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Reader Comments on 'Boholano Fruits'

Bohol boasts a wide variety of fruits. Almost every season, one or another type of fruit is in season, and can easily be obtained in Bohol.

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alistair vig wrote:
Saturday, 21 April 2018 00:02:22 PHT
could anybody tell me where i can find a list of plants and fruit trees that will grow well in panglao. I am planning t make an eco resort there and would like to know which kind of fruit trees , plants and flowers will grow well in the highway location of libaong thank you for any suggestions
Ester Espinosa wrote:
Wednesday, 17 January 2018 17:18:46 PHT
asa ta kapalit og seedlings sa nangka nga hinugon kana sotsot ang liso
Yan wrote:
Monday, 23 October 2017 23:19:03 PHT
Knsay naka ila og An-an nga prutas Kanang gamay na lingin Kong mahinog Kay black dili lumboy gamaygamay pa Ana.unsay inengilsh Ana .... please reply back....
Robbie Cagumbay wrote:
Thursday, 4 February 2016 06:35:42 PHT
Mupalit mo og pinya from Bukidnon?
Pedrito Quiamjot wrote:
Sunday, 15 April 2012 16:42:49 PHT
Fiesta na sab sa Loay. Hanap ko Lauya ug Sinangag baboy. Maayo sab humol humol sa dagat diha sa may Botoc, Laguna. Be in Bohol this May. Maajong Fiesta.
Dave Sorrell wrote:
Tuesday, 30 August 2011 16:40:40 PHT
I am planning to visit Bohol in june or july of 2013, this gave a real good overview of the island and people. Thank you Dave Sorrell
Sheeshe wrote:
Friday, 13 May 2011 13:26:51 PHT
I really miss the beauty of Bohol..the Fruits, the people and everything.. >just want to ask, is the bignay fron northern luzon the same as our bugnay there?? it's just so confusing man gud sa pictures ba... thanks, i hope someone could inform me bout that..
Junbie Bongato wrote:
Tuesday, 21 December 2010 22:58:00 PHT
The Philippines is really lucky to have all kinds of fruits and kinds of variety that to choose from. I like the fruit called tambis,duhat,seneguelas,lanzones,jackfruit,mangoes green and yellow,mangosteen,and others. I gonna research some other fruits found in Agriculture Journals.Thanks for the space
bentot wrote:
Saturday, 15 May 2010 20:10:19 PHT
naa pa ba kha ang prutas nga "pahauli"? nangka nga lumuyan, bugnay, uwabtub, bukotbokut ug uban pa.
liza wrote:
Thursday, 9 October 2008 08:24:40 PHT
hre's my e-mail add. these fruits will be used for exporting.
liza wrote:
Thursday, 9 October 2008 08:08:29 PHT
these all fruits are what we looking for,can u give me the quotation for banana green, cavendish , mango and pineapple.thanx
Zavier Abella wrote:
Friday, 2 May 2008 11:30:49 PHT
My email is
Zavier Abella wrote:
Friday, 2 May 2008 11:21:38 PHT
Hi, i'm a supplier of fruits and vegetables to all SM supermarkets here in Luzon, I'm currently looking for possible stable suppliers of all the local fruits that can be shipped here in manila, if there are some, pls send your quotations on my email which is posted here in my message. I hope to get as many fruits from your province and on a year round supply. Our company is First Class Agriculture (FCA). thank you and i hope to hear from those interested suppliers. FYI, we pay cash. and minimum order is 2 tons per shipment with unlimited volume requirement of fruits. Zavier Abella First Class Agriculture
Tess wrote:
Saturday, 1 March 2008 19:34:20 PHT
Sus ang ako jud nga gimingaw kaonon kanang bibingka sa Ponong Albur, pintos, ug dinumugan nga giputos ug udlot sa lubi, sa Jagna kana gigama ilabi nag pista didto, sus kalami ana uy....
ninja pod co wrote:
Saturday, 17 November 2007 05:53:04 PHT
