Monday 15 July 2024 07:30:21 PHT

Tidal prediction for Garcia-Hernandez

The tidelet applet was prepared by Pangolin - offshore software and passage plotting for cruising sailors. Among other products, they sell a nice tidal prediction program, called TideComp 2000.

Please note that the first date used is the local date on your computer, not necessarily the current date in Bohol! You can change the dates with the Today and Tomorrow buttons. The times shown are local time in the Philippines.

(Daylight saving time is not used in the Philippines)

Other sources of tidal predictions can be found on The U.K. Hydrographic Office (but to locate ports in the Philippines, you'll have to select the drop down 'Singapore to Japan', not 'Australasia, Borneo, and Philippines' Funny people, those Britons!)

In French, you can find a similar service from the Service Hydrographique et Océanographique de la Marine. Look for 'Prédiction des marées', and follow the instructions.

Unfortunately, both services do not predict more than seven days ahead.