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Diane Pena Biliran | Tuesday, 29 January 2002

If you know anyone from Loboc email me in, okay? I love Bohol !!!!!!!!!!

mr.matthews | Tuesday, 29 January 2002

beautiful place and people too.salamat

Tabby Francisco | Tuesday, 1 January 2002

Went diving 2 years ago in Panglao Island and stayed at Alona Beach. Loved the place. Great accomodations, very reasonable prices and excellent dive sites and operators. You can live as a king as prices are so reasonable. Tabby CA, USA

Mario | Saturday, 29 December 2001

This is a great and wonderful website to explore! Very informative, I hope this will be the beginning of a new commitment to serve, inform and entertain our kababayans. Keep up the best on your cyber creativity.

Dr. Ron Owens | Monday, 24 December 2001

What a beautiful site. I am traveling to Bohol after Christmas to lead some conferences. Your site has given me a far better image of people and places I'll be seeing. Thank you.

Josephine Dalagan Kolar | Monday, 17 December 2001

Thank youre web-site and Bohol radyo. I would like to greetings all Boholanos especially to my relatives and friends in Tamboan and Buenos Aires Carmen Bohol.The Lord bless you and all the ones you love and make this your happiest Christmas of all.

Caryl Mendoza Quall | Thursday, 13 December 2001

Hello to all Boholanos especially my family and friends in Valencia. Merry Christmas and a Bountiful New Year to each and everyone of you.I will again have the great opportunity to visit Bohol. And I am looking forward to it. God Bless Us All

Ma. Rhona Corazon Usares-de Bean | Sunday, 7 October 2001

greetings from las vegas! i love youre web-site and bohol radyo. you guys made me so happy. originally i'm from cagayan de oro. 15 yrs. ago i went to bohol with my friends (sto. nino org.) we love bohol so much we stayed for 3 months. i'm planning to visit bohol again pohon. regard's to all boholanos esp. to nang tita and zaldy bahag sa binonido or jagna. sorry ha it's been so long nakalimot ko sa insaktong pangalan. rhona

John | Tuesday, 25 September 2001

Your site is great and hope it will grow to it's full potential. I would like to say Hello to all my fellow Boholanos back home especially to my family in Antequera..

Chris | Sunday, 16 September 2001

Hi all, I have a filipino girlfriend and she is from Bohol - she will show me her place in the future. I am from germany and I picked my girlfriend up at the airport - last weekend we visited her cousin over here in germany - I like filipino food very much - I wish I can cook as well as a filipino did. Greetings to all Yours Chris

Aleth | Sunday, 9 September 2001

Hello Jeroen,Lyn & Jushua, You have a great site...very informative. I enjoyed looking the photos...

bebe moraga | Sunday, 9 September 2001

Nice site...job well done!

don_viel | Sunday, 9 September 2001

This is the begining of a great site. My wife is from Ingabunga Bohol. We travel back and forth a lot from Orlando Fl. We were in Amsterdam last winter traveling on to Filipino friends in Belgium and Germany. I would like to buid a modest house in Bohol but haven't found the right spot yet. Keep up the hard work