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In Maribojoc, some 14 km west of Tagbilaran City, a curious triangular watch tower oversees the seas South of Bohol.

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Michael Wilkins wrote:
Thursday, 17 April 2014 10:46:55 PHT
Panglao Spanish Watchtower ... was it destroyed in the 2013 earthquake
Michael Wilkins wrote:
Thursday, 17 April 2014 10:46:32 PHT
Panglao Spanish Watchtower ... was it destroyed in the 2013 earthquake
Shyne wrote:
Thursday, 17 October 2013 23:37:07 PHT
LOT FOR SALE BESIDE PUNTA CRUZ HISTORICAL WATCHTOWER - located at the western tip of Maribojoc. the only perfect isosceles triangle tower-the only structure so formed in the country. a curious triangular watch tower oversees the seas South of Bohol. From its windows at the top, you can see Cebu, Siquijor, and Mindanao. The Spanish had it build in 1796 as a look-out post against pirates and Muslim marauders, who at that time where a plague to the people of Bohol. Punta Cruz, as the locals call it, is a triangular-shaped watchtower located in Punta Cruz, Maribojoc. It is a town 14 kilometers away from Tagbilaran City or 19 Min. to arrive. YOUTUBE: With Cerificate Land Title Total Lot Area: 1644sqm In-front of Beach Over Looking Land of Cebu, Siquijor, and Mindanao. For inquiries, call: SHYNE MADRANGCA +63 930 515 1399 email add:
kiel_devera wrote:
Saturday, 29 June 2013 10:50:16 PHT
Punta Cruz Watch Tower is an awesome place to be with, the view and the atmosphere of the place is so relaxing. So, Upon visiting that place, you may feel you want to have a souvenirs for your love ones waiting for your homecoming from vacation and some stuff you may want to give them so I will invite you to visit Island City Mall located at Dao Tagbilaran City. Island City Mall is good place to shop with and get everything you wish for! You what are you thinking of?, pay to visit Island City Mall.
Reinerio T. Amamio wrote:
Wednesday, 2 November 2011 10:06:54 PHT
600 years and still counting
FMG wrote:
Tuesday, 23 August 2011 21:01:46 PHT
As a youth residing from a neighboring barrio of Punta Cruz,I can proudly say that it is really magnificent, the seascape is also beautiful and so is the sun set. Epic theatres are also held there every night to let the people know and learn about the history and story of the historical place and the historical tower.
Tuesday, 9 February 2010 15:39:14 PHT
i love this place.... asking why? because this is the hometowne of my nanay juaning... this is the place she was born way back july 31,1943. hehehehe.... and my nanay wedding held at marbojoc church.... by april 17,2010 by Gods grace we will visit there for my auntie sister celibrates his 50th golden aniverssary of his vocation as nun of pious diciples of the divine master of the society of st.paul of the phil. good speed & God bless to all of us.... kitakits...
margina camarinta wrote:
Monday, 30 November 2009 20:34:17 PHT
yes im so happy and proud to be a puntacruzian..i was born and raised from this barrio punta cruz and way back from childhood this watch tower was our playground i even escaped from our house which is just maybe 15-20 steps away from this site..i really love and missed my place but this december will be coming back to celebrate christmas wd my family and share this lovely place to my british boyfriend who is just 1st time to visit philippines and im so positive that he will like and will keep on coming back to this place and hopefully will raised our family here...see u coming
Pamela Buenafe wrote:
Monday, 28 September 2009 17:27:07 PHT
Would just like to know, does the tower have a closing time? Would want to visit the place when we get to Bohol but we might arrive past 5pm. Will it still be open? I hope someone can answer this. Thanks!
Donald Matabilas wrote:
Thursday, 12 February 2009 14:24:31 PHT
As a residence of San Roque Maribojoc,I am also proud of the historical tourist destination that is found in Punta cruz.Here u can see the beautiful beaches...
becca galon wrote:
Wednesday, 7 January 2009 21:40:50 PHT
the sunset was beautiful... had great pix taken... =)
joepan wrote:
Sunday, 2 November 2008 23:58:48 PHT
On my first ever visit to Bohol on July 23, 2007 our friend brought us to this historic place. I'm from Malaysia.
Mysticalrose wrote:
Friday, 5 September 2008 09:09:52 PHT
Way back in 70's this watch tower... it was sooooo quiet place, that my boyfriend, now my husband, loves to go there stay the whole afternoon, viewing the south seas of Bohol. and yes, we even went down there the down the rocky seaside at low tide, and even built hut made out from coco leaves.a nice place to stay away from the city.we will still visit again that watch tower, someday.
Marge Buot wrote:
Friday, 15 August 2008 22:54:02 PHT
Was fortunate enough to have a great tour guide during my last visit to Bohol. He brought us to the Punta Cruz Watchtower in Maribojoc and Im glad he did. The view from the tower is awesome. From the top window you can see cebu and siquijor. Inside the tower you can feel the wind, i think its because of the way it was constructed. If im not mistaken this is the oldest watchtower in our country. So if your in Bohol, better check this one out.
marga wrote:
Friday, 8 February 2008 13:25:17 PHT
kinalamian jud ianha sa punta cruzwatch tower...ang hangin ug dagat kalami pagamtamon
Yannah wrote:
Wednesday, 19 September 2007 01:33:11 PHT
Wow i love that place.. when you're there you just cant explain the feeling.. its really the feeling of peace and the feeling of really leaving my chaotic life in Manila.. i hope i would get a chance to be there again... I really missed Bohol...
Walter Smith wrote:
Monday, 23 April 2007 10:45:25 PHT
I visited thes site in 1994 with a companion from Maribojoc. I really enjoyed the experience.
Ach wrote:
Monday, 9 April 2007 14:49:01 PHT
My Matabilas ancestors are from Maribohoc Bohol, can you believe wala pa jod ko maka anha diha nga lugar. I have been around almost the entire Europe from Denmark, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Sweeden, Norway and almost half of South East Asia, pero and bohol wala pa jod nako masuroy. I grew up in Leyte and migrated to australia since 1991, I have heard lots of great things about Bohol and my greatest wish kung tagaan ug maayong lawas nga makasuroy sa Bohol. My father was from Bohol, when he was alive he metioned places such as Chocolate Hills, Beaches etc. Im sooo excited, I wanna visit Bohol soon!
Lilboy432001 wrote:
Wednesday, 28 March 2007 14:21:42 PHT
Hi! I was in Bohol in 2006 and wanted to see the Punta Cruz watch tower. Unfortunately, our tour guide says it was out of the way. I intend to visit Bohol again this Oct. can someone tell me how to get to Punta Cruz tower from Tagbilaran? Thank you so much.

