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Bared... 2009 Mr. and Miss UB Personality proclaimed

Tagbilaran, Monday, 28 September 2009

The next night, my friends and I were at the University of Bohol to witness the crowning of the new Mr and Miss University of Bohol Personality, one of the highlights of the recent celebration of UB Days and Intramurals who will both be the university's Ambassadors of Goodwill and official representatives to inter-school student activities for the coming school year. I always make it sure that when September comes and I am in Bohol part of my schedule is to watch the oldest campus pageant in the province.

Mark Johnuel Duavis and Guldamer Malou Sombrio from the
Nursing department were proclaimed
Mr. and Ms. UB Personality 2009.

The audience, composed mostly of students, once again thrilled to the glittering stage, sounds, and of course, the candidates getting the biggest applause. The skies were sick and the unforgiving rains didn't dampen the UBian spirit--that is rain or shine, the show must continue.

The Mister and Miss UB Personality titles have been won by Nursing department of UB, also the department's third victory in a row for Mr. UB on Thursday evening. Chosen as the best from among an equally good-looking group of 8 male and 10 female finalists were: Mark Johnuel Duavis, as Mr. UB 2009, an 18-year-old, junior Nursing who is also the first runner-up of Mister and Miss Teen Bohol 2009. His female counterpart is Guldamer Malou Sombrio, Ms. UB 2009, an 18-year-old, junior Nursing student, and is also Miss Loon 2008, Ms. Bohol International third runner-up, and finalist in Miss Bohol Sandugo 2009 and Mr. and Miss Teen Bohol 2009.

Here are interesting trivia and anecdotes about the UB Queen and Mr and Miss UB Personality:

Mother and daughter in UB Queen/Miss UB: Lumin Tirol-Pamaran and Nomi "Libya" Pamaran-Caņuto.

  • The Mr. and Miss UB Personality is the oldest uninterrupted surviving major campus pageant in the province of Bohol. More than just a beauty pageant, Mr. and Miss UB Personality is the only pageant in the province (and perhaps in the country) that required its candidates to undergo a personality test using the standardized testing tool 16 Personality Factor (16PF).
  • It was known as UB Queen and the late Purisima Veloso-Datoy became the first UB Queen in 1946. Bared had the privileged meeting her in person in 2004.
  • The first Miss UB Personality was held in 1973 and was won by Margaret Gulle (Mrs. Victor Pascual and is now residing in New York City, USA). The first Mr. UB Personality was held in 1985 and was won by Luisito Ytol, who's a businessman.
  • The Commerce department had eleven UB Queens followed by the Teacher's College department with six UB Queens. The college of Nursing won seven titles for Mr. UB, while the High School Department (Day) has produced nine winners of Miss UB.
  • Lumin Tirol-Pamaran, Ph.D. became UB Queen of 1967 representing the Teacher's College department, while her daughter Nomi Pamaran-Caņuto became Miss UB Personality of 1991.
  • Mr. UB 1990 Ruben Alturas and UB Queen of 1986 Haidee Abad got married and have children.
  • The 1998 search was controversial when the camp of Mr. UB Personality first runner-up Cromwell Besmark Cortes (also proclaimed Mr. Talent) protested the result against the proclamation of Rex Gamiel Varquez as Mr. UB.
  • There was no Mr. and Miss UB Personality in 1999 when the school was razed by fire.
  • Two searches were held in 2000; February and September. Moses Mari Lacierda and Cristal Anne Lim had the shortest reign.
  • Three siblings won in Miss UB. They were Chan Cajegas (now Mrs. Raymond Casabal), Miss UB of 1995; Jepsy Cajegas, 2nd runner-up in 2000; and Daphne Jane Cajegas, Miss UB of 2004. Cajegas-Casabal was also crowned as the first Miss Bohol International of 1999.

    Cajegas sisters: Chan Cajegas (now Mrs. Casabal), Jepsy Cajegas and Daphne Jane Cajegas who became Miss UB Personality winners.

  • Siblings Joan Canuto and Jesel Canuto were proclaimed runners-up and best in talent in 1998 and 2003 respectively.
  • Miss UB Personality 2005 Loida Tessa Lagonoy became Miss Bohol International 2006. She was the first beauty queen who made a shocking revelation against the pageant organizer in her farewell speech in July 2009.
  • Remarkable talents shown during the Mr. and Miss UB worth to remember were from the Liberal Arts department. Best in talent were Cromwell Besmark Cortes, Judy Bigcal, Jepsy Cajegas, Joan Canuto, Jesel Canuto, Cherylyn Busano (now Mrs. Mark Rubrico), Marjorie Patac, Joel Magno, Lupe McDonald Manug, John Torralba and Layell Mae Cartegenas.

