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50 Things to do this Summer

Tagbilaran City, Tuesday, 17 April 2007 (updated: Tuesday, 29 May 2007)

Hurrah to the sons and daughters of the beach! Celebrate your summer with tidbits and juicy items on True (published in the Bohol Sunday Post, 'bout u section, April 15, 2007).


Thought for today: L8r in lyf, ul learn d subtle dfrnce btwn holdng hand & chaining a soul. Ul learn dat luv doesn’t min lerning; & company does not min security. U begin 2 learn dt kisses aren’t contracts; & presents arnt promises. U lern 2 build ol ur roads 2day cz 2mrow’s ground s 2 uncertain 4 plans. Aftr awyl, ul lern dt evn sushne burns f u get 2 much. So plant ur own gardn and decor8 ur own soul instead of w8ng 4 sm1 2 bring u flowers. Ul lern dt u cn endure; dt u r strong & u have worth. This text message is from Michelle Gene Logronio, a student leader of the University of Bohol. Mich, who is special to me, is taking up Pharmacy.

Could it be true that a capitol official is leading her colleagues to a wrong way? According to True Very Reliable Source (VRS) at first, this official was spreading news that she would not run for a higher position in the government. People believed her but in reality as early as last year she was already prepared to run for a higher position in the province. VRS added that how good she is as an actress, she asked for her certificate of nomination and acceptance (Cona) from the governor. But in a sudden twist, she’s running for another position unexpectedly… and she’s ready to bang her colleague. Best actress, huh? VRS concluded.

Watch Sabado Na Gyud, ABS-CBN Cebu top-rating variety show live at the Island City Mall this afternoon at 4 p.m. The show is hosted by 2005 Star in a Million finalist Christine Fernandez. Watch out how the in-house Backpack dancers will groove. According to publicist Ariel Fullido, the TV musical variety show will be seen all over Visayas and on the Filipino Channel worldwide on a delayed telecast the following Saturday, April 21 on ABS-CBN Cebu, 11-12 noon.

Watch your favorite movie for free!

Get a chance to watch your favorite movie this summer courtesy of the Island City Mall (ICM) by completing the following sentence: “I love Bohol because__________.”

Five of the most creative answers will be chosen. Send your entries via email: leoudtohan@gmail.com or you can send it thru text at 09212446791.

Please include your complete name, address and contact number. Names of the winners will be published here on True. The contest is open to Bohol residents only. ICM Screenville Cinema is the most modern cinema outside Metro Manila. It has the first superior Dolby Digital Surround-Ex in Bohol. It has also a relaxing and comfortable fabric seats and state of the art film protection. So, what are you waiting for? Join now!

Corrupt offices in Bohol

Could it be true that four of the Tagbilaran City Hall offices are included in the most corrupt offices in Bohol? According to the latest Bohol Poll survey results released last Thursday, April, at HNU-Janseen Heights attended by national and city officials, national agencies, chamber of commerce and “concerned” citizens.

The incidence of bribery in government offices as experienced by Boholano voters; government offices and employees asking for bribe money are: LTO-Tagbilaran (0.22%), HRMO-Tagbilaran (0.07%), PNP Tagbilaran City (0.07%), Tagbilaran City Planning Office (0.07%) and Registry of Deeds Tagbilaran (0.07%). According to VRS, HRMO Tagbilaran City is ranked no. 2 as most corrupt office all because of one person. She roars like a lion who like to collect money and exit! Her family name means exit!, VRS added. She does illegal transactions using the name of HRMO. In fact, during the meeting, HRMO boss singled out her name as the culprit who has been reported to have asked bribe money from retirees or city employees who asked her to process papers for loans, applications at GSIS, Pag-ibig, etc. There is also a report that she asked for P 4,000 to buy cellphone from a poor retiree.

Her modus operandi is to get the cellphone numbers of these people; she would go their houses, do extortion activities.

Another victim (a city hall employee) who asked for anonymity shared that: Kadtong inosente nga early retirement applicant iyang pangayuan of P3,500 para madali of process dw ang papel nga tag 20 plus ra man ang documentary stamp. Kada withdraw pod sa mga inosente nga empleyedo nga di kamao mogamit sa E-card dunay siyay tag P500 wala pay labot sa nareleasan of lain nga iyang bayloan. Dihay nareleasan og P10,000 nga gibayloan niya of P5,000 imbes nga nangloan kay dunay problem. The main complaint against this person is bribery on the processing or release of GSIS loans or benefit claims. Attention: Mayor Dan Lim, please investigate. To the woman as what Mike Enriquez popularized on his toprating program, “hindi namin kayo tatantanan!” She roars like a lion! Roarrr! And runs at the exit!

It’s summer. And the best place is Bohol, right? I often think of words to describe myself during summer: I am a beach bum and I am a son of the beach.

Summer beckons the thirsty to be refreshed, the hungry to be satisfied and the weak to be invigorated. It is an oasis in the wasteland or within touching distance. It promises of better taste.

