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The coastal town of Alburquerque, also known for short as "Albur", lies about twelve kilometers to the east of the City of Tagbilaran.


Alburquerque was originally a barangay of Baclayon called Segunto. In 1861, Segunto became a municipality its name was changed to Alburquerque after the city in New Mexico, which in its turn, was named after the viceroy of Mexico, Fernandez de la Cueva, Duque de Alburquerque.


Alburquerque Church
Alburquerque Church
Alburquerque Church
Alburquerque Church

The parish church of Santa Monica in Alburquerque, has a number of features that make it unique in Bohol. Unlike most churches, the convento is located at some distance from the main building, and connected with the church with an arcade. The building dates from 1885, replacing an older structure made of wood and bamboo. The tower and facade where completed in the 1930's.

When you take care to enter the church, you can admire its attractive ceiling paintings, which where made by Ray Francia in the 1930s.

Philippine Rufous Night-Heron
Philippine Rufous Night-Heron
Large Python
Large Python

The Python sanctum in Alburquerque houses a very large Python. The Python "Prony", with it length of about 7 metres and weight of 300 kg, it is claimed to be the largest python living in captivity. Around it's cage, a private mini-zoo has emerged, that also houses a few flying dogs and birds. The sanctum is included in many tourist tours to the Chocolate Hills.


Today the people are engaged in pottery, weaving, fishing and farming.


Alburquerque celebrate its town fiesta on May 4 in honor of Santa Monica.

Alburquerque Police Station: +63 38 539 9999; +63 38 539-9149


Alburquerque at a glance
Population (2015): 10540
Population (2010): 9921
Population (2000): 8715
Number of households (2000): 1670
Land area: 2865 ha
Number of barangays: 11
Distance from Tagbilaran: 12 km

BarangayPopulation (2000)Households (2000)Population (2010)Population (2015)
East Poblacion153927218292046
San Agustin44990526552
Santa Filomena758154911914
West Poblacion91716410411115

(Based on figures from the census of 2000, 2010, and 2015 from PSA)


More information on Alburquerque can be found on Wikipedia.

Jeroen Hellingman and Rodelyn Gallo Hellingman

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Barbara Schmidt wrote:
Saturday, 18 May 2013 17:25:54 PHT
The corroded ceiling paintings by Raymundo Francia in 1933 on steel plates were dismantled from their wooden trusses and were framed accordingly for justification. The paintings were then restored in 2010 copying the original. It's so beautiful and a must see.

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