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Reader Comments on 'A Visit to Cabilao Island'

Bohol is surrounded by a large number of small islands. One of them is Cabilao Island, which lies on the West of the main island of Bohol, facing Cebu island.

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Blue Freedom Apnea wrote:
Monday, 6 January 2020 12:16:21 PHT
There is new freediving school open in Panglao, Bohol. They are non-profit organization that offer AIDA and Molchanovs courses from beginner level to instructor level. If you want to explore Balicasag island in Panglao, you can also do fun dive with them. Checkout their website is . You can also send an enquiry to their enquiry page Send Enquiry. #freedive #freediving panglao #freediving bohol #freediving philippines
Junio wrote:
Wednesday, 31 January 2018 22:26:39 PHT
Such a beautiful place!
Raniza Ubod wrote:
Wednesday, 15 June 2016 13:44:18 PHT
I would like to ask. We have one wing van contain aluminum furniture 44 cbm from Cebu to La Estrella Beach Resort. Can you help me how to bring this item to the said resort? Can you help provide a contact person for pumpboat? Thanks, Raniza
Jaycel Parilla Turita wrote:
Tuesday, 26 October 2010 19:23:57 PHT
Hm....I'm so glad with this,s so good that even when I'm far from Cabilao Island I could still viewed it from here..Hm..want to come back soon...I just want to greet my lola Paterna as well to my cousins out!
Jaycel wrote:
Wednesday, 20 October 2010 08:43:32 PHT
Summer is getting hope I could visit here again(my mothers' hometown,particularly in Cabacungan)with my whole family.The Islands' travelogues place really kept me back in Cabilao.It's a place full of mysteries and adventures that could embank in the treasury of you minds.Hmmm...I can't wait to get back there soon...
Jaycel wrote:
Wednesday, 20 October 2010 08:29:29 PHT
Wow!so good to know that many people are now getting interested in this paradise-like Island.Thanks to this website...I hope this particular Island will be known to be one of the greatest scenic spots here in the Philippines.
Franco Sieras wrote:
Friday, 16 July 2010 05:58:23 PHT
I have not been in this island, but my parents are from Loon. My Nanay is from the town proper,marcojos-relampagos clan, near the big catholic church and she always mention of this island, even though we only come to Loon to visit on fiestas. she knows alot of last names here, like the lapez in particular. my family visited loon in 2008 but we missed this place due to the schedule. i won't miss this next time, probably 2011. thank you for the website.
Patricia wrote:
Thursday, 11 March 2010 12:13:59 PHT
Dear Site Administrator and Cabilaonons, I think this website really informative, but I have an additional question: Is Cabilao Island also ideal for just swimming (in a bikini, not a wetsuit :P) and lounging around? I'm not particularly "talented" with water and I'm not a diver at all. I'm just looking for a good place to vacation at in Bohol. I'm concerned that it could be a diving spot like Anilao, where the beach is really rocky and you basically have to be a diver to really enjoy the place. My email address is: I hope I get some feedback. Your comments would be really appreciated. Thanks!
