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Coco Grove Tourist Inn

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Booking:Excellent 1
Arrival:Excellent 1
Location:Excellent 1
Room:Excellent 1
Facilities:Excellent 1
Service:Excellent 1
Staff:Excellent 1
Cleanliness:Excellent 1
Restaurant:Excellent 1
Food:Excellent 1
Bar:Excellent 1
Price:Excellent 1
Overall:Excellent 1

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ondoy gamay | Wednesday, 30 September 2009 | Rating: Excellent

To everyone: This place has a very good environment, peaceful, clean, comforting and has great service. I hope you'll check it out when you go to Bohol and I hope that you will love the place like I did. Enjoy your stay! hi ondoy gamay ni..hehe.naa ko computer class nako ron nya akong gisearch ag pension house.hehe.kumusta nman mo,? heheh.muuna ko kay gisipatan ko sa akng maestra. tee hee.babay.ayu2x. x) akong gigraduhan ug maau ag pension house.excellent tanan.hehe x]