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Bohol, besides its great natural beauty, also is home to a large number of historical monuments. The most important of these are the numerous stone churches, but also ancient watchtowers, Spanish era convents and municipal halls and houses can be found.

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Maje wrote:
Monday, 18 August 2008 03:12:11 PHT
I just visited Bohol last July 28 - 30, 2008 and dang!! it was worth to pay a visit again for i did enjoyed so much with a budget tour that gives me almost i wanted to experience/see in Bohol, to mention the dolphins and snorkeling in Bacalisag island and the stop over at the virgin island, every thing is worth a penny in Bohol!! it just cost my companion and i almost 7k for the 3days/2nighy accommodation's with breakfast.. i sure wanted to go back in Bohol, maybe on my honeymoon day... bwuauauhahha!! those who wants to know the tour service agent that i did have on my tour in Bohol, pls pm me.. i will give you all the details.. here is my addy: - maje!
Mark Andre wrote:
Wednesday, 23 April 2008 11:15:42 PHT
Hi, I've always wanted to take a tour of Bohol's sights. How much do you think a tour would cost? And how would I know if the drivers that approach me are accredited by Bohol's tourism?
Jill Alcibar wrote:
Sunday, 13 January 2008 11:34:28 PHT
As we arrive at the Tagbilaran Port we are met by accredited drivers/tourist guides who offer various themed tours of Bohol. Please include a "Churches of Bohol Tour" for these drivers to offer which mainly focuses on the Colonial Churches....these are wonderful sights to see. And please do invest on literatures of churches to be placed in the Churches themselves to provide tourists with a background of the church, i.e. when built, under whose direction, materials used, etc. Maybe we can have these materials distributed with a Donation Box below it, it would help in maintaining the church and the tourist who has been there would be informed and of course won't forget the sight he saw which he will share with his friends and family. Voila, we have helped Bohol and Philippine Tourism by word of mouth alone. Bohol is gifted with so much history in the Churches alone... Cheers!!!

On the more important churches, you can find plaques with a short history, but yes, why not a booklet in each church with its history... interesting for tourists, and a source of pride for the local population.--Jeroen.

Lotlot wrote:
Tuesday, 16 October 2007 17:06:36 PHT
Tubong-bohol ko bai! keep up the good work mga bol-anon! i really appreciate your site...most of my officemates and friends wanted to visit Bohol and of course hambog ko kaayo nga chada ang Bohol! you'll never regret! pagdala lang daghang kwarta hahahah....
Jonas wrote:
Tuesday, 28 March 2006 20:56:29 PHT
I am from Bohol and this website never fails to amaze me. Thank you so much. I have long time ago wanted to tour around Bohol to see those churches but I never found time to do it. Each municipality in Bohol has its own church and each church has its own unique features. Even the newly built ones are also very interesting. A complete tour would be a good package. Starting from Tagbilaran Cathedral one can proceed to Cortez, then to Maribojoc and following the coastal road to Calape, Tubigon, Clarin, Inabanga, then to Getape and Talibon. From Talibon the tour can proceed to Ubay via Trinidad, then to the Alicia and then to the coastal towns of Guindulman, Duero, Jagna, Garcia Hernandez, Valencia, Dimiao, Loay. From Loay one can make a side trip to Loboc, Bilar, Carmen and back to Loay then to Baclayon, Alburquerque then Dauis and Panglao. But still this route is not complete because you miss some municipalities like Sagbayan, Anda, Sierra Bullones, San Miguel and Danao. They too have their own churches. A tour like this would probably take more than one day. Hence it should probably include designated places for stopover.
Henry Ma wrote:
Wednesday, 21 December 2005 10:18:52 PHT
I just got back from my first trip to Bohol. Your photos are very nice. They make me want to go back soon.
Edwin wrote:
Monday, 28 February 2005 16:02:38 PHT
This is very useful for us religious educators, first timers to Bohol. A group of friends may be visiting Bohol sometime in December 2005. Daghan salamat, bai.
Tiano wrote:
Monday, 16 August 2004 22:37:35 PHT
Hi...I work in a local channel in Cebu...we're currently editing a documentary on Bohol churches and I just wanna thank you guys for the very useful information. Maybe you could check it out's on channel 36, sky cable.
Rianne m.merro wrote:
Thursday, 22 July 2004 23:46:10 PHT
I love in...
Jan kirstie wrote:
Monday, 19 July 2004 10:13:44 PHT
This is so cool
Rey Anthony Chiu wrote:
Saturday, 13 September 2003 20:36:54 PHT
Hi friends, I am doing research on churches in Bohol in the hopes of becoming a better tour guide on local churches. Any one having problems, maybe I can help. I am a professional tour guide too, and I do photography. Manual, SLR. can I see you when you're in Bohol?
Scarlet wrote:
Thursday, 7 August 2003 02:54:53 PHT
Thank for showing me some of the churches in my home island. I never new how interesting my home island is, until you showed me the pictures of the churches. Actually, I'm from Dauis and I'm proud that you showed our church, it really has a nice view of the ocean too.
Virgile Lexie Canda Garcia wrote:
Thursday, 31 July 2003 12:59:10 PHT
It's magnificent! I adore the Baclayon church as I can't forget the Dauis church.
gniyb wrote:
Friday, 25 July 2003 13:26:15 PHT
Thank you for sharing with us an account of your bohol trip. It gave me a clear perspective of what to expect during the trip. Actually, I have plans of using the old churches for my bio-docu-film location shoots. Would you know if I could be granted a permission to do so? Thank you.

Probably, you would do best to ask around a little for the priest, do a little small-talk, tell him how you like the church, the murals, etc., and ask if he doesn't mind you filming inside.... If you have nice pictures, I would also happy to add them to the gallery on this site.--Jeroen.

Danny & Bing wrote:
Tuesday, 24 June 2003 11:17:05 PHT
I am quite disappointed of the tour because it is incomplete.

I never suggested it would be complete. Visiting all of Bohol churches, or even only those of Spanish origin would take two or three days.--Jeroen.

concepcion b. plaza wrote:
Monday, 19 May 2003 16:32:11 PHT
I visited my parents birthplace in Alburquerque, Bohol. The church i was told was built sometime in 1876 because i have attended the centennial celebration of the church in 1976.It is one of the churches in Bohol which occupies a spacious land area and has a big plaza.I'm so proud to tell my friends and invite them to see the old churches of Bohol.
Cielo Dimafelis wrote:
Sunday, 23 February 2003 18:06:25 PHT
I love it am planning to go there by may to take some pix. I love old churches.

If you come back and have some snaps to share for this website, we will welcome them... --Jeroen

Chivy wrote:
Friday, 31 January 2003 12:55:29 PHT
Its true that Bohol got lots of old stone churches there are still some more that you need to visit like Cortes church built circa 1886, plus if you listen to its bell when it rings, it has a higher pitched tone than any of the other churches and it is very distinctive. If pain in the bottom is your problem, you can hire a van for a whole day as what we did many times before.

Thanks for the addition. We surely plan to visit and revisit all interesting churches in Bohol. One of my plans is to make mosaic pictures of all the murals in them. I agree that a van is much more comfortable than habal-habal, but at our point of departure (a small barangay inland Bohol), no other form of transport is available -- I believe in the entire muncipality, there are only two cars. We could ofcourse first go to Tagbilaran, but with only a few busses a day, that isn't easy also. Also, riding on motorbike still is great, even in spite of the pain in the bottom after doing it all day... -- Jeroen.

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