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Dao Diamond Bed and Breakfast

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Feature Visitor Rating Number of Ratings
Booking:Average 2
Arrival:Excellent 2
Location:Good 2
Room:Good 2
Facilities:Good 2
Service:Excellent 2
Staff:Excellent 2
Cleanliness:Excellent 2
Restaurant:Good 2
Food:Good 2
Bar:Average 2
Price:Excellent 2
Overall:Excellent 2

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Leonardo Ocampo | Thursday, 23 April 2009 | Rating: Excellent

we've been here in this hotel before and it was a very good experience to stay there even for a few days. all rooms are clean and the service is very good. Foods are great and the people are nice. I'm planning to go back there again within this year. It's really a value for money.

Peter Lukassen | Tuesday, 28 October 2008 | Rating: Good

The Dao Diamond Bed and Breakfast is run by IDEA, an organization helping deaf children to give them education and work. Check out their website: My wife and I stayed for 2 weeks in this hotel. It is not like to Peninsula in Makati, but it is a great value for money. The room is small but very clean and comfortable enough to spend the night. The Hotel is located outside the centre of Tagbilaran city, on the road to Corella and near to the new Island City Mall. Not to be recommended to people who want to go to the beaches of Panglao Island every day, but very suitable as a base to explore Bohol. We were only able to book the hotel after a telephone call and never received a confirmation, but when we arrived at the airport, the minivan was waiting for us. The staff is very friendly and will help you as much as possible. In the lobby there is a simple restaurant with tasteful Filipino dishes, burgers. Be aware that you are in the Philippines, so the food is different than back home. I highly recommend this place to people who need a good clean room to sleep while staying a few days exploring beautiful Bohol. Besides it's great value for money, you are helping the deaf children. What a great deal.