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Bohol Bee Farm

Bohol Bee Farm View
Bohol Bee Farm View
The Bohol Bee Farm is a very cozy and relaxing place on Panglao island. Owner and Chef Vicky Wallace prepares delicious meals from organically-grown vegetables on her farm--from squash muffins, vegetable lasagna to her specially-brewed coffee from roasted corn and wild berries. She rents her chalet-styled home to guests who want to enjoy the peace and serenity of having the entire farm to themselves...

This is certainly a place apart: not only is it a wonderful relaxing place for visitors, it also tries to contribute to the local community and the environment. From the value statement on their website:

Everything we do at Bohol Bee Farm is geared towards encouraging and inspiring our farmers to practice Organic farming. They don't need to spend for costly conventional fertilizers, nor use harmful pesticides in their farms. Basic composting and companion planting are alternatives we offer in their stead.

We also introduce and teach them different livelihood activities they can pursue in tandem with farming, and assist them in marketing their products to make such activities sustainable. We highly value the principle of giving back to our communities, and to society, in general, the benefits we derived from it. After all, our one true gift to ourselves, and ultimately to others, lies not in what we have accumulated for our own, but how much of it we shared with them.

Bohol Bee Farm Interior
Bohol Bee Farm Interior

Furthermore, we ardently support an agricultural development that leads to healthier soils and diverse agricultural ecosystems, conditions that help promote a better environment. One that we hope would be populated by a happier and healthier people.

Overview of Rooms

The BarnAir conditioned room with 1 queen size bed, good for 2 guests.2
Garden BungalowsAir conditioned room with 1 queen size bed and 1 single bed.3
Banana and Avocado RoomAir conditioned room with 1 Queen size bed, cable TV, hot/cold shower, refrigerator. Good for 3 guests.3
The Beehive SuitesAir conditioned suite with 1 Queen size bed and 1 single bed, cable TV, hot/cold shower, refrigerator. Good for 3 guests.3
The Honeycomb Suites (1 and 2)Wood and Bamboo inspired rooms, with Aircondition, 1 queen size bed, 1 full size bed, and a single pull-out bed.4
The Honeycomb Suites (3 and 4)Air conditioned rooms with 1 king size, 1 queen size, and 1 single bed, good for 4 guests.4
The Colony 2The colony 2 is an air-conditioned room in the midst of indigenous trees.4
The Colony 1The colony is a villa with two air-conditioned bedrooms dramatically anchored on a cliff with spanning view of the sea and the majestic sunset.4

[1] Rates are the lowest rates for one night stay. On selected days, higher rates may apply. For some resorts, longer stays may result in lower rates.