For old time's sake, here's the dossier of UB Queens and Mr. and Miss UB Personality:

The UB Queens were: Miss Purisima Veloso (1946), Miss Alejandra Tan (1947), Miss Basilisa Lim (1948), Miss Patricia Yap (1949), Miss Natividad Lim (1950), Miss Helenita Ecuacion (1951), Miss Alberta Real (1951), Miss Gloria Tirol (1952), Miss Marina Galeon (1953),Miss Sulpicia Gallares (1954), Miss Aquilina Pines (1955), Miss Fidela The (1956), Miss Esperanza Loquellano (1957), Miss Diosdada Jabines (1958), Miss Providencia Pondoc (1959), Miss Venus Castillo (1960), Miss Francisca Naparan (1961), Miss Alberta Co (1962), Miss Conchita Tan (1963), Miss Emma Kapirig (1964), Miss Remedio Gasang (1965), Miss Carmelita Gallo (1966), Miss Lumin B. Tirol (1967), Miss Amelia Enriquez (1968), Miss Catalina Pamatong (1969), Miss Zenit Cabalit (1970) and Miss Nimfa Butalis (1971).

Victor de Castro Jr became Mr. UB Personality of 2003 with
Michelle Palaca (back) as Miss UB Personality of 2003.

The Miss UB Personality winners were: Miss Margaret Gulle (1973), Miss Eufronia Dospueblos (1974), Miss Marilyn Blanco (1975), Miss Yolanda Cabido (1976), Miss Paterna Dolotina (1977), Miss Emelinda Castrodes (1978), Miss Ma. Louella Magallano (1979), Miss Phoebe Baquial (1980), Miss Amida T. Gallito (1981), Miss Antoniette Miņoza (1981), Miss Nicanora Cagaanan (1982), Miss Maribel Quimson (1983), Miss Annabelle Ricafort (1984), Miss Julie Ann Vaņo (1985), Miss Haidee Abad (1986), Miss Niņa Socorro Gingo (1987), Miss Marissa Ladera (1988), Miss Ma. Bella Granada (1989), Miss Lucille Vallestero (1990), Miss Nomi T. Pamaran (1991), Miss Mutya Cabangbang (1992), Miss Edralyne Seth Belarmino (1993), Miss Mary Ann Apat (1994), Miss Chan Cajegas (1995), Miss Maria Fatima Hencianos (1996), Miss Frances Juliet Saletrero (1997), Miss Marian Daphne Lupot (1998), Miss Cristal Anne Lim (2000-February), Miss Suzette Vaņo (2000-September), Miss Roxannie Castro (2001), Miss Layell Mae Cartegenas (2002), Miss Michelle Palaca (2003), Miss Daphne Jane Cajegas (2004), Miss Loida Tessa Lagonoy (2005), Miss Ann Crusit (2006), Miss Annie Wachsmuth (2007) and Miss Mylene Pedroso (2008).

The Mr. UB Personality were: Mr. Luisito Ytol (1985), Mr. Teodoro Bueno (1986), no search in 1987, Mr. Raymond Dolotina (1988), Mr. Chito Fama (1989), Mr. Ruben Alturas (1990), Mr. Roy Samante (1991), Mr. Rodulfo Antonio Gapas (1992), Mr. Victor Tirol, Jr. (1993), Mr. Rene Samonte (1994), Mr. Mark Bebson D. Apat (1995), Mr. Urwin T. Lagunay (1996), Mr. Michael Lim (1997), Mr. Rex Gamiel Varquez (1998), Mr. Moses Mari Lacierda (2000- February), Mr. Niņo Bompat (2000- September), Mr. Jasson Mascariņas (2001), Mr. Michael John Gonzales (2002), Mr. Victor de Castro Jr (2003), Mr. Raulph Anthony Molina (2004), Mr. Marvin John Auguis (2005), Mr. Jeferson Maliza (2006), Mr. Rolf Roland Reyes (2007) and Mr. Carlo Roy Roslinda (2008).


Leo P. Udtohan

What readers think...

Ronela wrote:
Sunday, 30 September 2012 19:16:10 PHT
I would like to if when was the Mr & Miss UB coronation night , time started until it was finished, i wonder if how i can find or search such video and posting of this event for documentation, because all related search will show its previous years.. hope to hear from you... thnaks & best regards
Sheryl Lafuente wrote:
Friday, 16 July 2010 14:10:57 PHT
Hello ate malou!!im on net most often times,but i can't access ur web,i just drop by to leave this short message, your so beautiful at ur photo posted in here.. theres no doubt y you always won at any beauty pageant u'v joined....just keep it up ate malou....been missing ur company.. GOD SPEED!

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