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Bared... Ardy gets chance to prove acting talent in 'Biktima'

Tagbilaran, Monday, 15 March 2010


  • Boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao will fight former International Boxing Federation (IBF) welterweight champion Joshua Clottey on March 13, 2010 at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. Hopefully, Pacman fans would likely enjoy a brownout-free viewing of their idol's showdown with Clottey despite the current power woes. If you have internet, you can watch the fight in free online livestream. There are free showings at Geresonic along Ma. Clara Street and Diccion Electronics along CPG Avenue fronting the Bohol Cultural Center. If you wish to watch it on wide screens, go to the Island City Mall Screenville Cinemas. Expectedly, there will be free showings in the towns sponsored by politicians (who are running this May). In fact, they are setting up power generators in their respective venues so that fans can still savor an uninterrupted viewing of the pound-for-pound king's prowess inside the ring, just in case a power outage occurs (knock on the wood!).
  • There are 15 candidates who will vie for the Miss Antequera 2010 crown. The contestants will showcase their talents on March 14; the pageant proper is on March 17 at the Antequera auditorium. The pageant is presented by the local government unit of Antequera headed by Mayor Cecile Rebosura; Peggy Salas and Ms. Cleo are the pageant organizers. Tracy Remolador-Torres is the production manager, official make-up artist and designer.

    Who will be this year’s Miss Antequera? Find out on March 17 at the Antequera auditorium.

  • This businesswoman who is a super-believer of tagna-tagna is still recuperating from her car accident after she followed her hubby who's playing sweet music to another woman with whom he has children. The fortuneteller warned her not follow her husband while the moon is waxing, but she was hard headed and made sulong to get him back. Unfortunately, she didn't get him back, and worse, she met an accident.
  • Because these "former elders" separated from the "Mother Church" and formed another group, they went back to the "Mother Church" not to attend the Sunday's service but to interrupt the holiness of the service. They gave "derogatory remarks" and "insulted" the "God's servant" who at that moment was teaching the word of God in front of his flock. After the "former elders" expressed it all, they left the "Mother Church" uncivilized and unprofessional. Before that, the colleagues of "former elders" posted degrading statements against the daughter of "God's servant."

Bohol's Queen of Media Ardy Araneta-Batoy is not only
respected but also admired. She shows her acting
prowess in "Biktima" directed by Boholano director
Ardy Alba.

Yes, Bohol's Queen of Media Ardy Araneta-Batoy is showcasing her acting talent.

If you know the upcoming indie film Biktima directed by RD Alba where she's the newest addition to the cast, playing psychiatrist to a patient, you have to praise Ardy who delivered her lines perfectly.

The fact that Direk RD believed in her is enough to inspire her. It doesn't bother that she has a cameo appearance in her first movie. What matters most is that she finally had a role to play to show her acting skills to the public. So the eloquent and good conversationalist, Ardy left no stone unturned to give justice to it.

She acts naturally that's for sure. So how does Madam Ardy do it?

"She makes it sure that she had memorized her lines and internalized the nuance of her character even before the cameras start grinding. That way, she was able to concentrate on perfecting the scene she's on," an observer said while watching the shooting last Feb. 13 in Tagbilaran City.

"Biktima" is a psychological-thriller suspense movie about love in the time of rebellion with Dr. Disi Yap-Alba of Alba Productions and Cesar "Buboy" Montano as executive producers.

Buboy's leading ladies are Angel Aquino and Mercedes Cabral (who was voted Most Beautiful among the actresses who walked the Red Carpet at the 61st Cannes Film Festival in 2009). Sunshine Cruz, Ricky Davao and the film's British producer, actor Phil Smith, have a special participation in "Biktima."

RD and Buboy have been good friends for many years. They met in LA, where RD studied filmmaking. Buboy waived his talent fee for this film. They worked together before in the "Panaghoy sa Suba" which won many awards given by prestigious awarding bodies.

RD had his TV directorial debut in Visayan teleserye "Kapalaran" on ABS-CBN which became a favorite hit in Visayas and Mindanao.

In "Biktima," RD used the very expensive and high end camera with post production in Hollywood employing the latest in red code editing.

Incidentally, Bared's Very Reliable Source (VRS) who is based in Manila reports that Ardy was the resource speaker in a whole day seminar/workshop on Effective Communication Skills at the National Library of the Philippines last March 8.

"She is still the best host and resource speaker. The bigwigs and business stalwarts who participated in the seminar were all praise to Ardy," said VRS.

The hosting matriarch is not only respected but also admired. With a long list of international and local speaking engagements she has, Ardy's track record is impeccable.

Recently, Ardy is also busy with SMILE, an events coordinating agency under her belt. Together with her sister, Gloria Leodiva Araneta, SMILE offers free advising services for public speaking, events management, seminars and workshops, community service, publicity and personality enhancement. (For more information about SMILE, please call Glo–09158261438, Ines-09052436959, Rose–09064529912, Chandy-09173040563, Gerry-09164555286 or email:,, and

A proud Boholana whose heart is on Bohol (she plays Farmville and updates her Facebook account regularly), she is still full of life as Bohol's queen of media.

Okay… Ready…lights, camera, action!

"Kaya nga po dahil natanggap ni Alice ang di kanaisnais na karanasan niya sa buhay at dahil nabigyan siya ng tunay na suporta at pagmamahal ng kanyang pamilya, she is now due for discharge…"


I love Bohol with Jessica Soho

Award-winning broadcast journalist Jessica Soho
shares that Bohol has a special place in her heart.

(This is a new segment on Bared for this summer. It will feature on people who love Bohol. For contributions, please email

Who's not familiar with Jessica Soho? She is an award-winning broadcaster and the first Filipino to get the coveted George Foster Peabody Award (the equivalent of the Pulitzer award in journalism) in 1999.

Recently, the Reader's Digest Asia has just published its "Most Trusted List" appearing in its March 2010 issue with Jessica Soho as the number three most trusted Filipino.

As a reporter, host, producer, news director and vice president of GMA News, JS has little time for herself to unwind and relax as she is busy running the newsroom day-to-day. If she can get a vacation by chance, she considers it a blessing.

JS has visited Bohol for several times as Bohol left an indelible part in her heart.

Here is JS:

Favorite places in Bohol: Loboc River and the old churches. I also like the basket town of Antequera.

Best food to bring home: Kalamay!

Survival tips for tourists:  Just enjoy. Leave your watch and your worries at home.

I love Bohol because the environment is clean, pristine.

If Bohol was a fruit, it would be watermelon (always refreshing!!!)

If Bohol was a color it would be a cool, relaxing blue.


Leo P. Udtohan

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