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Bohol Tropics Resort

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Feature Visitor Rating Number of Ratings
Booking:Average 4
Arrival:Average 5
Location:Good 5
Room:Average 5
Facilities:Average 5
Service:Average 5
Staff:Average 5
Cleanliness:Average 5
Restaurant:Average 5
Food:Average 5
Bar:Average 4
Price:Average 5
Overall:Average 5

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joseph harper | Wednesday, 17 April 2013 | Rating: Average

Stayed here many times over the years since 2001.You have improved the cosmetics of the resort but not the service.The food is o.k. but not excellent as you would expect from a hotel that has been around for so many years.The rooms mostly are typical Filipino in need of repair and updating.I have written comment forms but no one seems to read them.In trying to book a reservation no one answers the phone.I only stay here because of the location and the pool. Most of the waiters at the restaurant are god. Many do not anticipate your needs as is so common in the Philippines. You need a better instructional college . What you have is low rate.

jetsetter | Tuesday, 3 April 2012 | Rating: Poor

Won't recommend this hotel. Though they have good location as they are close to the city, they have very bad service. Food is not good either. Staffs are not trained well. No wonder because their manager obviously doesn't have any knowledge about hotel standards.

Riz Zamora | Wednesday, 30 December 2009 | Rating: Average

The place and everything were wonderful, except for the last day when we had to wake up early for the flight back to Manila. The front staff advised, and we followed their advice, to preorder our breakfasts so that we would not be pressed for time. But what really happened was chaos because there were inadequate staff to handle the orders and the Cafe Atanacio staff attended to foreign visitors, who had just walked in, instead of delivering on our preordered breakfasts. I can only guess "colonial mentality" still exist in Bohol, though I hardly see it in the States. The place will be perfect if this can be remedied.

graham hall | Thursday, 3 December 2009 | Rating: Good

first class facility in tagbilaran very frendly staff good facilitys i have stayed there over 10 times and would not stay anywhere els in bohol. restraunts very good value for your money close to all aminities will be back on 22/12/2009 highly recomended

Joelle Balista | Friday, 28 August 2009 | Rating: Average

Every time we visited Bohol, we always stayed in Bohol Tropics with my Mom and Dad.This time, I stayed at Dao Diamond with my Mom since it's near my Grandma's place. I booked at Bohol Tropics just for few days so I could use their pool.I was told that the place was full and the only vacant room was the Presidential suite,w/c they explained to me is the most expensive room.I said as long as there is a full Bay view that's okay, they assured me that there was a full Bay View. When they ushered me to the room, and I opened the windows, Lord Behold, all you could see were cars parking around the unit, not even a glimpse of a water, not even a pool....I went ballistics, I wanted to check out right away, but I was told they couldn't give me a refund of my deposited money.I talked to the Manager, Ever Jumamil, she showed me a cold shoulder and told me she didn't know who booked me in and that person already went home and she couldn't answer my questions and I couldn't get a refund because "it is the way it is". When my Mom heard about it, she came to Bohol Tropics to talk it out with Ever,who suddenly changed her moods because she is Mom's friend.Mom told her that since I was not given the room I asked for and promised for,then, I shouldn't be allowed to pay off the remaining balance and should stay in the resort for those days I paid for.Well, they gave it to her. What I am saying, it this the way they treat their guests? I have been to hotels in the U.S, I haven't experienced this kind of humiliation I got from my own place, Bohol? And since I was very young, I always stayed in Bohol Tropics. After I checked out from Bohol Tropics, I checked in at Bohol Plaza and my stay there was awesome and the place is magnificent !Surely I will recommend the place to my friends !!!! Plaza