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Bared... 50 things to do this Summer and other tidbits

Tagbilaran, Saturday, 23 April 2011


  • Seen: Many people chose to be in the beaches than in churches during Holy Week. Only few bided their time at home to follow Lenten traditions. The Holy Week is the "week in the Church calendar," said the CBCP.
  • Seen: Bohol's Queen of Tourism Rose Soy is now in Tagbilaran City after her US vacation. She will be preparing for this year's Santacruzan.
  • Seen: Could it be true that there will be no Miss Tagbilaran 2011? The search committee decided to cancel the pageant because most of the applicants are repeaters or recycled beauties. "The beauty contestant handlers seem to be lying low this time," says a roving Very Reliable Source (VRS). Miss Tagbilaran is one of the major activities leading to the fiesta celebration. "This is not the first time. There were no pageants in 1987 and 1995," adds VRS. Miss Tagbilaran 2011 Fer Mary Baliquig (who was 1st runner-up in Miss Bohol Sandugo 2010) will carry the crown for another year!

    Mr and Mrs. Adonis Damalerio seal
    their love with a kiss after their wedding.
  • Seen: Last Saturday, April 16, Adonis Damalerio exchanged vows with his girlfriend Reina Thea Animos. The afternoon ceremony was held at St. Anthony De Padua in Tagbilaran City. Gov. Edgar Chatto and wife Pureza led the principal sponsors. The event was an intimate gathering wherein only families and close friends were invited. Adonis and Reina, who have been together for more than one year now, are close to each other's families.
  • Scene: The Joey Albert US concert produced by a Boholano businessman last April 16 in Pennsylvania, USA was a great success. Here's a letter from Steven "DonDon" Suganob who is updating Bared readers about the concert he produced in the US:

Dear Leo:

The dream is now a reality. She was the first artist that I saw performed when I was a kid in the City of Tagbilaran. I got a complimentary ticket for winning an FM radio contest. I was seated that far and said to myself that someday I will not be seating here but will be her producer.

It was the first time for a Filipino Artist to perform in the Philadelphia Area. Heavy rain did not stop the Filipinos and Americans to be at the Joey Albert Concert.  Everybody really had a great time, two-hour show nonstop, it was great!

Ms. Joey Albert sung most of her hit songs and ended the concert with her famous, Tell Me. She did a duet live on screen with Piolo Pascual singing I'll Be Seeing You while Joey did her Ikaw Lang Ang Mamahalin.

I would like to thank everyone who made the concert a success. It was a first for Triple "S" Sports and Entertainment Productions, LLC. 


DonDon S.

DonDon Suganob is Joey Albert's concert producer in the US

With summer already breathing warmth and excitement throughout the country, it's time to do something new and possibly productive this summer the next time you are bored!

Bared came up with a list of things to do that can make your summer of 2011 memorable and enjoyable. Remember that happy memories need not be expensive.

  • 1. Have fun this summer – go fly a kite! Watching your kite going higher and higher as it catches a good breeze until it's just a speck in the sky is sight to behold!

