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Bohol Coconut Palms Resort

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This is how 2 visitors rated Bohol Coconut Palms Resort:

Feature Visitor Rating Number of Ratings
Booking:Good 2
Arrival:Good 2
Location:Good 2
Room:Average 2
Facilities:Good 2
Service:Average 2
Staff:Good 2
Cleanliness:Good 2
Restaurant:Average 2
Food:Good 2
Bar:Average 2
Price:Good 2
Overall:Good 2

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Samuel Elman | Wednesday, 18 May 2011 | Rating: Average

Rooms are too small, shower and toilet are in one area.(you can take shower while you use the toilet. stand by generator are not that powerful. swimming pool water is too hot especially in the day.

James Lopez | Wednesday, 18 May 2011 | Rating: Excellent

I love their pool, i think it has a mixture of coconut juice it feels good and relaxing, their shower room and toilet is separated and also their service was good.