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Philippine Cooking Books

IJsselstein, Monday, 4 June 2007

When away from the Philippines, one often longs back to Philippine food. So when back at home, do as we did, and stock up a few Philippine cooking books. Sometimes, it is difficult to obtain the ingredients. Here, too, such books can be helpful, by providing you with the English and local names of most vegetables.

Book Cover of Recipes of the Philippines
Recipes of the Philippines.

Recipes of the Philippines compiled and edited by Enriqueta David-Perez. This typical Filipino recipe book with few colored but many black/white illustrations contains: Fiesta Fare recipes like Caldereta, Embutido and Pancit Molo; Everyday dishes like Adobo, Escabeche and Rellenong Bangus; Sweets and desserts like Leche Flan, Turon and Yema; Breakfast and Merienda like Bibingka, Maja blanca and puto; Pickles and Relishes like Spiced Eggs, Kangkong Atsara and Papaya; Refreshments like Gulaman in coconut milk, Mango, Pinipig and Ube ice cream and the glossary. Published by National Bookstore, Mandaluyong City. ISBN 971081821X.

Book Cover of Salads & Vegetables
Salads & Vegetables.

Filipino Kitchen Library: Salads & Vegetables by Aileen Jaraza, Christina Aquino and Hector Jaraza. This recipe book contains chapters on salad presentation, vegetable salads, cooked salads, combination salads, molded salads, fruit salads, salad dressing, vegetable cookery and fruit shakes. Added to the book are a set of useful appendices: a diagram of kitchenwares, a list of Filipino and English names of vegetables and fruits, the common seasonal fruits in the Philippines, classification of the country's vegetables, conversion guide from Fahrenheit to centigrade, measurement tables, substitution of ingredients and the glossary of terms. This book contain some colorful pictures of selected recipes. Published by Books for Pleasure, Manila. ISBN 9715027237.

Book Cover of Asian Cooking
Asian Cooking.

Filipino Kitchen Library: Asian Cooking by Aileen Jaraza, Christina Aquino and Hector Jaraza. Sometimes, a small trip in the culinary region will also be appreciated, so with this recipe book, we leave the Philippines for a sampling of Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian, Thai, and Korean cooking. The appendix includes measurement tables, guidelines for the substitution of ingredients, and a glossary of terms. This book contains some colorful pictures of selected recipes. Published by Books for Pleasure, Manila. ISBN 9715027261.

Book Cover of Best Recipes for the Home
Best Recipes for the Home.

Best Recipes for the Home. This black/white and colored illustrated recipe book contains: nutritional information, kitchens hints and measurements, sumptuous soup, vegetarian dishes, saucy sauces, rice dishes, vegetables with verve, salads supreme, dressings, refreshment drinks, breads and pastries, delightful desserts, miscellaneous Filipino dishes, international dishes, dictionary of cooking terms and substitution of ingredients. Published by Philippine Publishing House, Manila.

Rodelyn Gallo

What readers think...

Angie Ojascastro wrote:
Thursday, 12 June 2008 07:25:26 PHT
I would like to ask for some new way of cooking and maybe also international cuisine.
Angie Ojascastro wrote:
Thursday, 12 June 2008 06:47:04 PHT
I'm working as Food Bar Manageress here in Papua New Guinea. I've been here for 12 years and I never go back to Manila. I need cookbooks for my small business and also for my job. Thanks & Regards, Angie
sannete vergara jumilly wrote:
Friday, 23 November 2007 01:51:25 PHT
Hello, i am a Filipina , living in France. I love to cook Pilipino food here and its my pleasure to read and consult some recipe i want to cook..many thanks..
Bituen wrote:
Sunday, 1 July 2007 04:30:22 PHT
Hi Namie, I have a cookbook here but I'm selling it in ebay for 6 (excluding postage costs). Please go to and in search type "philippine recipes". Book title is "Philippine Recipes and other international recipes". In case it is not there anymore, feel free to email me. I''m based in Holland and sending it to Germany won't cost so much I think. Best regards, Bituen (
Namie wrote:
Tuesday, 19 June 2007 23:52:28 PHT
Hi, I am a Filipina but resently living in Germany. I just wanna ask a favor, can you please send me the list of the recipes on these books above or else give me the website address, so i can check it. Thank you...i'm seriously need it...

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