Announcement: Sam Penaso's "Boholandia" at Renaissance Gallery

Tagbilaran, Sunday, 1 July 2007 22:29:42

Boholano visual and performance artist Sam Penaso will present his new abstract works in his 7th solo exhibition from July 10 to 19 at the Renaissance Gallery, located at the 4th Floor Building A, SM Megamall.

"Boholandia" depicts the wonders of the artistís hometown. This exhibit is another one of Penasoís sentimental journeys. As stated by the artist, his artworks are "mirrors of my personal experiences and memories."

Penasoís abstract paintings come as a fresh development in the artistís pursuit of creative evolution. His textured metallic colors, whether scored in patterns or randomly gashed, speak of transformation, restrained self-determination & understatement. Crossing over painting, performance, installation, sculpture, photography, video & mixed media, Penasoís immersion in varied genres & media contributes to the many-sided characteristics of his art.

Sam Penaso