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IJsselstein, Tuesday, 21 March 2006

The website promotes Bohol as a tourist destination, already for five years. Its goal is to help visitors discover Bohol, and have a pleasant stay on our wonderful island. Today is listed first in the major search engines (Google and Yahoo!) when you search for Bohol. We receive an average of 3000 unique vistors and 18000 views per day. Many of these visitors come from the US, Europe and Australia. includes a large number of articles with practical information as well as traveloques related to Bohol, and a number of photo galleries that show Bohol's attractions to the world. Besides that, it includes a business and member directory. is operated by Jeroen Hellingman and Rodelyn R. Gallo. Jeroen is a professional software engineer from The Netherlands, and Rodelyn comes from San Isidro Town in Bohol.

To improve our website, we want to update and expand our business directory. For every Bohol-related business, we will list your contact details and offer an informational page on your business on This page can include a number of pictures if so desired. Since we believe this adds value for our visitors, we will not charge for this service. Not now and not in the future.

We can also add a contact form to your business' page, where potential customers or guests can directly get in touch with you via email. This feature will be free of charge, but for the future we reserve the right to charge a commission based on sales to new customers being introduced this way. A demonstration of the contact form can be found here.

To add or update your informatin, contact us via email or our contact form.

Jeroen Hellingman

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Bohol Online Store wrote:
Tuesday, 4 February 2020 23:46:38 PHT
We deliver grocery items in Bohol, Philippines. If you are an OFW, overseas worker or far from Bohol, and you want to send money to your family, instead of money you can send them groceries. Visit our website at Or send us an email at
path wrote:
Saturday, 2 January 2010 19:28:33 PHT
if you need a C/C++/C#/COM/Java Linux/Windows computer programmer, email me. Or mobile# 09284885404. Im in Tagb.
Artina Suites Hotel wrote:
Wednesday, 19 April 2006 09:39:33 PHT
This will help our tourism and all potential business establishments here in the Philippines. Since, most of the foreigners visited in this site, it our chance to introduce our good service and hospitality without any cost. We, as a service hotel, is so glad to know that develop this kind of program. We all wish all the luck in this project and building good relationship as soon as possible. By the way, Artina Suites Hotel is located in Makati City. If there's any inquiry, lets chat at Yahoo Messenger. That email address is our YM too.

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