maajong udto ninjo tanan mga ninja! kinalamian sa bohol para naho kanang "swake" presko ug kanang gitawag sa mga amigo naho sa albur nga "jumping salad". kanang galukso lukso nga sapajan, aguy! gajud! saw saw lang nimo sa suka nga naay sile, tang lamia! ug last but not least tinuwa kanang daghang tangad, patay! sa prutas utot-utot,an-an,lomboy,kaimito,tambis,seregwelas...dili ka original ninja ug wala ka katilaw ug an-an! LOL! see you soon ninjas mag tapok tapok ta sa kilum kilum puhon malooy ginoo!
Loth wrote:
Tuesday, 3 April 2007 18:28:54 PHT
Am not sure if these are familiar but i just miss eating the following: "kajam" (a kind of mangrove fruit-bearing plant) this is very delicious for me, only one often farts after eating; there's also the "sawong" or pili nuts; "tamilok", "bokja" or jelly fish "tuway and punaw", w/c my cousins used to get from the underwaters of the loboc river; my cousins and i used to gather "suso or libod2", "balinggukay", "buta" from the "katunggan" and cooked them with coco milk; "tambis and macopa"; "tilaob & sinugbang mais" or corn; for the veggies, there's the native kangkong usually grows in the ricefields - best for adobong kangkong and kinilaw kangkong recipes. among the edible seaweeds my favorite is the "ambang" just dip it into vinegar after washing no need to cook; "pakwan" or watermelon; papaya; "paw" w/c is a kind of rootcrop, "balanghoy" or cassava; camote; ube; "gabi"; "kinampay"; "singkamas"; "lomboy" or duhat; "batuan", "balimbing", "abihid", "bugnay" - these are sour but delicious fruits. we also have the "an-an" - a nips-like shaped fruit and is sweet. ohh .. i feel so hungry mentioning them! hope a research for all these will be conducted and wishfully be posted in here also. Thanks.
Queenie wrote:
Monday, 5 February 2007 07:55:44 PHT
I just luv BOHOL. - the gentle smiles...
Otmar wrote:
Monday, 14 August 2006 16:09:27 PHT
Hello, can I get some information re. the rice quality from Bohol Sierra Billones or del Pila? like: (only a sample) Nutrition Inform. per 100 g Energy value 1489 kj (351 kcal) Protein 7,2 g Carbohydrates 78 g Fat 1,1 g Color Sale Price in the market / per kg etc., etc. Pls. send me all data I can get from your Bohol-Rice Thanks and best rgds Otmar copy to:
Lyn wrote:
Sunday, 4 June 2006 15:27:19 PHT
Wow pagkanindot sa manga ug sereguelas, pagkakita nako sa litratu giasloman naman ko gatan aw, gani litratu ra na ako nakita aslom naman dayon, gimingaw ko sa mga prutas sa Pinas, mga nindot prutas dha kay presko. Salamat sa litratu, paalam lahat ug arigato.
DroL wrote:
Monday, 22 May 2006 02:26:49 PHT
I wonder if you could also feature the fruits like (Im sorry I only know their local names) Kulo, kamansi, and kanastrel (unripe is green, ripe is dark yellow). We used to climb these trees, brought the fruits back home, and for Kamansi and kulo, boiled them or sliced them thinly and fried them with sugar (the way we fry banana cue). I havent been to Bohol for a long while now, and these are some of the many things that I miss back home. I would also appreciate it if you can and will give us informations regarding their place of origin. Than you so much!
Bong wrote:
Wednesday, 8 February 2006 00:12:11 PHT
That was misconception of many that durian only thrives on cooler highlands of mindanao, durians now is propagated on the flatlands of Laguna, hot humid and typhoon prone..So Bohol is no excuse, today's technology and knowhow make it feasible. My lolo has planted durian in Gotozon Loboc Bohol and it bears fruit before it was destroyed by kaingineros..
Gwargz Monreal wrote:
Saturday, 28 January 2006 09:51:20 PHT

