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Bared... When we can have Bohol Walk of Fame?

Tagbilaran, Monday, 28 March 2011


  • If a businessman is not so visible in Tagbi lately, it's because he has to fly to somewhere out there in haste to sell his house which is as good as new. So why the rush to sell it? VRS said that the businessman wants to escape the bank for unpaid loans.
  • Anything can happen inside a movie house. One example is a student cum young socialite who had a date with her boyfriend in a movie house in Tagbi. "Since it's dark inside the movie house, the young lovers can do what they want, touching here and there!" says a watcher. The boyfriend kissed her and began to touch her legs: not so much a big deal. The watcher again saw how she put her hand in, ehem, the crotch: not so much a big deal but very cool. As they were about to leave the place, the watcher saw them going to the toilet: what a very big deal! Suspecting that "something" might happen, the watcher followed them inside the ladies' room. And voila! The young lovers were caught in the act! The two were brought to the management for investigation. "There are a lot of adventurous teenagers who like to do it inside the movie house. They might find it even more exciting if they do get caught. Don't do quickie, you are likely to be caught," warns the watcher. Hehehehe
  • The "Joey Albert Concert," which is produced by a Boholano businessman DonDon Suganob, is on April 16, 7:30 p.m. at the Centennial Hall at The Haverford School, 450 W. Lancaster Avenue, Haverford, Pennsylvania. A good part of the net proceeds will be donated to the construction of the St. Joseph's Chapel in Poblacion Ondol, Loboc, Bohol, Philippines. For ticket inquiries, call 610-888-4325 or 610-990-6781. Tickets are priced at $45 (VIP seats, includes "Meet and Greet the Artist"), $35 (general admission). Seats are on a first-come, first-served basis. A service charge of $3/ticket will be charged by the Box Office of The Haverford School. Latecomers will be seated at the discretion of Management.

A legend has gone. One of Hollywood's most famed leading ladies, Dame Elizabeth Taylor died from congestive heart failure at the age of 79 on March 23. An actress and an icon, her death marked the end of a Hollywood era.

"We have just lost a Hollywood giant," Elton John said in a statement after learning about her passing. "More importantly, we have lost an incredible human being."

As one of the final survivor's of Hollywood's Golden Age, Taylor became known as Hollywood's Last Great Star.

"People stop by the Hollywood Walk of Fame star of actress Elizabeth Taylor in Hollywood," shares US-based Boholano socialite Mikey Gatal (who owns the famous who visited the Walk of Fame yesterday.

Flowers, photographs and notes from fans adorn the Hollywood Walk of Fame star of Elizabeth. "Fans have covered the tile with floral tributes to her after she passed away," adds Mikey.

Mourners even matched their bouquets to the color of her "unique" eyes. The flowers are colored violet to commemorate the color of her eyes. "We all know her eyes were a unique violet color," observes Mikey.

"News here says that Elizabeth Taylor's Hollywood Walk of Fame star has become a shrine following her death," informs Mikey.

Elizabeth Taylor memorable quotes are: "You find out who your real friends are when you're involved in a scandal," "I've only slept with men I've been married to. How many women can make that claim?" and "I suppose when they reach a certain age some men are afraid to grow up. It seems the older the men get, the younger their new wives get."

Hollywood.... It sounds so California dreamer when you think about it. Back in the day, Hollywood was where dreams were made and stars were born. You will realize how many decades worth of cinematic and musical geniuses have walked those streets and made it what it is today. And the Hollywood Walk of Fame is a popular tourist destination in Los Angeles.

I'm gonna stomp my name on the Walk of Fame, I'm gonna be a star...

We had no showbiz connections when I was growing up. But even then, I've always been a Hollywood fan: I am showbiz na showbiz! When I was in high school in nineteen forgotten, I was inspired to create my version of Hollywood Walk of Fame (in my dreams) in Bohol since other states in the US and other countries in the world have created their own version of walk of fame.

"When can Bohol have its own walk of fame?" I wrote in my high school diary.

Every three years, we are recognizing the Outstanding Boholanos Around the World sponsored by the Tigum Bol-ann sa Tibuok Kalibutan (TBTK) and the First Consolidated Bank with the cooperation of the Provincial Government of Bohol, Diocese of Tagbilaran, Bohol chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Bohol Chronicle and dyRD. However, after the recognition is given in that year, the awardees may be forgotten by time. There is a need to permanently and prominently memorialize the lifetime achievements and contributions of these Boholanos to be unveiled annually during a red carpet ceremony.

The Bohol Walk of Fame (BWOF) will be honoring deserving individuals of Boholano origin, past or present, who have made significant contributions to the province or nation.

