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Bared... 50 things to do this Summer 2012

Tagbilaran, Monday, 23 April 2012

Yes, indeed the days are longer and the nights are shorter... it's summer na summer!

Bared came up with a list of things to do that can make your summer of 2012 more memorable and enjoyable. Read on.

  1. Give your Facebook page a summery look.
  2. Experience firefly kayaking and moonlit paddling! See an entire tree glowing with thousands of fireflies like a Christmas trees.  Call/text Kayakasia at 0932-855-2928 or email:

    Summer coolers to quench your thirst on a hot
    summer day. Credit: House of Ube
  3. The hot weather of summer always see a boom of summer coolers for relief: visit Chowking for halo-halo special, Bohol Bee Farm/The Buzz for homemade ice-creams, Metro Centre for halo-halo and shakes, Garden Café' for halo-halo with pumpkin pie and shakes, Shoppers' Mart for halo-halo and buko pandan, Jo's Chicken Inato "Payag" for buko shake and green mango shake and Bohol House of Ube a.k.a. Mama Nena's Ube Jam for the extra ube ice cream and buko pandan macaron with ube filling!
  4. The sun's out? Head to Panglao Island, Pandanon Island, Bien Unido and Anda. Believe me, the beach is just the beginning!

    The beach is just the beginning. The province just abounds with gorgeous beaches from north to south, east to west. LPU.
  5. Research your family tree. Compiling your family history is a priceless legacy for future generations.
  6. Learn about nature and animals. Visit the new home of Prony, butterfly sanctuaries in Bilar and Sagbayan, Tarsier Botanica in Panglao and tarsier sanctuary in Corella and Loboc.
  7. Start a blog, zine or twitter this summer. Learn to use Photoshop and instagram for photo sharing.
  8. Paint your toe nails and fingernails with bright sparkly polish.
  9. Fly a kite. Haven't flown a kite since you were a tot? Fly your kite on the beach or in an open field, where the wind is often at its strongest mph. The wind is calling!
  10. Donate some of the toys and clothes you no longer use. Recycle bottles and donate the money to a local charity.
  11. Adopt a pet. You can ask Dr. Gerry Egos and Dr. Homer Singco for tips.
  12. Spend time with your grandparents. It is a blessing to have grandparents around. There is a lot they can share with the young in terms of experiences, values, love and time.
  13. Buy some wacky sunglasses and wear them in public! They can be ultra-big, ultra-goofy, ultra-glam and ultra-anything for an ultra-hilarious day!
  14. Learn a new sport. Learn a new dance. Learn to write a poem. Learn a new song. Learn to play a new musical instrument.
  15. Try new dishes at Crab House, Miravilla Resort, Gerry's Grill, Mang Inasal, Rai-Rai Ken, Payag, Loboc Riverwatch Floating Restaurant, Oops Bar and Garden Café.
  16. Visit Loboc River, the river of life. Feel the breeze, relax and enjoy the rondalla and music while eating and cruising along the Loboc River.
  17. Learn a foreign language. Say "Bonjour" (French), "Selamat pagi" (Indonesian), "Al salaam a'alaykum" (Arabic) and "Ni hao" (Mandarin)!
  18. Go outside and find 20 different kinds of flowers. How many flowers you can identify? Bougainvilla, gumamela, orchids, santan, cosmos...
  19. Make a summer scrapbook or cut up an old greeting card picture and make a puzzle.
  20. Watch your favorite soap operas! I heard Princess and I and Dong Yi!
  21. Go stargazing. Did you know that the three belt stars of Orion represent the Three Wise Men?
  22. Do some charity works. Check the Gov. Celestino Gallares Regional Hospital and Sunshine Home. Volunteer to read to children at the Provincial Library. Visit the Philippine National Red Cross-Bohol chapter if you want to give the safest blood possible to save life.
  23. Be a fan of thrilling adventures as you feel the rush! Visit EAT Danao and Loboc Zipline!
  24. Interact with Chito Visarra, Fred Araneta and Jerry Pabe on dyRD's Inyong Alagad and Tagbilaran By Nite. You can also interact with BG GuingGuing, Ted Ayeng and Atty. Salva Diputado on dyTR's Cuentas Claras.
