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Fried banana.

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Sharon Spencer wrote:
Tuesday, 7 February 2012 04:18:14 PHT
"POWDER" i meant LOL not power hehe
Sharon Spencer wrote:
Tuesday, 7 February 2012 01:36:12 PHT
Power cinnamon should be available at most grocery stores btw :) It's usually located in the spice area....
Sharon Spencer wrote:
Tuesday, 7 February 2012 01:33:39 PHT
Hi Elsa, I love Turon - Anyhow, just want to mention that I'm thinking Rodelyn is referring to ground cinnamon that you can sprinkle. Brown sugar works really well alone and is delicious! Thank you for sharing this recipe! Sharon :)
Joanna wrote:
Tuesday, 22 May 2007 13:09:05 PHT
Hey Rodelyn, well I live on the island of Kauai even though I live on Hawai'i I think it's cool that every one knows what banana lumpia is. But this website really expains how to make lumpia so thanks for sharing.
Francis wrote:
Saturday, 23 September 2006 19:05:05 PHT
I think the recipe site must be updated co'z the menu are quit so long no new menu, how about something like letche plan? Somebody requesting for the menu. Thanks
Elsa Keller wrote:
Friday, 2 June 2006 20:13:56 PHT
Hello Rodelyn, Banana Turon is one of my favorite. I would like only to know regarding this Cinnamon. Can you please tell me what is this? where I can buy also. Thank you and have a nice day. Elsa
Jay wrote:
Thursday, 15 September 2005 19:10:53 PHT
Thanks for your recipe miss Rodelyn. Because of it I may now able to pass a recipe for my Home Economics Subject. Thanks for sharing!
Lolit wrote:
Sunday, 14 August 2005 16:01:29 PHT
Hi Rodelyn, I think you are a wonderful woman. I am so excited to try your recipe. Thanks for sharing.
Joy wrote:
Sunday, 24 July 2005 05:07:09 PHT
Simple yet very tasty!! hello fr Mississauga, Canada..I am from Dauis and we used to cook this thing for afternoon snack..
karl wrote:
Sunday, 22 May 2005 20:48:30 PHT
Rodelyn, I love banana turon very much..where can we buy granulated sugar in Bohol..Thank
Cm cm 10 18 wrote:
Wednesday, 20 April 2005 11:50:12 PHT
My mother is crazy about turon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought your recipe is very simple!
Tee flores wrote:
Tuesday, 1 February 2005 15:06:27 PHT
The recipe turned out great. My friends told me that there is another version of the turon with kamoti in it,they said it's a lot tastier.
Kenuwarrick wrote:
Tuesday, 21 December 2004 16:25:31 PHT
Recipe is very good. I am from India and I want to know what is Lumpia wrappers. Also inform are they avilable in my country. Regards Kenu
Dan wrote:
Sunday, 25 May 2003 02:21:27 PHT
I never tried it yet, going to meet a native girl from there later in the year. Been talking with her by regular mail for over 2 years and hopefully I'll learn all these receipes. Is there an equivalent leaf here to wrap the banana up in?
Lyn wrote:
Wednesday, 12 March 2003 04:19:58 PHT
Rodelyn, its a nice recipe I try this many time and it turns great, yummy. Thank you for sharing all the recipe it help especially to those who newly wed people learning to cook different recipe are really enjoying, once again thank you. Thank you.

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