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On the southern coast of Bohol lies the municipality of Loay. It is located at the mouth of the Loboc river.

Loay Church
Loay Church
Clarin Ancestral House
Clarin Ancestral House
This town was said to be established in 1740. In 1879, Loay had a population of 8,171. The population has two parts, the lower and the upper parts. The lower part of the town used to be called Canipa-an because of the presence of nipa swamps in this part of the town while the upper part is named Ibabao, being located on the plateau.

Loay celebrate its town fiesta on the Trinity Sunday in honor of Blessed Trinity and on the 3rd of December in honor of St. Francis Xavier (the 2nd patron of Loay).

Loay Police Station: +63 38 538 9082

Loay Fire Station: +63 38 535 9082

Bank: First Consolidated Bank "FCB"


Loay at a glance
Population (2015): 16691
Population (2010): 16261
Population (2000): 14433
Number of households (2000): 2615
Land area: 3479 ha
Number of barangays: 24
Distance from Tagbilaran: 18 km

BarangayPopulation (2000)Households (2000)Population (2010)Population (2015)
Alegria Norte25133299300
Alegria Sur699133961997
Botoc Occidental484100521619
Botoc Oriental532108648644
Las Salinas Norte32143217272
Las Salinas Sur58095749774
Poblacion Ibabao107219112201231
Poblacion Ubos776111775700
Tangcasan Norte648114699729
Tangcasan Sur663130896846
Tayong Occidental47183451511
Tayong Oriental8711511011963
Tocdog Dacu738133701677
Tocdog Ilaya42693424415

(Based on figures from the census of 2000, 2010, and 2015 from PSA)

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