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Boholano Riddles

IJsselstein, Sunday, 17 November 2002 (updated: Sunday, 11 August 2013)

The Boholano is fond of riddles. Here we present a small collection of riddles, both in Cebuano and English.

Visayan Version Tubag English Version Answer
Gipalit ko bisan ug mahal,
Apan magpulos lamang ug magbitay.
Tubag. I bought it and it is costly,
But I use it for hanging only.
Gamay pa si pari,
Kusog nang mosaka ug lubi.
Tubag. No matter how small is the compadre
He can climb a coconut tree.
Na-ay kaban sa pari,
Ukbon dili mauli.
Tubag. There's a priest's trunk,
When opened, could not be closed.
Kahoy nga kahibulongan,
Ang panit morag puthaw,
Ang udlot morag bangkaw,
Namungag kasakitan
Nanahon'g kalipayan.
Tubag. What a mysterious tree!
Its bark resembles iron,
Its young leaves are like spears,
Its branches are thorny,
Its leaves are useful
Gihalog ako og maniwang. Tubag. Someone thin embraces me. Answer.
Sa layo pa nakaila,
Sa duol na nangutana ug kinsay ngalan.
Tubag. It was known, while it was far,
And questions were asked when it came near.
Kadakung kahibulongan,
Kadakung katingalahan,
Mi turok nga walay liso,
Mi tindog nga walay punoan.
Tubag. Oh, What a surprise!
Oh, What a miracle!
It sprouted without a seed,
It stood without a trunk.
Naglakaw ang inahan
Nag lingkod ang anak.
Tubag. The mother is walking
While the child is sitting.
Ang balay ni Luis
Puno sa perdigones.
Tubag. The house of Luis
Is filled with bullets.
Duroha ka magso-on,
Dili makita.
Tubag. Two little brothers,
Could not see each other.
Ako gidala,
Ug siya ang akong gidala.
Tubag. I carry it,
And it carries me.
Mosunod, bisan asa ako Tubag. It follows me, wherever I go. Answer.
A-ko, apan dili ko magamit,
Laing tao ang mogamit.
Tubag. I own it, but I don't use it. Answer.
May usa ka balay nga usa ray haligi. Tubag. There is house with only one post. Answer.
May baba apan dili makasulti. Tubag. It has a mouth, but it cannot talk. Answer.
Mohilak, apan walay mata,
Molakaw, apan walay tiil.
Tubag. It cries without eyes,
It walks without feet.
May usa ka tao, nga dili makabakak. Tubag. He is a man, but cannot tell a lie. Answer.
Pinanga sa amahan
Busa gibistihan ug puti
Apan ang kasingkasing madalag.
Tubag. My father loves me so much,
That I'm always clothed in white;
But my heart is always yellow.
Didto ang buno,
Dinhi ang dugo.
Tubag. The murder happened there,
But the blood flowed here.
Princesang ambungan,
Maglingkod sa kopa.
Tubag. A beautiful princess,
Sitting on a cup.
Tigmo, tigmo agokoy,
Ugma da kita mag-asoy.
Tubag. Riddle, riddle, crab,
I'll tell you tomorrow.
Ang dahon na-a sa bunga,
Ang bunga na-a sa dahon
Tubag. The leaves are on the fruit,
The fruits is on the leaves.
Taas ug puti nga babaye
Nag kaon sa iyang lawas.
Tubag. A tall white lady
Is eating her own body.
Dili mananap,ug dili tao,
Walay tiil, apan makalakaw;
Walay baba, apan maka sulti.
Tubag. Neither an animal nor a person;
It has no feet, but can walk;
It has no mouth, but can talk.
Dili hari,
Dili pari
Nganong koronahan?
Tubag. Not a king
Neither a priest
Why it is crowned?
Hikit-an sa tanang adlaw,
Apan dili nimo makamkam.
Tubag. You can see it everyday,
But cannot touch it at will.
Si nanay naglakat,
Ang bata nagkanta.
Tubag. The mother walks,
While the child sings.
Kapti ang ikog
Kay mangisda ako
Tubag. Hold the tail
While I fish for you
Unsang reloha,
Nga dili magkinahanglan og llave?
Tubag. What is the time-piece,
That needs no winding?
May ligon nga balay,
Ang haligi atua sa taas,
Ang atop atua sa ubos,
Ang ulan gikan usab sa ubos?
Tubag. What house has post on top,
A roof at the bottom,
While the rain comes from below?
Kon ang Virgin manganak
Ibuno ang iyang sagmon.
Tubag. When a virgin gives birth,
She throws away the draper.

Please tell us about any old riddle you know. Maybe you can ask an old relative to tell you some riddles, and share them with us.

Many more riddles in various Philippine languages can be found in A Little Book of Filipino Riddles, by Frederick Starr. (ePub version)


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jasmine wrote:
Saturday, 30 July 2011 14:38:15 PHT
where can i find the answers for these riddles?
Vedha wrote:
Friday, 22 April 2011 16:00:24 PHT
I find it helpful in teaching filipino since it is a part of our literature
LeRoy A. Downum III wrote:
Monday, 27 September 2010 03:01:59 PHT
Ang tanan nimu ging-higugma ko (Bisayan or Visayan) Please tanslate for me.maybe a riddle or proverb ?
feleejoy wrote:
Thursday, 1 July 2010 17:47:07 PHT
where can i find the answer to these riddles? i really need it for a project/assignment!!! thank you very much!!!

I looks like the javascript on the page is broken in Firefox. Will fix it ASAP, but until then, use IE, and click on the word tubag or answer.--Jeroen

Alafie wrote:
Monday, 15 March 2010 14:57:12 PHT
Where can i find the answers of these riddles. i badly need it for my project. thank you.

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