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Nuts Huts

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Feature Visitor Rating Number of Ratings
Booking:Excellent 3
Arrival:Good 3
Location:Excellent 4
Room:Good 4
Facilities:Average 3
Service:Excellent 3
Staff:Excellent 4
Cleanliness:Average 3
Restaurant:Excellent 3
Food:Excellent 3
Bar:Excellent 3
Price:Excellent 4
Overall:Excellent 3

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marilyn | Friday, 5 March 2010 | Rating: Excellent

I love the place because it is very peaceful.Thats my first time I come there and the owners are so approachable and kind.Its a place where you can relax and think because it is away from so very crowded places.

kim | Wednesday, 25 March 2009 | Rating: Good

if you're after relaxation, peace, and quiet - things you would rarely find in the city, this is just the right place. when i arrived, rita told me that their place isn't one of the "commercial" places in the province. take it as you understand it. definitely, i never had regrets staying in this place. actually, the only regret i got was to leave after just 3 days. i was alone when i went there but you'll never feel lonely. here you would find, appreciate, and welcome the feeling of simplicity in living.

Kris Smith | Saturday, 19 April 2008 | Rating: Excellent

Hey , there is no doubt or denying that "NUTS HUTS" is not the regular type of resort !!! But,, My girl and I stayed there for 9 days,, and the atmosphere we expereinced was nothing more than magical,,, we bonded in way that warms my heart & will always ,,,, I think it is the genuine warmth for which we were treated,, By the owners RITA & CHRIS, and the wonderful staff, The facility is rustic ,, The prices are the best ,, and it is a great starting place for many adventures around Bohol - - - Chocolate Hills, Tarsiers, historic places , shopping (Tagbilaran),, I recomendend 'NUTS HUTS`for those with an adventurous Heart & down to earth romantic side ,,, the amazing herbal sauna & out of this world Massage is just the topper to a great place to Hang Out !!!!!

kaycielo lasmarias | Saturday, 19 April 2008 | Rating: Excellent

i love the place... so quiet, so peaceful... very heavenly!!!