On the New Menu Structure

IJsselstein, Monday, 13 March 2006 21:42:27

We have updated the menus on this site, and hope this will be a significant improvement over the old menus, which have served us for almost five years.

As you can notice, we have drastically increased the number of menu items, so you can access subjects more easily. We've also fixed a long standing annoyance for Firefox users, who could not use the sub-menus due to a bug in the scripts.

Please tell us what you think about those new menus, and when you encounter any problem (such as misaligned menus, wrong or dead links, etc.), do tell us, and indicate the browser and OS you are using. I've tested the new menu on IE 6.0 and Firefox 1.07.

We are also working on further content for this site, including content in a number of languages, such as German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, etc. Since we do not master all these ourselves, we invite native speakers to help us in translating a few short articles.

Happy Surfing...

Jeroen Hellingman