Summer is about beautiful people in beautiful places. It is about ivory beaches in Panglao, Anda and other parts of Bohol. It is about smoky barbecues, halo halo and ice cold strong beer, bikinis (wow!) and coconut oil. And for the academically challenged, it is about summer class. For those who want to have bucks, it is summer job.

Okay, summer is finally here and looks like it is going to be hot, hot, hot! Everyone around the Philippines is looking forward to invading the beach and bikini-clad ladies will be coming in droves! Now, any full-blooded single man would take advantage of this season in order to show off the fruits of the many hours they worked tirelessly in the gym.

There are two fascinating stories I remember in summer last year. When I was asked by Jessica Soho to cover summer jobs for her show Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho, I covered the story of young girls who were working on Alona Beach and their job was to “comb” the sand. I also witnessed young boys who looked for crickets in the thick foliage in Bilar to find crickets, the food for the tarsier. Neria Saranillo, Supercarp owner and tarsier breeder in Loboc bought the crickets from the kids.

Summer is also the best time for children to play their favorite folk games. They are chatong, Chinese garter, bihagay, bato lata, pangpagangpang, jicoop jicoop, mareng-mareng and spider game. And for the boys, it is time to enter “manhood.” It was summer when I’d my tuli. It’s during summer that most of the young men are having their tuli and usually they will borrow their fathers’ shirt. And speaking of tuli, we were told of some “precautions” like not to step on chicken’s feces and some circular objects to prevent it from swelling.

The beach became a favorite place for those who are circumcised. The old folks believed that the sea could heal the “wound” faster. And those other bathers could expect some plasters floating! When the tuli is about to cure, some folks advised the young boys to find banana plants to find out if the “manoy” is now “ready” for a fight!

Anyway, pony that summer, drink your fill of what the season offers, and may the good memories be enough to tide your own until next year!

Happy memories need not be expensive, sano! Here are True’s suggestions for this summer:

  1. Say “Hi!” or smile to your neighbor or even the stranger beside you in the tricycle or jeep. Remember, it takes a few muscles to smile than to frown.
  2. Visit Dr. James Sombrio’s clinic (Ramiro Community Hospital) or visit Dory Derma Clinic (7 Miguel Parras Street, Tagbilaran City, Tel Nos: 411-3682, 501-0157 or 0918-4066119) and face the summer “flawlessly.”
  3. Watch films at the Island City Mall. Watch Ang Cute ng Ina Mo. It will make you laugh and laugh – until you cry!
  4. Unload excess emotional baggage. Store up on positive vibes and not negative feelings (very bad for your health).
  5. Meditate. Pray. Hear Sunday Mass without fail. Peace be with you!
  6. Make it a habit to watch 24 Oras (weekdays) and Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho (Saturday night) on GMA 7.
  7. Have lunch and/or dinner at Gerry’s Grill (located at the 4th floor of the BQ Mall, 411-3164 local 201), Miravilla in Booy District, Tagbilaran City ( Tel No. (038)-411-3867/500-1667). Or try Bohol’s coffee at Bongalos Farms in Dauis and taste honey products at Bohol Bee Farm and meet the Queen Bee (038-502-2288)
  8. Smoke the peace pipe with your enemies. Forgive and forget. You feel better traveling light sans a burden in your heart.
  9. Eat fruits and veggies. Eat organic foods at Darunday Manor (located at J.A. Clarin Street, near PNB, Tagbilaran City)
  10. Collect old photos and newspaper clippings in neat scrapbooks (the task can be cathartic, try it!).
  11. Have a massage either at Panglao Island Nature resort and spa (Dauis, Panglao Island); or at Le Spa (Airport Roads fronting Cogon Shrine).
  12. Take 10,000 steps a day to prove you’re healthy.
  13. Sleep on time, observe a no-fat diet and drink lots of water.
  14. Spend a day at the park.
  15. Have a date at Pantalan or K of C. Hold hands with your partner while watching the sunset.
  16. Pay your debts.
  17. Stop sending “dirty” text messages and sick jokes.
  18. Pray for peace not only in our country but in the whole world.
  19. Stay tuned to Pinoy Big Brother (ABS-CBN) and Jumong (GMA 7).
  20. Have your blood sugar checked by diabetes specialist at Ramiro or Provincial Hospital
  21. Play (again and again!) your CDs of old, familiar songs. Nice to go down memory lane every now and then.
  22. Give away old clothes – and food, but not money – to street kids.
  23. Drive carefully. As the reminder has it, the life you save may be your own.
  24. Call a friend abroad.
  25. Go to David’s Salon in BQ Mall or ICM (telephone 501-7899/501-9578).
  26. Be on time for meetings and appointments. Making people wait is impolite – and irritating!
  27. Share your blessings. Do some charity works. Spend time with the less fortunate, give love during summer.
  28. Don’t patronize pirated tapes – if you can help it.
  29. Be on time.
  30. Don’t forget to say “I love you!” to your loved ones.
  31. Discover art.
  32. Have a new hairstyle and make up with Tracy Torres Remolador; or see Maximiel for the latest summer collections.
  33. Visit some tourist attractions in Bohol. Play paro, the biggest tops (kote) in the Philippines that can be found in Garcia-Hernadez.
  34. Learn the latest dance steps this summer with the Saloani Loay Youth (call Mariel Alacala at 0920-300-5849)
  35. Learn how to make full use of bluetooth technology. Use cool gadgets like the new Oakley razorwire (available at exclusive optical shops).
  36. Check out the new Bench items at the ICM.
  37. Follow traffic rules; obey laws. Don’t argue with cops when you’re caught entering a one-way street. Beg for mercy.
  38. Thrill to stations dyRD and dyTR in the morning for the elections paid ad info. You will know their platforms and programs. Notice how other politicians “lie.”
  39. Visit Uy Dental Clinic, owned by Mary Grace Uy (call 411-5390 for appointment). Or visit her at the 2nd floor of the City Pharmacy, BQ.
  40. Be faithful to your partner. “Walls have eyes, not ears.”
  41. Obey the Ten Commandments.
  42. Don’t cheat, don’t tell a lie, don’t fool the people.
  43. Catch a falling star and make a wish.
  44. Attend caucus to know the candidates’ projects if they win. Snacks are to be served. Fight for your right of suffrage.
  45. Meet the tarsierman Lito Pizarras at the Philippine Tarsier Foundation in Corella and learn the tarsier tricks.
  46. Try the new resort, Bohol Coconuts Palms Resort (tel. No (038) 540-9250/09198207346, boholcoconutpalmsresort@yahoo.com) in Laya, Baclayon. You may also visit Inabanga Fishing Village and take a ride of their floating restaurant. Ask your guide to bring you to the world of engkantos of the Macaban Cave.
  47. Visit Caingget Beach in Tagbilaran City. Taste the koja, a kind of seashell which is an aphrodisiac. For the men, it will help you to become an “expert” in bed; for women, koja will help for fertility.
  48. When you want to stay at home: Update the family album. Have a backyard barbecue party.
  49. Always remember two things in life: Don’t take any decisions when you are angry and don’t make any promises when you are happy.
  50. Check out the latest books at the National Book Store. Or have time to visit the Provincial Library. Read, read a lot. Reading is empowering.

