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Domene Kaw

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Feature Visitor Rating Number of Ratings
Booking:Very Poor 1
Arrival:Very Poor 2
Location:Poor 2
Room:Very Poor 2
Facilities:Very Poor 1
Service:Very Poor 2
Staff:Very Poor 2
Cleanliness:Very Poor 2
Restaurant:Very Poor 2
Food:Very Poor 2
Bar:Very Poor 1
Price:Very Poor 2
Overall:Very Poor 2

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genghis khan lao | Friday, 24 October 2014 | Rating: Very Poor

The ad was quite deceptive. The room that we were staying facing the ocean was quite contrary to the ad. There was no view to the ocean. All we can were coconut leaves that were blocking the view. The air conditioner didn't work for the whole weekend. No electric fan was even provided as a substitute. I would never stay at this place if given another chance.

Princess Magda | Wednesday, 16 January 2013 | Rating: Very Poor

What turned out to be a promise of a weekend holiday from a hectic travel from Cebu and Manila became a nightmare. Domene Kaw gave us a room facing the ocean that only left us smell the ocean breeze like dried liquid from one's bladder. We had no choice but to close the balcony door or else smell the unhygienic smell all day long. Then, we were confronted of the sound of the air conditioner that pumped sounds like a speedboat kept us awake all night long. There were five friendly roaches with a size of a quarter that always gathered in our toothbrushes. The staff gossip in front of us talking about the guests from other rooms. The room is quite small for its price. My husband who's quite big and tall can't even hardly move around. All I can say about Domene Kaw, BEWARE!BEWARE! BEWARE!