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Overview of NGO's and other public interest organisations in or related to Bohol.

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Klaus wrote:
Monday, 30 November 2020 18:33:02 PHT
Hi my friends! I want to implement "Integrated Farming" in the area of Trinidad. I need a non-profit NGO as partner to get the fund I have a convenant. Who can help me? Kind regards from Corona curfew in Germany, Klaus
Rex wrote:
Monday, 13 January 2020 08:36:57 PHT
Hi is there an updated version of this list? like 2019? or 2020 perhaps?
Flora Mae Parojinog wrote:
Sunday, 3 March 2019 14:32:21 PHT
Hello! I just would like to ask if there is an available Mental Health related foundation in Bohol that you can endorse with? Please let me know if you have known one or two. Thank you so much!
Pjayy wrote:
Friday, 12 October 2018 14:33:08 PHT
Hi I'm pjay I am looking for a NGO whose willing to help my project which all about "Rehabilitation of Water Reservoir" which aims to provide the member of the community a safe drinking water and supply them an ample amount of water supply. Thank You!
John wrote:
Monday, 24 October 2016 07:54:26 PHT
hello, I'm trying to locate a friend of mine who may have retired to Bohol in the last few years. His name is Peter C. Smith. Was a former resident of Toronto Canada for 35+ years. If anyone has any ideas how I can search for my friend please let me know. We both grew up in England as teenagers. Both of us left England and settled in different countries. I last had contact with Peter in 2011. Thank You. John
Natalie Muneses wrote:
Wednesday, 18 February 2015 09:30:18 PHT
I am writing to you on behalf of Engineers Without Borders, University of Delaware Chapter (EWB-UD). EWB-UD is a chapter of Engineers Without Borders USA (EWB-USA) which is a volunteer humanitarian organization that undertakes development projects such as sustainable infrastructure and water catchment systems for communities in developing countries. EWB-UD is currently planning a water catchment and distribution project in Bohol, Philippines. We have a group of community members in the town we are working with that have agreed to help us, however, we also are in need of an established NGO to help us obtain in-country resources when we travel. I think that Habitat for Humanities Bohol could be of great help. It would be great if I could get some contact information for the Bohol sector of your organization.
Virgilio J. Belciña wrote:
Friday, 3 January 2014 20:40:01 PHT
I am a resident from East Poblacion, Alburquerque, Bohol and already at the twilight of my life because I'm already 62 years old. On this condition I want to help my community to be a economically stable. As an active supporter of government program specially on Purok System or Purok Empowerment I would like to know where can we ask a financial support for the community education by conducting various seminars related to their economic conditions and other government programs for a more effective implementation.Thank You and God Bless.
yahjid wrote:
Friday, 7 June 2013 23:10:38 PHT
hi u have a project on that?
Mari wrote:
Wednesday, 15 February 2012 10:44:07 PHT
Hi. I am looking for a shelter in Bohol that takes care of pregnant teens and can possibly assist in proper adoption of the baby upon delivery. Thanks.
Violeta F. Digal wrote:
Sunday, 19 June 2011 16:40:07 PHT
Dear Benita, TheVictorino-Benita Digal clan had just held their 2011 grand reunion in Tagbilaran. It was well attended and I wish you were there too. I learned from a website that you are the daughter of Dr. Leonilo T. Digal. It nice to meet you next reunion in 2014. Thanks to NGO's Bohol.
W. Buena wrote:
Tuesday, 9 November 2010 11:46:22 PHT
where can i get the contact information of who to buy some lots in the New Capitol Site of Tagbilaran City Bohol?
Marie Frances Macabenta wrote:
Thursday, 12 August 2010 20:51:02 PHT
I appreciate your publication of NGOs in Bohol. They are a significant factor in the development of communities in the province. But please correct your information about Community Economic Ventures' contact persons. Ernesto Macabenta (my husband) is not anymore with CEV, an MFI which he founded in 2000. He was the Exec. Director of CEV until 2008 when his original employer, World Vision recalled him for an important work in the country. He is presently the National Economic Development Manager of World Vision. Jonar Dorado, formerly CEV finance manager is the current Exec Director, and it's just right to put him as the contact person of CEV. Thanks
Cherry wrote:
Tuesday, 22 June 2010 01:02:16 PHT
Dear Sir/Madam, Can you please tell me the current email address of Bohol Integrated Development Foundation, Inc. (BIDEF) because I tried to send an email to the email address that is published in this website but the email that I sent bounced back. I would be grateful if you have the current email. Thank you.
apol wrote:
Monday, 21 June 2010 15:02:56 PHT
My groupmate want to conduct a research about Job Analysis.. But we have no idea on what industry to study..