Continue reading ‘bout u, especially True to be updated of latest tidbits, juicy items and other interesting features on life and sundry.

Mr World 2007

The search for the world’s most desirable man ended on March 31 in Sanya in China when judges tested the character, determination and masculinity of the national titleholders from the world over. As an accredited mediaman of the Miss World Organization (creator of the Mr World), I wasn’t able to cover the event in China.

Juan García Postigo, el hombre más guapo de España... durante 2006 was proclaimed Mr World 2007. He managed to beat 56 contestants to capture the prestigious male pageant title. A year before he was elected Mr Spain 2006.

He succeeded Gustavo Gianetti of Brazil, who was Mister World 2003.

His official biography at the Mr World website says that: Twenty-five-year-old Juan is a well traveled young man. Belgium, Egypt, England, France, Italy, Malta, The Netherlands, Puerto Rico, Switzerland and Italy have all welcomed Juan on holidays and in his work as a model, actor and event host. His hobbies include fishing, football, water skiing and cooking. His ambition is to develop his career to work more in television as an actor and entertainment presenter. Juan speaks Spanish, Italian and English.

Mr. Philippines Emmanuel Mago was declared best in Cocktail. In true James Bond style, every sophisticated man should have his signature cocktail--and even more so for the most desirable man in the world. A good, balanced cocktail requires the right combination of style, creativity and individuality..

You can email me at leoudtohan@gmail.com. Or send SMS at 09212446791.

Leo P. Udtohan

What readers think...

A Reader wrote:
Saturday, 7 June 2008 18:17:19 PHT
If your article re the corrupt offices in Bohol is true, then what are the authorities waiting for? They must conduct immediate investigation to stop all that. I'm from the town of Maribojoc and I really get upset whenever I hear bad news about Bohol and your article is one of the worst news I've read. I am currently based in another part of the country right now but I still keep track of any news from home. I pity those retirees who have been working diligently all their lives only to become victims of such stupid and worthless people. As the source of the article, I think you should take it upon yourself to report such matters to proper authorities. If I were in your place, I would definitely do the same.
Rigo C. Mijos, Sr. wrote:
Thursday, 19 April 2007 02:44:11 PHT
I admired your guts in publishing this article titled "CORRUPT OFFICE IN BOHOL" Yes, this is long overdue. Well, we all know the fact that this corruption was going on for long time since the post Spanish time. This is an open secret and some government employees just ignore it. Ika nga pakapalan lang ng mukha. We will expect some more from you, buddy. Good luck Leo and mabuhay ka!!

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