This feature on Bohol fruits reminds me of my childhood in Bohol. Bohol's fruits may be exotic to foreigners but some of these fruits are already in commercial volume in some parts here in Mindanao.

There are fruits in Bohol that are so "exotic" to me that i sometime crave for them whenever i am there. I fondly called them my childhood fruits.

These are the no-commercial-value fruits: BUGNAY (Wild Berry, Tree: Short and Bushy/ Fruit: Green tiny bunch. Size as little as a mongo bean. When ripe, the color changes to yellow, orange or red. Very sweet taste.) This fruit is scattered all over Bohol especially on non-productive lands.

The 2nd fruit is AN-AN. Maroon-colored fruits but Black when ripe. I've seen them commercially produced into AN-AN Coffee at the Bohol Bee Farm in Dauis or Panglao.

The 3rd is ABIHID. Its tree is big and tall. Some trunk needs 5 persons holding hands to surround it. The young Abihid fruit and the young leaves of the tree are very palatable.

These are my childhood fruits that i could still remember and miss. Try them, these ones are also scattered all over Panglao.

AND FINALLY, DURIAN IS NOT A NATIVE OF BOHOL. If there are Durian trees there, i am sure the seedlings all come from Mindanao. Durian will not thrive on hot lowlands, that is why they are found only on cool, higher places in Mindanao. Durian tree is very weak. Its strength can be compared to the Kapok Tree. So, i doubt, it can survive in a typhoon-stricken area like Bohol. Durian loves to flourish in a no-typhoon area like Davao and its neighoring provinces.

This is all for now. Wishing you more financial blessings, good health, peace of mind, a strengthened full of love family relationship and a very proactive business dealing in 2006!

Thanks for your comment! I am aware that not all of these fruits are indigenous to Bohol; for example, the Guayabano was imported from South America, probably by the Dutch via Indonesia, as is still indicated by its Malay name, Durian Belanda, Dutch Durian. Also a very common fruit in Mindanao, the pineapple came from South America. One little remark: Bohol is not really in the typhoon-path, and is quite well shielded from the bigger storms by the surrounding islands.--Jeroen