Eric Maratas wrote:
Saturday, 6 February 2010 15:42:40 PHT
Hi, i am Eric, 22 years old ... it was a pleasure to know that as i've searched google and suddenly found the place where i used to love when i was young, a remarkable place to me, full of memories... But sad to say, i felt anguish & fear upon hearing this place... For about 13 years now, we haven't been in this place, for HEARTACHES memories are still crashing our minds. I know, the people of talisay or mostly the cabilaonons are very warmth hearted persons... I still remember that when summer arrives, our mother took us to this place whom it is the NATIVE LAND of my father. Seeing my relatives means so much to us... Greeting our grandparents, talking to our uncles/aunties, chatting to our cousins and keep on smiling to those neighbors who keep looking to us (because we are new faces to them). I still remember that they have a fiesta celebration often celebrated between the 2nd & 3rd week of May if i am not mistaken. The place was so nice, it was liked a paradise. (yet, it is not for me 13 years ago). Why? ahhm i know that this is not the right site for me to tell this things but it helps me to encouraged myself to forgive the past. It is about our father, he has this kind of mental illness, when he's drunk he keeps on bragging my mother because he was jealous to this guy or to those men even without my mother's knowledge. There is this one time that he almost kill my mother using a knife and sadly we saw that incident, thanks to GOD and to those people (relatives, cousins & neighbors) there who helps my Mother to be safe. At my young age, it was stick to my mind that we should leave the place for our safety. That's when i knew why my parent's are separated, it's beacuse of HIM and his sick MIND. From then on, we never been in that place, I keep on dreaming that someday, I can go back to that place without fear, for we have memories that left there. To have a happy vacation, to reunite again to our relatives that have long been seen. Without the shadows of HIM...
Gloria Lafuente Forster wrote:
Saturday, 24 October 2009 16:45:33 PHT
hello to all my Auntie in Cambaquiz.Mamay Pering & Tiya Payang .Looking forward to seing you in January 2010 Love David & Gloria From England
Jaycel wrote:
Wednesday, 30 September 2009 11:04:10 PHT
Thanks for featuring this beautiful Island.I went there last summer and I find this Island so good to have a family vacation.I love thier beaches for its with good ambiance and it was so unleashing.I really love this place..Im planning to get back there soon.
jorobe mae lapez bretaņa wrote:
Monday, 17 August 2009 15:16:00 PHT
hi to all cabilaonons!!!!!!!! Cabilao Island is really such a nice place. My mother always bring us to this place during summer because it is her hometown and she wants us to familiarize with the place. The people were very nice and's a good place for unwinding and it's stress free. "Hi ate lelang, ate neneng,uncle boy"...........
mark ceros wrote:
Friday, 29 May 2009 05:55:57 PHT
hola hows the summer hope that your enjoying...i missed cabilao all my peers,friends,my family and relatives...a warmed regards from me...i hope evrythings fine...i wish!hahahaha!i am not longer permanently in here in our beloved cabilao island,im now in manila seeking for my luck....working as a call center agent...waahh!but still i love unforgettable memoirs were here...hmmf which is i would not forgotten...those lovely and full of happiness school years...uhhmm!by the way i was amazed what i saw in this site...cabilao resorts are for world-class it...!keep up the good work.this is a no regrets GETAWAY PLACE...
mark ceros wrote:
Friday, 29 May 2009 04:08:06 PHT
hola hows the summer hope that your enjoying...i missed cabilao all my peers,friends,my family and relatives...a warmed regards from me...i hope evrythings fine...i wish!hahahaha!i am not longer permanently in here in our beloved cabilao island,im now in manila seeking for my luck....working as a call center agent...waahh!but still i love unforgettable memoirs were here...hmmf which is i would not forgotten...those lovely and full of happiness school years...uhhmm!by the way i was amazed what i saw in this site...cabilao resorts are for world-class it...!keep up the good work.this is a no regrets GETAWAY PLACE...
Merlita Castiotos wrote:
Thursday, 23 April 2009 23:08:27 PHT
I am a native of Cabilao, now living in Paranaque. Thank you for featuring my hometown. It's purely a lovely place including its residents. Having its wonders expose to the public will always be an honor to me as a local growing up in this island. I am looking forward for it to be more featured in any kind of media like the internet. And I, myself, would promote it. Please come visit this wonderful piece of creation. Surely a trip will be fulfilling. Thank you and God bless.
Dennis Damalerio wrote:
Saturday, 7 March 2009 14:25:18 PHT
I was amazed when I first saw this page, believe me! I am very much proud that I grew up in Cabilao Island, the memories still fresh in my mind and my heart still saying to be back soon if God permits. I love this place and nothing can compare its natural scenic views and spots. huhuhu!!!! Nice to be back and recall all good memories...