I guess your tour guide just didn't know. From Tagbilaran, any bus or Jeep in the direction of Loon, Calape, or Tubigon should be able to drop you off near Punta Cruz, from which it is a few hundred meters walk.--Jeroen.

Sabino R. Realista wrote:
Friday, 9 March 2007 12:26:26 PHT
Dili nako malimtan and mga masadyang adlaw sa akong kabatan-on. Nangaligo kami (mga estudyante sa DWC-T) didto sa likod sa Punta Cruz Tower. Pagkatam-is handomon ang kagahapon. . .
MaTiC wrote:
Monday, 5 February 2007 00:08:09 PHT
How can i forgot this place..this is our favorite place to hang friends boyet,michael,boyong,henry,marjon,onyot & my best friend,benny bogo used to here think that where from the city proper.But all the stress will gone when the sight of the watchtower came up.
RC wrote:
Tuesday, 26 September 2006 15:06:00 PHT
Truly a marvelous structure for us to be proud of...I love its triangular shape very unusual and somewhat mysterious...can't wait to visit it again soon...
Eva wrote:
Sunday, 27 August 2006 20:22:50 PHT
"Punta Cruz Watchtower" just looking @ the pictures made me homesick. My mom is from these amazing place, so we visit every summer, but i stayed during my College days. I usually spent my afternoons in that watchtower, i paid my respect to the big wooden cross, & hangout w/ friends esp. w/ my best friend Oyie (bless her soul), have picnics, or just looking @ the passing ships from cebu city or simply experience the beautiful sunset.For the people in Punta Cruz, miss you all.
Mary Hazel Meredores wrote:
Sunday, 21 May 2006 07:54:43 PHT
Very nice tourist spot...developed by the Spaniards......
Mario Matabilas wrote:
Monday, 1 May 2006 10:21:34 PHT
This the tower that all Maribojochanon so be proud of like me. When I was still young with my classmates in Elementary we went to this place enjoy seeing the tower while taking a bath at the sandy sea. We also went inside the tower it is a very nice experience.I am here in California, USA and I wish to meet my relatives, friends and classmates and Teachers in Primary, Elementary, High School and College.Thanks
Eugene wrote:
Sunday, 26 March 2006 01:33:12 PHT
I used to live in Punta Cruz till the age of 11 years old. Then I live in Holland now am 26 years. I would like to know if you have pictures of people thats living in Punta Cruz for me. Thank you. Eugene
Kakai Dalena wrote:
Thursday, 13 October 2005 19:26:58 PHT
Hello... I was just wondering why there isn't anything about the Maribojoc watch tower?

Punta Cruz is the barangay of Maribojoc where the watch tower is located!--Jeroen.

