Upgrading this website

IJsselstein, Wednesday, 13 June 2007 19:20:33

We are in the progress of upgrading this website, hoping to improve our service. If you have any suggestions for improvements, please suggest them here.

A lot of the upgrade process will be behind the scenes, and we hope you will not notice them, but we are also improving and adding features.

One of the first things we tackled is our currency exchange page. Instead of relying on a third party, we have now directly incorporated the rates (downloaded from the European Central Bank, but converted into Philippine pesos) into our database. We will update the rates every working day.

Secondly, we have finally implemented a password change and reset facility, so now, if you have forgotten your password (but not your user name, and still use the same email address), you can simply change it. In future, we will add more features for registered members.

To improve our visibility, we are in the progress of tagging geographic locations on this website. (See Geotagging Web Pages and RSS Feeds for a discussion on how to do this.

Please Help Us Keeping our Forums Clean.

On 2 November 2005, we already reported on the constant attack by spammers and other web-nuisances on our forums. Since then we have been able to keep this site relatively clean of spam.

However, this is a constant struggle, with literally hundreds of fake messages, and attempts at spamming our forums each day. We are constantly working to stop this avalanche, and for this purpose are currently testing a few subtle changes in the way our forums work. If you are a human, you should not even notice them. However, we may not be always be successful in that. If in the coming weeks you notice something strange in the way comments and user feedback are handled, please do tell us!

Jeroen Hellingman