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Lost Horizon Dive Resort

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Feature Visitor Rating Number of Ratings
Booking:Average 4
Arrival:Good 4
Location:Good 4
Room:Good 4
Facilities:Good 4
Service:Good 4
Staff:Good 4
Cleanliness:Good 4
Restaurant:Excellent 4
Food:Excellent 4
Bar:Good 4
Price:Good 4
Overall:Good 4

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David Holms | Tuesday, 27 March 2012 | Rating: Excellent

Great Place to stay. Right on the beach and all newly renovated, clean rooms and GREAT THICK COMFORTABLE BEDS. I will be returning in another 3 months with the kids and wife for another great Bohol vacation. Thanks Lost Horizon!

Tamera | Thursday, 26 August 2010 | Rating: Excellent

We loved our room! The beds were very comfortable and the linens smelled great! Accessing scubadiving,boating, snorkling, was really easy! The food was fantastic we loved the sizzling platters and oh my gosh you have to have some fish done on the barbeque in the evening they start up the barbeque and it's wonderful!! Staff was very helpfull and overall we had an awesome time!! Cannot wait to go again!!!

nature_lover_09 | Thursday, 2 April 2009 | Rating: Poor

Service was terrible. We reserved modern deluxe room in this hotel one month before our arrival and even paid 50% of it already for proper reservation. To our dismay, when we arrived we found out that we were moved to economy room and there are no more modern deluxe rooms available. We do not want economy rooms because it does not have bathroom. When we asked why we were moved they said they were expecting us march 18 and we did not arrive, but it is very clear in my reservation and in my voucher that we will arrive on march 19. And they still keep on reasoning out that it is our fault because we did not arrive on expected date, well who told them that we were coming on march 18, it was very clear that my reservation was on march 19. And what is most irritating is that they keep on telling us that it is our fault because we did not arrive, WHAT KIND OF SERVICE IS THAT! after an hour, they suddenly told us that there is a vacant room already because some guest did not arrive so they are giving the slot to us. But you know what we realized, that room is NOT the modern deluxe we reserved. it is not economy but it is NOT modern deluxe. We just let it go because they already spoiled our vacation and we don't want to spoil it even further. I think that room was standard, not modern deluxe. And to top it off, they didn't even give us some sort of gift as sign of apology, they didn't even try to make it up for their mistake. WHAT A REALLY BAD SERVICE!!! The standard room by the way really sucks. it needs repair, it's dirty, there is cockroach, the door is difficult to close or open, the fridge and door knob has a few rust in it. the walls were painted badly. And the pool, it just looks big in picture, but it is really small. I also overheard another guest compplaining that the water coming out of the shower is brown.

Bjørn Gunnar Holmen | Tuesday, 6 January 2009 | Rating: Good

I loved the place. coming back in 2009.. :)