Maria Rosario Sampuang wrote:
Thursday, 27 May 2010 11:58:57 PHT
Hi, can you help me? I am trying to located what are the other Multi-Purpose Cooperative here in Bohol and their contact numbers. Because i am interested to engaged or to become a member. thank u
Felix Oliver Bacareza wrote:
Monday, 19 April 2010 11:54:09 PHT
Good day to webmaster, I just want to add some infos about community economic ventures...(featured in [NGOs in Bohol]) We now have our website Thank you and more power to you..
Felix Oliver Bacareza wrote:
Wednesday, 7 April 2010 15:28:59 PHT
Good day to webmaster, I just want to add some infos about community economic ventures...(featured in [NGOs in Bohol]) We now have our website Thank you and more power to you..
Lorelie Camu wrote:
Tuesday, 30 March 2010 10:07:18 PHT
Hi. Can you help me? I need the contact # and person of BITGAP. I've been trying to locate them but so far no success. Appreciate your help. Thanks
Joseph wrote:
Wednesday, 3 February 2010 11:45:24 PHT
Job Vacancy for immediate hiring 1 Regional Coordinator 2 Field Officers Please visit Application deadline has been extended.
Mike Garcia wrote:
Saturday, 24 May 2008 09:40:42 PHT
I would like to grab this opportunity to ask help from anyone. I'm looking for a person named ERNESTO ANDO PUGOY. A long lost relative is trying to find him. He hailed from Bohol and used to work for a softdrinks company. Any information about his contact number or whereabout please have it emailed to me or txt me on this number 09205069286. Thanks a lot!
Jed Pineda wrote:
Friday, 28 March 2008 09:41:34 PHT
Actually i am lookin for a person...a long lost dad of my friend which she havent seen i think since her birth..the father's name is Ernesto Ando Pugoy...last known location is in Bohol but not known specifically where in Bohol..Hope you can help me by givin me ifos on how to get in touch with my friend's dad or where should i go to look for certain persons...hope you can help me...thanks and God can send me an email at
BITGAP wrote:
Sunday, 6 January 2008 10:34:39 PHT
For Bohol Island Tour Guides Association of the Philippines, the name of the President is Jovito Danilo C. Nazareno. Please correct. Thanks.
Noldsel wrote:
Friday, 14 September 2007 09:45:41 PHT
Hi Emely, you might want to teach at the local universities like Holy Name University or University of Bohol
Emely wrote:
Monday, 23 July 2007 20:16:18 PHT
Dis is actually not a comment.. I really love to work in Bohol because Im from there..But the problem I have no idea of what agency/institution I should get in touch with. I graduated BS Psychology with Masteral units in the field of Clinical Psychology. Those who are willing to help me on this matter, a big thank you..
Bomi wrote:
Tuesday, 14 November 2006 20:10:46 PHT
I would like to thank the author for a job well done in developing this site. This does not only manefest the Boholano people's initiatives in working for sustainable development but also promote and popularise the Boholano community at the global arena. Congratulations ! Corrections: for Bohol community Assistance Program (BOCAP) our flagship program is Sustainable Agriculture,Youth and Women's Development, Livelihood Projects, Providing Support Services in order to improve the quality of life of the marginalized rural communities towards sustainable development and empowerment. Our new address is located at 3 Dampas Road Mansasa District Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines with tel nos. 235-4719 and e-mail address
Rey Ylaya wrote:
Friday, 10 November 2006 01:22:18 PHT
Hello Bohol, wow I didn't know that we have a list of NGO'S locally, this is great!! We are having a concert here in Vancouver, Canada this coming 26th of november and the proceeds goes to habitat for humanity, but I don't know if Bohol will benefit from our concert.
Lolita Obenza wrote:
Tuesday, 11 July 2006 16:28:05 PHT
I'm surfing this web and it find me interesting knowing Bohol has listings of NGOs. This is very informative especially for people looking for assistance. Thanks for the comprehensive information
Dir. Pliny M. Domingo-BBFI- wrote:
Tuesday, 4 July 2006 22:26:30 PHT
Inquiry about BBFI activities
Daniel wrote:
Wednesday, 28 June 2006 14:41:19 PHT
Buti pa ang BOHOL meron silang list of NGO's. Bakit ang Metro Manila? Isn't there any umbrella organization of all NGO's? or a listing perhaps? because my friends I are planning to come up with one. A consumer rights group that is. We are in need of advise and hopefully volunteers on how to go on with it. Isnt there any webpage on how to start your own NGO? Thanks, more power and BOHOL rocks!