Bill Masadas wrote:
Tuesday, 23 December 2008 15:57:34 PHT
I visited Cabilao last in 1982.... It is a very beautiful Island. I met the Lapez Family when they first opened up their resort down the road from my grandfathers home. I'll never forget the hospitality I received from all the people of Cabilao. I've since lost contact with most relatives their since most of the elders have passed. It would be great to hear from someone who possibly met me while I was their. Thanks, Bill Masadas
yangga lucero wrote:
Tuesday, 18 November 2008 20:38:16 PHT
Cabilao Island is the real paradise on earth. The serenity surrounding the island is just amazing. It is ideal for vacations, diving or just plain "getting-away-from-it-all". If you want some introspection or just some peace and quiet, come to Cabilao.
Necir Maratas wrote:
Sunday, 2 November 2008 23:31:40 PHT
I realy love cabilao island,very nice place for holiday especially in the beach and eating kinilaw (very fresh fish)then drink bahalina with my friends,so every time when i have plan for holiday my first choice is cabilao
divine grace wrote:
Wednesday, 18 June 2008 16:07:14 PHT
i love the place!
RYan Jade Murcia wrote:
Monday, 15 October 2007 19:20:35 PHT
coolneSs! when i first saw this page, i couldn't help but force my fingers to drop something. Swear. It's been a while since I last visited my place and whOa, seeing this exclusive page REALLY brought me into a nostalgic fit. Huhu..I miss the island terribly! I can't wait to be back savoring the place again. And I have no qualms of shouting to the whole world that 'am a true-blue 'Cabilaonon!' wHY? Cabilaonons love to overdo things the best way we can, and if we love to overdo it, just imagine how it is to be our "GUEST!" i dare say...
Ednalyn Garcia-Molina wrote:
Saturday, 6 October 2007 04:14:59 PHT
The first time i set my foot on this island..i was so curious,but my curiousity vanished in an instant when i met the people around its area.they are so peaceful and hospitable,and suddenly i want to stay there for good. i really loved the place and its serenity. and it's also happened that i married one of Cabilao man.. Celso Molina jr.
Ferdie Molina wrote:
Saturday, 4 August 2007 05:22:55 PHT
It's good to know you feature Cabilao Island, my father's hometown (or should I say home island). I could still recall those times that he would brought us to this wonderful island to visit our relatives (the Lapez, Masadas and Molina clan). Wow time flies so fast and I havent been there for quite sometime now. On my next trip back to the Philippines Cabilao will be on my list. I miss Bohol so much can't wait to come home to my island province...
Reiner wrote:
Thursday, 15 June 2006 02:18:56 PHT
Good and informative. But "La Estrella Beach Resort" has a 2nd web site:
Chona Castillo wrote:
Thursday, 18 May 2006 17:59:47 PHT
This island has so much serenity, this is my father's place, I am very glad that Cabilao Island is rising and developing, when I think of SUMMER, I always think of CABILAO, I am much in love with the place, well in fact I am Cabilao fresh, we went there to visit my grandma's house.... CABILAO REALLY CAPTURES MY SOUL...
Stephen Osorio wrote:
Wednesday, 17 May 2006 18:09:05 PHT
Cool!!! there's a website for my most beautiful place in the world...where u can really enjoy yourself to the extreme...actually my relatives lives here and I often take my vacation here where no other vacation on earth I've ever enjoyed so much, fresh air, sandy beaches great hikes and most of all the hospitability and care of my folks. Thanx!!!
Glenda Lapez wrote:
Thursday, 27 April 2006 22:00:16 PHT
I am just so happy to see this website featuring the most loved island of my father. My father was from Cabilao, Ireneo M. Lapez, the youngest brother of Atty. Ramon M. Lapez of the Lapez clan. I am just amazed how he loved this island so much and having had visited this tranquil island with full of serene air, people here are indeed hospitable and unbelievably caring and loving.
