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Isis Bunglalows

Isis Bungalows is a resort hotel on Panglao Island, Bohol Province in Central Philippines. The resort, which opened in 2005, is under Swiss supervision and boasts of affordable but world-class room accommodations and a spacious restaurant with a panoramic view of the sea.

The resort is located right in the middle of Alona Beach, a one kilometer stretch of soft white sand considered to be the best beach in Panglao Island.

Alona Beach is also a haven for divers because of the Alona Beach Sanctuary, a shallow dive spot that is home to anemones and multicolored corals, which is only a five-minute boat ride away from the beach area.

Isis Bungalows is definitely the place for those who want to experience the sun, the sand and the sea - the best that Panglao Island has to offer.

Contact Information

Isis Bunglalows
Contact Person: Miss Cielo Bolotaulo
Address: Alona Beach, 6340 Panglao, Bohol, Philippines
Phone: +63 38 502 92 92
Fax: +63 38 502 92 00
Email: office@isisbungalows.com
Website: http://isisbungalows.com

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