Cora B. wrote:
Monday, 29 May 2006 10:42:10 PHT
I have been involved in social researches for a number of institutions here in Manila, specifically on data collection and management and trainings since the 1980s. Since I am planning to go home to Dauis in July and stay for a year or two there, I am wondering if anyone of you might need my services. If you need more information about me or want to contact me, my cell phone number is: 0917-697-0936 or e-mail me at:
Lai Digal-Cirineo wrote:
Sunday, 14 May 2006 09:46:38 PHT
Hi! I was just surfing the net when I found this website. I was born in Manila. My dad is Engr. Isidro Digal, son of Antonio Digal of Loboc. I have forwarded this website to my dad, I'm sure he'd find this very interesting too. Just fyi, we just had the Digal reunion last year, but I wasn't able to make it. Thanks. Lai
Bert Digal wrote:
Saturday, 17 December 2005 19:56:27 PHT
Benita, I've been searching too for entries "DIGAL" in the internet hoping to find the heirs of Dr. Leonilo Tumampos Digal. Our late grandpa Benigno used to tell us about his four brothers and three sisters with your dad Leonil as their youngest. They grew up with their father Victorino and mother Benita in the town of Loboc in Bohol. (Try to search for "Loboc", "Loboc River", Loboc River Cruise", "Loboc Church", or "Busay falls" on the web (or "Loboc Children's Choir" on this website's homepage) so you'll have a picture your dad's hometown -- the town famous for its musicality, rich heritage and nature's beauty i.e. the river where your dad used to take a bath everyday during his kid years.) The Victorino-Benita Digal Clan is holding a grand reunion every three years and we had just had a well-attended one last May 2005. I'm so glad to hear from you. You may e-mail me at so I can tell you more about our relatives in the Philippines and here in U.S. Thanks to this website.
Benita Margo (Digal) Kennedy wrote:
Thursday, 29 September 2005 09:31:16 PHT
Not sure if this is the correct site that I should be using, but I'm trying to find out any information about my father's relatives. He passed away in 1961 when I was only 8 and I really don't have that much information. He came to America and became a Dr. I was named after my grandmother Benita Digal and my brother's middle name was for Victor Digal. My dad's name was Leo T. Digal. I would just like to have some information. Thanks!!
Alex M. Lauricio wrote:
Tuesday, 27 September 2005 06:49:30 PHT
Warm Greetings! I am writing a proposal and I am looking for NGOs with experiences on solid waste management, and participatory development planning with local government units. Please contact me on my email add. More power!Thank you very much!
Amelie wrote:
Thursday, 15 September 2005 17:46:58 PHT
Very helpful website! In 2004 and 2005 I conducted a 6- months research on Bohol comparing Alona Beach and Pamilacan island regarding the impacts of tourism on local livelihoods. This research was to complete my master thesis. I am alomst finished with writing and will be back in Bohol from the beginning of December until the beginning of May. I am very interested to work for a NGO in the area, so if anyone has additional information or advises (or questions on my research) feel free to e-mail me at: Thanks! Amelie
jinki beldia wrote:
Thursday, 15 September 2005 12:48:14 PHT
a website like this is comforting for people like me yearning to come home but can't for the moment. it's very interesting to know we have a lot of ngo's in bohol. i have been researching about ngo's based in bohol. i'm a writer based in iloilo city but was born in bohol and would like to be able to help in any way i can. i would be very interested in doing researches for ngo's that need them.
Stoltz Michèle wrote:
Thursday, 1 September 2005 17:47:16 PHT
Nice webpage and very helpful! Congratulations;-) Still I'm searching NGO'S on Bohol that are envolved in Coastal Resource Management Projects. I will be on Bohol in October on purpose of my master Thesis about CRM and still looking for some contact persons, need local contact and information. Don't hesitate to contact me at thanx a lot, cheers
Anthony Cruz wrote:
Wednesday, 18 May 2005 15:47:33 PHT
Warm greetings! Is there any NGO in bohol that deals with enivironmental awareness campaigns as their primary objective? I am currently forming a team to produce a segment or documentary which would aid the DENR in their awareness campaigns. I need local expertise and information so we can start with the proposal and conceptualization. Do contact me at Much thanks!
Fel Hora wrote:
Thursday, 7 April 2005 19:47:58 PHT
Thank you for your immediate response.
Fel Hora wrote:
Monday, 4 April 2005 20:24:38 PHT
The overview is really a good help to those who wish to know what are the NGO's in Bohol. But there are informations that I wished to know but unfortunately I was not able to get. Is there any NGO in Bohol, particularly in Tagbilaran City that supports youth projects?

We are not aware of any in particular, but some NGO's probably will also handle youth projects, and there might be others we are not aware of--Jeroen.

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