Patrick wrote:
Wednesday, 9 November 2005 19:55:35 PHT
Great site! I sell vegetables myself in Holland (not owner) and I really like all the extra information I am getting here. Great country too. :)
Clarke Jackman wrote:
Wednesday, 28 September 2005 14:34:32 PHT
Gimingaw guyd ko sa pagkaon sa Pilipinas!! Dugay na guyd kaayo nga wala ko kakaon og lami pagkaon!!
Dan wrote:
Thursday, 22 September 2005 18:44:35 PHT
I like it when you listed them all in various Malay/Tagalog dialects !!! good work indeed!
Kim wrote:
Thursday, 11 August 2005 19:52:38 PHT
Oh! mangos! i love it! most especially green mangos! oh! i just love it! you better try it! yummy!;p
She-she wrote:
Thursday, 11 August 2005 13:56:18 PHT
Wow.. ang ganda talga sa Bohol...the best tlga ang mga island ng Pilipinas including there beautiful tourist spot...sana mbgyan nio po ako ng idea about sa mga product from bihil salmat po...
Khalid Akhtar wrote:
Tuesday, 2 August 2005 16:58:06 PHT
aaa i dont know what 2 say cause i have just heard about the food in philipino and i think i will love it altho i dont know much about it cause my g/f whenever we talk about food she only says about Fish and rice ! sometimes noodles and spagity ! cause she loves it but i must say i like everykind of food and looking forward 2 have a taste of philipinoooooooooooooo. ByE LoVe 2 all mmmmmuuuuuuuaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh
Justin wrote:
Sunday, 31 July 2005 19:58:43 PHT
Nothing to be mention because I like it soooo much
Roxanne wrote:
Sunday, 17 July 2005 10:45:19 PHT
mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....lameat i might have spelt it wrong i'm sorry but my mom's filipina and i love their food so much!!! and drinks!!!
Jun wrote:
Tuesday, 12 July 2005 17:37:17 PHT
In mango fruit category, im just wondering did not mention the "smallest mango found in the philippines" name? the size, weight, texture, in what province? and the largest mango too.
Robert Flowers wrote:
Tuesday, 5 July 2005 11:33:25 PHT
I really enjoy your site It is very helpful I'am planing a trip to Calape Just wish I could find a street map Keep up the good work
Inday wrote:
Friday, 13 May 2005 13:56:49 PHT
Hmmmmmmm...hapit na pod ang ting- Lanzones!!!
Flora wrote:
Monday, 4 April 2005 07:48:45 PHT
Lami caayo ang saging nga hinoghinog na, long_agon bisag adlaw adlaw kog ana dili ko pol_an.
Joanniebhu wrote:
Monday, 21 March 2005 15:33:14 PHT
I love the site. im having my research on bohol and i got it all in this site. its very helpfull and i find Bohol so interesting now.
Joanne wrote:
Saturday, 12 March 2005 00:00:05 PHT
Keep up the site! A very interesting read ;> as a Boholano, I sure can relate on this lil treasure of an island. Now that it's having its share of tourists, I just hope it still maintains the pristine state of its beaches, preserve its churches, and other heritage sites.
Joshua Lawrence wrote:
Monday, 3 January 2005 13:26:05 PHT
On your write-up on Mango fruit, "The mango is rightly the king of fruits..." I don't think so. I love ripe Bowen mangoes BUT Durian is still the King of All Fruits!
Maryluv wrote:
Sunday, 17 October 2004 12:39:11 PHT
Lami ikaon ug presko nga sapayan... kanang buhi pa... gawilik-wilik pa bitaw...ituslo sa suka nga naay limonsito ug asin...hmmmm gigutom ka noh? unja, inig buntag sajo, kinotel dajon... makatambok ra ba na pero ug imong palabian... makahubog... manimaho pa jud kag tai (imong baba).
B.K.Sakhale wrote:
Friday, 6 August 2004 17:24:39 PHT
Article is quite good. But I'm in search of information on PHT & Processing of mango. CV.Kesar Pl.send infm.
Gabriel wrote:
Wednesday, 21 July 2004 16:38:24 PHT
Gusto ko saging Maruya
Leah wrote:
Sunday, 4 July 2004 06:37:58 PHT
I miss sinugbang isda sa dagat...pagkalamia jod pag-ajo gigutum.....ako ug kalaway sa kinilaw kitong.....
Dexter Regalado wrote:
Friday, 28 May 2004 02:50:53 PHT
Yeeeeeeessss!! I miss da barbecue in sky's da limit,,,,,, and in Dao bus terminal... tuba maybe ug red horse////kilaw no!!! pritong tulingan yes,,,tukis ug sabong moy faborito.. inilog!!!!! sa biya... biya syete;;;; dyeeess thank u. c. u. n. Bohol next month mamista ko.
StarApple wrote:
Thursday, 27 May 2004 16:57:28 PHT
Ahh kaulion man hinoon ko....Gimingaw na ko sa butong , paw ug kulo.. hmmmmmmmmm masarap!!!!!!!! From Australia
Reuben naparan wrote:
Wednesday, 11 February 2004 14:37:21 PHT
I miss lambanog... I rely love to drink it... its my happiest moment when I got drunk with lambanog...
Tony wrote:
Saturday, 31 January 2004 20:02:55 PHT
I love Chirimoja!!!
Sabrina wrote:
Wednesday, 7 January 2004 05:00:10 PHT
Try the mango shakes and eat all the seafood you can hold but I don't recommend ordering spaghetti its more like ketchup poured over noodles with what looks like chopped up hotdogs. Stick with what you know or be sure to ask what it is first before ordering.
Hugo Risi wrote:
Monday, 1 December 2003 23:31:46 PHT
I love Bohol and as a regular tourist of this beautiful Island I'm missing a restaurant guide. There are always opening new restaurants and it would be nice to have recomondations from you or from visitors. Not only from the Philippino kitchen also from the International side. Thanks for Internet page and go on. Greetings to all friendly Boholanos from Switzerland.
Jason Unajan wrote:
Thursday, 9 October 2003 14:51:11 PHT
I Love Bohol...i used to live in Carmen Bohol and the fruits and drinks are very good that I've never tasted before... I'll be back next month to visit my beautiful country PHILIPPINES... Thanks for giving more information about Bohol
Marlyn Honkanen wrote:
Wednesday, 25 June 2003 20:27:07 PHT
Tilaub ug tuba parison kay mabusog ka ug maayo manug-ab kag aslom.Amo bitaw nang na experience diri sa Finland basta dagan gyod ka dayon sa kasilyas aron mo deposit.He!He!He! Regards, Marlyn and Tesie from Sagbayan
Mya Caparas wrote:
Wednesday, 18 June 2003 14:16:32 PHT
I appreciate your writing about food and drinks, but you mainly focused on fruits. You should also write about the peanut kisses, the broas (different from Quezon), the peanut kringles, the other food souvenirs just like Cebu has the dried mangoes. You should also write about kinilaw, different types of seaweeds, and all the seafoods cooked in different unimaginable ways! It's one of the things my office-mates loved about Bohol. They said the seafood is great! They miss it so much here in Manila. And, what about drinks such as nilamao, sikwate, etc?