Maricor Pondoc wrote:
Wednesday, 10 August 2005 08:54:31 PHT
Born in Dimiao Bohol, I'm so proud of my native province. Watchtower is an amazing work of art, it is a must to see. People here are friendly and religious, been in many places but there's no place like Bohol!!!alway's and forever my home. MABUHAY TA SANU AND SANA...!!
Lukarette wrote:
Saturday, 6 August 2005 00:33:08 PHT
To the're indeed so lucky to have lived in beautiful Bohol...inggit na inggit ako sa mga lumaki at nagkaisip sa Bohol...ang sarap siguro magsimba lingu-linggo sa mga historical churches ninyo...sana alagaan niyo ang Bohol and let your children apprciate your lucky they are...
Greg Jaropojop wrote:
Wednesday, 11 May 2005 19:49:21 PHT
I'm at home when i set foot in punta cruz.its different I'm at home in maribojoc I'm at home in miranda's from aliguay.extend my gratitude to him.
Greg Jaropojop wrote:
Wednesday, 11 May 2005 19:48:05 PHT
I'm from samar.Been there last may 5,05.words not enough to express my ecstatic feeling. The place really captured my heart.
Arnold wrote:
Tuesday, 8 February 2005 11:39:11 PHT
hi good day i belive that Bohol is great thats why im planning to spend my holy week this year in Bohol the place of my lolo's and lola's..I would to ask kung pano papuntahan yang Pamilacan watch tower at Dauis wacth tower ,,,,Mabuhay Bohol..By the way im from davao city
Indeo wrote:
Thursday, 25 November 2004 17:19:49 PHT
I have been in Punta Cruz way back 1992 I think. It's a great place to unwind feeling the historic air that fills the place centuries ago.
Jovi wrote:
Sunday, 7 November 2004 20:49:32 PHT
Bohol is such a beautiful place...i hope i could visit it sometime...I've heared that this specific tower houses a miraculous image of Our Lady...could someone tell me more about it..and if ever send me a picture of the said would be greatly appreciated... Thanks in advance...God bless and more power!!!
Donald Dorer wrote:
Sunday, 13 June 2004 02:21:10 PHT
I've been there sometimes in '96 & the tower is an extra ordinary scenery I've ever seen. Also people are very friendly & helpful to answer your question & assist whatever you need. You will not regret when you reached there & might as well check out the rest of the area, follow that little street on your left & back there you will find the "DEEP WELL"--- one water source for the residents,just a few steps from there are the "OLD HUGE BANYAN TREES" sets on top of the big rocks with roots & stem hangin'down... across is a pretty & secluded "Gimnay Beach". If you feel to keep on going... well, you will find "COBON" (tubod)---source for drinking water to the residents, it's by the shore so when it's high tide it's not accessible because it will be covered with ocean water. Nowadays, some residents had water in their household now... make life easier. To Everyone: I will not say "goodbye"... but "till we meet again"...
Mai-Mai wrote:
Monday, 10 May 2004 03:47:55 PHT
Hi guys! I am really very proud of my mother's place Punta Cruz. It has been now developed and I hope that you will be enjoyed visiting the WATCH TOWER, Punta Cruz Bay Resort & Punta Cruz Beach. And I think you will never be regret!!!ich hoffe und bete, daß die Entwicklung unseres wunderschönes Gebietes parallel auch mit der Erkenntnis der Verletzlichkeit der Natur einhergeht! Also müssen auch wir uns weiterentwickeln !! Regards to all my family & relatives over there. GOD BLESS .....
Ricardo wrote:
Wednesday, 6 August 2003 01:37:44 PHT
Hi!!! eu quero ir conhecer esta ilha de Bohol parece ser lindas, com bonitas mulheres tbm. eu escrevo from Japan 2003/08/06
Albert wrote:
Thursday, 1 May 2003 21:33:28 PHT
Knowing now that these Landmarks have existed in Bohol and are still standing after all these years is quite fascinating. It provided you more desire to visit the beautiful island again and relieve the past. Thanks for sharing.
Lloyd Echavez wrote:
Tuesday, 8 April 2003 12:53:13 PHT
Chada gyud ang Maribojoc (Maribojoc is real great) I've visited there once and I was pretty amazing especially the watchtower in Punta cruz Maribojoc....
Jun-jun Amolato wrote:
Tuesday, 8 April 2003 12:51:02 PHT
I'm a native of Maribojoc since zero age and I'm proud about my hometown, its a treasure beyond reach... You should visit Bohol most particularly in Maribojoc, its real damn good there!.... :-)
Botyok Janohan wrote:
Thursday, 7 November 2002 10:48:58 PHT
Thanks God for all the gifts that you have given us for all we wanted.
May wrote:
Friday, 20 September 2002 18:09:26 PHT
Please send me the biography and works of Sir Enrique Santanera. As soon as you have it kindly send to me immediately. Thank you.

We have never heard of this person, maybe one of our visitors know more about him... --- Jeroen.

April Anne Panio-Ancog wrote:
Tuesday, 9 July 2002 18:53:57 PHT
It wonderful, I've been there already but I would like you to feature also the watchtower of Loay.

Once we've been there, we'll tell you more... -- Jeroen.

Cecil Lobrigas wrote:
Sunday, 30 June 2002 11:25:27 PHT
I am from the town of Maribojoc and I'm very proud to see Punta Cruz in the net.
Jeroen Hellingman wrote:
Wednesday, 10 April 2002 05:08:04 PHT
Who can tell me something more, or provide some pictures of the other ancient Spanish watchtowers?

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