  25. Have a fill of Boholano bread and pastries at Central Bakery for pan de sal and binangkal, Jojie's Bakeshop's sliced bread, torta, cay-cay, otap; BQ Bread Basket's farmers bread, French bread and bahug-bahug (colored bread); Alturas/Island City Mall Bread Cottage's Spanish bread; Ramirez Cakes and Pastries' cakes; Shopper's Mart's torta; Jojie's Painitang Bol-anon, Pasonangka's special siopao, Empanada Alma's empanada, Park 'n Go's caramel bread, Sunny Angel's Peanut Nuggets, Osang's broa, Tessie Pagdato's broa; and Bohol Bee Farm's camote bread, squash and carrot muffins.
  26. Make a music video--and upload it on youtube! I've had the time of my life, and I've never felt this way before...
  27. Tune in to FM stations for songs. Inday Rufing (Basta Kiss FM, lingaw jud) and Inday Charity (True Radio). Memorize their pick-up lines: Ginamush, tugnosh, dugosh and mamaligya pa og kangkong sa pantalan! If you like showbiz, tune in to Ped Bolanio's Showbiz Rampa on dyRD or to Anjing Poquita and Inday Charity's Showbiz Chika.
  28. Go on a nature hike, backpacking/camping trip in Bilar. Don't forget to bring a camera.
  29. Enroll in summer classes (ballet, art and theater workshop).
  30. Let Dr. James Sombrio and Dr. Aileen Tan-Magdoza remove those wrinkles on your face so that you can face the summer "flawlessly"!
  31. Look for old family photos and share them on Facebook.
  32. Be the master of kusina!! Learn to cook new recipes for family and friends.
  33. Live a healthy life. Stop smoking, watch your diet, go for a walk or run, take vitamins, sleep on time and drink at least eight glasses of water per day.
  34. Change something in or add something to your room and clean it, too. Sell your old stuff. You'll clean out your room and make a little cash at the same time.
  35. Read the Bible or Q'uran. Thy word is a lamp to my feet, and a light to my path.
  36. Don't entertain negative things in life. Unload emotional baggage.
  37. Any problem with your health? Visit the Bohol Medical Clinic for diagnostic tests. If you have time, consult Dr. Angelito Lechago.
  38. Have a perfect smile this summer! Visit Dr. Josephine Tago Yap and Dr. Chai Econg (Yap Dental Clinic, City Square or the Bohol Dental Clinic at ICM, +638 501-7767), Dr. Mary Grace Ochavillo-Uy (J&N Dental Clinic, 2nd floor, City Pharmacy +638 411-5317), and Dr. Rhenz Alvin Uy Acedo (Acedo Dental Clinic in Fatima, Ubay, Bohol, +638 518-8286/0908-7793341).
  39. Don't fail to visit Tagbilaran City's Caingget Beach. Taste the famous koja (a coral clam which is believed to have aphrodisiac qualities), sinugbang sunghan and tuba.
  40. Watch movies at the Island City Mall's Screenville Cinema and BQ Cinema.
  41. Make a CD of your favorite summertime songs. Summertime and the livin' is easy, fish are jumpin' and the cotton is high...
  42. This summer, enjoy inviting water of Lonoy Spring in Jagna, Mag-aso Falls in Antequera, Logarita Spring in Bilar and Badiang Spring in Valencia.
  43. Play your favorite childhood games with the kids. Those childhood games were the 'good old days' before TV and video games: hula hoop, maring-maring, chatong, Chinese garter, taguanay (hide and seek) and bato-lata. Playtime has evolved.
  44. Change something about your hair or make-up. Ask Tracy Torres Remolador, Jojo and Bebei Tagoctoc, Charlow Arbasto, Rolly Ingking and Ryan Sines. For the latest summer collections, see EJ Relampagos, Henry Baron. Omie Auza and Maximiel.
  45. Make sure you have these tropical fruits abundant this summer: lomboy (black/java plum), avocado, watermelon, sineguelas (Spanish plum), kaimito (star apple) and bayabas (guava). They are not only delicious but also good for the health!
  46. Take your dog/pet for a walk. While walking, take pictures of trees, flowers, people, etc. Turn it into a photo collage.
  47. Watch the sunrise and sunset. When the sun rises, it's like a new hope is born inside!  It represents renewal, rebirth. Some people prefer the sunset because it is worth getting up early to watch the sun wake up, the promise of a new day. 
  48. Get your community's events list for the summer and attend an event.
  49. It's more fun in Bohol in the whole month of May! Attend town fiestas and eat humba, inasal and hamunada!
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    Nice! may guide na ako para sa mga anak ko!
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