I had to start writing somewhere, and thus started with fruits; I'll write up on the other foods as well. You could also visit the recipe section prepared by Rodelyn!--Jeroen.

Rochelle wrote:
Friday, 25 April 2003 10:15:58 PHT
Hay dili na sad ko ka-anha sa pista kay naa koy OJT...mingaw na pud ko sa SAMPAYNA sa akong Lola Noria ug sa ijahang HUMBA nga magkalami sa sige ug init human sa pista....yum yum yum! I would just like to say HI to all my former classmates sa Bohol National High School batch 1997-1998...musta naman mo tanan dira? if you want to reach here is my e-mail address: hope to hear from you soon...
Rochelle wrote:
Friday, 25 April 2003 10:10:02 PHT
Okey kaajo nga naay section ang website about food and drinks although naa gamay apan...I appreciate your efforts in featuring the fruits locally found in Bohol but since ang section niyo says FOOD & DRINKS, unsa kahay maayo if i-feature ninyo ang mga food which makes BOHOL famous dili lang diri sa Phil. but also pati na didto sa gawas...okey!!! more power... :)

Sorry pero sa pagka karon wala pa ko makakita og mga pagkaon nga gikan sa Bohol gyod nga gipang baligya dire sa Holland. Pero sa Asia, Australia o USA ba kaha, basi makakita ka og produkto nga gikan sa Bohol, sama sa Peanut kisses. Diri wala gyod. Ang mga mapalit lang namo nga delicacy dire is Dried Mango! Hilabi na ang gyod ang mga prutas, layo man god. Nakabati lang ko nga may mangga nga gikan sa Pinas, pero didto lang sa Begium og limited lang seguro. Dili ka makapalit bisan asa. Makakaon lang mi anang mga delicacy, prutas og ilimnon pananglitan, kon may mo uli dinha. Pero almost present gyod nang Bulad!--Lyn

Shorty wrote:
Wednesday, 9 April 2003 00:22:17 PHT
Great articles here.. Next time give method in frying bananas (saging) I loved fried when I was there..
Lotlot wrote:
Saturday, 29 March 2003 17:54:32 PHT
Ok sya kc nadagdagan ang kaalaman ko about sa mga prutas sa totoo lang kain lang ako ng kain hindi ko talaga alam ang history ng mga prutas basta alam ko masarap sya at ma bitamina he he he lol " by da way" ang topic d2 is about fruits why u asked recipe! ano ba yan ang corny nyo! hindi naman 2 about cooking eh ay naku! vavussh cya!
Lolita wrote:
Saturday, 29 March 2003 17:47:30 PHT
For me speaking of fruits da importance is fresh n juicy it cames from da tree ummmmhhhh i love it!!!
Sand wrote:
Friday, 28 February 2003 15:16:40 PHT
It would be a good idea to create an article about FOOD recipes. Very nice website!

Its already there, Lyn's recipe's corner, just look through the menu.--Jeroen.

