Putting Bohol on the OpenStreetMap

IJsselstein, The Netherlands, Wednesday, 31 March 2010 05:02:33

This web site's mission is to put Bohol on the map and to promote this wonderful province and its great people. On the tourist map, so we can share a bit of this little paradise, and to help bring it on a road to prosperity...

You can also help to put Bohol on the map, this time in a very literal sense: You can help improve and extend the Open Street Map of Bohol!

Just yesterday, this wiki-like map-making site got a great boost, by importing a large donated set, covering plenty of roads in six municipalities, adding about 420 kilometers of roads to the map, and many points of interest.

The challenge now is to get just as many roads mapped in all the other municipalities.

So if you are a trekking or biking enthusiast, and you have a GPS tracker: get out and get your favorite routes into the system. If you have none of all that fancy equipment, but happen to know the area of your hometown well, you can also help, by identifying things that can be seen on aerial and satellite images.

You can join and find instruction on www.openstreetmap.org.

Tagbilaran on OpenStreetMap

Jeroen Hellingman