Bared... Tagbilaran and Loay crowned Mr and Ms Teen Bohol '09

Tagbilaran, Friday, 5 June 2009 05:13:09


Hwang Jini and Jumong after a par performance at the SK Bohol Congress.

With wide smile not leaving their faces even if they must have been hungry and sleep and exhausted, the contestants were gracious under pressure, poised even under the oppressive lights, very confident now that they are titled.

Ian Orillos and Ma. Glaiza Lepiten took home the Mr and
Ms Teen Bohol 2009 titles. Photo by Adam Gulle

Fifteen lovely ladies stood on high heels and 15 handsome gentlemen stood proud under glaring lights at the Bohol Cultural Center on May 28 for the first ever Mr and Ms Teen Bohol 2009 organized by the Sangguniang Kabataan Bohol Federation Office headed by Jane Censoria Cajes.

According to Jane, this year's aspirants are crème dela crème. No wonder the board of judges including celebrities Charee Pineda (ABS-CBN's Let's Go), Diane Medina (ABS-CBN's Banana Split), model Marco Aranas and Luis Lorenzo Antonio Del Rio of Belo's Medical Group had a hard time picking the winners.

After declaring the winner, Bared had gathered them for an interview... once more answering to a grueling Q and A. They are:

What do you think does the world needs most right now?

Ian: Cooperation, unity and understanding among the people.

Glaiza: The world needs most right now is peace and prosperity through cooperation and unity there's peace if there's cooperation and unity. Even if the world has perfect plans if people won't cooperate nothing will happen. Crab mentality should be out in each others mind and heart.

As Mr and Ms Teen Bohol, what qualities of the Boholano youth would you highlight?

Ian: The qualities that I would like to highlight are: the youth are productive, competent, with initiative and most of all, God fearing.

Glaiza: I would highlight our being religious, responsible, sports minded, reserved and hospitable.

Who is your role model and why?

Ian: In terms of leadership, my role model is Jane Censoria Cajes.

Glaiza: Riza Santos of PBB. Even if she's that gorgeous she remains her stand that she's pure in mind, heart, and body. I believe her because it is expressed in her words and actions.

Young people today are liberated and adventurous, willing to try everything. What's your stand on pre-marital sex and contraceptives?

Ian: Definitely we should not allow pre-marital sex and the use of contraceptives. It is because we are in a culture where we follow the words in the Bible and that we are conservative. The problem is that we neglect the information that is given to us about these things due to our eagerness to experience these things and due to peer pressure.

Glaiza: PMS and contraceptives are indeed against my will and beliefs in life. I know it can create problem regarding my health and in my ways of reaching my goals in life.

If you were somebody else, who would you like to be and why?

Ian: I would like to be Jane Censoria Cajes. It's because I have no idea of how it is to be the SK national president, representing the youth of the Philippines. I too would like to experience how to handle pressures. I like to be her for me to see if I will be like her most especially in terms of dealing youth problems and projects.

Glaiza: I would be the Honorable Commissioner Jane Censoria Cajes because of her nice personality and brilliance.

Describe yourself in three words?

Ian: Person with initiative.

Glaiza: I am... Stylish, a Defender and patient.

What is your greatest inspiration?

Ian: Having won the Mr. Teen Bohol title. This gave me more self confidence and inspiration to try new things for me to become a better person.

Glaiza: The love and support that the Boholano youth ever give me.

If you were to change something in yourself, what would it be?

Ian: For me to be more determined in achieving my goals in life and that I would not get discourage easily.

Glaiza: I would change the mañana habit in me. I usually don't do important things I must do the right time. I always end up regretting myself.

What will be your advocacies at SK?

Ian: To have a stronger Boholano youth. To have more community involvement activities. To have a more aware youth of Bohol.

Glaiza: My presence whenever I am needed in each SK undertaking and I will set a plan for the good of all teen Boholanos.

What is the essence of being Mr and Ms Teen Bohol?

Ian: Being a Mr. Teen Bohol, it is my duty to be a role model to the youth and that I should play the role of an ambassador of good will which is to honor and promote the youth, encourage personal growth and individual development, promote Boholano culture and the active participation into positive activities by the young people.

Glaiza: The essence of being Ms. Teen Bohol is not my crown but the duties and responsibilities behind the title and these all must be done by myself as a Ms. Teen Bohol.
The first Mr and Ms Teen Bohol winners with National President Jane Censoria Cajes (wearing green gown), (l-r) Mr San Isidro Renieven Berdon,Manuel Ferdinand de Erio, Leo P. Udtohan and Charlow Arbasto.

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