Ritzvoy wrote:
Friday, 7 February 2003 00:19:01 PHT
Thank you so much for having such a nice website. It just shows that Bohol has awaken. This is just another way of showing the world that a place name Bohol exists. More power. PADAYON SANO...
chivy wrote:
Sunday, 2 February 2003 14:04:05 PHT
Im still glad this website exist, its good to make suggestions at least make it in subtle way... people...remember the webmaster lives far outside Bohol, dili baya lalim, Im sure they're doing their best for the development of their site and give you more information about Bohol. For me it still give a lot of information, especially lumad nga Boholano who were deprived of it.
x wrote:
Wednesday, 15 January 2003 21:13:29 PHT
Im disappointed with your food and drinks page. I was expecting more on description of bohol dishes and cuisine and drinks.... not fruits...... bananas,mangoes are typical fruits in the philippines not only in bohol.

These fruits are also grown in Bohol, that's why we are showing the photos. We did not shown photos of an apple plant here, because it doesn’t grow here, right? The origin of mango is not in the Phil., but it doesn't mean that we Filipinos are not allowed to make mango as our national Fruit. I hope you get what I mean. Even in our own Filipino cuisine, it has influence of foreign cuisine, like Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and etc. In Bohol we have Kalamay, it is really typical Boholano delicacy. But you can see them in other provinces as well.....Rodelyn

Arnell wrote:
Saturday, 21 December 2002 07:58:05 PHT
Kung pwede ilisan ang litrato sa mga prutas, ilisi intawon... medyo looy tawn tan-awon ang saging, hasta ang nangka. Pwede man ba nga mo kuha'g litarato sa Agora! Nindot kaayo and mga nawong sa prutas didto.

Salamat sa imohang ideya, pero mas prefer pa mi og litrato nga gikan gyod sa punoan. Dili lang kitang mga pinoy ang motan-aw ani, hasta na ang mga langyaw. Para sab sila makakita sa punoan sa usa ka tanom. Hilabi sa mga langyaw nga makakita lang sila sa bunga nga anaa na sa tindahan pero, wala sila makahibalo o makakita kon unsay hulagyaw sa tanom. Komon kaayo nang mga litrato nga nakahapdig ang mga prutas sa tindahan o sa basket. Pareha natong mga pinoy nga wala tay kalibutan kon unsay dagway sa punoan sa pear o mansanas--Lyn

lolit wrote:
Sunday, 8 December 2002 02:09:49 PHT
hi!to everyone,food is good so thats why i wishthat you have a recipe for how to make bibingka dahil i want to try to make that coz i missed it very much!this web-site has done very good,hope you come with more ideas that can make more nice the web-site:-)
Renato wrote:
Saturday, 30 November 2002 20:39:53 PHT
I agree with Kaka. Food there is healthy and wonderful. so genuine. I went to Philippines just once and I wish to go back again because the feeling I had there I never felt it before from anyone. By the way, this web-site has done a great job because all the people that have been there, checking this site can feel a little bit once again what felt in that country.

If someone would like to talk about this country or even excange pics, write me. I assure you an answer back as soon as I can. Mabuti

Inday wrote:
Sunday, 24 November 2002 10:18:36 PHT
I am so glad that Bohol has it's own website. Although you are far away, when you log-in it feel just right home. Keep up the good work. It is great......
Ceciel wrote:
Friday, 15 November 2002 11:12:07 PHT
Hi, to everybody out there and of coure's my people in Sagbayan. I miss you all! Any way my comment about food I wish that there is a recipe on this website. Like a dessert like how to cook a soman or bod-bod na sweet rice ok? Thanks!

I've asked Lyn to take care of recipes, and create a recipes corner. Hope to have that soon. -- Jeroen.

manang wrote:
Wednesday, 9 October 2002 14:02:53 PHT
nice website ,malipayon ko mag tan aw sa ako yuta natawhan ,kumusta tanan mga guwapa og guwapo bol anon..kumusta na bojol labi na sa cagbam...
Sharron Frame wrote:
Saturday, 21 September 2002 01:08:31 PHT
The entire website it awesome! Good info and accurate too.


Nil wrote:
Thursday, 9 May 2002 19:46:03 PHT
Ang liit naman ng saging
Kaka wrote:
Wednesday, 8 May 2002 02:31:09 PHT
Need more writing about them not just picture

We will write an article on food as soon as possible! This has been waiting for a long time now -- Jeroen.

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