    Explore our province and come try basking in the sun,
    floating in the warm tranquil waters of Bohol.
  • 2. Hit the beach for sun, sea and sand! The province just abounds with gorgeous beaches from north to south, east to west. Enjoy the coastlines of Panglao, explore the virgin and captivating beaches of Loon, Calape and Anda, and experience nature at Bohol's last frontier Bien Unido.
  • 3. Look for old family and high school photos and share them on Facebook.
  • 4. Fill up some of your community service hours. Do some charity works. Spend time with the less fortunate, give love during summer. Share your blessings. (Check the Gov. Celestino Gallares Regional Hospital or Sunshine Home. Visit the Philippine National Red Cross-Bohol chapter if you want to give the safest blood possible to save life.)
  • 5. Make sure you get of these tropical fruits abundant this season and find out that indulging in these fresh and delicious treats will bring you good health: Sineguelas (Spanish plum) and lomboy (black/java plum) contain phytochemicals that have cancer-fighting properties. Avocado is good for bodybuilding and medicine for cholesterol-related heart diseases. Watermelon and kaimito (star apple) are perfect for weight loss diet, low in calories, rich in vitamin C and carotenoids. Don't forget to eat bayabas (guava) which is nutritious and delicious. If it is "An apple a day keeps the doctor away" in Europe and Americas, it must be "A few guavas in the season keeps the doctor away for the whole year."
  • 6. Play (again and again!) your CDs of old, familiar songs like I Say A Little Prayer for You, Downtown, Kiss Me Goodbye, Tennessee Waltz, My Way, Born Free, What's Up. Nice to go down memory lane every now and then! 25 years of my life and still, I'm trying to get up that great big hill of hope for a destination...
  • 7. Visit the Bohol Museum you haven't seen since grade school. From Bohol Museum, have time to visit the Provincial Library. Remember: Reading is empowering!
  • 8. Set a Facebook and Twitter day to look for old friends and classmates. Send them personal messages.
  • 9. Visit Bohol's popular skin care expert Dr. James Sombrio's clinic (Ramiro Community Hospital) and face the summer "flawlessly."
  • 10. Make a music video – and upload it on youtube for the world to see!
  • 11. Sell your old stuff at a garage sale. You'll clean out your room and make a little cash at the same time.
  • 12. Pray without ceasing. God answers prayers.
  • 13. Try ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) in Carmen to see the countryside and the sister hills. Sing ala Sound of Music as you see the hills!
  • 14. Get a summer job or an internship.
  • 15. Have a food trip at Peacock Garden (Baclayon), Swiss Garden Restaurant (Alona Beach, Panglao), Miravilla Resort (Booy, Tagbilaran City), Time Out Resto Bar (BQ Mall), Walk Express (BQ Mall), Gerry's Grill (BQ Mall), Mang Inasal (Gallares, Street, Tagbilaran City), STK (Graham Avenue, Tagbilaran City), Prawn Farm (ICM), Chicken Ati-Atihan (Putong Street, Tagbilaran City), Bohol Bee Farm (Dao, Dauis), Rai-Rai Ken (ICM), Payag (CPG Avenue, Tagbilaran City), Riverwatch Floating Restaurant (Loboc), Linaw Beach Resort Pearl Restaurant (Panglao), Lohob – Tagbilaran Bohol Bar and Restaurant (V.P. Inting St. formerly Burgos in front of Tire Queen Servitek near the Tagbilaran Cathedral), Giuseppe Pizzeria and Sicilian Roast Italian Restaurant (Alona Beach, Panglao), Oops Bar (Alona Beach, Panglao), JJ's Seafood Village (Tagbilaran City),Cion Virge Café and Restaurant (Airport Road, Tagbilaran City), Trudis Place (Alona Beach, Panglao) and Garden Café (Tagbilaran City near St. Joseph Cathedral).
  • 16. Bring your pets to Dr. Gerito "Gerry" Egos, Bohol's popular and celebrated veterinarian for check-up and grooming.
  • 17. Pay your debts!
  • 18. Visit Bohol's bakeshops for breads, pastries and cakes! Visit Central Bakery for pan de sal and binangkal, Jojie's Bakeshop's sliced bread, torta, cay-cay, otap; BQ Bread Basket's farmers bread, French bread and bahug-bahug (colored bread); Alturas/Island City Mall Bread Cottage's Spanish bread; Ramirez Cakes and Pastries' cakes; Shopper's Mart's torta; Park 'n Go's caramel bread; and Bohol Bee Farm's camote bread, squash muffins and carrot muffins.