Sherlenie wrote:
Tuesday, 25 April 2006 13:27:20 PHT
I have been to Cabilao island and the place is superb. The folks are very friendly and accomodating. I have additional pics at link.
Thello Jay Cardente wrote:
Tuesday, 18 April 2006 14:23:54 PHT
Wow CABILAO ISLAND!!!! Superb, very nice island. Not only you can enjoy the beautiful beaches and corals, also you can meet nice people. On this island, we also experienced the island lake which is very admirable to look at. This island has something to do with my life, this is were I got my last SUNBURN beacause I enjoy a lot.
Misael Lajera wrote:
Thursday, 30 March 2006 10:37:40 PHT
Thanks for our featuring our beautiful place... I'm from there... I was really amazed with what you did... I never expected there's someone who is concern of featuring the beautiful Island of Cabilao. I hope you can still find another interesting sites to feature. Thanks a lot. :-)
May wrote:
Sunday, 26 February 2006 03:33:20 PHT
Wow!!! I appreciate you website - now I know where to go for vacation.
Mel wrote:
Wednesday, 15 February 2006 07:22:22 PHT
We are going to Bohol sometime in May or June....thanks for a very informative website! Really appreciated it! Great work!
Jerry wrote:
Wednesday, 1 February 2006 06:26:40 PHT
Nice site, I think I'm gonna pay a visit to the island soon
Evelyn Castiotos wrote:
Tuesday, 10 January 2006 11:03:37 PHT
Thanks a lot for featuring our beautiful island Cabilao:)really appreciate it. I am from Cabacungan Cabilao, now working in Manila. I took my vacation last Christmas and New Year, and see how nice are the beaches and resort there:) am so thankful that our island is now well developed, am so proud.
Rhr wrote:
Monday, 2 January 2006 14:58:26 PHT
Thank you for featuring Cabilao island, that's where my roots came from...too bad I've never visited the place for almost ten years now. I never thought the island will be that popular as it is today. I used to take that place for granted. Thanks to your article, it's an eye-opener for me...
Benedict Cellacay wrote:
Friday, 9 December 2005 12:44:17 PHT
Hi Jeroen, I really like your website and your great appreciation to Bohol's wonders. I'm looking forward that you will feature my hometown Guindulman and its less popular but very beautiful marine eco park in Basdio (Guindulman Bay). Whenever I miss my place I would just surf your website. You are an imptortant intrument of making boholanos connected from any part of the world. Thanks....

I already have an article on Eastern Bohol, where Basdio is named, but I haven't been able to visit the Marine eco-park yet. Also, sometimes, these parks or reservations are not open to visitors without a permit, which may take some time to obtain.--Jeroen.

Dan wrote:
Friday, 9 December 2005 11:54:08 PHT
Thanks for the information on Cabilao Island. I'll be in Cebu City at the end of December and may go to Bohol. Can I ask about how much the boat ride costs? How about the accomodation prices? Thanks again. Dan PS: I'm an American living and working in Tokyo.
Reigh P. Monreal wrote:
Saturday, 26 November 2005 14:55:05 PHT
Jeroen: Thanks a lot for featuring the beautiful island of Cabilao! I am from Loon and I have been to Cabilao several times and will always go back there to bring friends. By the way, may I have your permission to quote some statements from your article on Cabilao? I am about to write an article on Loon, including Cabilao, and I would like to include an outsider's (your) view of my hometown. I hope this is OK for you. Thanks in advance and best wishes!
Gwargz Monreal wrote:
Thursday, 10 November 2005 17:51:46 PHT
Beautiful Cabilao! I am from Loon, Jeroen. Tnx for featuring my native place. I miss my place so much.
Tina wrote:
Sunday, 6 November 2005 11:12:27 PHT
This island seems sooo beautiful I'd love to go there probly next week.....:)

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