Tuesday 25 June 2024 03:54:32 PHT

Bananaland Cottages

The "Bananaland Cottages" are about 200 meters from Alona-Beach. The resort exists since 1993.

On the property of roughly 5000 square meters in a palm grove are native-style bungalows of different sizes.

Available are 2-storied family-sized bungalows for up to 10 persons with cooking facilities and also single-room bungalows for 2 persons equipped with aircon.

The beach can be reached on foot in a few minutes only.

Due to the protected position of the resort in a garden-like biotope area with palms and banana plants you can relax and enjoy your stay a little bit "off" the busy "nightlife" on the beach.

The resort is run by Jeany Aņasco and her team.