  • 19. Clean your room!
  • 20. Learn to sew or knit.
  • 21. Go on a nature hike, backpacking/camping trip. Don't forget to bring a camera.
  • 22. Have a fill of Boholano delicacies at Jojie's Painitang Bol-anon. Also, have Pasonangka's special siopao and Empanada Alma's empanada.
  • 23. Get your voice heard on dyRD's Inyong Alagad morning program and Radyo Merkado. Make it a habit to interact with Fred Araneta, Chito Visarra and Jerry Pabe.
  • 24. Have a new hairstyle and make up with Ryan Sines, Tracy Torres Remolador , Jojo and Bebei Tagoctoc. For the latest summer collections, see EJ Relampagos, Omie Auza and Maximiel.
  • 25. Learn to use Photoshop or you can start a blog this summer. Or make a zine. It's a lot more fun than making a blog and you can actually hold it.
  • 26. Learn to cook new recipes for family and friends.
  • 27. Have a perfect smile this summer! Visit Dr. Josephine Tago Yap (Yap Dental Clinic, City Square or the Bohol Dental Clinic at ICM, +638 501-7767), Dr. Mary Grace Ochavillo-Uy (J&N Dental Clinic, 2nd floor, City Pharmacy +638 411-5317), and Dr. Rhenz Alvin Uy Acedo (Acedo Dental Clinic in Fatima, Ubay, Bohol, +638 518-8286/0908-7793341).
  • 28. Enroll in summer classes (ballet and art workshop).
  • 29. Learn a new dance, write a poem and learn a new musical instrument.
  • 30. Be healthy! Stop smoking, sleep on time, observe a no-fat diet, go for a walk or jog or a run, take vitamins and drink at least eight glasses of water per day.
  • 31. Always remember two things in life: Don't take any decisions when you are angry and don't make any promises when you are happy.
  • 32. Send flowers to your loved ones this summer. Visit 1st Flower Avenue (CPG North Ave., Tagbilaran Cit, 411-2965/ 411-4313) for fresh flowers.
  • 33. Learn how to drive. Obey traffic rules and drive safely.
  • 34. Tune in to FM stations for songs. If you want Inday Rufing, try Basta Kiss FM, lingaw jud (Ginamush, tugnosh, dugosh)! And if you want Inday Charity, try Your True Radio (hi mga friends)! ...
  • 35. Don't cheat, don't tell a lie and don't fool other people. Be faithful to your partner. "Walls have eyes, not ears."
  • 36. Play some childhood games like maring-maring, chatong, Chinese garter, taguanay (hide and seek) and bato-lata.
  • 37. Visit Bohol Coconut Palms Resort (Baclayon), Mag-aso Falls (Antequera), Logarita Springs (Bilar) and Badiang Spring (Valencia).
  • 38. Start a band (not just a rock band).
  • 39. Fire up the barbecue or order a pizza at Alberto's Pizza (Airport Road Tagbilaran City, +638-510-1316/09176233306/09237224757) or Pizza Hut (Ground Floor, BQ Mall).
  • 40. Which is beautiful Prony (Albur) or Samantha (Maribojoc)? Certainly, Paloma can make your summer memorable with her deadly kicks and antics! If you have time, visit the tarsier. It's been long time since you met your little brother!
  • 41. Visit Antequera Market (on Sundays), Tubigon Loom-Weaving Multi Purpose Cooperative (on weekdays) and Inabanga Raffia OTOP Center (on weekdays) to buy for native products such as hampers, home furnishings, wall decors, furniture, bags and fashion accessories.
  • 42. Watch movies at the Island City Mall's Screenville Cinema.
  • 43. For relief from the scorching summer heat and humidity, make popsicles in fancy flavors. If you have time, visit Chowking for halo-halo special, Bohol Bee Farm/The Buzz for homemade ice-creams, Garden Café for halo-halo with pumpkin pie and shakes, Metro Centre for halo-halo and shakes, Jo's Chicken Inato "Payag" for buko shake and green mango shake and Shoppers's Mart for halo-halo and buko pandan.
  • 44. Make a mixed CD of your favorite songs and title it "The soundtrack of my life."
  • 45. Visit Caingget Beach in Tagbilaran City to taste koja (a coral clam which is believed to have aphrodisiac qualities), sinugba and tuba.
  • 46. Go on a walk and take pictures of trees, flowers, people, dogs, etc. Turn it into a photo collage.
  • 47. Go eco and start a backyard garden—try flowers or small vegetables.
  • 48. Take your dog for a walk and give your dog a bath.
  • 49. Try EAT Danao and Pilar Zipline for summer adventure!
  • 50. Continue reading The Bohol Chronicle... and Bared for more juicy news and tidbits!


Leo P. Udtohan

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