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Bared... Katrina Schoof, a living princess

Tagbilaran, Monday, 1 December 2008

Wake uppers:

  • Quote to live by: I want to love someone whose heart has been broken, so he/she knows exactly how it feels and won’t break mine.
  • The Udtohan-Pajota clan 5th annual reunion was held on Nov. 22 at the Dumaluan Beach Resort in the powdery island of Panglao. Udtohan clan members from Baclayon, Tubigon, Sevilla, Sierra-Bullones,Tagbilaran City, Carmen and other towns gathered together to strengthen their family ties. The said reunion was attended by families who carry the name “Udtohan/Odtohan/Udtojan/Odtojan/Udtuhan” and “Pajota” and associated kin. Udtohan Clan president businessman Benjamin Udtohan is this year’s chairman.
  • A successful businesswoman was able to buy a posh apartment unit. She is now seeing the return of her investments via her own property. According to a Very Reliable Source (VRS), the young lawyer linked to the businesswoman already frequents the businesswoman’s unit just three days after she bought the place. This does not help continuous denials from both the businesswoman and the young lawyer that they are not an item!

Got an email from Peru:

President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo unveiled on Nov. 23 the bust of Philippine national hero Dr. Jose Rizal at the newly named Rizal Park in Lima, Peru.

The unveiling rites were held on the last day of her visit to Peru to attend the two-day 16th Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) leaders' meeting at the Ministry of Defense Convention Center in Lima.

The bust of Rizal was designed by Czech sculptor Libor Piszlac of Litomerice, Czech Republic, the place where Rizal's friend, Ferdinand Blumentritt, once lived. The bust is mounted atop a quadrilateral pedestal where four inaugural plaque markers are mounted on each side.

Inscribed in one marker are the words: "Dr. Jose P. Rizal, Heroe Nacional de Filipinas, Nacionalista, Reformador Political, Escritor, Linguistica y Poeta, 1861-1896." Inscribed in another marker are the details of the formal inaugural rites led by Mrs. Arroyo and witnessed by Prada.

The bust of Rizal was donated by Hans Gunter Schoof - a German married to a Filipina from Baclayon, Bohol - who is a passionate admirer of Rizal, especially the national hero's exploits in Germany.

Schoof now owns a plush resort in Bohol which boasts of a fine collection of Rizal memorabilia.

The establishment of the Rizal Park in Lima was made possible through the collaborative efforts of the Philippine Honorary Consulate in Peru and the municipality of La Molina.

Katrina Schoof is a princess to all.

While Peruvians salute Rizal’s heroism, the Schoof couple are here in Bohol with their daughter, Katrina, who turned a another fab year on Nov. 24 (we missed to greet her on her special day, mea culpa!) and her birthday celebration scheduled on Nov. 29 (a party was held on Nov. 29, the first time she celebrated her birthday on Bohol and at the same time the opening of The Peacock Garden Luxury Resort and Spa’s wine cellar) was attended by tons of her pals, from business and Cosmo Manila’s, Cebu’s and Tagbilaran’s social set.

Kat is likable to Disney’s enchanted princess tales—Jasmine, Snow White, Cinderella, Ariel, Belle, Aurora and Mulan (although they were figment they are teaching us to follow our dreams) because she lives life like a princess. Name it and she has it all, princes!

Kat is also a globe trotter. Her last vacations in Palau and Macau were filled with happy memories including her closest pal and cousin Glenn Mark Blasquez who joined her recent trips.

“My lovely cousin is one of a kind! She is like a sister to me. I have good memories with her and I don’t even remember we fight,” shares Glenn.

They like buko juice, swake (sea urchin), kinilaw and tilapia (that’s why they have a small fishpond for tilapia). Kat, who lives like a princess is not “maarte” unlike other rich socialites. “But she is a very humble and kind person.”

She’s definitely a gadget explorer. “Because I observe she has the latest cellphone, laptop, and camera and other girl things, you name it, she has it!” reveals Glenn.

And when you check her closet, it’s neat and all arrange from dress to shoes. She’s smart and adventurous too just like her mom and dad.

Kat with cuz Glenn Mark in Palau.

Bohol has seen the family’s generosity. “I saw their family generosity by helping other relatives and other people and not letting them down,” Glenn adds.

Kat celebrated her debut years ago and it was one of her most memorable events in life. True to Han’s words that “she’s now a fine lady,” Glenn is looking forward to her wedding day. “Good luck for your future wedding,” says Glenn.

By the way, Kat is already engaged to her man and love of her life. Where and when they met? Well, that is another book to be read, says Glenn. Interesting, interesting!

Brownbuds to release new album

If there’s a band that is more driven these days, it is Brownbuds (Mendel’s Legacy). Despite their popularity and status, the group is determined and as hardworking as before especially with their second album “Getting Tough.”

Brownbuds will invade (again) the music scene.

The album has the hit lead single “Grind,” which promises to be a big song with its contagiously easy-sing-along chorus that plays up the line “Grind baby, grind baby, come on and shake your booty, grind baby, grind baby, come over, let’s get busy.” The song embodies the ingredients enough to provide listeners with something to enjoy with, whatever your gender or gender preference is. There is something to look forward to again as Brownbuds releases the second single of the album entitled “Kumusta Ka Na.”

Amiel Jim Penecios is the group’s lead vocalist, who has been attracting live audiences with his distinctive voice, dreadlocks hair and innate talent, El Cid Tirol (lead guitarist), Richard Lagroma (rhythm guitarist), Milo Miranda (bass), Arlon Seno (drums), and Jason Piodos (keyboards).

Brownbuds released its self-titled CD back in 2007, from where they released singles (Byaheng Bohol, Iro, Wake Up, Olah ) earned good radio and music channel plays. (Grab a copy of the album at Q Music Video, BQ Mall for only PhP200.) Byaheng Bohol became Bohol’s unofficial theme song for tourism.

Brownbuds guested on ABS-CBN's Umagang Kay Ganda hosted by Edu Manzano on July 29 and at Magic Studio on August 3.

Brownbuds is scheduled to perform on Dec. 6 at Sevilla, Dec. 8, Martin’s Bar, Dec. 22 at ICM, Dec. 25-30 at Amorita Resort.

To know more Brownbuds and their gigs, you can visit or If you wish to contact Brownbuds for gigs, you can contact Arch. Morris Sarabia, the director of operations at 0928-9877887, email:

Email me at, or visit Bared is now at blogspot,

Leo P. Udtohan

What readers think...

Jeroen Hellingman wrote:
Tuesday, 2 December 2008 18:24:25 PHT
A couple of years ago I visited Hans Schoof in Baclayon. We then had a long discussion on Rizal's travels through Europe. On that occasion, Hans Schoof gave me a German translation of Noli me Tangere. I've since published on-line an English and Dutch translation of this work, as well as a range of other works by Rizal.

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