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Boholano Reunion, Tagbilaran, July 21-30, 2006

Tagbilaran, Monday, 15 May 2006

An Invitation from the TBTK Chairperson

My Fellow Boholanos,


May I reminisce with you the beautiful happenings of TBTK 2003. If we have to measure success in terms of the joy and the feeling of fullfilment of every participant during the week-long Tigum Bol-anon sa Tibuok Kalibutan (TBTK), I would say it was a resounding success. But let us not let the enthusiasm of each one experienced fade with the memorable homecoming. Here I am to awaken you the spirits of the next TBTK in 2006.

The 3rd Tigum Bol-anon sa Tibuok Kalibutan (TBTK) is scheduled to be held in Tagbilaran City on July 21-30, 2006 to coincide the Sandugo Festival and the Bohol Day Festivities. Meetings with the TBTK committees and movers have been in progress to kick of the third celebration of this series of events. This will allow everyone who wish to attend the 2006 TBTK two years lead time to make arrangements.

The plan is to hold several major events in which participation will be from both local and expatriate Boholanos. Most likely the events will be at the start of the TBTK and the conclusion. In between, groups, associations/organizations, alumni, family, etc., could schedule their own functions whatever they maybe. The major events will be Search for Miss Bohol International, Search for Outstanding Boholanos all over the World, TBTK Festival - which is a day of entertainment featuring Bohol root celebrities, our very own cultural gems and talents, Miss Bohol International Competition; Group Tours and Grand Homecomings of Colleges and Universities. An audience of the President of the Philippines - Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo will be scheduled few days before the start of the TBTK.

We have a website that will serve as an information base and a liason office. Thanks to the generous time and effort of Leah Tirol-Magno and husband Art in building the TBTK website. Our central office in the US will be at 64 Old Orchard Ct., Cedar Grove, NJ, 07009 which is our place of residence. Our tel. # (973) 857-9022, mobile (973) 641- 6181.Our e-mail address: We are granted access by our community newspapers courtesy of the Bohol Chronicle and the Bohol Times, whose worldwide web can reach the workplaces of our Boholano immigrants and the expatriates abroad. We have our weekly TBTK and Boholanos In America column of Douglas Hontanosas that will put to print the updates and highlights of the TBTK upto the homestretch. Mr. Loy Palapos as the Over-All Coordinator and most of the workforce are based in Bohol so that our Balikbayans will just go home and enjoy.

The objective of the TBTK is exactly what it means - Tigum Bol-anon sa Tibuok Kalibutan. We would like to get as many Boholanos both from the Philippines and the rest of the world to come to Bohol during this period. The last two celebrations has been very successful and has brought back Boholanos back to their beloved province. This has been a unique experience in the Philippines to date, because not one province has been able to do this kind of get together. The call of Bohol has been irresistible and the recently held TBTK was proof to that. Once again, the City Government of Tagbilaran, the Provincial Government of Bohol, the Department of Tourism of the Philippines, and the exalted Office of the President of the Philippines beckon us: "Halina, Byahe Tayo!". To which we say "Magkita Ta Sa Bohol Sa TBTK 2006". Let us show to the world that the Boholanos are united in their dreams and aspirations. While others follow, we lead. While others just remain passive onlookers, we are the active participants. While others just don't care, we will set an example that we know how to share our blessings. Let us be aware that God brought us to where we are now, in the pedestal of success, because we are His chosen people. That we love our home-province, country and people. That home is where our hearts belong and we look forward to our next home-coming.

So we call on every Boholano, wherever you are, to heed the call of our brothers and sisters back home. We call on you to say YES and be counted. We call on you because without your support, all our dreams and visions will come to naught. Let us keep our enthusiasm burning to experience a much more meaningful TBTK 2006.

Long Live the Boholanos!

Betty Veloso Garcia,
Chairperson, TBTK 2006

Registration Form TBTK06

Betty V. Garcia

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Jeroen Hellingman wrote:
Tuesday, 4 July 2006 16:05:21 PHT
The Official Sandugo-TBTK 2006 Souvenir T-shirts is now Available…

They can be ordered on

You can call Globelines: (63-38) 501-7783 or visit eZ Shirts, 73 C.P.G. Ave., Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines.

Lorenzo G. Castaneros wrote:
Friday, 16 June 2006 00:08:08 PHT
Pohon sayo ko mo-adto sa Bohol, Julio unang 2 ka semana ug mobiya sa 7/20 tungod sa laing tigum didto sa Cebu. Bisan ug wala ko sa mga adlaw nga gui-gahin "TBTK" ang akong pag-uli/tanda human sa kaugay nang panahon, mahi-nungdanon ug igakalipay kaayo, labina unya sa pagdu-aw didto sa akong escuelahan (RPC/UB) ug mga ka-klase, ug tapok-tapok unya sa mga ka-igsoonan didto sa bukiran sa Calape. Tamis handumon ang pagbalik sa Bohol. Salamat !!

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