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Staying Healthy in the Tropics

IJsselstein, Thursday, 16 March 2006

The rule of thumb for staying healthy in the tropics is use your common sense. Take notice of how the local middle class behaves and follow that. Drink only water from sealed bottles, and avoid skinned fruits. In general, in restaurants food can be trusted. Take care to drink enough water.

Especially at sea, and in particular when snorkeling sun protection is essential. Bring enough sun lotion of a sufficient high factor. Wear a T-shirt when swimming and snorkeling.

Both Cebu and Bohol are free from malaria. The use of prophylaxis is not required (note that malaria does occur a few other Philippine islands if you go there, discuss with your doctor or health authorities.) There are incidental cases of dengue fever. Use a good mosquito repellent, and, especially during dawn and dusk, wear long pants and shirts with long sleeves.

The Ramiro Hospital (Gallares Street; Tel. +63 38 411 3515) in Tagbilaran City is good. If you have health problems, you can go there. A number of dentists in Bohol can treat your teeth for a fraction of what it would cost in Europe or the US.

Medical Facilities

Borja Family Clinic
Gallares St., Tagbilaran City
Tel. No.: (6338) 411-3303

Celestino Gallares Memorial Hospital
M. Parras St., Tagbilaran City
Tel. No.: (6338) 411-3185

Eaglewood Hospital
Baclayon Junction
Tel. No.: (6338)411-3018

MMCG Hospital
Airport Road, Tagbilaran City
Tel. No.: (6338) 411-3012

Ramiro Hospital
Gallares St., Tagbilaran City
Tel. No.: (6338) 411-3515

St. Jude Gen. Hospital
Calceta St., Tagbilaran City
Tel. No.: (6338) 411-3134

Tagbilaran Community Hospital
M. Parras St., Tagbilaran City
Tel. No.: (6338) 411-3324

Tagbilaran Puericulture Center & Maternity Center
J.A. Clarin St.
Tel. No.: (6338) 411-3191

Jeroen Hellingman

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