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Reader Comments on 'Marine-Life Study Finds Dozens of New Species in Panglao'

During an intensive study of marine life around Panglao Island, Bohol, a French researcher has collected thousands of different sea animals such as crabs, shells, sea slugs, and shrimps. Among these dozens of species that are new to science.

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Blue Freedom Apnea wrote:
Monday, 6 January 2020 12:16:38 PHT
There is new freediving school open in Panglao, Bohol. They are non-profit organization that offer AIDA and Molchanovs courses from beginner level to instructor level. If you want to explore Balicasag island in Panglao, you can also do fun dive with them. Checkout their website is . You can also send an enquiry to their enquiry page Send Enquiry. #freedive #freediving panglao #freediving bohol #freediving philippines
clyde bodiongan wrote:
Thursday, 14 January 2010 15:49:05 PHT
thank you for exploring the marine world of panglao..i am hoping that the richness of the marine biodiversity will last forever keeping it safe..
Michelle Villamayor wrote:
Sunday, 9 October 2005 09:49:10 PHT
I was searching the internet about the recently concluded expedition also held at Panglao for this year, 2005. I was very surprised to read this article. I'd like to add some bits of information: the Philippines is currently sustaining more than 500 Marine Protected Areas throughout the country. The government and academic institutes, however, are striving to extablish more so that one-half of the total shelf of the archipelago will be sustained. It's a long term project but very feasible.
Jupac wrote:
Wednesday, 13 April 2005 01:15:17 PHT
I think marine biology is really cool and one day i will be a shark. POWER TO THE SHARKS!! also, listen to the manatee man and save the sharks, man. Que Sera Sera.
Leo Udtohan wrote:
Wednesday, 15 September 2004 14:32:56 PHT
Article length comment placed here--Jeroen.
R van Raay wrote:
Monday, 16 August 2004 20:58:32 PHT
Its good to see the Filipino community taking serious consideration to saving the diverse sea life , setting up sanctuaries and studying the ocean life . It is a coincidence that we were at Alona beach when these scientists were doing their research at the resort . Not only is this important for the well being of the planet but also for the future of tourism and travellers dollars into the community . I was very surprised to see the dramatic results achieved by the man made reef in Dauin in Negros Oriental . We were told this reef , made of used car tyres , was only 5 years established and was already attracting scuba divers ( and their money ) from all parts of the globe . Thank God that the days of dynamite and cyanide fishing seem to be behind us . Richard Van Raay
Rene wrote:
Friday, 30 July 2004 22:31:36 PHT
It was a great experience working with more than 70 scientest came from different countries. Hope to see all of you again here in Crystal Coast.
Ryard Paig wrote:
Saturday, 10 July 2004 13:58:44 PHT
It is a noble expedition world-wide, a world class Marine Biodiversity Project for the year 2004.

Wolfgang Hain wrote:
Saturday, 10 July 2004 10:25:03 PHT
I hope I have a dream

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