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Casa Santa Barbara

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Booking:Excellent 1
Arrival:Excellent 1
Location:Excellent 1
Room:Good 1
Facilities:Good 1
Service:Excellent 1
Staff:Excellent 1
Cleanliness:Excellent 1
Food:Excellent 1
Price:Good 1
Overall:Excellent 1

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Roland Boelanders | Wednesday, 12 January 2011 | Rating: Excellent

My family and I stayed at CSB for 3 nights, we were 9 people in total. The villa has a mix of modern and classic features. The bedrooms and kitchen are clean. Everything is available. Some games, videoke, a van, towels.. just everything. There is even a small home cinema to discover inside the villa. It's like a private resort at a very decent price with view on the ocean! The staff is very accomodating. I recommend to have meals at the villa since they have an excellent cook. Brian organised everything for us and he was always replying to all my emails and requests in a timely matter. I would definately advice this villa to any group or family for a relaxing stay in Bohol. What you get is better then what you see.

john enerio | Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Brian;john enerio here. please gie me yur e mail address please as I do have a prospective regular group for Casa Sta. Barbara. lets discuss. thank you. * am in manila today aug 18 / how about you? are your back in panglaoor still in the US? thanks.

dennis | Monday, 19 October 2009

Does anybody have review for this villa?