit
Home of the airline company that connects Tagbilaran to Cebu and Manilla.
Supercat Online
Home of the fastcraft service, connecting Bohol to Cebu.
Bohol Bantay Balita
Boholano news in the Cebuano language.
Bohol Chronicle
Regularly updated local news.
Bohol Sunday Post
Bohol Times
Radyo Bohol International
Home of Radyo Bohol International, also houses the Bohol Forum. Webmaster: Basil Sumodobila.
George Percival Scriven: An American in Bohol
The diary of George Percival Scriven, who took part in the American invasion of Bohol, from 1899 until 1901.
Nature & Environment
Baclayon Island Hopping, Dolphin & Whale Watching
A nice website of a whale and dolphin watching tour operator.
Dolphin and Whale Watching Tours
See dolphins and whales with the famous whale spotters of Pamilacan Island. The former hunters have abolished their old trade for one that is much friendlier to the whales.
Philippine Tarsier Foundation, Inc. Homepage
This website seems to be superseded by the Save the Philippine Tarsier website.
Save the Philippine Tarsier
A very nice website on the Philippine Tarsier, by the Philippine Tarsier Foundation, Inc. This foundation tries to protect the Philippine Tarsier, one of the smallest primates on Earth, which can be found in the forest around Corella, Bohol.
Tarsier UK
Home page of John Dale about the Philippine Tarsier. Nice Photos.
The Provincial Government of Bohol
A well-done site with a lot of official information on Bohol.
Bohol Institute of Technology
The BIT, where one of your webmasters studied back in 1996.
Holy Name University
University of Bohol
Computers & Internet
CenterNET Computers
Computer Center and Internet Cafe.
Internet Cafe in Tagbilaran City
Web Designer's Guild of STI-Tagbilaran
Group of web-designers, based in Tagbilaran, Bohol.
Art & Culture
Jimmy Borja
Jimmy Borja is a songwriter and musician from Loay, Bohol, now living in Nashville, TN.
MVC Art Gallery
The website of a Filipino Artist working in Saudi Arabia and Bohol.
Bohol Quality Mall
A large shopping center in Tagbilaran, Bohol.