Its establishment will provide a place to recognize and celebrate their achievements, a platform upon which the Boholano identity can be discussed and defined, a means by which visitors and young people can learn some important facts about individuals of Boholano origin in all fields of life, and an inspiration to the young for further achievement.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is administrated by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and maintained by the self-financing Hollywood Historic Trust. The Walk of Fame Philippines in Eastwood City was organized and financed by German Moreno to honor Filipino stars. The Bohol Walk of Fame can be administered by private individuals (who share a common spirit and vision) or an association like TBTK, Bohol Chambers of Commerce and Industry or the Bohol Arts and Cultural Heritage Council.

The Plaza Rizal is the perfect place for the Bohol Walk of Fame. It is within walking distance of the Bohol Provincial Capitol, the old provincial library (now the Bohol Museum) and the St. Joseph Cathedral Church. The Plaza Rizal is a melting point of people from all walks of life where they can view the plaques at their leisure year-round. If not at the Plaza Rizal, the Tagbilaran City Square is another option where the Bohol Walk of Fame plaques would be placed in the city sidewalk to memorialize the lifetime achievements of the Boholanos.

The Bohol Walk of Fame shall be made up of 18" x 30" bronze plaques embedded in the sidewalk, each plaque displays information on the inductee's life and contribution.

A selection committee (includes the presidents of universities and colleges, key people from local libraries, arts organizations and historical societies, media journalists, and other citizens with an informed understanding of Boholano cultural heritage) shall review nominations separated into six categories: arts and entertainment, athletics and recreation, agriculture, business and industry, civic and community leadership, education and literature, and medicine, Science and Technology.

The committee bases its decision on a series of criteria to ensure fairness. The nomination process is open to all interested people and/or organizations and Boholano residents are strongly encouraged to make a nomination.

The nomination process is open to the general public excluding those affiliated directly or indirectly with the Bohol Walk of Fame. Nominees are chosen based on specific nomination criteria set forth by the BWOF Board of Directors and The Selection Committee (TSC) and are as follows: nominee must have been born in Bohol or spent their formative or creative years in Bohol, nominee must have dedicated a minimum of 10 years to their field, nominee must have demonstrated outstanding and publicly recognized achievement and contributions towards the betterment of humanity and the nominee, if chosen as a recipient, must be present to accept their award (except for posthumous nominees).

Boholanos worldwide have distinguished themselves with their accomplishments in all fields and industries and continue to actively contribute their talents and gifts. And the list is growing every year.

Paging Marianito Jose Luspo and other people out there! Hehehe

Who are your nominees if there will be Bohol Walk of Fame for 2011?

Beauché International moves to larger location

The Beauché International will be moving its center-office from Metro Centre Hotel Building to a spacious office in downtown Tagbilaran, tomorrow, March 28, 1 p.m.

Carmen Mayor Conchita "Che" Toribio-Delos Reyes is the owner and president/chief executive officer of the multi-million business of Beauché International, a wellness and beauty products center that gives beauty and enhance wellness for people, especially women of all ages.

Mayor Che opened Beauché International-Tagbilaran Center years ago and now, she's moved her center to a larger location that opens up fun and new opportunities for the patrons.

"It gives me a chance to totally refresh the office," Mayor Che says about the move. "After years, I've outgrown the space. I can display more products and the customers can relax while waiting for their orders and other business related services."

The center-office is located now on busy CPG Street corner M.H. Del Pilar Street (beside Kimberly Boutique or in front of Allied Bank). "I took it up a notch," Mayor Che says. The walls are light pink, which are softened by the lights.

The new location not only comes with a bigger floor plan and brighter displays, but also provides more people coming in and out of the center. Beauché International has many "die-hard" shoppers, as she calls them, who stay loyal and spread word of the products.

"Our corporate vision is to give beauty and enhance wellness. Business is up 25 percent," Mayor Che says happily.

Before the move, her space was limited and sparse, forcing Beauché International to display limited items. The new center-office is spacious than her old one. In its new center-office space, it will have a small business center – to assist start-up entrepreneurs with free business counseling and guidance on entrepreneurship and other business related services.

Beauché skin care products are popular among all government employees, even airline crews and public employees, or even dermatologists and medical experts all over the world. And they prove the effectiveness of the products.

The prices at Beauché International range from Php 15 to Php 70 for Che papaya soap and skin toner and Php 750 for Beauché set specially-formulated for problem-prone and sensitive skin.

The Beauché Facial Set comes with a toner, clarifying lotion, exfoliating cream, rejuvenating cream, beauty soap, and age eraser cream, specifically designed to reveal and protect fairer, blemish-free, and younger looking skin. Absolutely hydroquinone-free, Beauché used dermatologically-tested ingredients that produce visible results in 7 days at a fraction of the cost of expensive brands available in the market.

Mayor Che keeps the atmosphere friendly by personally greeting every customer. "Everyone is welcome. Our goal is to transform lives: to make people be the best of what they can become," Mayor Che says.

Beauché International is open daily, except Sunday, from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.


Leo P. Udtohan

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